09 November 2008

KingCast and the Talking Heads say "Stay up late," and read the Memorandum Contra the State's Motion to Dismiss in KingCast v. Martha McLeod et al.

As Franconia and NH LE have largely stopped making sense years ago, here's the Talking Heads doing Stay up Late, and appropriately enough, Found a Job. This jam's for Liko, Martha, Terrie, Kelly, Mark, and Mother Ann.

KingCast: We keep on keepin' on with the First Amendment.

Stay tuned, I'll be linking the Brief on scribd.com by around 10:30 EST. For now here's a sample. I haven't been devoting too much attention to the Franconia liars, so I guess I'll feature them this evening. Update: Scribd is on the fritz for now, stay tuned till tomorrow!


Counsel for Respondents Montminy and the Town of Franconia feebly state “Both Chief Montminy and the Board of Selectmen would aver that the board never went into the non-public session to discuss any possible personnel action against Bruce McKay as alleged by Petitioner.” But while they “would aver,” they did not aver, (i.e. issue any Affidavit) and that is important because they could have been found in contempt of court for the Mark Montminy Affidavit in KingCast v. Ayotte et al., 07-E-268 on a similar issue: Should the court review that file it will find that Respondent Montminy issued an Affidavit that stated he looked high and low for the Troy Watts Ethics Complaint in the Police Station and in City Hall and no such document could be located.

But then Petitioner asked Grafton County Prosecutor Ricardo St. Hilaire to produce it and he produced it in a day or two, replete with:

a) Time-stamped fax addresses showing that the town had a copy and sent it to his office;
b) Certified U.S. Mail envelopes to Chief Montminy and Bruce McKay.

The record will further reveal that the Respondents' excuse was that “it was in Sarah’s file all along but we didn’t understand that was what you wanted, or that it was a complaint." Please review the Troy Watts email to Respondent, however, that clearly shows it was a complaint because he called it a letter of grievance. Attachment 10. Petitioner gave a copy of the email to Respondents nearly a year before they provided the complaint, and worst of all, they gave Respondent OTHER DOCUMENTS from Sarah’s file during that period.

This court must order Chief Montminy and the Board to issue an Affidavit under Oath if that is their argument.


Christopher King said...

The best search that led somewhere here in the past few days?

Saint George
Saint Vincent and the Grenadines

IP: 208.84.***.***
Keywords: song - buju may not be familiar with how the country run
Search Engine: google.com.vc
From: http://www.google.com.vc/search?hl=en&q=song - buju may not be familiar wit...

Buju Banton rules, and the theme of the song is so appropriate.

Short clip.

Short clip live.

It's not an easy road -- high steppin' Buju at his best, beautiful backup vocals.


And of course I sent the Motion out via Driver A.

Ja Ja City, lawd of his mercy....

-The KingCaster

Anonymous said...

The same email containing this statement by Mr. Watts:
"I spoke with Liko's parents in Hawaii on several occasions, and they SEEMED to want to help,BUT IT JUST NEVER HAPPENED"

More powerful than any statements you have come up with in over a year. NO PARENT turns their back on their children NONE, and by virtue of Mr. Troy Watts one sentence in the email sent to you that is exactly what happened.

We all know the results 5 months later Liko Kenney shot and killed police officer Cpl. N. Bruce McKay on May 11, 2007.

Christopher King said...


a/k/a Mr. "Try Gregory Floyd for Murder" on scribd.com:

Nah, what says it all is the number of times his parents and other community members tried to get McKay fired, and NOTHING EVER HAPPENED.

I see you're up early and on my jock, as usual, Bill.

Scaredy-cat woo-woo meow.

-The KingCaster

Christopher King said...

PS: I see you did what I told you to do, and stayed up late, boy.

Anonymous said...

Fix your blog clock jackass, it's set for PST.
Scaredy cat of who you? Nah you only abuse women.

Call me "boy" all you want, I'm not offended Uncle Tom.

BTW it is 0716 as I am writing this post.

The closest I will come to "your jock" is my size 13 1/2 boot when and if we ever meet in real life and you say one wrong thing to me.

Christopher King said...

Shut up kitty kat.

You're too scared to even say who you are, yet you speak with bold convictions as long as your identity can be kept quiet.

You a punk.

Anonymous said...

You mean like when you posted my name and accused me of doing illegal drugs.

We know who the real coward is, YOU Christopher King. You the coward who ran in the courthouse, the coward who verbally abuses women, the coward who hides behind the 1st amendment so he can have a blog and make comments that would get his ass kicked in real life. The coward who can't hold down even a waiters job. The coward who blames every shortcoming in his life on everyone else but himself.

Christopher King said...

What's your name, boy.

Traded that waiter job for a real one.


Anonymous said...

Martha McLeod, NHAG Kelley Ayotte, and Jeffery Strezlin know exactly who I am, and what my convictions are.
posted @ 0758 11/10/08

Anonymous said...

Sure you got a real job, you con the Kenney's again BOY.
Must really piss you off Liko's high profile cousin wants nothing to do with you.

Tell me how do you verify your "FACTS" before you publish them BOY?

Christopher King said...


You have lost your mind.

I have no problem with Bode and he has no problem with me.

Keep on posting your venom all day I have a job to do.

A nice job, actually.

Anonymous said...

This is fabulous stuff. I am in awe of how much people really love to hate you. Its awesome in its own way.

And I enjoy the tune. Used to walk the little one around, back when, with nothing but a boom box and basic cable, listening to Up All Night" while the neighbors drank too much.

Christopher King said...


It is truly remarkable:

"Your opinions mean nothing because you had to wait tables for a while."

"The prosecution was bogus, dude."

"Get a job."

"O.K., I got one."

"No you didn't."

