31 October 2008

KingCast writes Senator Biden and VT Senator Pat Leahy on his Open Government Act vis a vis KingCast v. McLeod et al.

Dear Senator Leahy:

I admire your career and work on the 2007 Open Government Act and hope that its detractors will stop stonewalling. Has the Secret Senator who placed it on hold been identified? What is the current status?

Update: Found.

Next door to you in New Hampshire we face an issue of first impression:

Are the emails to and from an individual state representative subject to FOIA if that legislator is not in a quorum setting, but if said emails are:

a) made using State time and resources on her state email address.
b) made on her private email address but addressing a public issue.

Obviously the legislatures did not enact FOIA laws so that State Legislators could hide their work on these matters on private emails, then provide the taxpayers a gussied-up version in Committee.

You see, most of the citizens of North Country are appalled at State Representative Martha McLeod for her actions after the tragic double homicide in Franconia involving Liko Kenney, Bruce McKay and multiple-felon Gregory W. Floyd. For more on Floyd, read the ATF/Sullivan post. Representative McLeod -- now running for State Senator -- tried to sneak failed HB 1428 Bruce McKay Highway past her constituents and the Franconia Recovery and Reconciliation Committee as noted in KingCast v. McLeod et al., Grafton County 08-E-192.

The essence of this portion of the case boils down to the position of Colorado legislators and Courts, and of KingCast and of Knox County Law Director John Owings and Chief Deputy Law Director Mary Ann Stackhouse (Political Knoxville story) that such emails are subject to FOIA, versus the State of New Hampshire, which is vigorously trying to shield all of that. I have produced the relevant quotes in the comments section for your review and will telephone your office shortly.

Best regards, Christopher King, J.D.

30 October 2008

Ethics and split hairs guide the KingCast v. Martha McLeod email issue.

Every lawyer knows that they have an ethical obligation to address adverse law and opinions when they file a brief or Motion, particularly if they are already on actual notice that the adverse law is going to be argued. But none of the lawyers for Respondents even mentioned the adverse law clearly cited in Petitioner KingCast's Complaint, as noted this morning in the Kwame Kilpatrick/Martha McLeod post.

To wit: Respondents argue that the individual legislators are only part of a "public body" and so they don't have to produce any emails because RSA 91-A deals only with "public bodies." They then cite United we Stand America, Inc. v. IRS, 359 F.3d 595 (D.C. Cir. 2004) and Banks v. Lappin, 539 F.Supp.2d 228 (D.D.C. 2008) in support.

The problem is, Petitioner had already noted in Tennessee that other lawmakers view things differently under virtually the same exact wording. Emails to one individual commissioner, clearly not sitting in a quorum situation, are subject to the Act, period. A copy of the County Attorney's opinion, and of other applicable law will be provided to the Court prior to Oral argument. Here's the Political Knoxville story:

"Law Director John Owings and Chief Deputy Law Director Mary Ann Stackhouse cited Tennessee Code Annotated 10-7-301(6) in offering that opinion, which defined public records as all documents, papers, letters, electronic data files, and similar material “made or received pursuant to law or ordinance or in connection with the transaction of official business by any governmental agency."

When asked if that included a constituent’s letters or emails to a commissioner, Owings replied, “If it is in connection with the transaction of official business, then the answer is yes.”

Owings also stated that, in the case of email, it wouldn’t matter if such communication was sent to the commissioner’s government account or to any private account the commissioner has.

“If [an email] relates to the transaction of official business, it wouldn’t matter if it were sent to an official Knox County account or a private account. It would be public record, in my estimation,” Owings said.

Turns out the Mayor was sanctioned for shady expenditures.

So regardless of what anybody has to say good, bad or indifferent about Martha McLeod, Kelly Ayotte, Christopher King, or KingCast, we are going to split hairs, and there will be an adjudication of this issue, which must be heard before the Court and not dismissed outright. Contrary to Respondents' naked assertions, there most certainly is a colourable case here and the New Hampshire public has a right to see and hear a full adjudication on this. For another analysis again read the Colorado case in the comments.

29 October 2008

KingCast Memorandum in Opposition to Respondents’ Motion to Dismiss part trois; McLeod and Kilpatrick, two peas in a pod.

Dear Representative McLeod: In case it was not already clear, I find you less than trustworthy in any measure and respectfully request per RSA 91-A that you forward me any and all emails to and from your private email account in which you discuss HB 1428 Bruce McKay highway with any non-family member constituents and other legislators.

Dear Senator Gallus, take a look at this, willya?

Just a couple of corrupt and deceitful, lying government employees sucking the lifeblood out of the American Democratic process. Carefully review the case law in the beginning of the comments section, where the State tried to slip totally irrelevant law involving an ecstasy drug dealer into play in this case, only to get confronted by the cold, hard facts.

