01 August 2008

Stupid Douchebag reminds KingCast of his RSA 91-A/FOIA/First Amendment successes in New Hampshire.

Some tool keeps rolling up in here, stuck to the bottom of my Cole-Haans like a piece of rotted dog poop to bring up Nashua Telegraph story about the bogus indictment against me when I was NAACP Legal Chair. So for the newbies I figure I'll recap that event with the story from the Union Leader and note that the same Telegraph reporter, Al McKeon, followed up with Alderman Teeboom and me in another story about Civil Liberties and the First Amendment. He-heh. This is my comment from yesterday's post, noting that one of Casey Sherman's old friends is also a good friend of mine who brought my snowboarding to a new level. Mr. Sherman -- a critically-acclaimed writer -- is writing a 2009 book about the Franconia shooting tragedy.
Hahahaha............ let's see what Al McKeon wrote next about me in this Nashua Telegraph feature.

(Thanks for reminding me you stupid douchebag.)

“Dissent is not what it used to be,” Teeboom said Tuesday in an hour-long interview at City Hall. King sat to his right at a meeting room table, and the pair discussed the First Amendment with an ease that suggested they’ve worked together for years.

“We made it possible for other people to come forward,” King said Tuesday, a day after the board overturned the policy. “We protected the rights of people who didn’t know they needed protecting.”

To Teeboom, 68, and King, 41, their advocacy represented another fight in the larger war to win back liberties they say have sharply eroded over the years, particularly after the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001.

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Christopher King said...

It's going to take a lot more than a bunch of Internet trolls to stop the movement of the people toward Washington, DC to give Kelly Ayotte and her minions a date with the Congressional Record in a couple of months.

Read the introduction here.

Anonymous said...

Was Streeter still the Mayor on November 7, 2007? It says Mayor on the bottom of the computer generated certificate, but was he still in that position at the time. I thought he had moved on by that time.

Christopher King said...


Nope, Bernie -- a 30 year veteran of the Governor's/Executive Council -- was still Mayor.

That's why you can see him award me the Certificate in this picture.

See the name on the dais?

The election had not even been held yet.


tingirl said...

After reading the comments for the last few days,it seems to me that the closer you get to the actions you will be taking, the more the anonymous poster spews. I do not recall this happening in the past. Is it because he is atempting to distract both you and your supporters from the case at hand?

It takes great courage to put yourself out there like you have and to continue to fight for the truth.

Anonymous said...

Published: Wednesday, June 22, 2005

City man indicted for extortion attempt

By ALBERT McKEON, Telegraph Staff

A Nashua man was indicted for trying to extort the town of Jaffrey by falsely claiming he represented the NAACP and demanding $65,000 restitution for the arrest of a black man.

Christopher King acted on his own in seeking compensation for what he described as civil- rights violations in the 2003 arrest of Willie Toney for loitering, Jaffrey police and the NAACP’s Nashua chapter said Tuesday. King also did not advise the NAACP that his law license had been revoked for previous misconduct, the Nashua chapter’s vice president said.

“We got duped,” said Melanie Levesque, the chapter vice president. “I just hope we can move forward from here.”

King had worked as the chapter’s legal redress chairman on a volunteer basis, and the position called for him only to refer people to lawyers, Levesque said. He did not have the right to act as an attorney, Levesque said.

But King denied in an interview that he requested payment without NAACP knowledge. King claims he sent the Nashua and Boston NAACP chapters copies of his correspondence to Jaffrey Police Chief Martin Dunn, and also discussed at chapter meetings his actions on behalf of Toney.

King also denies that he presented himself as an attorney to Jaffrey police, and said he never hid the fact that his law license had been suspended by the Ohio Supreme Court.

“They threw me under the bus,” King said of NAACP officials. “They had complete knowledge, and every single letter.”

King, 40, of 15 Beasom St., is charged with the class B felony crime of attempted extortion. A Cheshire County grand jury handed up the indictment Monday, Dunn said.

In 2003, Jaffrey police arrested Toney after two undercover officers spotted him entering a closed auto parts store, exiting the building for a time and then reentering, Dunn said. Police officers chased a fleeing Toney and arrested him for loitering, a charge the district court later dropped, Dunn said.

King still alleges that the officers drew their guns on Toney and strip-searched him without probable cause because he is black. Toney’s friend, who is white and accompanied him to the area, did not receive the same scrutiny, King said.

But Dunn denies his officers mistreated Toney or that race was a factor.

