09 September 2008

KingCast says Simpson & Mulligan take the helm for Gregory W. Floyd's trials as Shaheen & Gordon's Bill Christie walks on by like Issac Hayes.

Okay. Remember the walk on by posts, and the funny I made about the Rent-A-Center 'cos maybe Gregory W. Floyd could rent himself a new attorney there? Well apparently he has done so, or somehow lost his financial backing for the big buck firm, or they realized they had no chance in hell of winning, so Simpson & Mulligan out of Lebanon is the lucky winner. No word on whether that is a court-appointment or not.

Floyd's trials for assault, disorderly conduct and resisting arrest have been continued from 15 September onward with no date certain. Here's a KingCast photo collage from the 15 April, 2008 hearing where Floyd blew a gasket.

1 comment:

Christopher King said...

But so you say KingCast, Issac Hayes is dead now.


And Bill Christie is dead to Gregory Floyd, he-heh that's a Good One.

I crack myself right on up :)