27 October 2008

KingCast Monday updates: Fear in Franconia in a GTi, Chicago police beatings and more mistakes by NH AG Kelly Ayotte on DWI.

The GTi: Standing at Cannon Mountain View watching the Amorphous Band (love those guys) last week here it comes. "You must be Chris King." "Yep." "I'm ****, the GTi father, nice to meet you...." Here from 15 August 2007 phone call from **** is what it's like to drive your son's VW GTi when Bruce McKay was out on the prowl against Franconia's youth:
"He was in full John Wayne mode," said the father this afternoon in a phone interview..... "I was terrified and just pressed myself back all the way in the seat and then when he saw it was me he about shit his pants and started stammering.... "Uh, I thought you had a registration violation......"

People just don't get it. Bruce McKay incited fear in everyone, not just Liko Kenney, but Liko had the biggest buttons to push and so McKay pushed them and well we know the rest, sort of. The rest we will know when I'm finished with my investigation with some help from the U.S. House.

DWI cases end in paper chase: Ties in with this weekend's post about NH HB 1428 Bruce McKay Highway shill John Tholl and his current get-tough stance on DWI.
A 1983 law to limit plea-bargaining in drunken-driving cases requires prosecutors to file forms with the Attorney General's Office explaining why they reduce or drop DWI charges. Yet no one noticed when Nashua police failed to file the forms for more than a year and a half.

That's just one example of flaws in the monitoring of drunken-driving cases by the Attorney General's Office. Associate Attorney General Ann Rice blamed the problems on a lack of staffing since John Stephen, an assistant attorney general from 1992-98, left the office.

Good Thing they acknowledge receiving Federal Monies, so now the U.S. House has a greater argument to exert jurisdiction in a top-down investigation. Blame this, blame that. Who's to blame for Kelly allowing the Nashua PD to violate Miranda by impersonating AG staff as they and other LE destroyed all the evidence of what is probably a bad police shooting as they ignored trajectory analysis, just as they did in Franconia. Read the Paul Erwin Kish report.

The Chicago beatings of black folks: Now under investigation by the Feds. Told you about it years ago when I was terminating my use of the N-bomb. I wrote:
"Police have tough jobs -- perhaps the toughest in the World -- but the only thing worse than a redneck cop in the South.... is a redneck cop in the North."
Some tools try to jump all over me for not being more effective in the Franconia and other NH LE cases, but guess what? It takes time, folks, takes time. It hasn't even been 1.5 years since the day of the tragedy. Again, it took 4 years to get the cops in Ohio found liable for making Michael Isreal a victim of violent crime, but we did it, yah. V1996-61481.

Hah, some tool told me "stick to what you know." Okay, fool: KingCast knows GTi's (my father even switched from Volvo to VW in 2003) and KingCast knows police abuse. Justice and heightened scrutiny will befall Kelly Ayotte and bad LE in New Hampshire, so you can 'stick' that where the sun don't shine, buddy.


Christopher King said...

The full Chicago blawg entry:

20 July 2006
NPR and KingCast report: In Chicago, police can beat your black ass and get away with it.

Yepper, here's the story about how Chicago police routinely beat black men right here. Olympic Gold medalist speed skater Shani Davis got hassled too, and is suing their asses as I noted here.

Will NAACP CEO Bruce Gordon make it clear to Dubya this week that such inhumane acts will not be tolerated, or will he actually support the abuse as he supported the ridiculous attempt -- in violation of NAACP v. Button -- to prosecute this former NAACP Legal Redress Chair for writing a Demand Letter concerning the apparent police abuse of Willie Toney because it upset the conservative white NH establishment?

Or will he do anything to address the negative attitudes held by some Massachusetts police officers who say the NAACP is "the worlds largest racist group: NAACP: National Association of Asshole Colored People..." and who are so ignorant they don't know that "blawg" is a white word to describe a law-related weblog and not the construct of ghetto slang. They have even called me a criminal when I've never even stood trial; the Prosecutor duped me and tried to make up some other charges. I dunno, something about the lack of Due Process implicated by the Mass Cops comment kind of irks me, right?

