19 September 2008

KingCast to Governor Lynch: James Ryan is the tip of the proveribial iceberg that will sink the Democratic Party and all of New Hampshire.

Dear Governor Lynch:

If you would actually listen to more common folk once in a while you would avoid embarassing situations like the James Ryan debacle. He was obviously a poor choice to head up Senator Biden's Presidential New Hampshire efforts. Arrested and criminal records in three states? That is no small blight on your Pledge of Integrity.

The AG's office in this state repeatedly gets it wrong; witness the inactions when I complained of wire fraud and when Gerard Beloin complained of organized crime. Mr. "On the go" G. Michael Bahan ignored both of our complaints, but he gave the notorious Judge John Fairbanks -- soon to be an FBI most wanted -- a pass.

I know you love to ignore me but I make a helluva lot of sense when you get right down to it. That's why Senator Joe Biden loved my question about Gregory W. Floyd -- a situation you assiduously avoid -- and gave me a hug as he promised to prosecute people like Floyd. That's why I wrote Senator Kenney yesterday
Senators Kenney and Biden both expect more out of New Hampshire than what you've given us.

PS: My lawsuit, KingCast v. McLeod et al., 08-E-192 against Speaker Norelli and State Rep. Martha McLeod goes out to the Merrimack Sheriff for service today. FEDEX #8614 2056 8636, You might want to have them rethink the position that emails to public officials are not public record, because I aim to hand them a smack down on that, as in Florida, Wisconsin, Missouri, Tennessee.... Which won't reflect too well on you, either my friend. Also, read the KingCast footnote in the comments. Now how about that bike ride? I'll show you how to blip-throttle downshift, countersteer, knee-drag and a small wheelie. No big wheelies for me, 'cos that can get outta' control, like what we've got in New Hampshire government.


Christopher King said...

Footnote: Sir, with all due respect your AG Kelly Ayotte and her feckless friend Marty Dunn tried to smear me when I was southern NAACP Legal Chair for living in a lot of states, but all I was doing was working in telecommunications, driving old BMWs, winning awards and making money for people like hastily-departed NAACP CEO Bruce Gordon.

Meanwhile Bruce Gordon's company -- Verizon -- was busy whoring itself out to the NSA to illegally wiretap American citizens.

I'll bet Casey Sherman is having a field day with this. I can't wait to read his book on the Franconia shooting tragedy coverup, of which you Sir, have been a passively active proponent.

Anonymous said...

Mr. King,
Joe Biden will hug and say anything to anyone if he thinks it will get the vote, he's a career politician. Neither he or his son Beau (DEAG) did a damn thing in the Wilmington DE case where 10 SWAT officers tasered, then shot and killed a unarmed highly decorated Marine while he was sitting on the front steps of his freinds home. This Marine served in Iraq and was honorably discharged after receiving serious injuries, while in Iraq.

He won't do a damn thing as far as any investigation goes in your case eiher.
Good Luck,
Kirk Albertson

Christopher King said...


OMG I forgot that was Delaware.

I know that case well, and it was horrible. Absolutely horrible.

I have blogged it before and will raise it again tomorrow.

Note that Biden's team made my Q/A all but disappear. The only hope is for everyone to come together in NH and try the U.S. House, and pray that SOMEBODY does the right thing.

It's that far gone, and with the major press bought and sold, it's all but certain to stay that way.

Here's my email to Kelly and John today:

Hi Kelly and John.

Everything okay back at the ranch?

I don't think so.

Why won't the AG's office punish the Paulhus police -- even after a judicial finding that they misrepresented themselves as being from the AG's office, and even after they destroyed all relevant ballistics materials?

Why won't the AG's office punish Benjamin Beauchemin for any of his misconduct?

Why was the AG's office so rabid with fired Jaffrey Chief Dunn in trying to prosecute Aaron Deboisbriand and me?

Y'all have some serious issues to tend to, and I'm here to make sure that you do so.

Very Truly Yours,

-The KingCaster



19 September 2008
Union Leader agrees with KingCast: NH AG Kelly Ayotte never punishes LE who do wrong, drunkards and all.