15 October 2008

KingCast and Canned Heat are "Goin' up the Country, Gonna See Floyd go down..... Gonna Leave the City, Gonna' See Floyd go down...."

Well nothing is a lead pipe cinch. You know ten years ago we thought it was a lead pipe cinch that the U.S. Attorney's Office was going to issue an edict on whether or not to indict Gregory W. Floyd under 18 U.S.C. 922(g)(1) but alas NOTHING ever appeared on the record as to any of that. Read the docket sheet.

So I, on behalf of KingCast.net and the Franconia Collecdtive, filed an amicus brief and provided Prosecutor St. Hilaire with dozens of signatures from the community with common folk evincing their concern about Gregory W. Floyd as a known and proved dangerous instrumentality within the community.

Look at Kelly Ayotte's bogus investigation. Here are the deviations from norm.

Look at Gregory Floyd's rap sheet and recent conduct in pictures.

Anyway, see y'all tomorrow at 9a sharp. Today's video:

Going up the Country on TV in colour.
Going up the Country live (best song at Woodstock)
Liko Kenney speaks on life in North Country.
Franconia 5/11: Injustice on Stilts.

......Might even leave the U.S.A. they got a brand new game..... that I don't wanna' play.... gotta' get going.... gotta' get going...... can't stay here long.... tired of the way I get dogged around....


Anonymous said...

LIKO! whats up CM MC!

Anonymous said...

You are loved Liko !

Christopher King said...


That is clearly evident as I see reflected in the comments from many many people here.

Chris Fowler even said "I love Liko" when he pulled Matt Chernicky, Robin and me over yesterday out on 116.

Okay, just kidding.

What he said was "hey I didn't recognize you there Matt you're driving everyone's car but your own."

Then we engaged him in some other aimless small tawk and he drove off and we drove off, no bashing of the Tahoe or O.C. Spray.

"Good luck," I said to him as he walked away. I really wish him luck investigating that dude who threatened Matt's life on a telephone recording, yah.

Anyway, the whole thing was kind of surreal.

PS: They're still running that same tainted Tahoe, what a shame it should have been retired if they really respected McKay but he was just a money man anyway. He was a wife-beating flunkie from Haverhill where I hear he was let go for his aggressive tendencies anyway, and this was all before he allegedly chased down Angela with a trunk full of guns and a major mental breakdown. Bruce McKay, an American hero.

PPS: I spoke with Prosecutor James Vara yesterday and told him I thought he was doing a great job. The imposition hearing is set for 9a. 15 December 2008.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

9;14 am

Nice ! (NOT)

Question's for your sick little mind;

Does McKay "own" any of this ?

Are you in the field of LE ?

Are you a racist ?

McKay"s own actions victimized his daughter and many other people.

One more thing, your a stupid DONKEY !

Yea, the truth hurts. It will and needs to be told or history will repeat itself.

Too f***ing bad if you don't like it.

Liko you are loved and never forgotten.


Christopher King said...


I deleted the comments of 9:14 because of the rampant profanity involved in them.

If a racist can think of a somewhat articulate way hurl insults without using profanity I'll leave the comment up.

It's All Good.

Christopher King said...


I will say this:

The post also involved a wish that "[your] black *ss be lynched."


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


I will say this:

The post also involved a wish that "[your] black *ss be lynched."


10:56 AM

First amendment rights afford a person the right to use profanity, that's what you claim everytime you bloviate on one of your profanity laden diatribes. as far the removed post wishing "your black ass be lynched" bullshit it did, you are the one acting like a nigga posting pictures of blacks that were lynched.

Christopher King said...


In case you haven't noticed, other than "BS or jackass" I haven't sworn in here in months.

Cussing related to time place or manner and may be reasonably restricted.

Go pick up a book and educate yourself or do something productive for a change.

-The KingCaster

Anonymous said...

right sybil how many of the anonymous posts are yours with all the cussing, or a certain other female collective members using the F word that you don't delete.

1st amendment my ass, only YOUR
1st amendment rights matter, you censor worse than any governmental agency.

Anonymous said...

perfect example the post made at 9:14
"Too f***ing bad if you don't like it."

Keep On Keeping On

I didn't even need the kingcast secret decoder ring

Christopher King said...


I would really rather not censor so everyone can see what a stupid jackass you are.

Whomever you are, you anonymous coward.