22 August 2008

KingCast thanks North Country News, the Franconia Collective and a certain restaurant for its contribution to the Franconia Healing Party.

It was a beautiful evening, and we had some good food, some video review and production, a coupla' kitlins and lots of love running around. And some legal strategy as well. I'm not posting any pictures, nor am I naming the restaurant that provided complimentary food though because people do indeed fear retribution from their local government.

So no, we're not done yet, and Bryan and Suzanne from North Country News will be with us every step of the way. Today I am mailing out the service copies of KingCast v. McLeod et al, 08-E-192. Thanks again Mickey =^.)


Anonymous said...

Great! Add "grassroots organizaer" to the profile.

Well done.

Christopher King said...


He-heh... you know, it all comes together because most people up here are beautiful people.

Just gotta' work on the Bad Apples, many of whom are in government.


Anonymous said...

A wonderful time indeed !

Such a diverse group of people. Young,old,different cultures, different backgrounds, different levals of education all united for a purpose. Healing and remembering Liko.

What an incredibly wise, intellegent, caring, compassionate soul he is.

We shared love, laughter and memories. A life changing event for myself.

Liko, thank you for the courage you have given me.

It was an absolute honor to be in the company of Liko's family and friends.

Very healing and energizing.

A special thanks to Mickey !

That event was meant to be in the outside with beautiful weather, watching the sunset behind the mountains as opposed to inside a restaurant.

Thank's Liko !

Anonymous said...

seems anyone who doesn't agree with your twisted views is a bad apple to you and your associates.

Anonymous said...

Liko may be all the things you claim but the last act he will forever be remembered for is the senseless murdering a Franconia police officer, named Cpl. N Bruce McKay.

Anonymous said...


In my mind Liko's conscious acts was raising both hands in surrender to McKay's pushing his vehicle and yelling toward Floyd to please stay. Everything aftert that is on McKay, his last act being played in PD training worldwide as "What not to do - 101".

Anonymous said...

You got a good party out of it, sounds like to me. Al fresco was the right choice.

Anonymous said...

Did the NPR folks stop by?

Anonymous said...

Bryan still a cop in Warren?

Anonymous said...

10:16 everything was in Liko Kenney's hand the moment he fled the first stop, it elevated to a felony then, and he would have been charged with possesion of a firearm while committing a felony crime, carrying a concealed weapon with out being properly licensed, possession of drug paraphernalia, fleeing a lawful police stop, and a host of other charges that any police officer anywhere in the USA would charge any other criminal with under the same circumstances. There was no way that Liko Kenney was going to surrender on May 11,2007, he knew he was going to jail for a long time had he.
Cpl. McKay had every right to use action he did during the persuit,pushing Kenney's car back, and using OC spray. McKay could have used a pit maneuver at any point during the persuit and did not. It certainly would have done more damage to kenney's car, than from the pushing it back, as he did.

Christopher King said...



What Liko Kenney knew at that time had nothing to do about him thinking about going to jail, it was him thinking WTF is Bruce McKay going to do to him next, considering he violated so many friggin' polices.

A full investigation will reveal a whole lot more than we now know, including the fact that conclusions were reached that were not based in fact, just as in Boston.

McKay's last acts we don't even know the full gravity of them yet because of the chunk of time missing from the Grafton Dispatch logs when he should have been in contact.

Assy McKay, errr.... Assy McGee.

PS: Jane had to boogie early Thursday but Tom and I played tennis for a while. The interviews were splendid especially with the guest appearance from "Jacob."

PPS: Interviews were splendid except for the McLeod interviews because they didn't grant any. Public officials not wanting to talk about Right-to-Know issues, fancy that.

-The KingCaster

Anonymous said...

Hmmmm, I wonder why they would decline to comment on such an important issue.

Again, I believe Marth hired a "campaign manager" to avoid dealing with questions regarding her unethical actions. How does that define her character ?

As far as Liko, I will say this !

It is a pretty sad day when a citizen has to arm himself for protection from a BULLTY LEO who the town failed/refused to keep in check.

If it was brought to the town officials attention that one of their employees was acting unprofessional the way McKay did they owed it to that employee (McKay) to get him the help he needed to handle the stresses of the job.

Considering the stress of the job combined with their awareness of the complaints/concerns regarding his job performance he was in need of some degree of help and they denied him that.

Anonymous said...

Psychological Consequences of an Indictment

Recently the White Collar Crime Prof Blogs have been covering the collateral consequences of an indictment - noting that many folks lose their friends and ability to make a living. Christoper King, an ex-lawyer, is a law-related blogger under indictment. In this post, he writes an open letter to his employer explaining some of his atypical behavior at work. It's not meant to be a sob story, but by reading between the lines, you can really get a feel for how much trouble an otherwise professional and stable defendant has dealing with an indictment. A person might legally be presumed innocent, but that doesn't keep the ghosts from haunting him.

