28 October 2008

KingCast asks, "How long until Gregory W. Floyd's new counsel 'walks on by' as did Shaheen & Gordon's Bill Christie and others?"

I dunno, but as I noted at Floyd's sentence imposition status conference earlier this month, Floyd's new lawyer, Claude Buttrey from Schuster, Buttrey & Wing could be a flight risk. He was late to court and then he was in a hurry to get the hell out of there, kinda' like Bill. Whatever happened to Simpson & Mulligan, at one time slated to take the helm I have no idea.

Here's a hint for you fledgling reporters and film makers out there:
The subject of your camera's gaze will ALWAYS look up at you when they get to their vehicle. Trust me on this. At least Attorney Buttrey drives a Prius, so as long as he's in the game his car will sip on fuel and leave a small carbon footprint, and that's important as he travels the roads of North County to defend his man, who has shown an alarming propensity for criminal behaviour. That's a lot of carbon, but it's also a good paycheck for Buttrey even if he's State Appointed, so maybe now he can get that new 2009 Prius and keep on saving.

In other news, someone in my last post about Fear in Franconia asked me why I don't raise up outta' North Country, take a walk, read a book blah blah blah.... But I do those things, play tennis and watch movies as I just noted yesterday as well. I told them why don't you tell Martha McLeod to give up those public emails and a whole lot of the pending litigation goes away, because no public official is ever going to withhold public emails from me without a lawsuit, not yesterday, not today, not tomorrow. Nice parallel structure on that one, thanks for 7th grade English Mrs. Brown. She told me I was "destined for a career in espionage," so in some ways she was correct because getting your government to answer a simple question in New Hampshire is a whole lot like espionage, yah.

PS: Somebody wrote in here and tried to compare Malcolm X to Gregory W. Floyd. Unbelievable the things I see in here, but let me address it for a minute. See, Malcolm X did some crimes, never killed 43 people or anyone, then grew his personhood and went to Mecca to embrace people of all walks of life. Gregory W. Floyd did some crimes, killed 43 people continues to do some crimes, and to this year calls judges and former LE "Motherfuckers" and whatnot, oh yes he does. He called B.W. a "motherfucker" just as I took the bottom right two scrolling pictures here, and for his comment about Judge Cyr being a "motherfucker" click on the phrase "relevant government documents."


Christopher King said...

Cracks me up, Attorney Buttrey thinking he could avoid piercing eye of the KingCast cameras by scooting out the side door.

Dude, we're professionals; we're not going to fall for that one.

-The KingCaster.

Anonymous said...

If you see me walking down the street,
and I start to cry, each time we meet,
walk on by.....walk on by...

Foolish pride, that's all that I have left so let me hide,
the tears and the sadness you gave me, when you said goodbye....

RIP DeeDee