24 October 2008

KingCast, World await production of Bruce McKay and Liko Kenney's clothing. Still.

Now we come to the playoffs. After fifteen (15) months of legal wrangling the Franconia shooting tragedy (in the Right-to-Know analysis) largely comes down to this: Where is the clothing of these two men, and what can it tell us about whether Bruce McKay fired his weapon and the muzzle-to-target range regarding Gregory W. Floyd, who claimed to have shot on Liko Kenney through an open window after speaking with him and while holding Caleb Macaulay back with his elbow. Read the exact requests here in the John Lynch integrity post at items 8 - 10, inclusive.

We have been through all of Kelly Ayotte's nonsense before, with Caleb and other physical evidence clearly disputing the Floyd/Ayotte version, but the clothing will add yet another layer of proof to widely-ranging contentions that NH AG Kelly Ayotte lied and Governor Lynch is aiding and abetting said lie.

Remember: According to Kelly's own Official Report, Gregory W. Floyd did not fire the windshield bullet, so Bruce McKay must have. This means that clothing should have been preserved pursuant to Peter Heed's AG "Officer Deadly Force Protocol" Section IV Policy E(9)(e).

The Department of Safety is running tardy in its responses, as noted herein. And here's more.

What tipped me off to this portion of Kelly Ayotte's fiasco?

The botched and covered-up Michael Paulhus investigation, in which bullet trajectories were not calculated when the cop shot Mr. Paulhus, and clothing was not maintained. Who was the AG on that? None other than Kelly Ayotte. Who was the AG that never ran trajectories on the windshield bullet in Liko Kenney's car? None other than Kelly Ayotte, natch. But she did run trajectories on the McKenzie house and barn, in which nobody died. Look at them. Coincidentally, and perhaps ironically, the Paulhus shooting commenced about 800 feet from KingCast headquarters, right there on Concord Street, yah.

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Related post: In time for Thanksgiving recall the Sherman Helmsley/Kelly Ayotte Jive Turkey post. Let's not even get into the real meaning of Thanksgiving, which started right here in the "liberal" East: A massacre of 700 Native Americans right here in Massachusetts Bay, thank you. And I have Native American blood in me because the white man was busy killing all of the Native American men for these "Thanksgivings."

That Mass Bay U.S. history factoid was pointed out to me by an enlightened Caucasian friend of mine, thank you.

Bonus round: Officer Deadly Force Policy IV B(f):
“Ensure that guns are not opened, loaded, unloaded, shell casings removed, or in any other way tampered with….”

Yet and still Gregory Floyd went home with Liko Kenney’s live round in his pocket.

So you tools show up hatin' on KingCast, hell I'm not the one who botched these investigations. That would be NH AG Kelly Ayotte.


Christopher King said...

RSA 91-A clarifiction to Attorney Kennedy; Liko & Bruce clothing update
Friday, October 24, 2008
7:33 AM
"Christopher King" kingjurisdoctor@yahoo.com
Add sender to Contacts
pmceachern@shaines.com, info@murdervictimsfamilies.org, Marta.Modigliani@dos.nh.gov, Andrew.Paparella@abc.com, Kelly.Ayotte@doj.nh.gov, Jeffery.Strelzin@doj.nh.gov,

Dear Attorney Kennedy,

I'll sort your money in the U.S. Mail today:

In response to your letters of 3 and 14 October regarding the Louis Copponi criminal investigation, Senior AG Simon Brown’s reports/filings on the Michael Paulhus coverup and other matters:

1. What is the cost of the Copponi CD and does it detail the Laurie issues?

2. I will order the Simon Brown Michael Paulhus filing at $1.25 + $.42

3. What is the total cost of all police report summaries and other documents you indicated you have in your possession in response to my inquiry to Attorney Francesca Stabile?

4. I will order the AG Complaint retention policy (regarding the Concord police abuse complaint that was telephoned in to Kelly by the DNA family) at $.25 but I will not pay double postage so you can put that in the same envelope as the Simon Brown filing and I’ll throw in an extra dime and call it a day.

5. I am incredulous that you claim not to have a copy of the DNA policy because the major media says that Kelly is reviewing that very policy. It’s kind of difficult to review something…… if you don’t have a copy of that which you are reviewing. Perhaps that’s been your boss’ problem all along, not having the adequate materials before her as she went about spending taxpayer monies. That sure would explain the same-sex marriage boner and all the rest of the mistakes noted herein.


24 October 2008
KingCast, World await production of Bruce McKay and Liko Kenney's clothing. Still.

Anonymous said...

Actually the NHAG didn't botch anything. You still haven't proven one single thing to the contrary in 17 months.

Anonymous said...

Do we pronounce that NAG (NHAG)?

Christopher King said...


Sure dude, whatever you say. Just like she didn't botch the same-sex marriage or Planned Parenthood cases or DNA policy.

You are correct though because it was not "botched" it was intentional coverup.

Here are the DOS replies today:


Taking the government at its word -- always a dangerous thing to do, especially in NH, it looks like no clothing analysis was done and they are saying clothing is not subject to right-to-know.

Items 8-9 were the clothing worn my Liko Kenney and Bruce McKay

It's All Good because now we see that they have the ability to conduct these tests but never did, or still will not, all of which will be presented in the U.S. House Complaint.

The other item of BS is the allegation that the Michael Paulhus investigation is somehow still open, even though the civil and criminal cases have been concluded more than a year ago.

I reckon that will remain "open" for the next 100 years or so. It's pure BS so at oral argument I'll note it for the record and at a minimum Kelly and her minions will have to tell the court approximately when they think they might be done "investigating." In reality they never investigated anything, just destroyed all of the evidence and failed to conduct any trajectory analysis just as with the windshield bullet in Liko Kenney's Supra.

Not to mention the adjudicated Miranda violations, with Nashua LE posing as AG office representatives, apparently without a shred of disciplinary repercussions from Kelly.


Good Afternoon Mr. King:

I apologize for the delay in getting back to you. After your email of October 6, I uncovered that the Department of Safety may have some documents with regards to Paulhus. I will respond to your numbered requests as follows:

1. The Department does not have any documents responsive to this request.
2. The Department does have crime scene photographs, however, because the investigation is open, I am unable to release them at this time.
3. I have researched this request and have found 12 documents (13 pages) that are responsive to your request and open for inspection. The remainder of the documents that I identified as responsive are not subject to release as the investigation is still active.
4. The Department does have evidence in the Paulhus matter, however, physical evidence is not subject to the Right to Know law.
5. Please see response in 4 above.
6. The Department does not have any documents responsive to this request.
7. The Department does not have any documents responsive to this request.
8. The Department does have certain items of clothing into evidence, however, physical evidence is not subject to the Right to Know law.
9. Please see response in 5 above.
10. The Department does not have any documents responsive to this request.
11. The Department does not have any documents responsive to this request.

Production cost is $1 per page, or $13 total. Upon receipt of a check in the amount of $13, I will be happy to release the documents to you. Please make the check payable to “Treasurer, State of New Hampshire ” and remit to my attention. In the alternative, if you wish to view the documents, please contact my office to arrange a mutually convenient time.


Marta Modigliani, Esq.