01 September 2008

Hey KingCast, what happened to the 15 May 2008 email from NH AG Kelly Ayotte where she materially lied to Harold Burbank, Esq?

Funny I’ve only had two items show up in the 404 about this case, and one was the tyre tracks from Bruce McKay violating Town policy to ram Liko Kenney’s car. This one, from the Res Ipsa One post proves that her investigation was complete in a day or so. Odd that they are two of the most compelling images. So anyway I’ve taken this time to post Kelly’s volume of lies with my annotations to scribd.com(coming up) and in the comments section.

Note that in another email I have from her she says about Attorney Burbank, “I was miffed,” or words of identical import, as Strelzin agrees with her. Excuse me, but as a professional attorney you’re supposed to be beyond that, and not put so much of yourself into your cases.

Read in pari materia to this post.

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Christopher King said...

From: "Ayotte, Kelly" Kelly.Ayotte@doj.nh.gov
To: "Harold Burbank II"
Cc: "Strelzin, Jeffery" Jeffery.Strelzin@doj.nh.gov; "Young, Jane" Jane.Young@doj.nh.gov
Sent: Tuesday, May 15, 2007 11:02 AM
Subject: RE: Liko Kenney

Dear Mr. Burbank,

Given that you have served as an Assistant AG, I am surprised that you would based your conclusions about a criminal case based on information described in blogs. As Attorney General, I based my conclusions on the investigation of this case. [You mean the ballistics tests that weren’t even back yet? Or the fact that Floyd’s own son, Floyd himself and Caleb Macaulay all say Floyd never spoke before shooting Liko Kenney and Floyd’s own son said that he shot at Liko before his car struck McKay?]

This case was investigated by the Major Crime Unit of our State Police, who had 20 investigators working on this case. [Yet somehow they allowed Floyd to go home with Liko Kenney’s live round in his pocket, and somehow they neglected to fingerprint the weapons and magazines as Kelly claimed after I asked for them?]

First, of all, there was no court order prohibiting or even mentioning that Corporal McKay could not stop Liko Kenney or had to seek other officers assistance. Although after Mr. Kenney took off after refusing to produce his license and registration, Cpl. McKay did call for backup which unfortunately did not arrive in time. [There is more on this coming, but more was said in that court hearing than appears in the order. Also, McKay called for backup then played head games with Liko by telling him he was not entitled to backup when Liko already specifically told McKay in 2003 “I am a mental health patient,” in the part of the Fox Hill video that Kelly and WMUR et al DID NOT post on YouTube. KingCast and the Franconia Collective posted it].

The majority of the incident was captured on video, including the initial stop and the shooting. In fact, on the tape you can see where Mr. Floyds truck is and where he witnessed the entire event and intervened. The witness statements were all consistent in describing Mr. Floyd's actions (including the passenger of Mr. Kenney's car). [This may be the biggest lie of Kelly Ayotte’s career. To the extent the statements are consistent, the corroborated version holds that Floyd never spoke to Liko Kenney, but yet and still the official version by the State, as regurgitated on ABC News 20/20, is that he did.]

There are also radio transmissions of his son on the police radio trying to get assistance as Mr. Floyd asked him to do as he intervened to assist the officer. There was no way for Mr. Floyd to know whether Cpl. McKay was still alive [If that is the case then he had no duty and no legal authority to act against Liko Kenney, whoops] and in fact, Emergency personnel described him as gasping for air when they got there. Based on NH law, and all the detailed interviews of all those present at the scene (including residents of the home in the area) and the video, we made our conclusions that no criminal actions would be brought against Mr. Floyd and I stand by that conclusion. [So the conclusion was made well before 15 May, and probably by 12 May]

With respect to the shooting itself, Cpl. McKay never even had his hand on his gun, when Mr. Kenney shot him multiple times. [But what did it look like to Liko after being OC Sprayed and seeing McKay holding something in his hand, down by his side, after McKay had just violated 8 pursuit and OC Spray policies?]

