30 November 2008

KingCast sees complaints against Ohio attorneys, judges and domestic relations courts over divorce cases result in year-end Supreme Court report.

An old grade school friend of mine reports that things are crazy in Ohio, with major delays not authorized by statute and a host of other alleged improprieties. Fist-fighting Lawyer Vincent Stafford and his brother Joe are up front and center. Many people accuse the pair of bilking clients and running up billables as noted in the linked Plain Dealer story. Read the comments here, too.

One of Northeast Ohio's highest-profile divorce lawyers is accused of lying to a judge, ignoring court orders and harassing the husbands of clients -- complaints that could result in suspension or disbarment.

Vincent Stafford faces a four-count complaint filed with a state commission that oversees grievances against lawyers. Eight years ago the same panel publicly reprimanded Stafford for engaging in a fistfight with an opposing lawyer in a courtroom.

The latest complaint comes as the Ohio Supreme Court is investigating reports of delays caused by lawyers and judges in Cuyahoga County Domestic Relations Court. The high court is expected to release its findings by the end of the year.

Dude was reprimanded on prior occasion:
Cuyahoga County Bar vs. Gonzalez/Stafford (2000), 89 Ohio St.3d 470.] The board found that in January 1998, respondents appeared in the chambers of Magistrate Barbara Porzio for the purpose of negotiations before resuming trial on a domestic relations visitation schedule. During a heated discussion, respondent Gonzalez called respondent Stafford “a piece of shit,” and Stafford responded bycalling Gonzalez “a total asshole.” These remarks and the demeanor of the respondents caused the magistrate to call for a court deputy.

The respondents left the magistrate’s chambers and walked into the courtroom, where they stood chest to chest and continued to shout at each other. The panel concluded that by their conduct respondents violated DR 7-106(C)(6) (in appearing in a professional capacity, a lawyer shall not engage inundignified or discourteous conduct which is degrading to a tribunal) and recommended that each respondent be publicly reprimanded. MOYER, C.J., DOUGLAS, RESNICK, F.E. SWEENEY, PFEIFER, COOKand LUNDBERG STRATTON, JJ., concur.

For more on the delays, read the comments. I'm going to hit some tennis; just watching Connors/Borg on Tennis channel circa 1979 so I'm all inspired and stuff :)

PS: I had a rude attorney try to goad me into hitting him but I didn't take the bait. Luis Alcalde, para. 4.

KingCast jams of the day from Rollng Stones: Honky Tonk Women and Hand of Fate.

An incredible delivery from Hyde Park on the former in 1969, and with Billy Preston in 1976 on the latter.

In 1969 Charlie Watts still had hair, but you can recongize him. And Mick was so cool you just can't even describe it. And they're all so young. And dig the crowd shots, simply an awesome video.

Non-Sequitur: Fired Jaffrey Chief Dunn is still a donkey-butt.

28 November 2008

KingCast and MassCops STILL say fired Jaffrey Chief Martin Dunn is a "slimebag."

Hahahaaa... Marty thought he got all of his nefarious deeds scrubbed from the Internet, but in the end -- and as it was meant to be -- his own brethren turned him in.

THE RP03-27-2006, 14:19
Goddamn despicable.....Not only on the coworkers behalf but lets not forget the slime bag chief who feels it's necessary to charge him....This is one of the undeniable downfalls to being a cop or just driving through some parts of New Hampshire...NO Tradition and NO shame.

KingCast says that's not all.... they rejected him in Winchendon, Mass, too!

OciferpeteHPD350003-28-2006, 17:09
Oh boy looks like he's coming to mass!!

Jaffrey police Chief flees under hail of controversy.

Jaffrey NH Police Chief Martin Dunn last month notified a select group of media that he is a finalist for a post in Winchendon, Mass. [The properly rejected him on further review]

Here's an hootlarious parody of my meeting with Marty.

Jammin' out: Devo sings a song for Marty.