As to that dirtbag Kilpatrick the AP story in today’s Boston Globe read in pertinent part:
“At a time when this city needed transparency, accountability and responsibility, you exhibited hubris and privilege at the expense of the city,”

-Wayne County Circuit Judge David Groner, sentencing Kwame Kilpatrick to four (4) months of hard time in jail.

Note that Kilpatrick’s emails and text messages provided the backdrop for his downfall, and they were indeed released, as noted in the Huffington Post http://tinyurl.com/56n83g and, well, everywhere…… contrary to the cited law of Respondents at p.11 of their Memorandum in Support of Dismissal.

That case law is not even on point, however. First of all, the general principle was to “treat every email as if it were subject to disclosure,” as noted by the NH School Board Association website. Moving on to an analysis of the case law, then:

United States v. Forrester, 512 F.3d 500 (9 Cir. 2008) involved reasonable expectation of privacy in emails. Respondent wrote: (“persons have a reasonable expectation of privacy in the content of their emails”) but that case found that a criminal defendant in a drug case (ecstasy) has no reasonable expectation of privacy. Nor does a deceitful legislator. Here is the relevant headnote….(see comments for that and four (4) distinct sets of acts of material malfeasance and deceit by Respondent McLeod)....

KingCast Memorandum in Opposition to Respondents’ Motion to Dismiss.

This Memorandum started here with Martha McLeod and now continues so that the American Public can see the deliberative processes and arguments of the Parties. Later today or tomorrow I will address the argument that emails to individual legislators at their publicly-owned and/or privately-owned address are not subject to FOIA/RSA 91-A.

May it please the Court to note the following: Respondents completely fail to address the fact that this is a Constitutional case, even though it is clearly plead on the face of the Complaint, which reads, PETITIONER’S AMENDED COMPLAINT, SOUNDING IN RSA 91-A:3, RSA 91-A:4 AND AS GROUNDED IN THE FIRST AMENDMENT TO THE UNITED STATES

This is crucial because Petitioner is arguing that RSA 611-C:21 is being applied in a manner that is Constitutionally overbroad with respect to:
a) Petitioner as Christopher King, J.D.
b) Petitioner as media entity, KingCast.net
c) Other unknown and potential victims

RSA 91-A is grounded in First Amendment Law because, ipso facto, it involves the right to question and to Petition the Government for Redress. That’s why it was created. And New Hampshire Articles 8, 10, and 22 all involve the exercises of these rights. New Hampshire Courts have applied the overbreadth doctrine.

See State v. Brobst, 151 N.H. 420, 857 A.2d 1253, N.H.,2004.
If statute is found to be substantially overbroad, statute must be invalidated unless court can supply limiting construction, or partial invalidation, that narrows scope of statute to constitutionally acceptable applications. U.S.C.A. Const.Amends. 1, 14; Const. Pt. 1, Art. 22.

If statute is not substantially overbroad, then whatever overbreadth may exist should be cured through case-by-case analysis of fact situations to which its sanctions, assertedly, may not be applied. U.S.C.A. Const.Amends. 1, 14; Const. Pt. 1, Art. 22.

In this case, an analysis of the facts reveals that the way the law (RSA 611-C:21) has been applied leaves Petitioners and others like him in a situation where they cannot even know rudimentary facts about 5/11, such as whether Bruce McKay fired his weapon. Not even part of the autopsy or toxicology reports have been provided, thus we cannot successfully petition the government for redress in terms of the investigation of 5/11 because Respondent Ayotte, as gatekeeper, has locked the door.

Standing: The Right-to-Know laws are provided for each and every citizen to discover what the NH government is doing so that we can gauge the effectiveness of said government. Thus, RSA 91-A is to be liberally-construed, not minimally-construed…… (read more of this draft response in the comments).

KingCast and Trooper Todd Landry take you back to Maura Murray: Who called her from the Sprint PCS tower right before she disappeared?

Todd D. Landry has been a busy guy investigating strange things in the North Country. He called it as it is when Bruce McKay flaked out at Hillwinds Motor Inn, read para. 8. Then he's involved in the bicycle crash where Trooper Cohen flattened a father-son pair of riders. And he has been inquiring about who called Maura Murray, but I'm not sure if anyone ever got to the bottom of this. If anyone knows, please let me know.

His full affidavit is in the comments, but here's the Good Part:
7. Based on the foregoing, there is probable cause to believe evidence in the suspicious disappearance of Maura Murray may be found through Sprint Wireless Cell Tower Telephone Records, including any outgoing calls from the Londonderry tower of Sprint to Maura Murrays Sprint PCs number ********** for February 9, 2004 from 0001 hours to 2400 hours.
Todd D. Landry

More about Maura Murray and Brianna Maitland.

Liko Kenney was paranoid. Bruce McKay was a really good, honest cop.

