17 September 2008

KingCast watches as NH Executive Councilor Deb Pignatelli goes to U.S. Attorney Coluntuano for Gerard Beloin, but she will be ignored just as I was.

Yah, I remember back when U.S. Attorney Coluntuano vowed to me, by and through former NH AAG Mark Zuckerman, that they would turn multiple felon Gregory W. Floyd's case over to the ATF and prosecute him under 18 U.S.C. 922(g)(1). Nothing happened, so we're turning in our own Citizen Petitions. Last week Senator Biden looked me and 650 people (including Deb Pignatelli) in the eye, gave me a hug and directly said he would prosecute cases like Floyd's. Yes. He. Did.

Here's Gerard Beloin's diary on criminality.
Here's Gerard Beloin's audiotapes on criminality.

Here's what Rep. Pignatelli wrote on 6 June 2008:
Good day Mr. Beloin -- I have spoken at length with U.S. Attorney Tom Colantuano yesterday. He tells me he is aware of your situation. As much as you would like the Executive Council to get involved in this matter, I do not see it as something I would be involved with except refer it to our Attorney General.....

Gerard Beloin's diary, June 4, 2008:

"Today I attended a session of the Executive Council meeting at the NH State House. The purpose was to follow up on an e-mail sent to all executive Council members on May 29th. Governor John Lynch presided over the meeting. At the end of the meeting I handed out this package to the NH Executive Council members Ray Wieczorek, Ray Burton, Beverly Hollingworth, Debora Pignatelli and Governor Lynch. Councilman Shea was there but left before I could speak with him. Council member Debora Pignatelli introduced me to NH Attorney General Kelly Ayotte and voiced her concerns. Attorney Ayotte feigned ignorance and tried to make believe that this information was new to her. She knows me very well and she has been in possession of these recordings for at least 3 years. Her investigators are caught on tape threatening me with prosecution for complaining and then investigating me when I was not frightened away.

While there I handed some extra copies to investigative reporters Tom Fahey of the Union Leader and Josh Rogers of NPR news."

Why is all of this happening? Because Mr. Beloin claims that he has caught the State covering up a contracts scandal involving roofing. His bids are often 10% of what gets awarded to certain cronies, but they never want to deal with him. In Goffstown High School building committee member Timothy Hogan wrote the FBI and the Court supporting Beloin but nobody ever interviewed him. Especially not Kelly Ayotte and her ethically-challenged band of pranksters. Read it and weep Kelly, p. 30/47.

What a joke. I'll be extremely busy putting together the U.S. House Complaint against NH LE, and the things I have been learning since the Franconia shooting tragedy coverup are truly astounding. That's why I said the NH AG's office is a criminal enterprise unto itself.

Bonus round: KingCast v. McLeod, Ayotte, Franconia 08-E-192.


Christopher King said...

I think my choice of picture for Kelly is better in this post than the first one because one may more readilly spot the similarity in profile and grins with Satan himself.

Just sayin'.

Anonymous said...

This stuff is unreal !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How very proud Governor Lynch must be. Kelly Ayotte and her dirty little helpers need to go to prison.

Lynch needs to be in the cell next to them. It just goes from bad to worse.......and if any of us go missing for speaking out against injustices and corruption within New Hampshire State Government please request an "independent investigation" into our disappearance as some of our state politicians and LEO's may be involved.

If this story combined with everything else is not enough to get the feds to New Hampshire to help the citizens combat "public corruption" then God please help us.

Governor Lynch lied to the public when he promised the citizens of New Hampshire that he would restore integrity to our public offices.

He is one of them corrupt officials. He knows very well what is going on and chooses to ignore this.

Now we know why the "North Country" has so many missing people and unsolved murder cases.

It is time to "clean house" or people can just sit back and allow for their children to grow up in this society of corruption as it will get worse over time.

I for one am not handing this web of deceit and corruption down for my children to deal with.

I will be "fish food" in the Atlantic before I allow for that to happen.

Christopher King said...


I'll be nobody's fish food but I will be preparing one hell of a dossier for the U.S. House, and I can't wait to see what writer Casey Sherman's observations about Kelly Ayotte's office is.

I just added this paragraph to the body of the post and will put it in the comments to the first post.


Why is all of this happening? Because Mr. Beloin claims that he has caught the State covering up a contracts scandal involving roofing. His bids are often 10% of what gets awarded to certain cronies, but they never want to deal with him. In Goffstown High School building committee member Timothy Hogan wrote the FBI and the Court supporting Beloin but nobody ever interviewed him. Especially not Kelly Ayotte and her ethically-challenged band of pranksters. Read it and weep Kelly, p. 30/47.


