18 November 2008

U.S. AG hopeful Eric Holder set to enforce law of 18 U.S.C. 922(g)(1) against Gregory W. Floyd and really investigate New Hampshire LE lawlessness.

"I'll be pleased to investigate the situation of rampant police abuse in New Hampshire, and the attendant problem of willful disregard by Kelly Ayotte," said Holder. The way that the State of New Hampshire attacked a former NAACP Legal Chair for writing a simple Demand Letter, I find deplorable. The way that the State -- largely under Attorney Ayotte -- has unrepentantly engaged in unlawful conduct, up to and including Unconstitutional deprivations relating to DNA collection of youthful non-sexual offenders, needs to be investigated."
The veteran attorney continued:
"I thoroughly support Vice President Biden's pledge to Christopher King to vigorously enforce 18 U.S.C. 922(g)(1) against multiple felons like Gregory W. Floyd, and I believe that constituent emails to and from individual representative and Senators are a matter of public record, similar to Kidd v. U.S. Department of Justice, 362 F.Supp 2d 291 DDC (2005).

Parody, but wouldn't it be nice to have an AG who actually enforces the law instead of selectively breaking it?

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Christopher King said...

I love the First Amendment.

No matter what anyone has to say about me, everything I said in this post about Kelly Ayotte is supported by actual facts and there's nothing she can do to stop it.


The name of the blawg is the name of the game.

-The KingCaster.

Christopher King said...

Now of course Fox is running the fact that Holder let the Marc Rich pardon slide, and characterizing him as a Clinton holdover.

I on the other hand, look forward to a brighter day, and the promises made by Vice President Biden that Attorney Holder will undoubtedly embrace.


Anonymous said...

Gotta' LOVE the fact that Eric Holder formerly worked at the U.S. Department of Justice's PUBLIC INTEGRITY unit. Perhaps he will help remedy the short supply of it in NH.

Christopher King said...


Indeed the citizen complaint to the U.S. House will be carefully and stategically timed, placed and written.

And as I said to idiot turncoat Bill a minute ago,

"You miss the point, with your racist little picture.

The point is, regardless of what the ATF says or does, I'm going to document it and prepare it for the U.S. House Complaint.

If no one at the U.S. House is concerned, I will document that too."

-The KingCaster.

PS: A local LE was lamenting my return to corporate America but I told that person not to worry, because now I'll have the loot for all of the documents I want, and for the Bruce McKay 2 hour traffic stop of Elder AJ, and a bunch of stuff. Soon I will hire school kids and put them to work emailing just like Barack.

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