Goes hand-in-hand with the GTi post. Also, remember that the town never gave me a copy of the actual ethics complaint for a year, writing an affidavit in which they, through Chief Montminy, claimed they had looked high and low and could not find it. Then after Prosecutor Ricardo St. Hilaire gave me his copy -- replete with copies of the U.S. Certified Mail envelopes that went from Attorney Troy Watts to Bruce McKay and to Chief Montminy, and a fax header and footer on it showing his copy came from the town -- the town said "oh, we misunderstood what you wanted," and the Court let them get away with it. No costs to be awarded to the KingCast troublemaker, but much more importantly no judicial finding of misconduct.

Ahhhh, the days are so interesting!

28 October 2008

Dear Attorney Frydman and State Representative Martha McLeod: It's after 1 July 2008, so give me the HB 1428 Bruce McKay Highway emails now.

Dear Counselor and Honorable Ms. McLeod:

In my Petition for Declaratory Judgment I noted that you all were charged with constructive knowledge that HB 1408 -- initiated before HB 1428 -- codified and ratified into RSA 91-A on 1 July 2008, compelled disclosure of all emails on public issues to and from the McLeod state email address.

You in turn, in your Motion to Dismiss, now claim that the applicable law of the case is that of the older RSA 91-A. While I still believe that version of the law compells disclosure, I'll ask you one more time: Please provide a copy of any and all emails to and from State Representative McLeod's public and private emails that concern the properly-failed HB 1428 Bruce McKay Highway. There. Now the Court will analyse this case under both versions should you refuse to provide the requested materials yet again. Now you as counsel have an ethical obligation to take that to your client, so she can now "see" my request, a fact that will become relevant in the next paragraph.

Furthermore, you all claim that Representative McLeod will swear that she never saw any of my requests for information, but that kind of logic is mere sophistry: If she provides the emails one can clearly see that she saw them. Not to mention the Certified U.S. Mail version I sent to her public office #7007 3020 0001 6051 6691 and to her private residence #0307 3330 0001 3502 8015 that she refused to accept. She cannot just absent herself from the Democratic process like that, with all due respect who in the hell does she think she is, counselor? I don't help pay her salary so that she can ignore emails, and it should not take a process server to give her hard copies of such emails. What you are doing, and what you are arguing, is patently absurd and if the Court lets you get away with it there is indeed no hope for New Hampshire in its entirety, much less North Country.

Have a nice day.
Very truly yours/Christopher King/KingCast.net

KingCast asks, "How long until Gregory W. Floyd's new counsel 'walks on by' as did Shaheen & Gordon's Bill Christie and others?"

I dunno, but as I noted at Floyd's sentence imposition status conference earlier this month, Floyd's new lawyer, Claude Buttrey from Schuster, Buttrey & Wing could be a flight risk. He was late to court and then he was in a hurry to get the hell out of there, kinda' like Bill. Whatever happened to Simpson & Mulligan, at one time slated to take the helm I have no idea.

Here's a hint for you fledgling reporters and film makers out there:
The subject of your camera's gaze will ALWAYS look up at you when they get to their vehicle. Trust me on this. At least Attorney Buttrey drives a Prius, so as long as he's in the game his car will sip on fuel and leave a small carbon footprint, and that's important as he travels the roads of North County to defend his man, who has shown an alarming propensity for criminal behaviour. That's a lot of carbon, but it's also a good paycheck for Buttrey even if he's State Appointed, so maybe now he can get that new 2009 Prius and keep on saving.

In other news, someone in my last post about Fear in Franconia asked me why I don't raise up outta' North Country, take a walk, read a book blah blah blah.... But I do those things, play tennis and watch movies as I just noted yesterday as well. I told them why don't you tell Martha McLeod to give up those public emails and a whole lot of the pending litigation goes away, because no public official is ever going to withhold public emails from me without a lawsuit, not yesterday, not today, not tomorrow. Nice parallel structure on that one, thanks for 7th grade English Mrs. Brown. She told me I was "destined for a career in espionage," so in some ways she was correct because getting your government to answer a simple question in New Hampshire is a whole lot like espionage, yah.

PS: Somebody wrote in here and tried to compare Malcolm X to Gregory W. Floyd. Unbelievable the things I see in here, but let me address it for a minute. See, Malcolm X did some crimes, never killed 43 people or anyone, then grew his personhood and went to Mecca to embrace people of all walks of life. Gregory W. Floyd did some crimes, killed 43 people continues to do some crimes, and to this year calls judges and former LE "Motherfuckers" and whatnot, oh yes he does. He called B.W. a "motherfucker" just as I took the bottom right two scrolling pictures here, and for his comment about Judge Cyr being a "motherfucker" click on the phrase "relevant government documents."

A dream deferred.

Look I don't know what the sam hell is going on with the Jennifer Hudson tragedy but it feels a lot like Helter Skelter, doesn't it? Some fool wrote in and tried to politicize it and say that it's an argument for the Death Penalty, but in point of fact even my former boss Betty Montgomery has admitted it's not really a deterrent to violent crime. Sadly, there are some evil, jackass people out there and they gone do what they done do, right.