Well Due Process failures also irked those [negroes] who got suffocated and beat down in the back of the Chicago police station when I was in high school. I wish KingCast had been there to expose their situation back in The Day; perhaps they can still bring Civil Claims.

Police have tough jobs -- perhaps the toughest in the World -- but the only thing worse than a redneck cop in the South.... is a redneck cop in the North.

Christopher King said...

PS: Why is the GLi in the wrecking yard with a crushed passenger front quarter panel?

We it had nothing to do with DWI -- just some idiot driver going the wrong way on a Columbus street in '97 or so. Who was my passenger?

None other than Jerry L. Doyle.

We might have been in a car accident together, but at least Jerry Doyle never lost a leg due to government malfeasance when I was his lawyer.

Those of you new to this must read his story.

-The KingCaster.

Anonymous said...


Go Chris!

Anonymous said...

Chris King's 1st Amendment page claims:
"People just don't get it. Bruce McKay incited fear in everyone, not just Liko Kenney."

Just how many people in Franconia feared Cpl. N. Bruce McKay ? I doubt that even 2% of the total number of households or residents feared him. This is one of examples you garner no major supporters for your "cause."
Franconia Total number of households: 852 Total population: 1,040

Anonymous said...

PS: Why is the GLi in the wrecking yard with a crushed passenger front quarter panel?

Maybe it was a police impound yard, seized for unpaid fines.

Christopher King said...


I'm glad you asked that question, but it's hard to tell because there are STILL complaints against NH LE that have not been released so the actual number is hard to tell.

What we do know is that, like NO OTHER COP got complaints anything like Bruce McKay.

Let's go back to the ABC News Story.

"People didn't trust Bruce McKay and they didn't like him. Heck I was afraid of him. You know when a police officer gets shot, it's a big deal. I understand that, but I want people to know that we loved that boy Liko. He was our native son. I don't want him to go down as just a cop killer. He was full of life and articulate and funny."

Mickey d'eRam, who stood outside the Floradale Flower Shop talking about the shooting with McKenzie, agreed that McKay often went too far.

"This policeman harassed that boy. He knew what he was doing to him. He would always go after the kids. He would catch them speeding and act like it was armed robbery or something," d'eRam said.

These women, and others around town, described McKay as an overzealous cop who treated even minor infractions as major crimes. They said people complained about McKay to the local Selectmen and to the police department, but no one took any action."

Connie McKenzie probably might own more property than anybody in Franconia, she's not a marijuana-smoking kid and even she was afraid of Bruce McKay.

PS: Nah, no unpaid fines on the Jetta, that's a Good One though.

Here's one for you:

Q: Why did the chicken cross the road?

A: To get away from a stupid jackass like you.

My girlfriend is going to start getting jealous, what with you clinging to my jock as you are, LOL dude.

-The KingCaster

Anonymous said...

McKay was a poor example of the average cop.

Each and every time he is catagorized as such it tarnishe's the decent and hard working LEO's.

Yes he was feared by many !

That is the sad scenerio of what happens when you arm an unstable man with weapons.

If that was not bad enough, there was no follow up done by his superiors when complaints were made.

Hate the game, not the players !

So much for Governor Lynch's integrity pledge.

Until public confidence is restored at the state leval we can not expect local departments to follow suit.

Until this happens expect more tragic events like 5/11 to continue.

The next family member could be your's !

Corrupt public offices remain intact and the biggest is Lynch's.

Job well done Lynch (not) !

Although democratic you do not deserve my vote. I will vote republican this time aroud.

Anonymous said...


Count me in as a new supporter! I can give you twenty stories about McKay just for starters.

Hmmmm you seem to know those population statistics like a true town official, no? Or perhaps you keep tabs on households and population as a means for determining votes, yes?

You all are circling your wagons, but the townspeople know the real story, and they have many regarding the antics of Cpl. McKay.