In fact, Cpl. McKay was turning away from him. Even after shooting him, he then proceeded to run him over and pinned him under the car. The police officer was murdered and Mr. Kenney's action[sic] were in no way justified. I understand you feel differently, but the facts demonstrate otherwise and this was thoroughly investigated.[Thoroughly investigated??? Please, spare me the nonsense we don’t even know how that bullet hole got in Liko Kenney’s windshield except that Floyd’s son said it came from his father, BEFORE Liko ever ran over McKay……and you never once investigated the situation behind the “43 Kills” that Floyd claimed to have made, given that you knew he was never in Vietnam as noted by this U.S. Military document that you withheld from the World public, Judge Vaughn let you get away with it but I won’t……and you also lied at p. 42 of your official report:

"Floyd was unarmed at the time he witnessed Liko Kenney shoot Cpl. McKay and then strike Cpl. McKay with his vehicle."……he was not. He shot at Liko Kenney BEFORE Liko’s car struck McKay].

Feel free to contact your Senator.

Kelly Ayotte
[Attorney Burbank and others are going to do a whole lot more than just contact a Senator, Kelly. We have gone to National radio shows and are going to the U.S. House, and I have just sued you again because the application of RSA 611:B-21 in this case means that the public apparently has no right to know if Bruce McKay fired his weapon or if Gregory Floyd is lying about the number of times he shot. You gave Attorney Burbank a directive, and he and others are going to follow it. Suit yourself.]

Christopher King said...

KingCast goes to Colonel Frederick Booth on Franconia Shooting Tragedy.

Monday, September 1, 2008 8:34 AM
"Christopher King" kingjurisdoctor@yahoo.com
Add sender to Contacts
Andrew.Paparella@abc.com, Kelly.Ayotte@doj.nh.gov, Jeffery.Strelzin@doj.nh.gov, Joanne.Robbins@doj.nh.gov, graftonca@yahoo.com, ray.burton4@gte.net, John.Gallus@leg.state.nh.us, robert.letourneau@leg.state.nh.us, martha.mcleod@leg.state.nh.us, townclerk@franconianh.org, dmullen@ranspell.com.....

Dear Attorneys Ayotte and Strelzin:

I hope this email finds you in Good Spirits at the close of your Holiday weekend.

When you return to work this week you should receive Service on KingCast v. McLeod et al. Meanwhile I look forward to explanation on the missing 43 seconds of Grafton Dispatch 5/11 audio and provide these two posts for your consideration, the first of which involves Kelly's documented lies to Attorney Harold Burbank.



01 September 2008
Hey KingCast, what happened to the 15 May 2008 email from NH AG Kelly Ayotte where she materially lied to Harold Burbank, Esq?

Anonymous said...

There is no material lie here. What in Christ's name are you reading? Can you read at all may be the better question. You are the one who lies here, there is no mention of the word "miffed".

Go back to bed!

Christopher King said...


You stupid jackass read more carefully:

"Note that in another email...."

The "miffed" quote is in a DIFFERENT EMAIL, you want me to produce it for you I will.

And if you can't see the material lies here, you need to get your back to school materials ready.

Today is Labor Day after all, time for you to get schooled.

Christopher King said...

PS: And most definitely do NOT bring Christ's name into this because he was nowhere around for those 12 years that Bruce McKay ran the Franconia PD.

Anonymous said...

Of course it is another email. Like everything else you write, it's bullshit. You make claims "in other emails" but don't produce them. You see, jackass, your word means nothing due to your lying corrupt past - so when you make a claim, YES, print it or else none of else will believe you.

You brought the doubt unto yourself for Christ's sake, so live with it. Stop making claims without proof!!!

Christopher King said...


No my friend, Kelly is the the one not being truthful, and I said it was in another email from the get-go. You're just so stupid and had the red-mist in your eyes you couldn't see straight.

And I looked it up in this post, it was indeed miffed:

In another one Kelly says in her factually questionable response to an email from Attorney X on 15 May "You can tell I was miffed," but Jeffery Strelzin told her "Great reply Kelly."

You can doubt me all you want to, it really doesn't matter. Frankly, you're not worth me going through the non-JPEG'd email files right now.

Here's some other emails disrespectful toward the Public Defender and Mark Sisti.

Christopher King said...


Dispute any of these my friend, with cold hard facts:

1. Gregory W. Floyd went home with Liko’s live round in his pocket, which is consistent with him putting the second magazine in Liko’s gun and ejecting a round. Floyd is the only person who has stated that Liko was trying to insert his second magazine.