PS: I've downloaded the page. Gotta' love it.

27 November 2008

KingCast and The Smoking Gun note that Jimmy Connors was arrested for some ambiguous reason.

I dunno what happened. Maybe he talked to the police as he talked to John McEnroe in this 1984 clip, LOL. Those were the best days of tennis, when the competitors went right at each other. Love it.

McEnroe v. Connors at the height of their games.
U.S. Open 1984 short clip.
U.S. Open 1984 three long clips.

KingCast says Happy Thanksgiving!

As part Cherokee and as a full citizen of this fine Country, I just want you to remember where it all really started, as noted in this post about Liko Kenney and Bruce McKay's clothing.
In 1637 near present day Groton, Connecticut, over 700 men, women and children of the Pequot Tribe had gathered for their annual Green Corn Festival which is our Thanksgiving celebration. In the predawn hours the sleeping Indians were surrounded by English and Dutch mercenaries who ordered them to come outside. Those who came out were shot or clubbed to death while the terrified women and children who huddled inside the longhouse were burned alive. The next day the governor of the Massachusetts Bay Colony declared "A Day Of Thanksgiving" because 700 unarmed men, women and children had been murdered.

Cheered by their "victory", the brave colonists and their Indian allies attacked village after village. Women and children over 14 were sold into slavery while the rest were murdered. Boats loaded with a many as 500 slaves regularly left the ports of New England. Bounties were paid for Indian scalps to encourage as many deaths as possible.

Anyway, let's push that right back down underneath the American subconscience and move on back to another case that most major media and Kelly Ayotte want you to forget about as well: Note that even if the Court rules that these items are not subject to Right-to-Know, the State was still supposed to run tests on them that could help us to understand what really happened out there on Route 116.

Hint: The GSR on Liko's clothing will prove that Gregory W. Floyd is a complete liar about how he shot Liko and whether or not he said anything to him before he shot and murdered him, in my opinion.

Related post: Kelly Ayotte is one Jive Turkey.

26 November 2008

KingCast bags GReta, she's smoking hot!

LOL. With an eta motor, smoking hot she is not, but she rocks nonetheless. I love my little time machines.

I do like the little eta. It's just that even after I chip it there is still the missing top end rush, and all of my BMWs have been top-end motors.

She runs about like the tii, I guess but just not in the same exhilarating manner. The tii of course had 700 less cc's and two fewer cylinders.

Related 'bro:

This guy Michael in Charleston, SC understands, totally.

And the current whip, July 2018: Another 535is!

KingCast says Hopkington Selectmen agree: All emails on public matters must issue through public accounts.

Let's start at the beginning before I get to the new story: See, the reason why I asked for Martha McLeod's private emails goes to her history of deceit and to the Tennessee (Knox County) district attorney's pronouncement that all private emails concerning public matters are subject to inspection.

[Law Director] John Owings also stated that, in the case of email, it wouldn’t matter if such communication was sent to the commissioner’s government account or to any private account the commissioner has.
“If [an email] relates to the transaction of official business, it wouldn’t matter if it were sent to an official Knox County account or a private account. It would be public record, in my estimation,” Owings said.

If Miss Martha didn't have a history of deceit, I wouldn't have asked for the private emails.


Anyway, here's the new policy as publised in today's Concord Monitor, which provides, in pertinent part:
The new system will require the selectmen to e-mail one another through town addresses, instead of personal accounts. All e-mails will be printed and put into a folder, which will be kept in the town hall, accessible to the public. The new system will take effect once it is formally written.

That reminds me, I need to call the Knoxville Attorney's office today.

Important posts:
KingCast: As much as some folks hate to admit it, we damn well know what we're talking about.
Read this to understand Martha McLeod.
AGs all over the U.S. agree with KingCast.
Kidd v. Department of Justice, 362 F.Supp.2d 291 D.D.C. (2005).

KingCast presents: Home Alone + Roy Chabra, the ATF and Gregory W. Floyd.

