03 October 2008

800 RNC arrests, Jerry Doyle, Mike Paulhus and Liko Kenney prove the U.S. is a pure police state.

The Boston Phoenix story, "Among the Republican Thugs." I didn’t realize that there were dozens of beatings and 800 arrests made at the Republican National Convention this year. The people were not even physically-taunting the police, all for verbal insults and questions. Journalists including Democracy Now’s Amy Goodman were arrested. YouTube video. A minor was arrested and detained and forgotten about. A man in a wheelchair was tear-gassed as police ordered folks to disperse but gave them no exists. Brand new Triple Chaser grenades, tasers, smoke bombs, 40mm direct impact rounds and Bruce McKay’s favorite Pepper Spray were all used. Did the Democrats say anything about it? Nope. Did the mainstream media say anything about it? Nope. Adam Reilly’s sidebar "Rolled," quotes Reporter’s Committee for Freedom of the Press’ (RCFP’s) Lucy Dalglish as saying that Goodman “went too far,” but in reality all she did was ask a cop about her arrested reporters, who too were probably arrested without Just Cause. She had full press credentials, of course.

Again, watch the video closely: The cop lets her walk past him initially so she has no idea that she is subject to arrest. Then she stands back from him with her hand up in a defensive position and tries to ask him a simple question. It takes him all of 4 seconds to put his hands on her and he never lets go, even as she is explaining her credentials and that she is simply trying to find her staff. Then without ever letting go of her even as they are heading toward the “safe zone” he sua sponte drags her back the other direction and arrests her. She is not forcibly resisting him at all. At. All.

Implicit in Dalglish’s statement is the notion that you are supposed to get ready to be arrested for politely asking a police officer “what’s up?” It’s absurd. A buddy of mine in Ohio resisted an Unlawful Arrest and told a cop to go to hell and that he was a real asshole and that is protected speech. See State v. Sansalone, 71 Ohio App. 3d 284 (1991).

Read the comments for an analysis of these cases and the NYC taser/suicide death tragedies, with citation to government policies and case law.


Christopher King said...

Jerry Doyle is a Columbus Civil Rights activist who has successfully sued the City Council and School Board for First Amendment violations and won a criminal trial in which he was falsely accused of trespassing. I was his lawyer for that. But in 2006 he was ordered “to the hole” for weeks on end as a political dissident inmate for no lawful reason and without any Due Process hearing whatsoever. Shortly thereafter they cut off part of his lower leg because of diabetes-related complications as contemplated by Phillips v. Roane County, Tenn., 534 F.3d 531 C.A.6 (Tenn.),2008.

Doyle had been arrested and convicted of disturbing a school board meeting and sent to the general population. But immediately after he telephoned a big radio show and the Judge and his jailors heard him on the radio discussing the conditions, he was sent to the hole for about 75 days. The same Judge – Bruce Pollitt – who allegedly ordered Doyle to the hole refused to send a cop to jail even though he physically punched another man and Pollitt found him guilty of assault. My film maker is incredulous that no one would take Jerry’s case, but I told him that’s how things operate down on the Columbus Plantation. For a local attorney to take his case would be tantamount to political suicide.

Michael Paulhus was shot at four (4) times by a Nashua cop for no discernible reason, then the Court ruled that they cops violated his Civil Rights (Miranda) by posing a AG’s and questioning him without medical care even after they had shot him. Then the State police destroyed all of the evidence, all projectile impact points in the van, etc. etc. NH AG Kelly Ayotte didn’t even punish these cops, and refuses to provide the file for review even though the civil and criminal cases have been resolved for a year now. So I sued her for it yesterday.

Liko Kenney was sitting in his mother’s car in Franconia in early 2003 when a bully cop named Bruce McKay harassed him for no reason and detained him long after he gave him his drivers’ license, even though he was not a criminal suspect. This style of stop at that exact same location was ruled Unconstitutional by Littleton Judge Peter Cyr. McKay refused to even give Kenney his name and instead called in two other cops who took him down behind his mother’s car and thrashed him even though he Kenney was not being aggressive and was asking not to be touched and calling for other officers. Mr. Kenney told McKay “you cannot keep me here without good cause,” and 21:04:01 - "You can't pull people off the street and put them in handcuffs and drive them around for no reason." And 21:05:46 - "I was sitting in my car resting before driving home and now you've done this to me for no reason." And 21:11:20 "You're resisting arrest." "I'm resisting torture. You punched me in the face you hurt my injured neck you hurt both of my arms you hurt both of my legs all because I asked you a question."

