28 November 2008

KingCast and MassCops STILL say fired Jaffrey Chief Martin Dunn is a "slimebag."

Hahahaaa... Marty thought he got all of his nefarious deeds scrubbed from the Internet, but in the end -- and as it was meant to be -- his own brethren turned him in.

THE RP03-27-2006, 14:19
Goddamn despicable.....Not only on the coworkers behalf but lets not forget the slime bag chief who feels it's necessary to charge him....This is one of the undeniable downfalls to being a cop or just driving through some parts of New Hampshire...NO Tradition and NO shame.

KingCast says that's not all.... they rejected him in Winchendon, Mass, too!

OciferpeteHPD350003-28-2006, 17:09
Oh boy looks like he's coming to mass!!

Jaffrey police Chief flees under hail of controversy.

Jaffrey NH Police Chief Martin Dunn last month notified a select group of media that he is a finalist for a post in Winchendon, Mass. [The properly rejected him on further review]

Here's an hootlarious parody of my meeting with Marty.

Jammin' out: Devo sings a song for Marty.

PS: I've downloaded the page. Gotta' love it.


Christopher King said...

BTW you can search Aaron's name on this blawg and see that the Jury acquitted him in about an hour.

Marty's reckless driving charges on him were dismissed earlier.

And as for Marty's case against me as NAACP Legal Chair, it too was dismissed, Marty got fired and his Prosecutor Bill Albrecht was drummed out in an ethics investigation, that you can run a word search here and find the Concord Monitor story on that, yah.





Barbara A. Albright said...

Dear Chris King, Keep up the fight for first amendment. After 50+ years, I have never been so ashamed to call New Hampshire my home state, and the utter corruption that goes on at governmental levels is incredible. Why??


Christopher King said...

You bet I will.

And the haters hate it.

NH is a cesspool not because of its citizens, but because of its fascist architecture of government.

Gotta' run for now.

All the best,

-The KingCaster.

Christopher King said...

From the album version.

"ravner1976 (1 month ago) +2

wore a hat.. had a job, brought home the bacon so that no one new... This song always made me think of someone trying to live a regular life who was beyond repair."


That is so Marty Dunn.

BTW Mark Mothersbaugh is making music that Kelly Ayotte's children listen to. Google him. Ever heard of the Rugrats.

Here ya go, Kels.

The original Jocko Homo.

Devo covers Satisfaction.

Watch Mark try to cop a feel in the back of that Detroit boat; Chief Dunn appears in crib at 1:50

Muuuaahhhh, we used to skateboard to Devo in their hometown of Akron, Ohio when I was a youngster.

I still go see Devo from time to time, they rock. Invented the mosh pit, too.

I always liked Praying Hands.

And Come back Jonee, (what a guitar track total Chuck Berry), Space Junk, Sloppy, Gut Feeling/Mammy Slapper, Too Much Paronoias, (OMFG the breakdown at :44 - 120is out of control, totally out of control) and of course.... Spud Patrol/Mr. DNA!

They were wearing the skateboard helmets in the video, AWESOME.

Them boys were weird.

Them boys were smart, too.

Kelly's stupid. She's just a pawn, a big business dupe and a Yes Man. Errrr. Yes Lady.

-The KingCaster.

PS: In Jocko Homo Mothersbaugh looks like Jeff Strelzin, hootlarious!

Christopher King said...


Girl You Want+Gates of Steel, Live.

That is some of the most precision rock and roll you will ever see, they were at their peak right there, total badasss.