08 August 2008

Zen and the Art of Computer and Motorcycle Maintenance in the Franconia Shooting Tragedy part deux.

Okay so this was part un with my BMW buddy Nicole, one of very few female Certified Master Mechanics. Her Ducati 620 Monster (yellow) is on the block folks for those of you interested you can be sure it is mechanically 110%.

But today the Principal of Empire State Computer took it to another level. See, years ago he was a professional skier from Serbia who used to watch Bode all the time back in the Day when shaped skis first hit Big. So he's been following the issues of this case and when he knew there were issues with my transport he pulled a MacGyver on me and in a matter of minutes everything was All Good.

Intermittent Headlight: Fixed
Brake light/directionals: Fixed
Carburetor diaphram: Fixed after BMW sent me the wrong part. Dude just took the old one and superglued it back together. It was awesome.

Now see he's done a lot of work for the U.S. Government too but we're not going to get into that here. But if you have a computer or a vintage motorcycle to fix, or anything else electronic, awry, he's Your Man.



Anonymous said...

wonderin' when you'd drop Bode's name. He wants nothin' to do with you.

Anonymous said...

Make no mistake - Bode Miller is a pin-stick just like this clown. If he was not he and his murderous family would come out and tell this nut to shut the hell up. They don't because they love the attention this mutt is given to their murdering little puke of a nephew. Make no mistake, Miller is not better than his nephew (or this wack-job for that matter)!

Anonymous said...

King wouldn't listen no more than he listened to his client 10 years ago when she wanted to drop the case and Kingstool wouldn't. Thta is in part reason why he is suspended from practicing law.