So I'm watching FOX news this morning (somebody's gotta do it) and I see this story, about a smart young lad who called 911 and in so doing helped apprehend some scumbags who were purportedly actively engaged in a home invasion. The story goes on and on about how brave he was and all of that, but it never addresses a very important question:

WTF was he doing home alone, at 9 years of age?

If Child Protective Services is hungry for Federal matching dollars that could prompt a visit from a bunch of gumshoes in a hurry, given a different set of circumstances.
Speaking of Federal Intervention, I'm kind of playing around with the Feds, just waiting to see how long they take to respond to the inquiry of dozens of North Country folks who want to see Gregory W. Floyd charged with violation of 18 U.S.C. 922(g)(1). Roy Chabra, Esq. told me one week ago that I would hear something soon.

As we recall, the Feds/ATF never issued any declarative statement on the matter of the Floyds' Petition for Return of Property 10 years ago and we still have no court record of what happened to that motion. Nor will most folks ever have a clue because Floyd reached a deal on the QT. I'll be asking for a copy of the Agreement reached with Floyd, because that's a public record, yah.

25 November 2008

KingCast presents: Two cool cats.

Spammers send KingCast to require registered comments.

I've been battling the spammers for some time now, and it is a losing battle. Here's the latest, which has shown up in dozens of posts.
lijialefw has left a new comment on your post "KingCast applauds former Bruce McKay associate for...":

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As the pending RSA 91-A case heads to hearing, some folks are getting very angry. It's probably "Quiet Man" or some other tool, but no worries. Those of you who really have something to say are free to email me and I'll post your comments without your email address if you like, just as I did a year ago when I closed the comments for a week while I was preparing RSA 91-A lawsuit #1.


Meanwhile, former JAG Attorney "Bill Christy" (he's off-duty now so he's a JAG-off) or Quiet Man wrote in yesterday, and the following collquy ensued:


Nobody gives a crap about you.

Bottom line is that I'm about to review that damn ballistics report.

By Christopher King, at 7:56 PM

and, what will be gained, you looked at them, big deal, itstill will not change the final disposition of the case.

By Anonymous, at 3:52 AM

We don't know exactly what will come of the review, nor do we know what will come of the Congressional Complaint.

The whole point is that we live in America, dammit, and nobody -- I repeat nobody -- is going to stop me or anyone I'm friends with from holding the government accountable under FOIA and RSA 91-A.

In case you didn't notice, that is the point, the sine qua non as it were, you stupid jackass.

You have just provided me with my next blawg entry.

As Bruce McKay would say:


-The KingCaster

By Christopher King, at 4:42 AM

who are you accountable to

By Anonymous, at 6:38 AM


You mean, "to whom are you accountable?"

Answer: The United States Constitution, and I'm usually correct about those freedoms, in case you haven't noticed.

Thanks for allowing me to clarify.

-The KingCaster.

By Christopher King, at 7:05 AM

23 November 2008

KingCast admits being wrong. There was a ballistics report in the Michael Paulhus case. Now it's time for NH AG Kelly Ayotte to show it per RSA 91-A.

Dear Kelly:

1. You told me some time ago that the Michael Paulhus case was still under investigation so you declined to give me anything I asked for. Frankly, I think you are a liar because the criminal and civil cases have been adjudicated and/or settled for more than a year now, and Senior AG Simon Brown had this situation well under control and advice 3-1/2 years ago at Item A (document scan forthcoming) when he wrote the Court on 1 March 2005:
"The ballistics report in question was provided to the County Attorney's Office in October 2004. The issue before the Court is whether the ballistics report, as written, provides adequate notice to defense counsel. This issue dos not involve delayed disclosure by the Attorney General's Office."

I'll take a copy of that ballistics report now Kelly, and wonder why it was not provided to Paul Erwin Kish as he noted in his forensic report.

