09 September 2008

NH State Rep and Senate Candidate Martha McLeod refuses U.S. Mail. Again.

In this post we watched her run from Certified Package #7007 3020 0001 6051 6691, so I sent it to her home address via Priority Mail, Delivery confirmation 348 Wells Road, Franconia, NH 03580-5157, #0307 3330 0001 3502 8015. She refused that as well; it came back yesterday. Small wonder she believes her emails are not a matter of public record, natch. She's a stupid and hateful Democrat.

On the other hand, yesterday's meeting with Senator Tarr went well and we're getting our sponsors together. Watch for a press release on Robert Taylor's Law later this month. He's a smart and caring Republican.


Anonymous said...

Avoiding issues is why she is not capable of representing the North Country.

FYI, I grabbed a Dem ballot in today's primary and wrote in Chris King for both State Senate (in place of McLeod) and State Rep (in place of Taylor).

I suggest those with a moral compass do the same. Heck if tyhere are a slew of write-ins (regardless of whom you write-in), it'll send a message.

Anonymous said...

Interesting appraisal of Ms. McLeod, Chris, and absolutely accurate. There are quite a few very stupid and very hateful Dems nowadays, probably the single most reason for most of us old Democrats becoming Republicans.

Bush is an abysmal failure, no doubt. But we have to put this country back to a democratic republic, where it was when Kennedy was president. It has turned to socialism or “Communism-Lite”, and will plunge further into Marxism under Obama, for sure.

Most people forget the contempt we all felt for Communism back in the sixties, and Kennedy promoted that feeling, rightfully so. Can you imagine the current Leftist politics in our schools implemented in the fifties and sixties? How would we like the scenario where children would be “assigned” a career at the age of six, because of a simple IQ test given? Unimaginable that an illegal alien would not be immediately deported back then. In fact, Eisenhower actually sent 1.3 million illegal aliens (Operation Wetback-can you imagine using that phrase nowadays?) back to Mexico in the fifties… it worked then, it could work now. Those are some examples of how life under Communism was during that era.

I know you don't like to wax political, but you started it with that media-bias-blog. MSNBC's recent demoting of Chris Matthews and Keith Olbermann from anchor positions is a good example of the media trying to gain respectability once again. GE and NBC are both guilty of letting the left take over, and the other two are just as guilty. FOX is also cashing in on the frenzy; just more clever about it.

It is clear that the commercial networks have been riding the leftist wave in order to make money; hence the connection to corporations, but it is now starting to backfire. Populist causes, the war in Iraq, our pitiful border situation, economic class struggles, our burgeoning welfare system, gay marriage… all have contributed to sensationalized stories over our public air waves.

On one thing I think we both agree: the corporations who own these networks are not doing it out of ideological beliefs… only the almighty dollar. FOX’s assertion that they’re “fair and balanced” may be a stretch, but are the big three leaning Left? You bet, big time! And it’s all for CASH.

Christopher King said...


That's hootlarious.

But True.


We may disagree on some things but we probably agree that this blawg is the only wholly uncensored place to discuss the Franconia shooting tragedy with actual government documents being hosted.

That is really all I have time to care about. Well that and the Taylor bill, the pending litigation 08-E-192, the new company my former client is starting, Judge Kagan's recusals, a girfriend, grey hair in my goatee....


-The KingCaster

Anonymous said...

I'm a life-long democratic voter and I WILL NOT vote for either her or Kathleen Taylor in the general election this year.

Their repsective republican opponents have my vote

Anonymous said...

Have gone toe-to-toe with McLeod on the Cannon Mt. private/public partnership issue for the past couple of years...in early correspondence with Rep. McLeod asking her for comments on material that I had written on my goFranconia.com web site, she responded to me with a nastygram email threatening to send the State Police after me for harassing her via email. I had sent her a total of three emails - two of which she had responded to without indicating that they were harassing in any way and the third asking her comment on a controversial issue that she wanted to avoid - so instead threatened me with the strong arm of the law. So much for wanting to hear from her electorate.

Kathleen Taylor and Rep. McLeod are two peas in a pod. We will be bringing the Cannon Mt. issue back to the front burner in this upcoming election and hope that it serves as an issue that can keep these two out of elected office.

Sandy Laleme, who is running against Taylor has come out in support of the Cannon Mt. issue and has spent a great time talking to me and reviewing the reports from the State. She's a candidate that is a thoughtful, independent thinker who has done her homework on the issue.

Please vote for Senator Gallus and Sandy Laleme and let us keep McLeod and Taylor out of Concord.
Then we can go to work on getting Rich McLeod off the Franconia Selectboard....

Christopher King said...

Thank you for that information, Kevin. McLeod should have been served with the new KingCast complaint KingCast v. McLeod, 08-E-268, yesterday at her Office, BTW.

Keep in touch and I'll see you on the slopes of Cannon this winter!

And look for your comment as a new post on 23 Sept. 2008.