21 October 2008

KingCast asks, "Why did Trooper Cohen refuse to attend trial in Brandon Newton's death after Cohen ran over bicyclists?"

You can read the whole sorry story here on MassCops.com

The guy just didn't show up at trial. He wasn't sick or injured from where he ran over Tim Clement, 25 and his father, Dr. David Clement, 57. Just didn't show up to the retrial, and without his testimony the Defendant walked free even though she had been convicted on prior occasion for the same charge. God only knows if the State of NH found any wrongdoing from Cohen falling asleep and running over the Clements. I know, maybe it was the Clements fault somehow.

But as my friends at Granite Grok blog note, it's usually the driver's fault, as long as the driver's not a cop.
Christopher A Gibbs, 29 of Mudget Hill Road, Loudon, pleaded guilty to reckless conduct for allegedly driving in a sleep-deprived state, resulting in an accident on South Barnstead Road in May, found guilty, fined $600.

Face it: In NH the Police have carte blanche. Just another one for the U.S. House complaint.

Note: Todd Landry is investigating, however, and he has been brutally honest in the past. When, you ask? When filing a complaint letter to Franconia's Chief Montminy about Bruce McKay's meltdown at Hillwinds. Read it here.


Christopher King said...

Granite Grok continues:

I wonder. Will the trooper meet the same fate as Mr. Gibbs of Loudon? Did he work an overnight shift and then pick up some gravy "detail work" escorting a wide load before heading home for some sleep? You know that there are strick laws regarding hours behind the wheel for truck drivers, and, as Mr. Gibbs found out, regarding driving in a "sleep deprived" state.

Was the trooper subjected to toxicology testing, as any ordinary poor b@stard would had he/she just run over two bicyclists during daylight hours "just after a curve"? (Does "just after a curve" mean the straight part of a road?) And what about the new state law requiring a 3 foot minimum distance from cyclists? Seems if you ran over 2 people on bikes, there is a pretty good case for two counts on that one.

Anonymous said...

It just so happens that the defendent in this case worked at the Lancaster Court.

I also read that the prosecuter felt it was best for Trooper Cohen to not have to testify at trial.

The victim's best interest needed to be served and not Trooper Cohen's.

I am sorry for the victim's family.

Why is it the AG's office so freely speaks about others including releasing details to the media but when it is one of their own they remain very quiet hoping it will go away.

I would like to know if this trooper was detained at the scene for drug/alcohol testing as any other citizen would have be required to do.

Damage control ! They are very good at this (so they think). The truth always comes out.

Again, the victims continue to be victimized over and over again by our broken judicial system.

Christopher King said...


Wow, that adds to the depth of my understanding on this one.

I had read it a while back and wondered what in the hell was going on there. It really stank but I didn't want to jump to conclusions and say anything publicly.

It definitely gets added to the U.S. House Complaint for the Congressional Record.

See, folks can rip on me all they want, but I sat and watched 2 years of Unconstitutional First Amendment Retaliation against me, even after I had offered to go to the Grand Jury and even after I sat through voir dire and watched the State bob, weave, shuffle and run away as the puppy that peed itself.

Based on the State's "case" against me for Attempted Felony Extortion as NAACP legal chair, I knew something was very, very wrong about some aspects of New Hampshire government.

Time has borne my perceptions as true.

Anonymous said...

Based on the State's "case" against me for Attempted Felony Extortion as NAACP legal chair, I knew something was very, very wrong about some aspects of New Hampshire government.

Just how does one become a legal chair of anything, as a suspended attorney?

Anonymous said...

I will try to find the news article.

Because the defendent had worked for Lancaster court they had a "visiting" judge hear the case at trial.

The visiting judge denied a motion for continuance (trooper not present for testimony).

As a result the family of the deceased has written a letter and forwarded that to Concord.

This woman has walked and will/can never be held accountable for her actions.

Some Justice !

Any other citizen would have been ordered to show up for trial and if they chose not to could/would have been arressted.

Why is it that LE in the state of New Hampshire have a different set of rules to follow then the avarage citizen.

I want to work for the state of New Hampshire.

The benefits are UFB !


Anonymous said...

Trooper Cohen was the lead investigator for the accident reconstruction of the accident in which the victim was killed.

How/why would a judge not grant the motion for continuance in this case ?

Initially she was found guilty by Judge Cyr. The appeal was heard at Lancaster Court.

Christopher King said...