Ms. Hudson, I wish you to stay strong my fine Nubian Princess. I cannot possibly imagine what you are going through right now, but you impress me as an innately beautiful and talented person and I am sorry the the spectre of violent crime has rocked your World so. Best wishes for you and the rest of your family.

27 October 2008

KingCast Monday updates: Fear in Franconia in a GTi, Chicago police beatings and more mistakes by NH AG Kelly Ayotte on DWI.

The GTi: Standing at Cannon Mountain View watching the Amorphous Band (love those guys) last week here it comes. "You must be Chris King." "Yep." "I'm ****, the GTi father, nice to meet you...." Here from 15 August 2007 phone call from **** is what it's like to drive your son's VW GTi when Bruce McKay was out on the prowl against Franconia's youth:
"He was in full John Wayne mode," said the father this afternoon in a phone interview..... "I was terrified and just pressed myself back all the way in the seat and then when he saw it was me he about shit his pants and started stammering.... "Uh, I thought you had a registration violation......"

People just don't get it. Bruce McKay incited fear in everyone, not just Liko Kenney, but Liko had the biggest buttons to push and so McKay pushed them and well we know the rest, sort of. The rest we will know when I'm finished with my investigation with some help from the U.S. House.

DWI cases end in paper chase: Ties in with this weekend's post about NH HB 1428 Bruce McKay Highway shill John Tholl and his current get-tough stance on DWI.
A 1983 law to limit plea-bargaining in drunken-driving cases requires prosecutors to file forms with the Attorney General's Office explaining why they reduce or drop DWI charges. Yet no one noticed when Nashua police failed to file the forms for more than a year and a half.

That's just one example of flaws in the monitoring of drunken-driving cases by the Attorney General's Office. Associate Attorney General Ann Rice blamed the problems on a lack of staffing since John Stephen, an assistant attorney general from 1992-98, left the office.

Good Thing they acknowledge receiving Federal Monies, so now the U.S. House has a greater argument to exert jurisdiction in a top-down investigation. Blame this, blame that. Who's to blame for Kelly allowing the Nashua PD to violate Miranda by impersonating AG staff as they and other LE destroyed all the evidence of what is probably a bad police shooting as they ignored trajectory analysis, just as they did in Franconia. Read the Paul Erwin Kish report.

The Chicago beatings of black folks: Now under investigation by the Feds. Told you about it years ago when I was terminating my use of the N-bomb. I wrote:
"Police have tough jobs -- perhaps the toughest in the World -- but the only thing worse than a redneck cop in the South.... is a redneck cop in the North."
Some tools try to jump all over me for not being more effective in the Franconia and other NH LE cases, but guess what? It takes time, folks, takes time. It hasn't even been 1.5 years since the day of the tragedy. Again, it took 4 years to get the cops in Ohio found liable for making Michael Isreal a victim of violent crime, but we did it, yah. V1996-61481.

Hah, some tool told me "stick to what you know." Okay, fool: KingCast knows GTi's (my father even switched from Volvo to VW in 2003) and KingCast knows police abuse. Justice and heightened scrutiny will befall Kelly Ayotte and bad LE in New Hampshire, so you can 'stick' that where the sun don't shine, buddy.

King d. Chang, 7-5!!!

Okay, so it wasn't Michael Chang, it was this local cat David Chang from NYC who runs a photo sharing company. But fall tennis is just about the most fun you can have with your clothes on. From local media coverage:
"Swirling winds and lack of proper training kept the two former champions just a bit off key on Saturday, but the two still showed traces of their former glory, with Blackenroe prevailing amidst a torrent of blistering inside-out serves to ad court and a piercing sliced backhand reminiscent of the Rocket Rod Laver....."

LOL. Here's an interesting take on Michael Chang from Huan Hsu, a Chinese tennis player of a certain age.

Later the girly-girl and I watched "The Graduate." As I have not watched that movie since I was in grade school, I was fully able to appreciate its subtleties, one of which is the director's ability to stay in frame for extremely long periods without a cut. And from the moment Dustin Hoffman gets on the people mover at LAX you realize that he resemble Tom Cruise something fierce (or vice versa), which makes you put "Rainman" in the proper context. The film's anti-establishment edge is a blast to boot. Like Rainman, the Quadrifoglio is an '88 feature also, and one I considered buying in 2000 before I realized I was moving away from my roomie and master Alfisti Lajos Silberstein. If you don't know old Alfas or have a good mechanic you don't buy old Alfas, it's that simple.

25 October 2008

NH AG Kelly Ayotte and Dep't of Safety tell KingCast "no tests on Liko Kenney and Bruce McKay's clothing were conducted."

This is lovely. Obviously Bruce McKay fired his gun according to Kelly Ayotte's version of the "facts" so therefore his clothing, and that of Liko Kenney's is relevant per former NH AG Peter Heed's AG "Officer Deadly Force Protocol" Section IV Policy E(9)(e), as noted yesterday.