I'm also going to wonder why you never produced a ballistics report in the Franconia shooting tragedy, given that we don't even know if Bruce McKay fired his gun. We don't pay your salary for you to turn around and offer this sort of malfeasance in office.

2. Also please provide me a "copy of the black and white diagram already provided," at Brown item B.

3. Also please provide me copy of the dispatch calls transcript contemplated by Brown item C.

4. As to item F, I note that your office did not possess gun powder residue testing results, which runs counter to the Peter Heed Deadly Force Protocol 9E because we know for CERTAIN that Officer Fateux's clothing was of evidentiary value. I note that you told me the same thing relative to the Franconia investigation, so that makes you a willful policy violator, or law-breaker. On my nickel. Again, We don't pay your salary for you to turn around and offer this sort of malfeasance in office.

5. Attorney Brown didn't like the fact that the Court discovered the AG's Office was intentionally feckless:
"Finally, with regard to the Court's statement that it was 'given no explanation as to the failure ir inability of the Office of the Attorney General to reach a finding with respect to the investigation that is had conducted,' counsel for the Attorney General's Office shall appear, as ordered, at the next hearing and provide a status of its investigation."
Wherefore KingCast respectfully requests any and all documents that reflect the nature and output of any such status update(s).

Kelly: Your office will never find substantial wrongdoing by NH LE. This much we already know. It's all in how you go about torturing the law and abusing our collective notions of common sense that I'm here to document.

PS: I asked for the report back on 12 Nov. 2008 but now I see there's more to be had, so I'm going to have it.

22 November 2008

Back to the lab again: Vermont visits Unconstitutional DNA reporting policies similar to those the NH AG Kelly Ayotte espoused in New Hampshire.

Remember how Kelly screwed up the DNA juvenile reporting in NH and committed Constitutional violations?

Looks like the Caledonian Record is monitoring a very similar issue in Vermont, go ahead and Take a look.

Editorial Comment: Friday, 11/21/08
Innocent Until Proven Guilty

Here's the nugget:

"The ACLU's national science adviser, Tania Simoncelli, said DNA databases were begun in the 1990s and first contained only DNA samples from violent convicts. Today, however, DNA material from six million individuals is on file in national databases and many of those individuals have never been convicted of anything.

.....One of the Bush presidency's shameful legacies will be its disregard for the Constitution and its contempt for an individual's right to a presumption of innocence.

Our rights are a scarce commodity and diminish every year. Vermonters must not allow our government to further erode our sacred freedoms."

Read the entire editorial in the comments.

21 November 2008

KingCast and Frank Morales note that New Hampshire is part of a larger penal colony mentality, with scary testing on virtual humans at UNH and more.

Just a couple of fascist pigs right here.

On WBAI this morning Frank Morales discussed disturbing trends toward revocation of posse comitatus and increasing militarism. New Hampshire is right at the forefront of it all, what with a fascist Attorney General Kelly Ayotte who encourages rampant police abuse, and UNH thinktanks for non lethal weapons of increasingly diverse and dynamic properties so that The Man knows every available option to keep the populous beat right on down.
"UNH has a non-lethal weapon thinktank.....It's a sickness, a pathology," said Morales, as he described new and improved tools of oppression.

Think we're gonna' get justice in the Franconia Shooting Tragedy?

Think Again.

RNC and other beatdowns:
Amy Goodman, Liko Kenney and Jerry Doyle take a beatdown.

20 November 2008

KingCast jam of the day for Barack Obama and all World Leaders: Shipbuilding.

I mentioned Elvis Costello's Shipbuilding the other day, and since then I've been on an Elvis kick, all the way back to "Get Happy!!!" and even before then, but to me that is his best work, so much Motown in there it's crazy. I picked the Nimitz 'cos my old roomie in Va. Beach used to do accounting work for it and other large warships.

Honorable Mention: Prince, Ronnie talk to Russia, can't find it online though.
Is it worth it
A new winter coat and shoes for the wife
And a bicycle on the boys birthday....

