05 September 2008

KingCast visits Judge Spencer M. Kagan re: Khan v. Klein, Middlesex Probate 92W 0211 P1

You can start with this. There will be more to follow soon with an indoor drawing of him and outdoor pictures and video and an explanation of the Motions for His Honor's recusal. And when I say recusal I don't mean the recusal noted in the link, I mean ANOTHER ONE, based on the same issue that I heard argued today.

And this time he's not giving the father a hard time. In point of fact this father -- who has a million dollar income and who is living in $11M NYC Upper East Side digs -- has never even had to submit a financial affidavit or statement of income pertaining to his teenage daughter's child support. He allegedly owes approximately $100,000.00 as four years ago he stopped paying the $23,000.00 per annum they agreed to ten years ago. Note that the $23,000.00 is far less than the statutorily-suggested 25% of income. And the mother is not even seeking alimony, palimony or any of that. A gold digger she is not. But what the heck, if cheap is good, then free is even better, I guess. I favor a finding of material breach and novation, so Mr. Klein can start paying the full statutory share, yah.

PS: Judge Kagan also refused cameras in court, in blatant contravention of Rule 1:19

We'll be there again, and I am forwarding this blawg entry to him so that he has advance notice pursuant to section (e).

A judge shall permit broadcasting, televising, electronic recording, or taking photographs of proceedings open to the public in the courtroom by the news media for news gathering purposes and dissemination of information to the public, subject, however, to the following limitations:

(e) A judge should require reasonable advance notice from the news media of their request to be present to broadcast, to televise, to record electronically, or to take photographs at a particular session. In the absence of such notice, the judge may refuse to admit them.


Christopher King said...

Hey KingCast, are you scared of Judge Kagan?

Nope. Not in the least, even though he did have four bailiffs pointed at us today; they were on us like white on rice I'll say that much.

The law is the law and if it says that cameras are allowed then cameras are allowed and if he does not certify to me that he is going to allow our cameras then I will approach the SJC about the matter.

And if the law says that the father of a child has to pay for that child then that is what he needs to do.

KingCast: We keep it simple.

Christopher King said...

List of Judges For Special Attention From the National Association of Court Watchers - Massachusetts Chapter

"Justice will come only with constant vigil."


"It was later discovered that Kagan and Bowser had a prior professional and financial relationship that was not disclosed to the litigants as required by the code of ethics. And as a matter of fact it was kept covert purposely by Bowser and Kagan. And, when that relationship was uncovered Kagan was confronted with the evidence and had no choice but to recuse in disgrace."


"...Has 31 recorded cases with the appellate court, more than any other judge in the state of MA...."

Janet Pidge said...

October 7, 2008 [9:30 AM]

Dear Mr. King,

We [Janet J. Pidge, Beverley A. Finnegan] reported elder abuse, filed for guardianship to protect our abused 95-year old mother [Frances C. Buttrick] and were framed by many corrupt law officials including vicious Judge Spencer Kagan. Our mother was shuffled from doctor to doctor with NO legal guardian or proper consent in place. Four-justices including Judge Kagan filed secret judicial rulings and we have been subjected to police retaliation, judge threats, false arrests, and unnecessary complex hearings/jury trials without proper legal counsel. Judge Kagan targeted our innocent family after the late Chief Justice Sheila McGovern threatened us among other judicial misconducts committed by Judge Judith Dilday, Judge Beverly Boorstein, Judge Edward Rockett and many others. Repeatedly, Judge Kagan refused to step down ruled without our testimonies and shockingly made our mother a ward of abusive state care.

Ineffective counsel was given to me [Beverley Finnegan] by Attorneys Michael Kelly and Andrew Karas. Though Attorney Kelly begged former Police Chief Edward Drew to drop phony trespass orders, he flatly refused. Both attorneys succumbed to pressure, refused to provide proper defense counsel and removed. Forced drugging, unnecessary shock treatment, police retaliation, secret judicial rulings, and false medical diagnoses can bring jail time to Mr. Drew and others criminally involved in this huge cover up. Mr. Drew and medical staff fabricated false trespass orders to botch our guardianship filing while involved prosecutors refused to meet with our witnesses and us or take statements. Court -appointed attorneys, Register John Buonomo, and others willfully and knowingly withheld illegal filings from us and denied the right to testify. Former District Attorney Martha Coakley knew criminal charges did not exist [false trespass orders] and still moved forward with unnecessary jury trials, refusing to conduct an investigation. Sergeant Anthony Vazquez knows our family well and promised to testify. Instead, Judge Robert McKenna filed a secret judicial ruling refusing to let us testify and refused to issue arrest warrants against former Chief Drew and Sgt. Vazquez, defaulted court subpoenas. Mr. Drew called me [Janet Pidge] at Genzyme Corporation agreeing to finally meet with us [& Investigator Suzanne Snow from the [AG’s Office. That same afternoon Mr. Drew called back stated, “He did not want to do this to our family” once again refused to face us. To recognize a cover up should have been an easy task. Especially the weird behavior patterns of Chief Drew, former DA Coakley, and AG Tom Reilly’s refusals to investigate or meet with us. Originally Rep. Peter Koutoujian promised to provide legal then later learned about Mr. Drew’s criminal involvement and backed down. Rep. Koutoujian is also the Chairman at Joint Committee on Public Health and we were schedule to speak at a Joint Health Care Hearing when Rep. Koutoujian abruptly ended it to STOP us from telling the audience how our mother is put in drug stupors and punished in other [sic] ways. Despite overwhelming evidence and eyewitness reports, these uninvestigated crimes remain shoved under the carpet.