“There was no touching, no racial comments,” Dunn said. Had Toney’s white friend acted in the same suspicious manner as Toney, he would have been arrested, Dunn said.

King’s claims of civil rights violations and a demand of $65,000 on NAACP letterhead, sent in December, thus startled Dunn, the chief said.

“These were very serious allegations,” Dunn said. “I looked into them quite seriously. I thought the NAACP was legitimately contacting me. I don’t want a police officer acting inappropriately. But there was no basis to it, and the complaint was from 18 months previous.”

Toney, in fact, had never complained about mistreatment until King contacted the town, Dunn said. King told Toney that he wanted 15 percent of the $65,000, Dunn said.

Dunn ultimately discovered that King acted without NAACP approval, and at that point, “I couldn’t give him $5,” the chief said. And when Jaffrey police notified King that the department knew of King’s actual standing with the NAACP, King threatened to call a press conference to discuss the alleged civil rights violations, Dunn said.

The NAACP does not litigate, or threaten to sue any party, Levesque said.

“He’s very energetic and was eager to make the chapter work. That’s why we brought him on board,” Levesque said. “It seemed he was going to do wonderful things with his experience with law, but (a legal aide) also (needs) to follow the guidelines of the NAACP and not put our chapter at risk.”

The Nashua chapter had no knowledge of King’s intervention on Toney’s behalf, nor had any details of Toney’s case, Levesque said. When the NAACP ultimately contacted Toney, he said King had sought him, she said.

Levesque said she was not aware of King’s status with the Ohio bar, and that as soon as the Nashua chapter learned of his communication with Jaffrey police he was relieved of his duties as legal redress chairman. An NAACP legal aide does not need to be an attorney, and the person in that position should not act as one, she said.

King was suspended from the bar in 2001 but the suspension was not imposed so long as he met certain conditions, said Doris Roach, a clerk at the Ohio Supreme Court. However, he did not meet those conditions and was suspended in 2002. He has not reapplied to the bar and was found in contempt, Roach said.

Ohio’s high court found that King, when representing a woman who slipped outside her apartment building, had a friend who was also an attorney call the woman’s former landlord pretending to be another landlord running a tenant check. King’s friend recorded the telephone conversation, in which the former landlord disapproved of the woman as a tenant, and King then amended his suit to include a slander count against the former landlord, the Supreme Court found.

The New Hampshire Bar Association does not recognize King, and he is not licensed to practice in this state, Dunn said

Christopher King said...


Yes, it has happened before, check the Shoo-Fly chronicles. The distractions are a hassle but never keep me from filing when I say I'm going to file.

Plus now I have a pat answer I'll save in Word because Ms. McLeod or whomever it is posts up every time.




You forgot to mention of course that the charges were all DISMISSED and Chief Dunn was FIRED and his Prosecutor Bill Albrecht slimed his way out the door under an ethics investigation.

"Allegations included Albrecht displaying intimidating behavior with certain employees, breaking into tirades, belittling employees and asking employees to use county equipment and time to drum up support for his campaign...among other things."

You also forgot about the part when Gloria Timmons and Chief Dunn lied under Oath, but I appreciate you giving me the chance to show that to the World.

Timmons lying under Oath.

Dunn lying under Oath.

You and me, we make a Good Team.

Peace out.

Anonymous said...


You forgot to mention of course that the charges were all DISMISSED and Chief Dunn was FIRED and his Prosecutor Bill Albrecht slimed his way out the door under an ethics investigation.

Thank you for pointing this out, Mr. King.

As I said before, this one is the spin doctor, if I ever saw one. Yet, here "Anonymous Nut" is daily to warn the world of your torrid past.

How bout some of these people give us their names and we can check their credit scores and credit debt, what late night sites they visit or visit while at work, what kind of trouble they and their own children have gotten in with the law, if friends or family have ever given them a loan or just paid their bills for them, etc., and then we can ask who is throwing stones at glass houses. Who gives a crap about the things they are talking about. This is a situation that was left for too long and resulted in the loss of human lives. It needs to not happen again. I don't care who takes a stand or if their are personal feelings (and or motives) attached. Taking a stand counts. period. Most people don't because it does come at a personal loss! For someone to sit around and criticize to this extent when someone does is just gross IMO.

tingirl said...


Thank you for putting into words that which I have not been able to.In my own inept way that is what I was trying to say about the courage it takes to put ones self out there like this. To repeatedly attack with something that is so obviously old and inaccurate news is cowardice in the highest form.