Its just a rumour that was spread around town
By the women and children
Soon well be shipbuilding

Well I ask you
The boy said dad theyre going to take me to task
But Ill be back by christmas
Its just a rumour that was spread around town

Somebody said that someone got filled in
For saying that people get killed in
The result of this shipbuilding

With all the will in the world
Diving for dear life
When we could be diving for pearls

Its just a rumour that was spread around town
A telegram or a picture postcard
Within weeks theyll be re-opening the shipyards
And notifying the next of kin
Once again

Its all we're skilled in
We will be shipbuilding
With all the will in the world
Diving for dear life
When we could be diving for pearls

19 November 2008

Barack taps KingCast for Secretary of the Interior post.

For now I found a near-perfect set of original checkerboard cloth seats for the new whip, but for my birthday next spring I think a set of these M-Technics from Creativeoptions.com will be perfect.
"I'm pleased to join Eric Holder as he assumes the post of U.S. AG," said King, stoic as usual.

Meanwhile, I hate this guy, that's too nice a car :)

KingCast explains why Uncle Joe was everything Gregory W. Floyd was not.

Soooo......Two U.S. Veterans helped me piece this together about my Uncle's creds:

Sgt. First Class. Expert marksman/combat. Vietnam. Potential Bronze Star -- Nation's third highest award for valour in combat. Speciality Badge, prestigious. Presidential Citation unit award for combat.

He could do more than "shoot at a tree and hit it," and he would do less than shoot a stunned and defenseless young man in a Toyota Supra, as noted by a certain turncoat retired JAG Attorney.

Related facts:
Floyd had no decorations, and was not Force Recon, but was AWOL. Twice.

Related link: U.S. Armed Forces medals/awards.

KingCast memory fades in old age, almost forgot to post the Davey Kenney Affidavit.

Like I said, almost, but not quite.

18 November 2008

OMG so funny, North Shore/JMO/Snowy/Sasquatch's icon looks like her!

So my tracker has these little icons that pop up when you check a profile and that of Snowy/L/JMO/Sasquatch actually resembles her, but much better.
Longitude -70.7154
Latitude 42.6179

Read her buddy "Bill Christy" (not his real name) on Bruce McKay's "reign of terror" in the comments.

KingCast watches his favourite cop show misrepresent First Amendment Law.

On Law and Order tonight my favorite detectives got a website ("Covertcops.com") shut down because it contained the identity of undercover cops. Too bad that ain't the way it really went down. Go visit whosarat.com and see for yourself, and read the comments for the pertinent parts of the Decision. Fact of the matter is you can pretty much do whatever you want to do and say whatever you want to say on the Internet, subject to a few reasonable constraints involving Defamation.

U.S. v. Carmichael, 326 F.Supp.2d 1267 (M.D.Ala. 2004) (Judge Thompson) (Carmichael I) U.S. v. Carmichael, 326 F.Supp.2d 1303 (M.D.Ala. 2004) (Judge Thompson) (Carmichael II).

U.S. AG hopeful Eric Holder set to enforce law of 18 U.S.C. 922(g)(1) against Gregory W. Floyd and really investigate New Hampshire LE lawlessness.

"I'll be pleased to investigate the situation of rampant police abuse in New Hampshire, and the attendant problem of willful disregard by Kelly Ayotte," said Holder. The way that the State of New Hampshire attacked a former NAACP Legal Chair for writing a simple Demand Letter, I find deplorable. The way that the State -- largely under Attorney Ayotte -- has unrepentantly engaged in unlawful conduct, up to and including Unconstitutional deprivations relating to DNA collection of youthful non-sexual offenders, needs to be investigated."
The veteran attorney continued:
"I thoroughly support Vice President Biden's pledge to Christopher King to vigorously enforce 18 U.S.C. 922(g)(1) against multiple felons like Gregory W. Floyd, and I believe that constituent emails to and from individual representative and Senators are a matter of public record, similar to Kidd v. U.S. Department of Justice, 362 F.Supp 2d 291 DDC (2005).

