01 October 2008

Hundreds set to sue NH HHS for wrongful juvenile DNA collections performed under NH AG Kelly Ayotte.

KingCast broke this story a couple of weeks ago and in this post I gave you the true background and even broke the fact that it was going to be on WMUR News.

Here's Telegraph Reporter Andy Wolfe's coverage from Monday, 29 Sept 2008.
As of last week, however, the state will require DNA samples only from juveniles convicted of felony sexual assaults, at least for now, Fenniman said. Adult offenders will still be required to give DNA samples as always.

The Department of Health and Human Services asked the Attorney General's office to revisit its previous advice in light of complaints from the New Hampshire Civil Liberties Union and at least one court ruling, in which a judge found the state's interpretation of the law was wrong.

Bingo. That's Judge David LeFrancois, as I previously noted. And if you look around in my post you will see how Kelly cried when the legislature failed to pass the rider that would have subjected all NH youth to the most intrusive and insidious invasion of privacy known to mankind. Let the lawsuits begin.


Christopher King said...

Remember folks, the "burglary" in the underlying case involved a kid using the Internet at a bookstore where he thought he had authorization, so he really wasn't even a "violent offender," yet the State attempted to take his DNA.


Christopher King said...

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KingCast RSA 91-A correspondence for the Juvenile DNA Constitutional violations.

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Dear Kelly:

Make sure you keep this in the hopper in case anyone ever asks you about your deliberations on the law in an RSA 91-A request.

You already know the law and Jonathan Melle knows you knew the law, and so does Michael, who emailed me weeks before WMUR "covered" the Unconstitutional DNA issue.

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01 October 2008
Hundreds set to sue NH HHS for wrongful juvenline DNA collections performed under NH AG Kelly Ayotte.

Anonymous said...

Judge Paul Lawrence of the Goffstown, N.H. District Court and a member of the New Hampshire Juvenile Justice Advisory Group, testified before a U.S. House Joint Hearing on July 12, 2007 regarding juvenile justice issues, notably, the development of the adolescent brain. (This rationale was in large part responsible for the U.S. Supreme Court's declaration on the unconstitutionality of executing juveniles).
I strongly recommend that his statement be reviewed/viewed (YouTube video online) as part of any well-informed opinion on juvenile justice.

Christopher King said...


Ohhh..... SNAP!


Listening to it now.


Christopher King said...

I liko how he draws the parallel of how car insurance recognizes a developmental theory that youth.... are not... adults.

Try to keep youth out of the system as opposed to drawing them into the system with age-appropriate sanctions.

As opposed to trying to get DNA from a young lad who uses unauthorized Internet access.

I dunno, maybe Kelly was just trying to make sure the kid doesn't take lessons from KingCast on the use of Internet as a proactive force in social movements.

-The KingCaster