15 September 2008

KingCast presents: A word about SAABS, NH AG Kelly Ayotte, former NH LE Richard Dow, and murder.

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I've owned seven (7) vintage SAAB 900s like the one pictured above. While I've never driven one off of a two-foot embankment, I can assure you that they don't ignite on such an occasion, burning their occupants beyond recognition. Good Thing for Richard Dow he crushed the SAAB and cremated the victims within 24 hours, yah. Read this, with a link to the Dowmurders.com


Christopher King said...

SAABs are some of the safest cars on the damn road, always were and always ever will be.

Here is an excerpt about a recent tanker crash:

Thirty SAABs, being transported to this country from Sweden, were stored in the hold of a ship which encountered a major storm in the Atlantic, with winds in excess of gale force whipping waves to fortyand fifty-foot heights. As the waves thundered against the ship, the lashings securing the thirty automobiles were snapped and, to coin a phrase, all SAABs broke loose. To quote the captain of the vessel, "The cars bounced around the hold like ping pong balls in a cage."

When the cars were finally unloaded from the ship in New Haven, Conn., there was a curious reaction among many of those at the SAAB headquarters in the United States. We were sad at having lost 30 fine automobiles, but the sadness was tinged with pride-because not one of the 30 cars had its passenger compartment crushed. After being tossed around for hours, one car on top of another, not one SAAB had its roof penetrated or its doors buckled.

Another instance of SAAB durability occurred during a competition endurance race in Canada. A SAAB traveling at about 75 miles per hour encountered another car which had slowed suddenly. Seeking to avoid a collision, the SAAB swerved from its course and as a result turned two end-to-end somersaults and ended its forward momentum with five barrel rolls. The driver then unfas- tened his harness and crawled out of the car, which was lying on its side, through the windshield. (The windshield had popped out on the first som'ersault as it had been designed to do.) Although this crash involved speeds and stresses of far greater proportions than would normally be encountered in a "routine" highway accident, the main structure of the car had suffered no basic deformation and after five rolls the roof had not collapsed.

Finally, to prove the mettle of the car, SAAB staged a special ski event in Sweden in which a SAAB sedan was driven down a ski slope in a roll-over test. After a series of rolls the car righted itself and was driven away from the bottom of the slope. When the car was first designed in 1949, the aircraft engineers' objective was a five-passenger automobile which would combine high economy and dependable performance with maintenance-free operation and every known facet of safety. We believe one of the major contributions to performance and safety to be front wheel drive. Since the first SAAB, there have been three design changes-the latest in 1965-but the basic principles nave never been abandoned for the sake of styling. There have, however, been many improvements in the SAAB which were actual "improvements" rather than mere model changes. For example, the SAAB 96, which was introduced in 1960, has had more than 1500 improvements. Some of the major safety improvements since 1960 are:

Three-point shoulder harness Dual diagonal brake system Self-adjusting front brakes Tamper-proof lock Improved forward vision Dual rear-view mirrors Four-way emergency flasher....

Christopher King said...

So in other words, Dick Dow couldn't have picked a more inappropriate car in which to stage a crash, excepting a Volvo, Mercedes or perhaps BMW.

And no more unlikely person to point this out than a skinny black man from Cleveland Heights, Ohio, who has owned 7 SAABs, 4 BMWs and a Volvo.

15 Volvos in the family.

You can't bullshit me.

Anonymous said...

Today's Union Leader excerpt:

Guay completed 35 years in state and federal prisons for various offenses, including the 1973 murder of John Lindovski, 12, of Nashua.

"Considering the nature of Raymond Guay's crimes and the length of time he has spent in prison, it is critical that he be placed in a structured release program and closely monitored," state Attorney General Kelly A. Ayotte said in a statement.

While the AG continues to provide outstanding service, not only putting criminals away, but keeping them out of our State, you do nothing but blather on about her. Perhaps some day you will get past your warped anger for her and understand who matters to us (Ayotte) and who does not (you).

Christopher King said...


The Union Leader "Blathered" on about her too, remember?

"Killers at large -- AG's office silent."

So she puts away some people, BFD.

Never said she didn't.

What she DID do, however, is lie during the Franconia shooting investigation, and as much as you hate to admit it, things will come to light about that.

Good thing she tries to unlawfully collect DNA from NH youth, though.

PS: And for like the 40th time, you take your dumb jackass self back to the morning of 5/11 and find that I was complimenting Kelly on something she was doing properly in my opinion, helping douchebags like Rush Limbaugh with his pill addiction.

Wait until you see my 16 Sept. post on how Kelly put her foot in her mouth about my court costs.

Christopher King said...

I notice that blowhard had no response to me on that.

Kelly Ayotte is a farce.