Because Mr. Drew has friends in the right places, he remains uncharged and we have been denied fair and equal justice under Massachusetts laws. Former Detective Jack Claflin referred us to the Boston FBI who also threatened us and refused to investigate. Our emergency pleas to elected government officials including Governor Deval Patrick [& Attorney Diane Patrick], Senator Patrick Leahy, and President Henri Termeer {Genzyme Corp] remain unanswered.

Sincerely, Janet Pidge and Beverley Finnegan

Christopher King said...


Email me at:


We've got a little team we're putting together to address this situation.

-The KingCaster.

Jonathan Dubow said...

Spencer Kagan is not qualified to be a judge. Not only is he ignorant of basic matrimonial law, but he is corrupt and evil to the core. This coward of a man synbolizes what is wrong with our judicial system. He should be removed at once.

He also has posted pictures of nude women on his photo web site. Is that the kind of behavior we expect from a "family" court judge?

His daddy Charlie Kagan got him appointed as Judge by Gov. Celluci. Celluci doesn't even know who Spencer Kagan is. Ask him...I did. Celluci appointed him as a favor to Charlie Kagan's freind, Lenny Lewin.

Spencer is a loser. He has never had a real job in his life. He is a sick excuse of a man. He loves to have martinis ("tinis" as he calls them) with the young female
interns and show off to them.

If anyone else reading this blog has a kagan story please post it.

This man is a criminal hiding behind his robe.

Anonymous said...

Mr. King,

Lee Levine and Bowser have been harassing certain lawyers today over a speech which appeared on your blog site. Those other certain lawyers have now threatened their client that they will not represent them unless that comment is removed. Such a threat may not be legal or may be harassment, too, but, regardless, the client does not want to cause a problem for their lawyer over that public speech. The comment is the longest one up there. Besides, if you suspend or remove that comment, the others on the blog are just as telling. annonymous

Christopher King said...


Are you shitting me? Good thing you caught me I'm about to hit the hay for the evening.

Hell no it's not legal, lawyers can't threaten other lawyers about some comment on a blog post, that's ridiculous because I don't think anything I read is defamatory. Inflammatory, yes.

Just another example of a hegemonic beatdown.

I will take down the longest post.

Good luck to the folks involved in that comment (and to everyone else) I had figured this thing would have been resolved by now, but that's the way the legal system often works, slowly or not at all.


-The KingCaster


I saved the post in a Word document for future reference.

Anonymous said...

The family court is exactly what the name says, "family" court. But it is "their" family.

How convenient, a certain large Boston divorce law firm has one partner married to a "family" court judge, another is on "alimony task force", and yet another on "child support task force".

Do they use the confidential information to benefit their clients? No, no, never

J said...

Kagan is lazy and takes the easy way out when making life altering decisions for other people. By quoting the GAL report verbatim even through she had violated 12+ points of the GAL standards. Now my children live the paternal emotional battering aunt and grandma. Maternal family is cut off and Kagan did not even address it.
Mother is devastated and had a crappy lawyer then went pro se.
Need to help her find a way to appeal, need some one who can fight abuses like this. Needs direction.

Anonymous said...

spencer Kagan is trying to take my children away from me without any proof that i am unfit. I am terrified that I will lose my family because he does not take the time to look at all of the evidence that showes I am a good father. He is a sick man and somebody needs to stop him.

Anonymous said...

Kagan represents all that is wrong with the Massachusetts family court system -- and then some. He is arrogant, lazy, ignorant of the law, and downright dangerous. He deserves and will get a special spot in Hell for the abuse of power and corruption that he has visited on fathers and their children. The appropriate end for this guy will be when the inevitable proof comes of the corruption that most people suspect and he is drummed off the bench in disgrace and hopefully put in jail where he deserves to be. It's pretty clear that this guy must have slept through law school because he misses basic points of law and procedure (or, more accurately, thinks he can make the rules up all by himself without regard for the law, let alone the best interest of the children and fairness) -- and behaves more like a petty official in Nazi Germany or the USSR who delights in tormenting people with his petty power. He is a total disgrace.

Anonymous said...

All one needs to do is to read the posts from people that dealt with Spencer Kagan to know what kind of human being he is. I know father's feel they are discriminated against by him but I can tell you as a middle aged woman, it doesn't stop there. My husband had a skinny blond lawyer that spent the trial bending over in front of him and making pouty faces and he loved it..to the point that people I didn't even know came up to me outside of court and were sickened by it. My case is now in appeals court and when it is over, I will tell my whole story. He is a vile person. I was greatful to these blogs that showed I was not alone in dealing with his abuse. He lost all of my paperwork which my appeal is based on and tries to lie his way out of it. The young female interns that work for him follow him around like he's the pied piper. He has cast shame on his family and the court system of Mass. It's a disgrace and he will retire this year with a full pension and no accountability for the damage he has caused families, especially child that he cares nothing about. I take solace in knowing that someday, my story will be told

Anonymous said...

Chris, just wondering why nothing is done about him. Who do we have to write to for action. Kagan is a criminal in a robe and although all this info is out there, he's allowed to go on business as usual. Isn't there such a thing as impeachment for judges who don't follow the rules of law