2. Trooper Cooper directly told Gregory W. Floyd that this information was crucial to the investigation. To quote,

"Later our crime scene people are going to be taking those weapons and my question is what state is it gonna' be in now and how did it get to that state."

3. You covered up for Gregory W. Floyd from the beginning, when you failed to provide document #1 to the World public, showing that Floyd lied about Vietnam action.

4. You and Attorney Strelzin continued to cover up for Floyd by quoting his third, unsubstantiated statement that he spoke to Liko Kenney before firing when his first two statements -- supported by his own son and Caleb Macaulay -- were directly contrary. I documented those statements against interest right here.

5. You failed to explain how several spent McKay casings appear 30 feet from Liko Kenney’s car if Floyd was standing next to Liko’s car and talking with him. The pictures don't lie.

6. You failed to explain whether or not Bruce McKay fired any rounds or if Floyd fired all of the six (6) or more bullets from McKay’s gun. Floyd claimed he shot only once or twice, but his son said he shot at least three (3) more times.

7. You and Attorney Strelzin initially lied to the public when you said that Floyd drove his vehicle to a position between McKay and Liko Kenney when in fact his son parked it in between Liko and his route of intended travel to Tamarack Tennis camp where he wanted a witness to McKay’s actions.

8. You and Attorney Strelzin closed this case more than a month before you even had the ballistics report, which is dated 20 June, 2007 one/two. That has to violate homicide protocol, remember guys, I’m a former AAG who has successfully litigated police cases in private practice as a clerk and attorney.

9. There also appears to be missing audio from Grafton Dispatch, although I will clear that up with NPR correspondent Tom LeCompte, who is about to retrieve that audio from your office today.

With all due respect counsel, you clearly said you would re-open the investigation if new evidence appeared. Well as you closed this case within 24 hours (as opposed to the cases of Anthony Jarvis and the insane Concord friendly-fire situation at the credit union that will take months) all of this is “new evidence.”

You and Jeff have, among other things, thoroughly insulted Michele and Davey Kenney and the entire North Country. Some people may be upset with me but they would have no reason to be upset with me if you had done your jobs with honor and integrity in the first place. Now we can do it via Washington or you can do it yourself. Either way, you’re going to do it. The choice is yours.

Willona Woods said...

When are you going to ascend to your senior executive throne?


Liarhead. Coconut headed racist. Salad tosser. Mixer of truth with lies.

Christopher King said...


Pretty soon. We're discussing things right now and it's going to be a beautiful thing.

You seem like you're doing pretty well sitting on your permanent throne, right in there with all of the rest of your stank.

And your stank friends at Topix.

I see no response to the last series of questions I set forth for you.


Anonymous said...

You are making it all up. Liar. Not about Franconia. About you. There is no job.

Christopher King said...


Oh, sure there is, and when the program is fully implemented in January you'll hear all about it.

What there is not -- from you -- is any substantive discussion about Case No. 08-E-192, because you are wholly incapable of rational thought.

If you were capable of rational thought you would know that I do not hate Kelly Ayotte' in fact the very post in which someone wrote in to me about the Franconia shooting tragedy contained a compliment to her for her work on the prescription drug additions problem facing Rush Limbaugh and the entire country.

Take a look.

You braying jackass. Go join your Sasquatch buddy over at Topix where you no longer discuss the 5/11 tragedy but instead spend all of your waking hours obsessing over me.

What a trip.

Anonymous said...

Oh dickweed, its part of the game, live with it. Some have to point out what a fraud you are, and not even countenance the bs paper you are throwing around - come on, to do so would be to legitimize you in some way. Its really about pointing out that you are nothing more than an entertainer, a funny one, but nothing else. So obsessing about you is inaccurate -being diligent about not giving you any quarter is more accurate.

Christopher King said...


I'm more entertained by thinking of Snowy clawing at her face out of self-loathing, or images of you, the cowardly lion mating up with Sasquatch.

But Senator Tarr, on the other hand, he's more concerned about legislative issues that I initiated, and that's why we are meeting this Thursday afternoon, 4 September 2008.

Robert Taylor's Law.

Christopher King said...


So put your spin on that.

Better yet, sit on your thumb and spin.

You do that rather well as the other bosses at Topix pass you around on wheels with a beer coaster on your head.