04 September 2008

KingCast and Franconia Collective go to U.S. House with observed deviations from Homicide Protocol by NH AG Kelly Ayotte in Franconia.

First of all, by way of background and integrity -- or lack thereof -- we know that Attorney Ayotte doesn’t care when LE violate Miranda, as she has demonstrated on two prior occasions as noted this morning.

Second, here is our Introduction.

Third, as you read the probable deviations in the comments section (gleaned through discussions with learned LE) be aware of what Caleb Macaulay said in his interview, which I finally heard after the State gave me two (2) versions that did not play in a old SAAB Turbo, a brand-new BMW 335xi, a brand new MacBook, and old MacBook, an old PC laptop, or in a Sony Home Theatre system.

2:01:00 “I went down (ducked) and if I didn’t I would not be here today.”

1:57:50 “He was trying to work the 45 (Liko’s) and he had both guns pointed at me. He kept, like, trying to like while he was pointing the other gun he kept fumbling with each gun.”

2:03:50 “ He was trying to fumble with Liko’s gun I just remember him looking at it and cursing, and he had both guns pointed at me.”

He says more about how Floyd bragged about shooting Liko and how he told Floyd he would not pick up Liko’s gun despite Floyd’s directive to do so because he knew Floyd would shoot him (does the name “AJ Boisvert” ring a bell?) but for now let’s just focus on Floyd’s handling of the guns. And let’s remember the fact that Floyd went home with one of Liko’s live rounds in his pocket, and Trooper Cooper specifically told him that the investigators would be looking into the guns and how they got into the positions they were in, as noted in this crucial post.

Remember: In Boston they are under order to review five (5) cases for bad investigations in which “conclusions were reached that were not supported by the facts.”


Christopher King said...

Kelly Ayotte’s Deviations from norm:

1. No fingerprints taken of anything, particularly of Liko Kenney’s second clip. Frankly I think she’s lying because when I motioned for these in Court she fought me over it instead of saying “we don’t have any.” Later on she said “we don’t have any.” This is crucial because Floyd’s prints should not be on Liko’s second clip. Floyd said Liko was trying to load that magazine but it is entirely possible that he was not and that Floyd loaded it and hence the bullet he took home in his pocket.

2. Failure to handcuff Floyd, a possible murder and criminal threats suspect.

3. Failure to pat down Floyd, who took crucial evidence home with him in his pocket.

4. Failure to analyse from where Floyd commenced shooting vis a vis the several spent casings 30 feet from Liko Kenney’s car.

5. Failure to analyse whether Bruce McKay fired his weapon. If Bruce did not fire his weapon it means that all the spent McKay casings came from Floyd’s use of McKay’s weapon, and if it be so, then each and every shot has to be analysed for its propriety or lack thereof. In addition to issues involving Liko Kenney, this goes to the criminal threats issue regarding Caleb Macaulay as well. This is part of the pending RSA 91-A litigation on RSA 611:B-21 because the State will not release ANY autopsy or toxicology reports that would show the presence or absence of GSR on McKay’s hands. As Liko shot McKay from 20 feet away, outside, there would not be any GSR on Bruce McKay’s hands unless he fired his weapon.

6. Failure to accept the two corroborated versions from Caleb Macaulay and from Gregory P. Floyd (pdf p. 745) that Floyd did not speak to Liko Kenney prior to shooting him. See #6, infra.

7. Failure to accept the two first statements from Gregory W. Floyd that he did not speak to Liko Kenney prior to shooting him. See #5, infra.

8. Reaching a conclusion, seen at p. 42 of her official report, that Floyd was unarmed when he saw Liko Kenney’s car strike Bruce McKay, which is in direct contravention to the windshield bullet and to Gregory P. Floyd’s statements again at pdf. 745.

9. Failure to conduct any inquiry into the propriety or impropriety of the traffic stops, given that litigation revealed that Bruce McKay violated at least eight (8) clear cut pursuit and OC Spray policies and procedures.

10. Clearing a man like Floyd, with a known violent history and felony convictions, of any and all possible wrongdoing in about 24 hours, or nearly six (6) weeks before the ballistics report was issued, while withholding crucial military documents that show his propensity for lying.

11. There may be more, and we plan to file this before Oral Argument so that the U.S. House can be waiting for a copy of the Official Hearing Transcript, you bet. Or as Bruce would say via his vanity plates, “GOTCHA!”

12. Funny, my vanity plates read “CIVLRTS” so in some ways it’s CIVLRTS vs. GOTCHA.

KingCast: Not here to argue with trolls. Here to flush out the Truth with unrelenting tenacity instead.

Christopher King said...