Dig this:

8. The Department does have certain items of clothing into evidence, however, physical evidence is not subject to the Right to Know law.
9. Please see response in 5 above.
10. The Department does not have any documents responsive to this request.

So they have clothing that they won't give up, even for custodial chain of custody evaluation, yet they conducted no tests of said clothing. That's Barney Fife to the maximum. Actually it's worse than that because it is a planned coverup as opposed to mere incompetence, but hey I wanted to use today's art. Also, see Playboy Enterprises, Inc. v. U.S. Customs Service, 959 F.Supp. 11 (D.D.C., 1997) for the proposition that the U.S. House should order testing of these items of clothing before they are destroyed. It's in the comments.

Anyway, view the full requests and responses here, and in the comments to see that item 10 of course is the KingCast request for
"A copy of any and all of your investigative files or toxicology reports in which the clothing of Liko Kenney or Bruce McKay was analysed in any way."

As to the Paulhus case, in which the civil and criminal cases were settled more than a year ago (Nashua Telegraph), I reckon that will remain "open" for the next 100 years or so. It's ludicrous, so at oral argument I'll note it for the record and at a minimum Kelly and her minions will have to tell the court approximately when they think they might be done "investigating." In reality they never investigated anything, just destroyed all of the evidence as noted by forensic specialist's Paul Erwin Kish report, and failed to conduct any trajectory analysis just as with the windshield bullet in Liko Kenney's Supra.

Not to mention the adjudicated Miranda violations, with Nashua LE posing as AG office representatives, apparently without a shred of disciplinary repercussions from Kelly. That's because Kelly's Keystone Kops can violate Miranda with impunity.

24 October 2008

KingCast, Franconia Collective approach would-be ATF director Sullivan on Gregory W. Floyd's habitual violations of 18 U.S.C. 922(g)(1).

KingCast update: Read the 8th comment about my discussion with Boston ATF counsel Roy Chabra. He visibly chortled when he discovered the court file had no disposition on the Floyd request for return of property, i.e. THE GUNS.

Dear Director Sullivan, best of luck in getting your confirmation. That's quite the story; it seems like Bad Republicans like NH AG Kelly Ayotte have you stymied while you work your tuchis off. From last week's Boston Globe:
"The opposition is not to Sullivan personally, but focused on the belief that the ATF is overly aggressive in enforcing gun laws."

Sir, Gregory W. Floyd criminally threatened his neighbor, probably murdered Liko Kenney, and is a serial violator of 18 U.S.C. 922(g)(1), which he violated again just this summer, exposing him to new charges. He should have turned in a certain gun and we'll see if that is indeed the gun he turned in, but regardless he no doubt exercised control and dominion of said gun pursuant to U.S. v. Ruckman, D.C. No. 02-CR-05-S (E.D. Oklahoma) 2003. The old possible charges expired as the Grafton County Superior Court waited for the U.S. Attorney's office to issue a declaration. Read the Index Sheet for Grafton 98-S-242.

Local LE have noted that people are afraid of Floyd, and with this submission please find relevant government documents on Gregory W. Floyd and the signatures of dozens of area citizens who are concerned about Floyd and who specifically urge an inspection of his compound and an Indictment pursuant to 18 U.S.C. 922(g)(1). Here is a KingCast amicus brief on related issues and sentence imposition of prior assault charges, with pictures of Gregory Floyd in action, citing State v. Gibbs, 953 A.2d 439(2008).

U.S. Attorney and former NH AAG Mark Zuckerman vowed to me he would forward the case. Joe Biden looked me straight in the eye, gave me a hug and vowed he would prosecute cases like this, and the exchange was heard by thousands. But look at the documents that NH AG Kelly Ayotte unlawfully withheld from the American Public about Floyd, and the court let her get away with it.

Is Floyd protected? Did he really kill 43 people as he told NH AG Kelly Ayotte in her "official investigation" into the Franconia shooting tragedy? What will you promise me, and what will you do?

Respectfully submitted,

Christopher King, J.D.
On behalf of the Franconia Collective

KingCast, World await production of Bruce McKay and Liko Kenney's clothing. Still.

Now we come to the playoffs. After fifteen (15) months of legal wrangling the Franconia shooting tragedy (in the Right-to-Know analysis) largely comes down to this: Where is the clothing of these two men, and what can it tell us about whether Bruce McKay fired his weapon and the muzzle-to-target range regarding Gregory W. Floyd, who claimed to have shot on Liko Kenney through an open window after speaking with him and while holding Caleb Macaulay back with his elbow. Read the exact requests here in the John Lynch integrity post at items 8 - 10, inclusive.

We have been through all of Kelly Ayotte's nonsense before, with Caleb and other physical evidence clearly disputing the Floyd/Ayotte version, but the clothing will add yet another layer of proof to widely-ranging contentions that NH AG Kelly Ayotte lied and Governor Lynch is aiding and abetting said lie.