Here are the cruiser video clips from that case that the government and WMUR (basically the same entity) did not show the World public on YouTube; KingCast and the Franconia Collective aired it.

McKay would eventually chase Liko down over a 1-day out of grace period registration, bash his car back into a ditch with his 5,500lb police Tahoe and OC spray Liko and his passenger without verbal warning all in violation of eight 8 pursuit and OC Spray policies. Kenney, out of fear, shot and killed McKay on 5/11 2007, before an alleged passer-by and multiple felon Gregory Floyd shot and killed Kenney without saying a word. NH AG Kelly Ayotte then lied about the entire affair and is being reported to the U.S. House for so doing. An Amended FOIA/Right-to-Know Complaint in KingCast v. McLeod, Franconia and Ayotte was filed yesterday, seeking access to many closed investigation files that Ayotte refuses to provide. Here is Grafton County 08-E-192 prior to the Amendment.


This little blawg and its KingCast.net video page and others like it is important because it is one of the only places where the little people can have a voice without being beaten up or harassed by the cops for Pete’s sake. Hell even at that I had a jackass cop named Marty Dunn (one of Kelly Ayotte’s buddies, actually) laugh at the prospect of me being gang-raped in prison, but he got fired so it’s All Good.

Meanwhile, sadly, in NYC/Long Island Officer Michael Pigott took his own life after realizing that he incorrectly ordered a naked and psychologically-challenged man tasered. The man, Inman Morales, died and Pigott was despondent and did not want his family to see him cuffed. Damn dude, we don’t wish any LE dead, we just want the towns and LE to admit when they make mistakes and unlawfully withhold evidence. If there were less of a police state culture in our society you might not have taken your life, but RIP to you my Man.

From the L.A. Times and CBS News:

“Authorities believe the fall killed Morales, but an autopsy was inconclusive. The next day, police said use of the Taser was an apparent violation of departmental guidelines, which prohibit using it "in situations where the subject may fall from an elevated surface."”

Note that Bruce McKay committed eight 8 pursuit and OC Spray policies but NH AG Kelly Ayotte and Franconia Chief Montminy conducted no investigation into the impropriety of his actions.

PS: Remember James Woods starring as a hippie, marijuana-smoking Civil Rights lawyer in “True Believer” 20-some years ago? Well today he’s a fashionably-attired hang-em’ high Prosecuting Attorney on "Shark."

My how times change. Anyway, people rag on Amy for being “activist” when she complains about media monopoly but actually she’s being a realist; same as Ben Bagdikian, see generally “media monopoly.”

Christopher King said...

And what else do I know about wrongful arrest? I helped my boss, Terry Gilbert, author the successful flag-burner appeal in State v. Lessin, 67 Ohio State 3d 487 (1993) and got two cops in Hamilton, Ohio adjudicated as making Michael Isreal a victim of violent crime (V1996-61481), won his criminal case before an all-white jury and settled his civil case for $58,500.00 even though he had no visible injuries. Unlike Michael Paulhus in Nashua, NH who got shot and still only got $80K.

Anonymous said...

Hey King, check into Marvin Grant... The NAACP is flippin, and rightfully so.

Anonymous said...

Gee, good timing for this post... just as the worst of all criminals is finally found guilty on all counts. His arrogant ass will be in the hands of some mighty unsympathetic guards for perhaps the rest of his life.

'Bout time some law and order is imposed in this country... we need more of it in order to get this ilk imprisoned where they belong. It’s really hypocritical of you to defend those 12-14, perhaps a few 18 year olds who would wreak havoc and anarchy on our citizens. Those kids are as high on that type of activity, and equally as addicted as any young person on crack. I'm sorry to have to say it, but people like you are the drug dealers of that ideology. Those kids belong at home during the RNC, with their parents, who might, just might be explaining what the Electoral College is, and preparing them for the one they might enter at the age of 18 or so. Instead, they’re out on the street breaking windows and generally acting like thugs, with no understanding about their surrounding or their country. No, mighty irresponsible of you to defend that behavior, Chris… makes me wonder if you are one of those corrupt ideology peddlers?