That's about the sum and substance coming from these jackasses.

Wait until tonight when I show the evil things this d-bag said about Joe Biden, then he claims he going to be chez Barack at the Inaugural.


Anonymous said...

Post all you want about my comments, mine never bite me in the ass like yours do.

Funny when you say thing like the one about president elect Barrack Obama not being black because "he's kinda yella" that's not evil to you.

There's nothing evil about any of comments about Joe Biden. I post what the general concensus is of the people in Delaware, they are glad he is no longer a DE Senator.

Your opinions mean nothing to me, the day you lied and posted I did illegal drugs showed me what type of person you are. You have absolutely no redeeming values as far as I am concerned. Your motives are not to seek justice, but are purely hatred for certain people.

Anonymous said...

We here are schooled that no matter how wonderful his words about himself seem, its a front. And we wonder, what is this silly little man up to now? His is a past with many turns, broken home, deception and disloyalty, TROs, engagement called off, dismissal from jobs, waiting on tables while living in his sister's basement, suspension from the practice of law, indictment, felating a manager at work, losing more jobs, an on again off again smoking habit, zen, hate, love, Moby, Todd Rundgren, audio blogging (how I wish those came back), intrigue with Cubans, The NAACP asking him to leave, expertise in the wireless field (but still can not get a job, for all his knowing, hmmmm), in line skatin', gourmet cookin', Vos water drinkin', BBW lovin', motorcycle ridin', name droppin', no future havin' desperado.

Must piss you off to no end not knowing who is posting these facts about you. It's someone who has an intimate knowledge of who you are. Even your once close allies/friends who are not even involved in the Franconia case are outing you.

Christopher King said...


Nah, actually I'm just fine :)

It is you who is pissed off, as 6:27 knows.

NAACP lying under Oath, all of that garbage.

Must piss you off that I'm not.

-The KingCaster

Anonymous said...

Pissed at what exactly? What could I possibly envy about you, you are a failure in life so far.
I look at 2 black men Barrack Obama, and Christopher King, similar upbringing and backgrounds. One man rises to represent the true meanings of the words Martin Luther King said,and brings hope to the dreams of every young black woman and man in this nation.
The other man chooses to symbolize everything that is perceived reprehensible about blacks, you keep the stereotyping alive you are as guilty as the ignorant racists who still continue to thrive in this nation.

Christopher King said...

What's really interesting is how someone pays so much attention to a purportedly has-been lawyer with know knowledge of the law.

Also interesting to know that I come from a "broken home," as my parents divorced when I was like, 35 years old.

Interesting indeed.

Yet still no substantive commentary on THE LAW involved in the Franconia matters.

Wonder why.

Christopher King said...


Dude I change laws on a smaller scale and I'm comfortable with that. In Nashua, and working on one with Mass State Senator Bruce Tarr for Robert Taylor's Law that I drafted.

I guess you didn't read the Mother Ann post linked on the front page.

Try this on for size.

14 March 2008
KingCast is angelic, makes a difference in the communities of Lawrence and Franconia and "empowers people to speak up."

Every day I show up to work -- and this is my job, selling motorcycles and working for the law office is what I do for money to live, a major distinction -- I look for the haters to show up and trash talk, and they usually do. Fortunately I've got my lovers, too. This is a comment from Lawrence Massachusetts mother Izzy Figueroa in response to the series of events that unfolded after she and I first met over the Thuan Tran/Wilfredo T. Laboy First Amendment art fiasco and then continuing on to this week's suspension fiasco when her Honor Roll daughter Flormarie was suspended, allegedly for wearing a sweater.

Here's the Boston Herald Story, Chilly student in hot water.

Too bad one of the administrators told her that they were targeting her daughter, and she told me she told that to Channel 7 and the Boston Herald after they obtained her contact information from me, as noted in yesterday's post.

"First and foremost I want to say THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH! You are an angel. I feel it is very important for everyone to know what an impact you have made in our community by empowering parents such as myself to speak up.

We went to the meeting tonight. I have to say a whole different atmosphere and attitude. I even got a hypocritical apology from Superintendent Laboy but an apology nonetheless I feel my daughter needed to hear.

Everyone spoke up about the issue and many school committee members support my daughter. I did get a bit emotional reading my daughters letter to the committee but glad I did it none the less as it was in her own words and very well put. I am so proud of her. Principal Fiato was the only person I did not have the opportunity to speak to and he is whom I want to address the whole issue of the mural and would like to know where we are at as every time I ask, I get no answer and Tran and our children deserve that at the least.

Anyway, a very overwhelming day but you made me feel so much more at ease with all of your support. Thank you for calling me and wishing me well I think that empowered me to get right to the point of the matter.

Good night! Many Blessings!"

Christopher King said...

Of course what jackass doesn't realize is that with every post he raises the priority of this issue on the Internet, thereby drawing more attention to the FACT that there is a serious FOIA case involved here, regardless of his myopic banter.

-The KingCaster.

Christopher King said...

Hey you JAGged-Edge wife abuser tool:

Eat this.

Anonymous said...

Insinuations and innuendos that all you have. So you admit you again acted as counsel for yet another case that had NOTHING to do with you personally. MA AG Martha Moakley will welcome the admission on your part that you are practicing law without a license in MA.

Run along and be a good little black subordinate whore for some other white woman who is your superior.

"She's jawing about the fact that I, as a subordinate, provided some afternoon lovin' for a horny, vibrator-prone Caucasian female manager at her request."


Christopher King said...

Hi Bill Christy,

You can have the entire day to rant and rave in here because I have work to do, and I respect the opportunity to work in a positive corporate culture, now that I have filed the Memoranda in Franconia I will attend to these matters.

Go threaten me with something else, you idiot.

-The KingCaster.