20 October 2008

NH State Police to answer questions on clothing in McKay/Kenney shootings.

A while back I asked Kelly for all of these things, as you can see in the comments. Well I'm finally about to hear something.

Subject: RE: Outstanding RSA 91-A request on Department of Safety
To: kingjurisdoctor@yahoo.com
Date: Friday, October 17, 2008, 5:24 PM

Good Afternoon Mr. King:

I truly apologize for the delay as I had hoped to give you a response this week. As you recall, originally, I had thought that the Department’s response would be limited to items numbered 8-10. I do not believe that to be the case now. I am in the process of researching all your requested items and that is what has caused the delay here.

I believe that I will be able to respond to all of your request by Monday. I will be back in touch with you then.

Have a good weekend.

Regards, Marta

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Christopher King said...

Dear Attorney Stabile:
I received your 10 September 2008 letter in which you tell me you need 45 days to stonewall me. Good thing I'll be amending KingCast v. McLeod 08-E-192 well before that to catch anything you try to hold back. Here is what I'm suing to obtain from your boss, Kelly Ayotte:

1. The missing videotape of the Paulhus shooting area that Sgt. Peter Bouchard claimed was being made in his 18 July, 2004 report that I have sitting on my desk.

Update: See Bouchard report "They did request a Nashua offier to stand by during the videotaping portion of the crime scene processing to assist in traffic control......" But see 25 March 2005 9:21 a.m. filing "Motion for Additional Discoery -- a Videotape Recording of the Scene or Confirmation on the Record That no Such Tape Exists."

2. All crime scene photos, including the ones with the trajectory rods attached to the Paulhus steering wheel before LE destroyed the steering wheel, passenger headrest and passenger door panel, while failing to conduct any trajectory analysis.

3. All witness statements conducted by Chris Peach or any other LE involved in any investigations, including those employed by your office, Department of Safety, etc, etc.

4. Access to view and photograph all remaining evidence.

5. Access to analyse Michael Paulhus' clothing.

6. The use of force complaint and investigation against Office Michael Fateux.

7. Senior AG Simon Brown's report and any and all AG filings as contemplated (and directly identified by Court reference) by this post about my discussion with Nashua Telegraph's Kevin Landrigan.

8. Bruce McKay's clothing, subject to the same conditions noted in item 9, infra. You have to have maintained it because Bruce fired his gun to create the windshield bullet, as you say because Floyd didn't shoot at Liko until he was allegedly talking to him at carside. See Peter Heed's AG "Officer Deadly Force Protocol" Section IV Policy E(9)(e).

9. Also, I'll need Liko Kenney's clothing for analysis. It will be analysed by a forensic expert and chain of custody maintained. Update: I know the State didn't give it to the Kenney family 'cos Davey Kenney just told me so. Here's what The forensic expert said in Paulhus: "The clothing of Mr. Paulhus was apparently never collected. Had the shirt been collected it may have assisted in establishing muzzle-to-target range."

10. A copy of any and all of your investigative files or toxicology reports in which the clothing of Liko Kenney or Bruce McKay was analysed in any way.

11. A copy of any and all form letters sent to juveniles, their parents or counsel compelling said juveniles to issue DNA samples per RSA 651-C. It's letter DJJS FS Form 004. And you know the bill, it's the one that Kelly cried about in the Union Leader when the legislature didn't expand to include nonviolent juveniles, and they tried to slide them in at the last minute. Yah, those form letters. NH blogger Jonathan Melle has a bit on this in his "On Politics" blog, including a copy of Kelly crying, and I'll have more to come.