Remember: According to Kelly's own Official Report, Gregory W. Floyd did not fire the windshield bullet, so Bruce McKay must have. This means that clothing should have been preserved pursuant to Peter Heed's AG "Officer Deadly Force Protocol" Section IV Policy E(9)(e).

The Department of Safety is running tardy in its responses, as noted herein. And here's more.

What tipped me off to this portion of Kelly Ayotte's fiasco?

The botched and covered-up Michael Paulhus investigation, in which bullet trajectories were not calculated when the cop shot Mr. Paulhus, and clothing was not maintained. Who was the AG on that? None other than Kelly Ayotte. Who was the AG that never ran trajectories on the windshield bullet in Liko Kenney's car? None other than Kelly Ayotte, natch. But she did run trajectories on the McKenzie house and barn, in which nobody died. Look at them. Coincidentally, and perhaps ironically, the Paulhus shooting commenced about 800 feet from KingCast headquarters, right there on Concord Street, yah.

Related Right-to-Know updates: In comments.

Related post: In time for Thanksgiving recall the Sherman Helmsley/Kelly Ayotte Jive Turkey post. Let's not even get into the real meaning of Thanksgiving, which started right here in the "liberal" East: A massacre of 700 Native Americans right here in Massachusetts Bay, thank you. And I have Native American blood in me because the white man was busy killing all of the Native American men for these "Thanksgivings."

That Mass Bay U.S. history factoid was pointed out to me by an enlightened Caucasian friend of mine, thank you.

Bonus round: Officer Deadly Force Policy IV B(f):
“Ensure that guns are not opened, loaded, unloaded, shell casings removed, or in any other way tampered with….”

Yet and still Gregory Floyd went home with Liko Kenney’s live round in his pocket.

So you tools show up hatin' on KingCast, hell I'm not the one who botched these investigations. That would be NH AG Kelly Ayotte.

22 October 2008

KingCast notes that the Dow Murders and other NH LE abominations to be discussed on Manchester TV Channel 23, starting Thursday 22 October 2008.

The Dow Murders website owner Karen Saffian informs KingCast that a TV producer in Manchester has invited her to discuss the letters she has been sending to Governor Lynch about integrity and the legal/political process. The letters are linked here, and Governor Lynch's pledge is here. Read it in pari materia with the James Ryan debacle, that's a Good One.

The two people in the picture are Jan and Steven Dow, the Dow Murder victims, likely murdered by NH LE Richard Dow, who got away clean in 24 hours, just as Gregory W. Floyd did when he likely/ murdered Liko Peter Kenney.

The show airs in the morning on public access Channel 23 because WMUR and the Union Leader have not come around to really opening discussion on these matters yet. call 603.622.3023 for more information.

Bloody Kelly, like Bloody Betty, goes to work on Michael Addison, trying to murder a suspected murderer.

It's no secret that many NH politicians (State Reps Paul McEachern and Renny Cushing) and I are opposed to the Death Penalty. Here is Mr. Cushing's website, Murder Victims' Families for Human Rights. For further reading enjoy Sam Reese Sheppard's website. Let's just say Sam and I go back a ways, to Terry Gilbert and his father's case that also involved F. Lee Bailey and for some crazy reason spawned "The Fugitive" movie and TV series.

But see, Kelly can't seem to do too much right lately, from covering up the Michael Paulhus and Franconia investigations, not knowing NH Law on same-sex marriages and having to pay attorney fees for Planned Parenthood, and DNA reporting for NH Youth, all documented herein.

So at least she can hope to kill a salt & pepper couple of perps (Addison and John Brooks,) all of this in line with the hard Right who favors the Death Penalty but which is also typically not in favor of a woman's right to choose. Just a bunch of hypocrites.

As for Addison's case I think the capital portion of the case turns on whether he knew it was an LE when he shot over his shoulder. I'm not sure if the shooting over the shoulder part will be coming in though, because of the Miranda violation.

Who is Bloody Betty you ask? When I was an AAG, she was my former boss whose ass I later handed to her on appeal in V1996-61481 after Hamilton, OH cops Rhodes and Hensley did a dance on Michael Isreal's throat. Unlike Ayotte, at least Betty was progressive on some social issues. Ayotte is just a Right-Wing fascist beat down overseer.

PS: Michael Briggs, Rest in Peace. Unlike Bruce McKay -- your black sheep cousin to the North -- I've never met anyone who has had a bad thing to say about you, and I've asked a LOT of people.

21 October 2008

KingCast asks, "Why did Trooper Cohen refuse to attend trial in Brandon Newton's death after Cohen ran over bicyclists?"

You can read the whole sorry story here on MassCops.com

The guy just didn't show up at trial. He wasn't sick or injured from where he ran over Tim Clement, 25 and his father, Dr. David Clement, 57. Just didn't show up to the retrial, and without his testimony the Defendant walked free even though she had been convicted on prior occasion for the same charge. God only knows if the State of NH found any wrongdoing from Cohen falling asleep and running over the Clements. I know, maybe it was the Clements fault somehow.