I knew that there was something serious wrong with the government of New Hampshire when I got indicted for writing a simple demand letter to Kelly's buddy, the failed Jaffrey Police Chief Martin J. Dunn about a rather obvious case of police brutality and unlawful search and seizure.

Sadly, my perceptions were more than correct, and the haters be damned.

-The KingCaster

Anonymous said...

I now have more compassion for LEO's that choose not to "blow the whistle" on fellow officers like McKay.

What a FU'd system(s) here in the state of New Hampshire.

We need to start at the top. Kelly Ayotte and Governor Lynch and clean house from there.

After reading stories such as these I now see by New Hampshire has so many broken systems and corrupt leaders.

Pathetic ! Disturbing ! Unacceptable ! Illegal ! Inhumane !

For anyone considering a move to the state of New Hampshire please research our corrupt public officials before doing so.

Remember our state motto "Live free or die", it could very well become your reality.

Kudos (minority) to the LEO's and politicians that do take a stand and may you be blessed on your relentless journey to combat "public corruption" and restore "integrity" back to our state of New Hampshire.

It appears as if you may be alone as Governor Lynch is a liar when you consider his campaign pledge years ago.

Stay strong and safe and we thank you for attempting to make our state a safer place to live.

We will win this war.

Christopher King said...


Dig it. Why would any sane LE blow the whistle in NH so they could be ignored at best, or threatened with bodily harm at worst?

Read my open letter to Gubernatorial Candidate Joseph Kenney.


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Anonymous said...

Are you aware Aradia Marshall Thomas Aaron Clark's daughter is directly related to wealthiest client of John C. Fairbanks through her mother? Cora E. Mclean(Frenette married) is Aradia's great grandmother, her mother and father own Mclean MAgazine in Canada...in fact her mother was Mary Hazel Costain related to Thomas B. Costain.

And the mother was subject to an illegal adoption in the same court under the same judge no doubt.

Anonymous said...

We all know NH is practically run by criminals. The FBI Office is compromised with kissing the mobs rear. But Chris why will you not cover Thomas Aaron Clark and his nuttiness and the child trafficking rings he is involved in for his CIA mafia family. NHIDTA JAy Fallon must be pissed off by now. I know he turned in Chabot and you cover this---but there is more to the story. It was all an inside job to begin with.

"Former Secret Service, FBI CIA Informant turns bioterrorist on America?"
See it and weep!

Anonymous said...

Once again the alleged report of Aradia Marshall covered-up kidnapping (i.e. child trafficking) rear's its ugly head. Aradia case has ties to the Penn State scandal. Also the Fed is NOT going to anything about corruption just look at Jay Fallon FBI Supervisor and Director of HIDTA who is also on the NH Joe Yukica Natioanal Footbal Coundation Board.

Proof NH and CA may be child trafficking kids thru corrupt courts to Penn State child sex slave ring. Honestly do you really think Sansusky is the only pedo and Penn State covered up this long for one person all those years?

Proof the "kidnappers" of Aradia knew about pedophiles and were going to falsely accuse her while abusing her as a sex slave with Sceond Mile and Penn State.

Note allegations began in NH siginificant signature related to Second Mile--whihc includes allegations Dawn Taylor was conditioning Aradia for child sex such as showering with her naked, having other minors molest in front of adults, and programming children they are "pseudo-parents" of the child--Forced drugging of children by lying to doctors, etc.

Proof here Secret Service involved in the cover-up.

California papers NH unsigned documentation.

Some think the Penn State sex abuse scandal is hiding more nefarious--child sex slave rings reared there head in the Fairbanks scandal, the Franklin Cover-up, and Canada MK-Ultra exposure(so-called Project Monarch).

You need to see the case in CA on the basis of NH orders for PA residents was totally illegal and fraudulent--this sould theoretically make it "kidnapping" as the mother alleges.


The question is what of the other children. Not all the victims are being allowed a voice in this case this is certain. There is witnesses saying the Nilrams steal babies prior to Aradia and Dylan Prentice(aka Isaiah Nilram) and were brainwashing them calling them their "sons and daughters".

Now we know where they went on the auction block to be raped with impunity by disgusting officials. This is not what William Penn had in mind for America!

Please not I can not assert with 100% the accuracy of everything here but it does show there is a link to Penn State and similar pattern with Sandusky.

Where is Chris King on this now?

Tomkat156 said...

Krystal , go to pennsylvania and fight for her.1)I am Jewish 2) I didnt rape you its not rape if you put it in just like its not rape if you say no then get naked women like you abuse your station like when you went to the FBI and told them im a terrorist.you need help.