Anonymous said...

Why do each of you cry afoul that you are being attacked, when you all have made it your lives work to go after all of these government officials. You can not have it both ways. If you cast stones, be prepared for them to be thrown back at you. I chuckle as I watch how upset you all get. Do you not think that the McKay family might feel badly about what you say of their son/fiancé/father? Just for a moment, get past your unbridled anger and see what you are doing to the lives of others. And for what, because Chris King acted like a buffoon and the state (and NAACP for that matter) did not stand for it. Let your silly arguments continue, file your goofy nothing will come of them lawsuits all you want. So long as you understand the human element involved in the attacks you portray on others. I can tell by how upset Chris and his friends get when you are all reminded that he too (King) has faults and has made mistakes. By you getting upset, you show that you do understand the human element. Why is that so bad. I guess, in the end, try to be less nasty and more productive - perhaps your past will not be thrown in your collective faces.

So long as you continue to act as nasty as you do - calling people liars, murders and the like - then handle your own nasty ass past and quite being such a baby about it!!

Anonymous said...

King's title is "Stupid Douchbag"

That is okay with you meatheads? Give me a break!! Cry all you guys want -

Christopher King said...


You can call me whatever the hell you want to, and point out whatever failed prosecutions that you want to, but it won't change the FACT that McKay violated express policies and that he was a walking liability to the town, nor will it change the FACT that Kelly Ayotte, the highest law enforcement officer in the State, willfully and knowingly LIED.

Now as to who acted like a buffon, you can say what you want to say but it wasn't I who lied under Oath during all of that.

And besides, the handwritten notes of Attorney Amodeo-Vickery and the case law of NAACP v. Button stand in direct opposition to what you are trying to say.

It is perfectly legal to write a Demand Letter on behalf of someone who has faced 3 drawn police guns and a visual body cavity search for LOITERING, which he beat without a lawyer.

Newbies read the actual police reports right here.

Also, you will find that I can "take" whatever you have to say just fine, even the stupid hateful remarks on Topix about somebody "bending my ass over" and blah blah blah.

It's ABC news 20/20 who cut comments from their pages, but again, I never cut any from mine.

Thanks for stopping by.

Anonymous said...

Your welcome and believe it or not, I enjoyed stopping by. I will say this, there is more than one person taking you to task,, however, I only take you to task and do not incite with bigoted remarks, as I had read written the other day. Frankly, that is wrong. My point, if it matters at all, is that you are driven by personal anger and not by some high morale code from whence you came. Clearly, given your past transgressions, that is evident. However, the things you say are hurtful to many people, whether it is your intent or not to hurt the McKay family, that is what you do. You say you do not get upset by the comments, but you certainly do. My point is this – you are so quick to call others names; liars, murderers, liabilities and the like – yet when someone responses to you vileness you get angry; you call names and threaten lawsuit. Do you not see the hypocrisy. I also do not believe these “minions” of yours exists. I would bet they are creations of your mind and you use these “minions” to “comment” as if they support your position. What position to you have that can be supported? That someone is a “douche bag?” Are you blinded by your anger that you do not see what you are perpetrating here. I understand you are upset, but you give no consideration to the many innocent people you hurt along the way as you vent that anger.

If you believe your position is righteous, then simply file the proper paperwork and let the process go. Update your “minions” as to the progress of your complaints. You do not do that, you accuse, insult and defame every chance you get. Therefore, people like me, who actually believe that there are many problems with government that need correcting, can’t help but be disgusted about how you go about trying to effect change. You see, it is not change you want, it is your pound of flesh!

Ease up with the personal nature of your quest and you might actually find more people in your corner.

Anonymous said...

THERE is no McKay family - the McKay family disintergrated a long time ago, N.B. McKay - divorced and his parents - divorced.

Anonymous said...

Cpl. McKay has a family - not to mention his children. Did you not witness his daughter try to give his eulogy, but could not because she broke down. Regardless how angry you are about getting caught being unethical, it has nothing to do with such innocents as his children. Utterly shameful - you and the lot who supposedly comment (again, I'm sure it is you). Precisely why you don't get it. Your anger blinds you. How very sad, very sad indeed.

Christopher King said...


I have a long, long track record of working for the oppressed. As you can see, I successfully work with any reasonable person or entity, like the Nashua School Board, got a Commendation from the Mayor (himself a 30 year Governor's/Executive Council member) and served on his Ethnic Awareness Committee.