But as my friends at Granite Grok blog note, it's usually the driver's fault, as long as the driver's not a cop.
Christopher A Gibbs, 29 of Mudget Hill Road, Loudon, pleaded guilty to reckless conduct for allegedly driving in a sleep-deprived state, resulting in an accident on South Barnstead Road in May, found guilty, fined $600.

Face it: In NH the Police have carte blanche. Just another one for the U.S. House complaint.

Note: Todd Landry is investigating, however, and he has been brutally honest in the past. When, you ask? When filing a complaint letter to Franconia's Chief Montminy about Bruce McKay's meltdown at Hillwinds. Read it here.

The KingCast view from Liko's bus on Sunshine Laws: Clarification is coming to the Franconia shooting tragedy.

Saturday morning I gazed out of the window, stoked the fire in the bus and stepped outside, into the Heart of the Sunrise. I stopped to reflect on what lies ahead in this Right-to-Know litigation, and other potential litigation relating to the Franconia shooting tragedy.

The quick and dirty:

1. We will know whether Martha McLeod and House Speaker Terie Norelli can hide and freeze public access to incoming and outgoing emails on email addresses owned and subsidized by New Hampshire residents (read: taxpayers) that relate to public issues such as failed HB 1428 Bruce McKay Highway. The obvious question there is "what is so dirty in those emails that they would they want to keep this information secret?"

2. We will know what the heck is going on with the clothing worn by Bruce McKay and Liko Kenney because all of these items are of evidentiary value. Attorney Modigliani is about to answer. The clothing will establish muzzle-to-target range for Floyd shooting and potentially murdering Liko, and whether McKay fired his gun on 5/11, and in turn the answer to those questions informs whether Gregory W. Floyd lied about the number of times he shot at Liko and where he was standing when he did so. See Peter Heed's AG "Officer Deadly Force Protocol" Section IV Policy E(9)(e). This information should have been gathered a long time ago, actually so I apologize for failing in my due diligence. There. KingCast admits making a mistake. Mark this day in history :)

3. We will know whether Franconia can get away with not providing a copy of a 2006 complaint against the police that in part cause them to change their complaint policy. They claim they don't have to provide a copy of it but they have provided a copy of dozens of other police complaints pursuant to litigation so what is so special about this one? Probably an ongoing complaint against Bruce McKay and they don't want the public to know he was still receiving complaints in the months before 5/11 because that would make them appear more negligent than they already are. That's why they also refuse to provide proof that they went into Executive Session regarding the attempt to fire Bruce McKay but they have to provide a copy of the minutes showing that they went into Executive Session.

20 October 2008

NH State Police to answer questions on clothing in McKay/Kenney shootings.

A while back I asked Kelly for all of these things, as you can see in the comments. Well I'm finally about to hear something.

Subject: RE: Outstanding RSA 91-A request on Department of Safety
To: kingjurisdoctor@yahoo.com
Date: Friday, October 17, 2008, 5:24 PM

Good Afternoon Mr. King:

I truly apologize for the delay as I had hoped to give you a response this week. As you recall, originally, I had thought that the Department’s response would be limited to items numbered 8-10. I do not believe that to be the case now. I am in the process of researching all your requested items and that is what has caused the delay here.

I believe that I will be able to respond to all of your request by Monday. I will be back in touch with you then.

Have a good weekend.

Regards, Marta

KingCast presents: 4-wheelin' in Franconia and an historically dishonest NH AG office.

You haven't seen the beauty of the North Country until you take a ride with Liko's friends through the bottom of the Kenny property line. And I can assure you, contrary to the BS you might have read in the State's "investigative" files, none of Liko's friends were afraid to go out in these woods with him because they feared him. Just another line of horsepucky thrown out by NH AG Kelly Ayotte and crew. That's line of BS will be exposed in a U.S. House report in due time, when I'm finished gathering a complete line of information evincing an outright pattern of what is basically criminal activity and coverup by the NH AG's office that goes back to the Bruce Lavoie "war on drugs" killing and the Michael Paulhus shooting. The Paulhus and Franconia "investigations" both occurred under the watchful eye of Kelly Ayotte, yah.

17 October 2008

KingCast jam of the day: Todd Rundgren "Love of the Common Man" acoustic.

If this song doesn't bring a smile to the corners of your mouth you've got serious issues. It's late 70's vintage and he has what appears to be a 12-stringer going on there. The inset pic was from Columbus 1998 IIRC.

Honorable Mention: "Couldn't I just tell you (the way I feel,)" watch him go high-step at 2:35 and his bassist goes to match him but trips on the cord and goes down hard. They play it over again at the end in slow-mo and it's hootlarious.

Todd is such a badass. The white Marvin Gaye. Awesome.

KingCast, others arrested and beaten by Franconia PD's Chris Fowler out on 116.

Okay, just kidding.