I hope Chris nails all of you and cleans this stench from the North Country. Good luck, m'man...

Christopher King said...


You know what an elder is?

An elder is a person in a particular culture who has nothing to prove. They say what they want to say and do what they want to do, and pretty much the locals respect them, and those who don't respect the elder, again the elder does not care.

There are specific elders to a situation (I am elder to Liko's friends) and general elders (y'all know who they are and they usually have grey hair but my parents, at 70, do not) but either way, you just can't stop them from doing what they gone do.

In that sense, I am most definitely an elder, and I will shrink from no man or woman.

Plus, I got a new job that none of you will ever know a damn thing about. And I got it through someone who knows all about every inch of my past, the good and the purported bad.

So now there's mo' money to put toward my efforts, but I won't be like that idiot Ditmar Kopf who used his corporate computer and stuff for following me. Run his name on this blawg for a laugh.

Nope, separate realms of activity.

That knowledge was passed to me by an elder.


-The KingCaster.

Christopher King said...

By the way, I don't use any SEO on this blawg for a reason.

Here are my stats without any of that.

Last week:

Hits: 2241
Hosts: 855
Visitors: 971
Sessions: 1148

It's okay, because I know the people who come in here come in here for a reason.

To antagonize me or to seek the Truth.

-The KingCaster

Anonymous said...

It's okay, because I know the people who come in here come in here for a reason.

To antagonize me or to seek the Truth.

That's two reasons.

Anonymous said...

You are definately an elder. Someone who has nothing to prove.

So why dwell on the past, get a life and move on. Focus your energy on making things better. Instead of terrorizing the town with a memory of black day in its history.

Instead, read a book, go for a walk, meet someone new, take a college class on anything...

Just better yourself and quit annoying the North Country.

Anonymous said...

In that sense, I am most definitely an elder, and I will shrink from no man or woman.

You definitely cowered from Gregory Floyd.

Christopher King said...


The past is still the present, fool, and Martha McLeod is STILL hiding emails, fool. You tell Martha to give up the emails and then a large part of the current lawsuit goes away.

You just don't get it, do you?

No government official is going to hide emails about their conduct from me, ever. Yesterday, today or tomorrow. Got it now?

Obviously you missed the Road Rash post.

21 August 2008
KingCast This American Life epiphany #7: Road rash.

How is the Party for Healing going to be a Good Thing, and isn't This American Life and your presence just stirring up the pot?

So I told Jane and Tom yesterday in my interview, .this is a bad wound that is going to continue to fester and divide some people in North Country whether an investigation is opened again or not Of course anyone with half a brain cell can see that the investigation has gaping holes in it and NH AG Kelly Ayotte, who reportedly wants to run for Governor bears full responsibility for these gaping holes. And yah, the town bears some responsibility as well for failing to control Bruce McKay. And Martha McLeod bears some responsibility for deepening the wound with her HB 1428 Bruce McKay Highway pattern of deceit that has ethical implications. Read KingCast v. McLeod et al., Grafton 08-E-192. Sorry folks, it's not "all on Liko."

So you might as well have a full production of information from our government to help lay a foundation for a healthy recovery. I dunno, it seems to make sense to me.

In fact, in Boston there are five (5) cases just ordered back into review as noted in yesterday's Globe. Sorry folks, police don't walk on water. They make mistakes, and sometimes commit intentional infractions of policy and law and when they do, they -- along with the municipalities that allowed it -- must be held accountable.

Anyway, as a mountain-bikin' motorcycle ridin.... blah blah blah I sure know how to clean a wound. Here is how you clean a wound:

First, because abrasions can easily become infected, you should clean the area thoroughly and remove any dirt and debris. Ideally, you want to irrigate the area with a nontoxic surfactant such as 0.9 sodium chloride or Shur-Clens with a bit of pressure (use a syringe if possible).....

This may involve some measure of pain or discomfort. Failure to clean and irrigate thoroughly could result in terminal infection however, and more loss of life, yes it can.