Yes, nothing worse than a loudmouth with no apparent reason to be one. You should be happy, no deliriously content, Chris that you have good friends who extend you the courtesy of spending time in the North Country, where you can take pictures of autumn leaves, like the typical tourist you are. Count your blessings, m’man… Do they, your generous friends, espouse your reckless interpretation of our laws in this society? If so, for the sake of the rest of us, I hope they are few.

We have too many deadbeats, too many entitlements, too much welfare, too many illegal alien troublemakers, too much time on too many near’-do-wells’ hands, and too many people like you afflicted with promoting all of the aforementioned. You'll see more of this approved law enforcement [by those of us who actually want a peaceful and just nation], not less as the competition for survival in the US intensifies... The pendulum is swinging back in a sensible and desirable direction. Gee, imagine a country where a teacher in our high school classrooms is actually respected and revered as a mentor and leader? What a concept! Or imagine a local cop, and they’re not all corrupt, Chris, although you’re not ever going to be convinced of that notion, actually helping influence a young person to see the wisdom of obeying laws and walking the “straight and narrow path”? Even the kids know that continually bashing our values isn’t the proper way to teach a young person.

Y’see, Chris, in this country, we believe in enforcing our laws and believe it or not, it’s for the greater good that we do so. You can’t have it both ways, where you would like certain laws enforced on the Republicans, but for you liberal people, uh-uh, no we can’t use that same paradigm… might be somehow unfair? I just don’t get it or your whole rant on this blog… but I appreciate your allowing me to do same.

Christopher King said...


Dude I have friends who are cops. Stop with the crap.

Read my post about OJ and you:


04 October 2008
KingCast watches as O.J. Simpson found guilty.

I'm ok with that. In fact, I still think he and his son were involved in killing Nicole, but the power of money won the Day 13 years ago. Same size Bruno Magli shoes and all of that. See, FWIW a Jackass in the previous post about the RNC, Mike Paulhus, Liko Kenney and Jerry Doyle beat-downs thinks that I'm partial to Democrats or liberals, and s/he goes on and on about how the law needs to be enforced against everybody and blah blah blah.

Listen up loser: Run a word search on this blawg for Martha McLeod (D) or Mary Jo Kilroy (D) and find video and pictures of these two liberal Dems violating Due Process. Then as far as the law being enforced, hell yeah the cops found to have violated Miranda in Paulhus should have been punished. We have a reasonable expectation that the Court should contain an entry or order showing how Gregory W. Floyd got his guns back, but there is none. We have a reasonable expectation that you can't be "sent to the hole" without a Due Process hearing. Simple stuff. Except to the closed-minded.

And as far as respecting education and teachers, I've been screaming that for years, so you best back up, dude.

Christopher King said...


"GREENVILLE, S.C. (AP) - A federal jury on Friday acquitted a white South Carolina trooper who bragged about striking a fleeing black suspect with his cruiser in a collision that was captured on video tape.

Lance Cpl. Steven Garren insisted during his four-day trial that the crash was an accident and that he did not have enough time to react when the sprinting Marvin Grant cut in front of his patrol car on a dark, rural road last year.

"No one wanted Marvin Grant to get hit by a car," lawyer Wally Fayssoux said after the verdict, adding that Garren's testimony helped the jury make its decision. "They got a chance to see and meet Steven Garren."

The jury saw the video of the June 2007 collision dozens of times. It shows Grant running from Garren's patrol car, then suddenly cutting in front of it. Grant was hit and rolled off the hood.

In the video, Garren brags to a deputy who also had been pursuing Grant: "Hey, I nailed the (expletive) out of him." Seconds later, Garren says: "Yeah, I hit him. I was trying to hit him."


NAACP didn't give a damn when Willie Toney got visual body-cavity searched and 3 guns in his face for loitering, which he beat without a lawyer, even.

They never even conducted an investigation and hopped in bed with Kelly Ayotte's buddy Martin J. Dunn, the Jaffrey Chief of Police who joked about me possibly being gang-raped in prison and who got fired after his BS indictment got me removed as Southern NH NAACP legal chair. All I did was issue a Demand Letter, and seek licensed counsel which is legal per NAACP v. Button, duh.

Of course I went through voir dire and the state packed its bags and dismissed the case, ran away as a puppy that peed itself because it was all BS anyway.

Another attempted beat-down and waste of Taxpayer money, just like Kelly Ayotte costing taxpayers to pay the legal fees for Planned Parenthood. Just happened last month.

It's on on this blawg, folks.

-The KingCaster.