What he said was "hey I didn't recognize you there Matt you're driving everyone's car but your own."

Then he engaged us in some other aimless small tawk and he drove off and Matt, Robin and I drove off, no bashing of the Tahoe or O.C. Spray.

"Good luck," I said to him as he walked away. I really wish him luck investigating that dude who threatened Matt's life on a telephone recording, yah.

Anyway, the whole thing was kind of surreal. Especially because Matt Chernicky is one pretty recognizable dude. I don't know of anyone else who remotely resembles him so I don't know how Chris didn't make him as we headed out of town. But it could be a perception problem like Bruce McKay had back at Hillwinds' read State Trooper Landry's comment on that page one and two. I heard Chris chased down some joggers a few weeks ago when he thought they were running from him. Turns out they were just trying to get on back to the hotel 'cos they were out for a jog and running late to a wedding reception.

PS: They're still running that same tainted Tahoe, what a shame it should have been retired if they really respected McKay but he was just a money man anyway. He was just a wife-beating flunkie from Haverhill where I hear he was let go for his aggressive tendencies anyway, and this was all before he allegedly chased down Angela with a trunk full of guns in the midst of a major mental breakdown. Bruce McKay, an American hero.

KingCast tells misguided Martha McLeod: if Sarah Palin gives up her emails so too will you, my friend. So too, will you.

I'm writing a Motion for Expedited hearing on the TRO issue because I don't want Defendant McLeod to claim she destroyed any of these records. I can't believe this pathetic example of a State Representative is actually going to waste taxpayer monies in defending her attempts to keep her emails about properly-failed HB 1428 Bruce McKay Highway hidden. Sorry Martha, as I told you in KingCast v. McLeod, Grafton 08-E-192 (original and as amended) and as noted by AGs from several states, you're gonna' give me those emails one way or another, as noted in today's MSNBC story.

A small victory: Copies of the requests themselves
Msnbc.com did receive from the governor's office copies of all the public records requests filed since she was inaugurated, and the replies from the governor's office. Palin took office in December 2006, after seeking office on a platform of clean and transparent government. [KingCast says, yah, get this:]

The price quotes reveal that Palin's office has repeatedly tried to charge different news organizations the cost to reconstruct the same e-mail accounts of the governor, her senior staff and other employees. Each time an e-mail is requested, the office quotes the same cost of $960.31 for 13 hours to recover and search each employee's e-mails.

NBC's price quote for e-mails sent to Todd Palin: $15 million.
That cost figure is all absurd; the State of NH has already provided documents like these at a minimal cost in the Franconia investigation. Also note that Kelly is dealing with a similar request from me on various public records requests, most notably the requests for information on the criminal investigation of Louis A. Copponi on Laurie issues, oh, yah. It all goes to Kelly's troopergate problem with Carey Carlberg that's gonna' cost taxpayers an arseload of loot.

15 October 2008

KingCast and Canned Heat are "Goin' up the Country, Gonna See Floyd go down..... Gonna Leave the City, Gonna' See Floyd go down...."

Well nothing is a lead pipe cinch. You know ten years ago we thought it was a lead pipe cinch that the U.S. Attorney's Office was going to issue an edict on whether or not to indict Gregory W. Floyd under 18 U.S.C. 922(g)(1) but alas NOTHING ever appeared on the record as to any of that. Read the docket sheet.

So I, on behalf of KingCast.net and the Franconia Collecdtive, filed an amicus brief and provided Prosecutor St. Hilaire with dozens of signatures from the community with common folk evincing their concern about Gregory W. Floyd as a known and proved dangerous instrumentality within the community.

Look at Kelly Ayotte's bogus investigation. Here are the deviations from norm.

Look at Gregory Floyd's rap sheet and recent conduct in pictures.

Anyway, see y'all tomorrow at 9a sharp. Today's video:

Going up the Country on TV in colour.
Going up the Country live (best song at Woodstock)
Liko Kenney speaks on life in North Country.
Franconia 5/11: Injustice on Stilts.

......Might even leave the U.S.A. they got a brand new game..... that I don't wanna' play.... gotta' get going.... gotta' get going...... can't stay here long.... tired of the way I get dogged around....

13 October 2008

KingCast tells Columbus "if you can pay Chief Jackson you can pay Jerry Doyle for Pete's sake!"

Now I see that the 1997 Defamation lawsuit initiated by Chief Jackson settled so now he can retire, $3M in legal fees later. What that case started I had just started in private practice after leaving the AG's office, as noted in the last post.

Do y'all plan to let Jerry Doyle's case drag on that long and hope he dies or something? He won't, he'll be around for you, and if he's not he still has heirs, duh. Y'all put that man in the hole to retaliate against him exercising his free speech, just as you always do. Council President Kennedy admitted it as noted in my prior postings by way of the Columbus Dispatch story when he said they didn't like Jerry calling Michael Coleman a house negro.

Pay Jerry Doyle.