30 September 2008

Forensic Professional blasts NH AG Kelly Ayotte investigation of Michael Paulhus police shooting; finds destroyed ballistics and clothing evidence.

Those of you coming in from liveleak watch the linked movie and read the lawsuit affidavits from area Law Enforcement, a private investigator and me. Bruce McKay terrorized those he did not like, and his wife got a TRO on him and moved to a safe house around the time she gave birth to their only child. I am a former Law Enforcement attorney and this case stinks, that is why two lawyers are now suing the town and a former town selectmen admitted that Bruce McKay was out of control and not being policed properly himself.
Note: Top photo is of the Franconia shooting tragedy crime scene/Liko Kenney self-defense or manslaughter scene in which the spent casings clearly prove the Gregory Floyd started shooting about 30 feet away from Liko Kenney's car, in direct contradiction to the lying AG Kelly Ayotte Official Report. If I had no basis for such a declaration they would have sued me to shut me down, duh.

New Hampshire -- For Immediate Release.

New York forensic specialist Paul Erwin Kish (Principles of bloodstain pattern analysis) issued a three-page report on the 2004 Michael Paulhus shooting that specifically outlines the destruction of evidence rampant in the investigation of that shooting. Click each thumbnail above to view the report. As one can see, there was no trajectory evaluation and the spots where the projectiles touched the Paulhus van on the steering wheel, passenger side headrest and passenger side door panel were all disassembled pursuant to a last-minute search warrant executed by the State Police.

Also, "The clothing of Mr. Paulhus was apparently never collected. Had the shirt been collected it may have assisted in establishing muzzle-to-target range."

From Paulhus:
“The Defendant’s waiver of his Miranda rights was involuntary as it was induced by the trickery and deceit of the officers, particularly Det. Maloney…. In this case, Det. Maloney and Sgt. Parenteau misrepresented the nature of their investigation from the moment they entered the interrogation room with the defendant....Motion to Suppress GRANTED.
-Judge Bernard J. Hampsey, Jr., June 30 2005

The investigation took place under the auspices Attorney Ayotte, who came to office shortly after Governor Benson asked her predecessor, Peter Heed, to leave office after a sex scandal that erupted during a sexual harassment seminar.

Here are the JPEG'd responses from Attorney Ayotte regarding a recent FOIA/Right-to-Know document request on the Paulhus file. They are niggardly responses because Ayotte knows that her office has a pattern and practice of dereliction of duty regarding the Paulhus and Liko Kenney shootings. Here is some ballistics and spent casings information on the Franconia shooting (pictured above) that proves Kelly Ayotte cannot be trusted with a major crimes investigation.

Watch for Paulhus to become a factor when it is added in an Amended Complaint in the pending case of KingCast v. McLeod, Franconia and Ayotte, 08-E-192.

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Anonymous said...

How reassuring that our tax dollars are being used to better the system(s) for the people (NOT).

This is a yet another story that would define the statement of "organized crime" within New Hampshire law enforcement.

Quite the resume Kelly Ayotte will leave the New Hampshire Attorney General's office with.

When will it stop ?