From: "Ayotte, Kelly" Kelly.Ayotte@doj.nh.gov
To: "Harold Burbank II"
Cc: "Strelzin, Jeffery" Jeffery.Strelzin@doj.nh.gov; "Young, Jane" Jane.Young@doj.nh.gov
Sent: Tuesday, May 15, 2007 11:02 AM
Subject: RE: Liko Kenney

Dear Mr. Burbank,

Given that you have served as an Assistant AG, I am surprised that you would based[sic] your conclusions about a criminal case based on information described in blogs.[Yah, trust Kelly instead, sure bet there.....] As Attorney General, I based my conclusions on the investigation of this case. [You mean the ballistics tests that weren’t even back yet? Or the fact that Floyd’s own son, Floyd himself and Caleb Macaulay all say Floyd never spoke before shooting Liko Kenney and Floyd’s own son said that his pappy shot at Liko before Liko's car struck McKay?]

This case was investigated by the Major Crime Unit of our State Police, who had 20 investigators working on this case. [Yet somehow they allowed Floyd to go home with Liko Kenney’s live round in his pocket, and somehow they neglected to fingerprint the weapons and magazines as Kelly claimed after I asked for them?]

First, of all, there was no court order prohibiting or even mentioning that Corporal McKay could not stop Liko Kenney or had to seek other officers assistance. Although after Mr. Kenney took off after refusing to produce his license and registration, Cpl. McKay did call for backup which unfortunately did not arrive in time. [There is more on this coming, but more was said in that court hearing than appears in the order. Also, McKay called for backup then played head games with Liko by telling him he was not entitled to backup when Liko already specifically told McKay in 2003 “I am a mental health patient,” in the part of the Fox Hill video that Kelly and WMUR et al DID NOT post on YouTube. KingCast and the Franconia Collective posted it].

The majority of the incident was captured on video, including the initial stop and the shooting. In fact, on the tape you can see where Mr. Floyds truck is and where he witnessed the entire event and intervened. The witness statements were all consistent in describing Mr. Floyd's actions (including the passenger of Mr. Kenney's car). [This may be the biggest lie of Kelly Ayotte’s career. To the extent the statements are consistent, the corroborated version holds that Floyd never spoke to Liko Kenney, but yet and still the official version by the State, as regurgitated on ABC News 20/20, is that he did.]

There are also radio transmissions of his son on the police radio trying to get assistance as Mr. Floyd asked him to do as he intervened to assist the officer. There was no way for Mr. Floyd to know whether Cpl. McKay was still alive [If that is the case then he had no duty and no legal authority to act against Liko Kenney, whoops] and in fact, Emergency personnel described him as gasping for air when they got there. Based on NH law, and all the detailed interviews of all those present at the scene (including residents of the home in the area) and the video, we made our conclusions that no criminal actions would be brought against Mr. Floyd and I stand by that conclusion. [So the conclusion was made well before 15 May, and probably by 12 May]

With respect to the shooting itself, Cpl. McKay never even had his hand on his gun, when Mr. Kenney shot him multiple times. [But what did it look like to Liko after being OC Sprayed and seeing McKay holding something in his hand, down by his side, after McKay had just violated 8 pursuit and OC Spray policies?]

In fact, Cpl. McKay was turning away from him. Even after shooting him, he then proceeded to run him over and pinned him under the car. The police officer was murdered and Mr. Kenney's action[sic] were in no way justified. I understand you feel differently, but the facts demonstrate otherwise and this was thoroughly investigated.[Thoroughly investigated??? Please, spare me the nonsense we don’t even know how that bullet hole got in Liko Kenney’s windshield except that Floyd’s son said it came from his father, BEFORE Liko ever ran over McKay……and you never once investigated the situation behind the “43 Kills” that Floyd claimed to have made, given that you knew he was never in Vietnam as noted by a U.S. Military document (seen as document #1) that you withheld from the World public, Judge Vaughn let you get away with it but I won’t……and you also lied at p. 42 of your official report:

"Floyd was unarmed at the time he witnessed Liko Kenney shoot Cpl. McKay and then strike Cpl. McKay with his vehicle."]……he was not. He shot at Liko Kenney BEFORE Liko’s car struck McKay.

Feel free to contact your Senator.

Kelly Ayotte
[Attorney Burbank and others are going to do a whole lot more than just contact a Senator, Kelly. We have gone to National radio shows and are going to the U.S. House, and I have just sued you again using information gleaned in the first lawsuit because the application of RSA 611:B-21 in this case means that the public apparently has no right to know if Bruce McKay fired his weapon or if Gregory Floyd is lying about the number of times he shot. You gave Attorney Burbank a directive, and he and others are going to follow it. Suit yourself.]