Parody, but wouldn't it be nice to have an AG who actually enforces the law instead of selectively breaking it?

Related post:
ATF's Roy Chabra to KingCast -- "We'll call you soon."

KingCast says how come the State knows everything about the angle of bullets in the Briggs Murder, but knows nothing about the Kenney/Paulhus cases?

Listen to the detailed analysis that led to a murder conviction here. And we know everything that Officer Briggs did, we know that he did not fire his weapon. But note that in the Liko Kenney/Bruce McKay and Michael Paulhus cases the State failed to conduct trajectory tests (at least they say they didn't in the Kenney case but they actually did in the Paulhus case, according to Senior AG Simon Brown) And they destroyed all of the relevant evidence that shows that Gregory W. Floyd, Bruce McKay or other LE may have acted improperly. We don't even know if Bruce McKay really fired his gun or if Gregory W. Floyd is lying about the number of times he shot at Liko Kenney, and when and how he commenced shooting. Take a look.

All we do know is that Gregory Floyd the younger has specifically stated that his daddy started shooting at Liko BEFORE Liko's car struck Bruce McKay. The World has a Right-to-Know, pursuant to RSA 91-A, what really happened out there on 116.

That's why I seek the forensic testing of the officer's clothing required by AG Homicide Protocol Rule 9E.
Michael Addison was convicted of murder because a Jury of his peers determined that his actions met the elements because he acted unreasonably. But people who have a reasonable fear of a rogue cop, read: Liko Kenney -- are not murderers and should not receive a death sentence at the side of the road by a greaseball multiple felon like Gregory W. Floyd, who should be tried for murder, according to a certain retired JAG Attorney, with whom I edited this piece.

KingCast: We keep it simple; others try to deflect.

17 November 2008

KingCast presents: The signed Affidavit of Davey Kenney.

Update: So busy copying Exhibits I forgot to send scan it. I'll put it up on the 19th. It was faxed today at 1:50p EST and the original is on the way. You'll have to wait until I get to the scanner sometime tomorrow to see it. I told you so.

Related KingCast jam:
Smiling faces.... show no traces.... of the evil that lurks within.... smiling faces tell lies.... and I got proof......

Speaking of liars: NH AG Kelly Ayotte told me she didn't have this email from State Rep. Al Baldasaro. How not? Maybe she had a lil' bonfire with Bruce McKay out at his place? You remember that, when the Lisbon FD responded to a suspicious fire and Bruce refused to pay for the cost of coverage.....

This is not your father's Volvo.

Bang! Bye-bye Camaro, and watch this video at 5:30 on, OMG WTF?

Related post: My father's Volvo.

16 November 2008

KingCast says Martha McLeod is more important than Barack Obama!

Even Barack thought this post was funny. See the prez's emails are subject to review, but hers are not. This is going to be interesting. Say the words... It's..... KingCastic!

KingCast presents: Sold! The Bimmer Boy rides again, this time in an E30.

So I brought Bimmer #5 -- a 1986 325e -- on down to the local shop for a ball joint, new O2 Sensor and race exhaust install prior to a Jim Conforti chip, a good old-fashioned detailing and a pair of new 325i sport seats. It is my first E30, which is kind of funny because I used to make fun of E30's being too new, LOL. At some point I'll press out that funny dent in the driver's side fender but other than that the body is close to perfect and will buff out nicely. Oh, yeah: New cooling and vacuum hoses with battery in trunk for better weight distribution. The only bummer is that I'm probably too busy to do it myself, and I love working on these cars myself. You just gotta' love an old BMW

PS: No it will not ever run like this E30, and that's probably a Good Thing.

15 November 2008

Guy Montag and KingCast stop by to say hello.