At present, I am also helping to put together a program in North Country that will bring together a broad coalition of people "my minions" as you say to approach the U.S. House and speak to a HUGE media outlet that I'm not getting into right now.

So then, where is that history to which I refer? Some, but hardly all of it, is right here for your review:

Education Coalition, 1992.

High school feature, 2005

Nashua Telegraph Editorial, 2007 on prevailing on First Amendment, Right-to-Know issue.

BACKGROUND: The Nashua Board of Education, under threat of a lawsuit, has reversed its previous policy of not allowing members of the public to comment on school personnel during the public comment section of its meetings.

CONCLUSION: The school board has done the right thing and this should be a first step in reframing how the board deals with the public."

Email from Lawrence mother Izzy Figueroa in a First Amendment battle over her daughter's dress code, 2008.

"First and foremost I want to say THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH! You are an angel. I feel it is very important for everyone to know what an impact you have made in our community by empowering parents such as myself to speak up.

We went to the meeting tonight. I have to say a whole different atmosphere and attitude. I even got a hypocritical apology from Superintendent Laboy but an apology nonetheless I feel my daughter needed to hear."

Letter from non-profit business partner and respected educator Chris Hookway, 2005. We had to stop this program after the bogus case against me was instigated by Kelly Ayotte and her minions.


"I have eaten with, spoken with, worked with, socialized with and argued politics with him. As a matter of fact, I’ve even let him near my kids! I was, and remain convinced to this day, that he is of quite sound mind. It is this trial that's crazy.....Chris may be guilty of many things: including non-stop questioning of and challenging the establishment, being one of the most dogged people I have ever met in pursuing an ideal...

My family and I have always found him to be an honest, hard working, warm, caring and sincere human being.... Chris’ big mistake was believing that he could make a difference in this whitest of states in our land of equality and "justice for all."

Here is the full post, showing Chief Dunn's false accusations.

.....and the only thing you or anyone else can point to where I was found to be wrong about ANYTHING was my one year suspension in Ohio, predicated on activities that occurred more than a decade ago.

If you were to look at the true facts of that case you would find that the government lied and misrepresented many many salient facts, but that issue is not before us.

I have seen Kelly's buddy Chief Dunn laugh in a Deposition about me possibly being gang-raped in prison, but when I point that out you attempt to say "oh, he's just angry."

If I were only motivated by anger and righteous indignation at our government, then perhaps you should be asking "what motivates the government?"


I've made fun of being called a douchebag myself, as you can see in the link on this very post.

Big Deal.


I enjoyed having you stop by, please continue to do so if you like, and if you don't, don't.

But when you stop by, speak in the voice of the informed mind.

PS: But of course by noting my successes then I will have people say "Oh, he's so full of himself."

Nice Catch-22, don't you think?

Christopher King said...


My intentions?

What were Bruce McKay's intentions when he put that knife up there next to Ms. B's privates without any justifiable reasons?

What were his intentions when he unlawfully detained Liko Kenney in 2003 and had him beat down with two other officers as Liko was RETREATING and asking not to be touched?

What were his intentions in 2007 when he violated seven (7) pursuit and OC Spray violations?

What were his intentions when he was doing whatever he was doing that made Angela McKay seek a restraining order against him, later dismissed so that Bruce could continue being an officer and bring home the monaaaay?

What were the Town of Franconia's intentions when it ignored all of this and scores of Complaints against McKay even from his peers?

Surely you don't blame me for reproducing those comments and complaints now, including the one from the Fish and Game director who called him a rogue, classic bully hiding behind a badge?

Surely you don't blame me for asking the town for the records where they considered terminating Bruce McKay?

Look I'm sorry about Courtney and Bruce's friends -- as long as they are not abusive LE too.

But ain't nobody been sorry about Liko or his friends, and some people have even usurped their identity in an effort to get HB 1428 passed, and that's utter crap.

I could go on and I will go on when we file with the U.S. House and at the upcoming media event.

I look forward to a continued dialogue if you so choose.


Christopher King said...


Here's more on the upcoming lawsuit if you care to read it.

If you don't that's cool too.

The Court will read it and we will make First Amendment Law and see whether New Hampshire will follow the lead set by many other jurisdictions in compelling that all emails to and from an official email address are a matter of public record when they concern public issues, such as HB 1428 Bruce McKay Highway.

I will ask you now then, without any anger:

Do you agree or not?