Anonymous said...

Dude - come up with some new material. Your posts are getting silly. You just puke the same vomit. This this all you have?

When people cut and paste the same stuff on your blog over and over, you call them tools. What the hell do you do? The same thing is all.

Christopher King said...


Dude, get a brain.

It's called refining your points using the scraps of information that the government metes out with a medicine dropper.

The same information may be used for different purposes.

The most effective purpose for the information is to articulate clear cut deviation from protocol, which is what we have done.

Have a nice day, and run along back to Topix with the rest of the trolls.

Christopher King said...


We will have new material when Kelly gives up the material we've been asking for on Jarvis, Dion, the Nashua PD who impersonated AG staff, the missing 43 seconds of audio and more!

It's going to be a new material extravaganza!

And I particularly know that you hate it when people impersonate AG's and attorneys, so I can count on your support when I ask Kelly to make sure those Nashua LE are appropriately disciplined.


Christopher King said...


And hot damn, while I'm at it, listening to Caleb's interview with those comments is brand new because the first two discs were inoperable, fool.

New material, hah.

You remind me of an old joke, goes like this I'll clean it up for the Internet:

A man has an affair on his wife.

When he is caught, he says, "I just wanted some new material."

She looks at him and says,

"You silly fool if you had a better widget you could get two more inches of material right here at home."

That's you, the one with no widget.

Anonymous said...

I could not help but notice the city investigator who is going through the garbage of the supposed gay firemen in the movie: "I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry" has a liscense plate that says "GOTCHA"

The director or writer obviously felt that would tell us what a jackass this guy was.

Anonymous said...

Let us put aside the fact this was a double homocide with a BIZZARE story and background to the story and just focus on a policeman being killed.

How do LE in that state believe at all that Ayotte is on thier side when she refused to have any kind of investigation. Balistics, finger prints, toxicolog, inventory of vehicles, background and so on and so fourth. I have to wonder if anywhere else in the country has a murder of a police office had the case closed and decided so quickly.

Even when their is video of the entire incident with no missing video and audio or 100 witnesses .. it takes time. Government NEVER works this quickly unless it is corrupt or hiding something.

I would never want to be LE in this state as if I was ever murdered I would want to know that it was fully investigated.

PS. I certainly didn't see any video of Mckay being shot (just Liko firing). For all I know Floyd shot him. Did they even check the ballistics from his body? I am fairly certain this is not the case but an investigator never makes assumptions like this when evidence is available. Take it a step further (for the LE lovers who think they never do any wrong), did they ever check Caleb for gun shot resedue to see if he fired a weapon?

Did they really close this case on contradictory statements from a clear mental case with a history of drug use (PCP!!) and violent past be it some of it wishful thinking in that he killed more than 30 people???

Anyone who has any opinion in this case is clearly liar to all of us and themselves if they say this was handled any other descriptive way than an incompetent failure.

Anonymous said...

Let me clarify ... any person who believes Ayotte hadled this anything less than an absolute failure is a liar,

Cops make mistakes but she ended this investigation and prevented any further evidence testing that mostly now can never be done.

I am convinced anyone on this board who defends her in some way works for her. The same goes for those who attack and try to discredit Chris.

Regardless of what Chris is, was or his motivations ... he is doing something here that is right for this state and simply asking for leaders (who work for him and all of you) to be held accountable and to come clean with facts that you all have the right to know.

And I personally hope Chris writes a book or works on real movie of this event and makes tons of money. Why shouldn't he for doing something right? You are paying this women in charge of LE in your state a lot of money (and she is or will profit in many other ways) and she wants to deny you all the facts and at the very minimum the full truth.

Anonymous said...

Great Link to a criminal defense lawyer speaking about arrest, resisting arrest and legaly resisting excessive use of force ... http://www.videojug.com/interview/getting-arrested

I thought it makes clear things have been stating all along about the first arrest of Liko.

Anonymous said...

When she "violates" miranda/law/policies/protocols she places the cases in jeapordy harming the integrity of the process thru judicial system.

In the Briggs case she has made the task difficult for the prosecution.

Christopher King said...

JP thanks for the heads up.

It's good to hear from you.

I have a crazy case to cover this morning in Cambridge but will check that link later.

As to the gay firemen and GOTCHA! I don't think Bruce was gay but I most certainly DO think he put his junk in Liko's face as a power trip, back in 2002.



PS: The name of my book will be "Letters to Kelly," but again I'm in no hurry. This case is just getting started after a year of the government stringing us along.

Christopher King said...

PS: But OTOH, I could think of a million ways to power trip on a dude and none of them would include putting my junk in his face.

Just sayin'.