So many people would love to burn this blawg right on down, but guess what? It's Constitutionally protected, and no other media entity has done more to illuminate the salient issues pertaining to NH LE. And with that, I'm back to work on other issues, and waiting for Oral argument on Grafton County 08-E-192. Let's see what happens, and what principled legal rulings the Court issues in this matter.

Plus, guess what again: As you long-term readers like Quiet Man will recall, I will impart upon you what Evan Schaeffer told me inasmuch that if you don't like what I do, "get your own blawg."

PS: Retired JAG Attorney Bill Christy - whatever his real name is - yelled at me for not divulging that Gregory W. Floyd should have turned in a Glock 23 last summer, pursuant to court Order after his conviction for criminal threats against AJ Boisvert. In so doing he implied that I was withholding information that would shade public perception about this multiple felon in a better light.

In reality, the information would have shaded public perception in a worse light, because my research indicates that this weapon was recently acquired, as it was not on the orginal inventory list you can read here at section II.

This in addition to the complete lack of information as to the disposition of Floyd's request for return of property (i.e. GUNS) from ten years ago in a previous criminal conviction for assault on a police officer. Read the docket sheet. Tell me this guy's not protected; ordinary folks with backgrounds like Floyd's would be doing some hard time, yah.

14 November 2008

ATF's Roy Chabra to KingCast: "NH ATF will contact you shortly."

You may recall that I forwarded the concerns of dozens of North Country citizens regarding that multiple-felony fool Gregory Floyd, who got off with a slap on the wrist regarding his ongoing criminal activity.

He phoned me today at 8:52 a.m. so I'll keep you posted. Though we all know Floyd should be indicted under 18 U.S.C. 922(g)(1), but remember, it's not about the Answer, it's about the process.

KingCast presents: Bill Christy is not a liar; I hope he's happy now.

Bill Christy (public website link) is a little testy about having his real face published next to his words so I have now put a new face to him so he feels a little better about himself. Here is is public FaceBook account with his picture.

My bad. I was wrong about this post. Here's the Real Deal.

If the State or the town of Franconia had conducted any investigation into the propriety of the stop - or lack thereof - it would have shown that Liko was placed in fear by McKay's actions.

Also, Liko's car only struck McKay AFTER Floyd started shooting at him, as his son noted in the interview transcripts.

From "Try Gregory Floyd for Murder."

Dear Statesmen,
I write to you to ask you to please read what is before you and not let this injustice continue any longer. This concerns each and every citizen of the State of New Hampshire, including yourselves.

The definition of Murder
To kill with premeditated malice; to kill (a human being)
willfully, deliberately, and unlawfully.

If you have read the FRANCONIA/AYOTTE report, you have definitely read sworn statements that substantiate the assertion that Mr. Floyd did not address the victim Liko Kenney before slaughtering him with one .45 bullet to the neck area and one .45 cal bullet to the head, both fired at close range. There is the still unexplained "first shot" from Cpl McKay's service weapon windshield bullet hole identified by NH evidence tag # 8 on Liko Kenney's car.

The unarmed passenger Caleb Macaulay is another victim of this tragic event. He stated during his interrogation "Floyd had the gun pointed at us before we even got on the road." The NHAG apparently ignored this claim made by Caleb in his statement. The NHAG has seen the same pictures you will see, including the NHSPPL evidence tag # 8 of the "first shot" inward bullet hole.

"You have further read the sworn statements of the shooter Gregory W. Floyd. He clearly saw that the victim's gun was jammed and inoperable, (it was still jammed when the shooter removed it from Liko's lifeless hands).
The shooter then destroyed key state evidence by clearing the jammed round from the victim's firearm NHSPPL evidence tag #14, and placing the bullet in his pocket (recovered several days later by NH State Troopers from the shooter.)

The definition above says premeditated, willfully, deliberately and unlawfully.
I believe you will arrive at the same conclusion we did. The statements by the shooter himself clearly demonstrate he more than fulfills 3 criteria of the meaning premeditation, willfulness, and with deliberate action beyond all reasonable doubt.