Not only that, I know about a situation in Coos County where the cops were lying their butts off to go after a NH troublemaker family and right when it became obvious that perjury was about to continue, the State just said "we are missing one of our witnesses" and the Court granted them a two (2) week continuance.

Just like that.

I guess that would have been too much to ask in this case, yah.

Anonymous said...

I want to persue a career in LE though only in the state of New Hampshire.

The benefits are very, very good !!!!

"Get out of Jail Free" cards.

I thought that was only in "monopoly".

Guess not, Kelly Ayotte has her own stack of.

Oh, what a wonderful corrupt state we live in.

"Equality And Justice For All"

Sounds good, but is not the case.

It does not exist.

Christopher King said...


Yep. As I say, my Complaint & Report to the U.S. House will be quite damning, written bone dry so as not to offend even the most conservative of readers.

Kelly and her crew have earned it.

If no one in Washington cares, at least we as citizens have pretty much done all we can do.

It's a rare event, one that corrupt politicians and LE hate with a passion.

The Good ones, however, will be signing the Complaint.


Anonymous said...

The time has come that I copy and send you all the files I have on hand regarding you know what.

I hope it can be added to the complaint.

Unacceptable, inexcusable, justice at it's worst.


Christopher King said...


You get recommended by the Boston NAACP President.

Go back and read the blawg, stupid that has been covered years ago.

Since the NAACP legal chair does not practice law there is no prohibition against a suspended attorney being one.

All of that is why Kelly's "cases" against me got DISMISSED.

Let me say it again:


Again, go back and do your reading and stop wasting bandwidth.

-The KingCaster

Anonymous said...

After your meeting with Joe Biden and his personal take on you, I don't think it will matter very much how you word it. Christopher King isn't the most important issue in the united States or the world and that is EXACTLY how you come across and came across to Joe Biden (I'm putting it politely). I saw Joe when he saw his son Beau and his unit off last month at DAFB, don't flatter yourself by thinking you made a good impression you didn't.

Christopher King said...


Oh I fully agree that I'm not the most important person in the World.

But what I (and others) say and do, in questioning our government as citizens, is the most important thing in the World, hell yeah it is every day it is.

Whether or not you discount Joe Biden's hug and public comment about me and my question about 18 U.S.C. 922(g)(1) I really don't give a rat's arse.


Now then, what about the bicyclists and Trooper Cohen, vis a vis similar situations where civilians are charged and convicted?

Yah, that's what I thought:

You have nothing of substance to say, whatsoever.

-The KingCaster.

Anonymous said...

short term memory loss from the Kenney Kona?

"IT IS FURTHER ORDERED that respondent is hereby FORBIDDEN
to COUNSEL or ADVISE or PREPARE legal instruments FOR OTHERS or in any manner perform such services.

IT IS FURTHER ORDERED that respondent is hereby divested of each, any, and all of the rights, privileges, and prerogatives customarily accorded to a
member in good standing of the legal profession..."

Christopher King said...


I see you've migrated over from the Topix Board, probably out on a tissue and KY run.

Are you trying to make a point, because you haven't started yet.

By the way, I have U.S. Certified Mailed the Columbus Bar Association this post on whether I surrender my First Amendment Rights to comment on cases as a blogger and guess what?

They haven't answered.

So unless you've got something more to add, I suggest you stop wasting bandwidth.

-The KingCaster


....I now respectfully ask for him to retract his statement to me that he would not provide a copy of the anonymous 2005 complaint, my response and the disposition of said complaint to me under any conditions: I hereby request that the file be made public and waive any confidentiality on it:

Disciplinary Counsel v. O'Neill, 75 Ohio St.3d 1479, 664 N.E.2d 532 Ohio 1996.

Also, I would greatly appreciate clarification on these questions:

1. Is it unethical for me to accept money as an investigative journalist on legal cases and if so, please provide rule and case law?

2. Is it unethical for me as an investigative journalist to write about legal cases and to offer an opinion and if so, please provide rule and case law?

3. Is it unethical for me as a citizen to posit an Amicus brief on a criminal case and if so, please provide rule and case law?

Christopher King said...


But damn, you're good. Almost got me away from the point again, which is the double standard for Trooper Cohen.

Ahh, yesssss.... that's the point of this entry.


You can do it, dude.

Anonymous said...

If you speak for Mr. Biden then you should let the Country know now.

I might consider changing my vote on November 4th.

If this is a man that is OK with you speaking for him representing his thoughts and beliefs (NOT) then many could reconsider their choice.

I wonder how his local campaign office would feel about your comment.

My guess is they would not like it.

Time will tell, until then STFU !