20 October 2008

KingCast presents: 4-wheelin' in Franconia and an historically dishonest NH AG office.

You haven't seen the beauty of the North Country until you take a ride with Liko's friends through the bottom of the Kenny property line. And I can assure you, contrary to the BS you might have read in the State's "investigative" files, none of Liko's friends were afraid to go out in these woods with him because they feared him. Just another line of horsepucky thrown out by NH AG Kelly Ayotte and crew. That's line of BS will be exposed in a U.S. House report in due time, when I'm finished gathering a complete line of information evincing an outright pattern of what is basically criminal activity and coverup by the NH AG's office that goes back to the Bruce Lavoie "war on drugs" killing and the Michael Paulhus shooting. The Paulhus and Franconia "investigations" both occurred under the watchful eye of Kelly Ayotte, yah.


Anonymous said...

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Christopher King said...


Nah, I'm fine, just digging some cool scenes, some nature, stuff like that.


Anonymous said...

8:00 AM

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Thanks for the laugh, but next time get "mammas" permission to go on the computer.

Chris, KOKO

Anonymous said...

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Christopher King said...


You can cuss like an angry, petulant child all you want to but Martha's time is coming, bubba.

21 October 2008
The KingCast view from Liko's bus on Sunshine Laws: Clarification is coming to the Franconia shooting tragedy.

Saturday morning I gazed out of the window, stoked the fire in the bus and stepped outside, into the Heart of the Sunrise. I stopped to reflect on what lies ahead in this Right-to-Know litigation, and other potential litigation relating to the Franconia shooting tragedy.

The quick and dirty:

1. We will know whether Martha McLeod and House Speaker Terie Norelli can hide and freeze public access to incoming and outgoing emails on email addresses owned and subsidized by New Hampshire residents (read: taxpayers) that relate to public issues such as failed HB 1428 Bruce McKay Highway. The obvious question there is "what is so dirty in those emails that they would they want to keep this information secret?"

2. We will know what the heck is going on with the clothing worn by Bruce McKay and Liko Kenney because all of these items are of evidentiary value. Attorney Modigliani is about to answer.....
See Peter Heed's AG "Officer Deadly Force Protocol" Section IV Policy E(9)(e).

Anonymous said...

You can cuss like an angry, petulant child all you want to but Martha's time is coming, bubba.

well okay then BOY

Christopher King said...


POS cracka', resorting to slavery commentary shows your small brain and limited spirit.

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Anonymous said...

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