The key factor is did Mr. Floyd have any options other than the actions he chose when he slaughtered Liko Kenney without saying a word.

The definition of Murder:
To kill with premeditated malice; to kill (a human being)
willfully, deliberately, and unlawfully.

What Liko Kenney did appears wrong, but we know from Caleb Macaulay's contemporaneous statements that he was genuinely in fear of Bruce McKay, which most likely renders his act no more than manslaughter.

What Gregory W. Floyd did was just as wrong and no less heinous when he slaughtered Liko Kenney. He was not enraged, or in fear for his life, yet with premeditation Gregory W. Floyd murdered Liko Kenney.

Two wrongs don't make a right, certainly not in this case. The decision made by NHAG Ayotte was done using the competing harms law. The burden of proof is on Gregory W. Floyd to prove beyond all reasonable doubt that he was in fear for his life and/or the life of the officer who had been shot. Mr. Floyd NEVER stated he was in fear for his life.

13 November 2008

KingCast watches NH continue to baby Gregory W. Floyd.

Again, the shortest KingCast movie ever:

Here's the latest and greatest:

HAVERHILL, N.H. - A sentencing deal has been reached for Gregory Floyd, the man who killed a police officer’s killer last year in Franconia, N.H.

But instead of serving his six-month jail sentence, the 50-year-old Floyd is appealing and remains free on bail.

The sentence — agreed to this week in Haverhill District Court — is for Floyd threatening a neighbor in December when she couldn’t get past each other on a narrow road.

The sentence also covers Floyd’s courtroom outburst in April after his threatening conviction.

The deal includes deferred jail time and a complete mental health evaluation for Floyd.

Floyd captured the national spotlight in May 2007 after shooting and killing Liko Kenney, who had just killed Franconia Police Cpl. Bruce McKay.

I look forward to seeing how or if the Feds stonewall on the 18 U.S.C. 922(g)(1) issue, time for a follow-up phone call to the Boston ATF office at lunch.

Floyd also could have had his pending sentence imposed, as would have happened for most people with a prior criminal record, but not for this guy.

I believe he told the truth when he said he had LE friends.
He might have been telling the truth about those 43 people he killed too, perhaps on behalf of the U.S. Government.

Who really knows?

What we do know, is that the hush-hush deal keeps the fact from coming out in open court that the Court never had any entry indicating what happened regarding Floyd's Motion for Return of Property (i.e. his and her guns) as noted in this post.

The docket sheet is right there for you to see as much.

12 November 2008

KingCast finally receives Senior NH AG Simon Brown Michael Paulhus filing, KingCast demands trajectory report per RSA 91-A.

Attorney James Kenney (pictured) finally coughed it up. Oh, it's a bunch of finger-pointing, but here's the good stuff, which does not comport with the Paul Erwin Kish report, as seen in the thumbnails from this post, paralleling the shoddy Paulhus investigation with that of the Franconia shooting tragedy.

7A - trajectory report in question was provided in October 2004 to the County Attorney.....[KingCast says well, what happened to it because Paul Kish never saw it]
7F - does not possess gunpowder residue testing results.... [KingCast says, well, why the hell not because Kelly admitted that the Peter Heed Homicide Protocol 9E was applicable so the clothing should have been tested. She did (or more accurately failed to do) the EXACT SAME THING in Franconia, yet I'm getting yelled at by some wrong-headed fools for pointing it out. Doesn't bother me one bit 'cos the facts are facts and I'm gonna do what I'm gonna do].

Just like Barack Obama, I'm a strong citizen living in the U.S.A., in favor of open government.

On that note: Kelly, as Attorney Brown's report says that there is a trajectory report pursuant to RSA 91-A I hereby request a copy of it ASAP. I'm not even going to wait for you to tell me what it costs; I'll send you some money this weekend and if I send you too much, just refund it or just keep the balance toward a credit for future requests.

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