28 October 2008

A dream deferred.

Look I don't know what the sam hell is going on with the Jennifer Hudson tragedy but it feels a lot like Helter Skelter, doesn't it? Some fool wrote in and tried to politicize it and say that it's an argument for the Death Penalty, but in point of fact even my former boss Betty Montgomery has admitted it's not really a deterrent to violent crime. Sadly, there are some evil, jackass people out there and they gone do what they done do, right.

Ms. Hudson, I wish you to stay strong my fine Nubian Princess. I cannot possibly imagine what you are going through right now, but you impress me as an innately beautiful and talented person and I am sorry the the spectre of violent crime has rocked your World so. Best wishes for you and the rest of your family.

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Anonymous said...

This just goes to show we have our own wars to be won within our Country. Inner city violence is at an all time high.

The resources we have utilized in other countries could/should have been used within our own country to build a better America.

May God bless this family and the many others like them.

This man's only intent was to cause psychological harm to his ex-wife.

Domestic Violence SUCKS !

Bless that baby boy. The only comfort is knowing he is with his Uncle and Grandmother.

So often some children are utilized as "pawns" without any regard to the detriment it causes.

Very, very sad.