So don't get mad at your doctor when he tells you that you may have an infection. Work hard to fix it the Right Way and live the rest of your life in Peace and help make the World a better place. Yes we Can.

Related cases:
Ira Einhorn's trek to Justice toodk 25 years.
Michael Isreal's only took 4.

Christopher King said...


The hell I did. I stood right in Floyd's face going into the courtroom and right near it out of the courtroom as the pictures I took indicate.

No reporter got any better still photographs of Gregory W. Floyd in action than I.

And I told him exactly what I thought of his actions on 5/11 and then I obeyed the order of a bailiff so that I could continue covering the rest of the action, get some key photos of Floyd's lawyer getting ready to dump his ass, see the walk on by posts.

Plus an arrest, wrongful as it would have been, would not be prudent for a man looking to rejoin the bar, even though we all know that in NH a man can be a convicted felon, do hard time for Mail Fraud, get disbarred yet work for the same firm as Floyd's old lawyer, Michael McLauglin.

Hope that was as fun for you as it was for me; your door prizes are on the left.

-The KingCaster

Anonymous said...

Oh, you're my hero according to you you stood up to the big bad man. According to many witneses you cowered like a lil' baby in a thunder storm. Those witnesses laugh at your sudden bravery while facing Floyd you cowered but after he left and typing behind a computer screen you allege acts of bravery. And, those pictures you took, my 5 yr old kid could take better pictures with his playskol camera. They were grainy, out of focus blurry and from a bad angle like you were running away from someone.

Christopher King said...


The pictures were just fine for what they are, and they thoroughly document the exchanges between Floyd and current LE and former LE, which no other still photographer did.

You're just pissed off that I used my head and didn't get arrested, fool.

Door prizes still on the left, stupid.

-The KingCaster

Christopher King said...


And when it came right down to it, guess who ran from me when I sat through voir dire and was ready for trial?

Your buddy Kelly Ayotte and Chief Dunn.


Anonymous said...

Why would I be mad, you put yourself in that situation, you purposely instigated Floyd's anger and during the confrontation you just didn't back down you ran away. There is not any shame in not fighting, but when you talk the talk maybe you might want to walk the walk. You might want to pick up a book and do a little reading, I recommend The Art of War.

Anonymous said...

Great flick too ! Wesley Snipes rocks in that one.

That movie also has an interesting parallel to the current situation in NH.......

A woman on a "power trip" with little regard for legality in furtherance of her agenda.

Christopher King said...


Exactly. Not to mention any good warrior knows when it is not to his advantage to be captured.

Had I lingered near Floyd and that busy-bee bailiff any longer capture was imminent.

I said what I had to say, took the pictures I had to take (recon, you know real recon unlike Floyd being in Force Recon) and lived to deploy in the parking lot where I caught Counselor Christie in action.

-The KingCaster

Anonymous said...

I was referring to the book, you might learn a little on tactics. Don't mistake the battle for the war. Your little battles are nothing, it is he/she who survives the long drawn out war that wins.

Christopher King said...



That's why I have a long-term approach that involves a complaint to the U.S. House.

In the long run the oppressor almost always "wins," silly, but that shouldn't stop the little people from exercising their Rights, in a principled manner, which is precisely what the oppressor must prevent if they are to sustain the long term victory.

And the oppressor is much more likely to win if people keep taking potshots at the insurgents.

So there you go.

-The KingCaster

Anonymous said...

So you are now calling yourself an insurgent, maybe the great Saloth Sar.

Anonymous said...

Your long term approach will amount to zip. Kelly Ayotte will go onto bigger and better things, while you will continue to harbor hate and resentment towards her because she has accomplish everything you wish you could have.

Anonymous said...

She will "move onto bigger and better things,". Probably at the Federal level, but not from the prosecution's side of the courtroom.

Christopher King said...


Kelly Ayotte has absolutely nothing that I wish to have, for I do not wish to promote police abuse.

Whatever she does that's up to her, I'm just pointing out the fact that she is a lying, inept and deceitful AG.

Got it?