And he is haunted. I've been following King's blog since its inception, and his posts have become increasingly incoherent. It is clear he is a fucking lunatic and being disbared as only brought out how truly fucked up he is. I know why he's indicted, since he used to be comprehensible. Now-a-days, someone logging on wouldn't have a clue. His entire blog can serve as a representation of the incoherence attached to a person under indictment.

The King case is simple. King is charged with extortion for telling a local police chief to pay someone who was strip-searched, or else King and the person strip-searched would hold a press conference. The prosecutor has indicted King, arguing that under New Hampshire's broadly-worded extortion law, anyone who demands money while doing something unlawful, is guilty of extortion. The theory is that King was engaging in the unauthorized practice of law when he threatened to hold the press conference. The, the UPL is the "otherwise unlawful" conduct that serves as a hook for the extortion charge.

It seems like a pretty outrageous case, but King is not a sympathetic victim, even though indicting someone for extortion for threatening to hold a press conference raises significant First Amendment issues. King, in his anger and outrage, has become possessed with his case and his accusers. He posts cartoons and other random images, and uses foul language. He has begun to unravel. It's pretty sad, actually, as King strikes me as the kind of person who was once very normal.

Anonymous said...

6:18 GFY you are doing nothing more than speculating no interviews during ongoing litigation seems pretty f***ing standard, asshat mcgee.

Anonymous said...

Old news different day !

So what contributition have you made to society to make the world a better place ?

Considering Chris's restuarant experience we had the "Afro-American" work the grill.

We had some really good laughs while there over some of the "troll-patrol" posting's.

Back under the bridge you go and learn how to play nice !

Christopher King said...


Here are some more consequences of an indictment, you get to be a lawyer again if you are convicted of mail fraud and disbarred :)


Don't worry about that douchebag, he or she is truly an unimportant entity.

Anonymous said...

Cuss-free zone?

Anonymous said...

Is that not the ******* truth !

Enjoy this beautiful weather Chris.

It was good to see you the other night and nice job on the healing party.

Christopher King said...


Where did I cuss?



(Highest Nature In Course).

Anonymous said...

It is good the Liko is dead. Floyd did the world a service. Liko was a drug abusing, loser with a criminal record. If that be the hero of some of you, then may God help us all.

The world is a more fortunate place now the he is dead! Do unto others as others would do unto you!!

Anonymous said...

Did you know Liko personally ?

Do you just normally blog hatred ?

If you knew Liko, you would not have stated that.

The cops and the AG's office are naturally going to portray him as such when they know there is a cover-up in the works.

They want to divert the attention from McKay and the corruption.

It is called mis-leading/mis-representation the public of the truth/facts.

It is usually the stupid people like you that fall for it.

I am not glad that McKay is dead but I am glad he no longer is a LEO.

People who harbor such hatred as you, is a big problem. I pray to God you are not in the field of LE.

Anonymous said...

How was it a healing party? Were members from both families there. That would be a healing party, the Kenney's and the McKays meeting and tlking about each of their deceased family members.

Your healing party was a sham from the beginning, first the misrepresentation of Liam Shaw's Pub, and it went down hill from there.

Anonymous said...

You would not know as you were not present !

The issues are not with the McKay's (Sharon Davis is not a McKay).

The issue(s) are about/with Bruce McKay along with those who refused to take a stand and chose instead to look the other way while he tormented some citizens of Franconia and surrounding communities.

You then have the local/state Government that are now trying (will never happen) to cover-up something that never should have happened to begin with. This would be pre/during/post 5/11.

I can not speak for all but I would have welcomed the McKay family with as much love and compassion as I did everyone else that eventful evening.

Each person processes differently. There is no "right or wrong". We chose a "healing " party and it was perfect.

Until you have been victimized by the system(s) over and over again like Liko, Caleb, Chris, Angela McKay, myself and many others have, you will not understand the detriment to the fullest and how it affects you for a life time.

I will forever be a victim advocate and spend the rest of my life doing so.

It is bad enough to be victimized by a person/event but when the system fails to protect you and you continue to be victimized by the system it changes you forever.

Liko reacted out of fear not anger.

Anonymous said...

I'll bet you didn't know Liko. I'll be his extended family by marriage didn't "know" Liko. We know King didn't "know" Liko.
Do not speak as though you did if you didn't.
You may have sensitivity and compassion for him, but you've also been cruel and hateful toward McKay. All of you.

Anonymous said...

That's the problem. You are identifying YOURSELF as a victim, forever. You are confusing the issues. You have a hatred for Judge Cyr; and I have to wonder if you provoked his response to you in the Littleton court (from the detail you and King have blogged about your situation). This is not about YOU. Get some counseling.

Anonymous said...

Interesting how Nutso complains of hatred when that is all he does - he espoused HATE. Fact is, Kenney is rightly dead. He committed a crime that carried the death penalty. Perhaps Floyd's action where a bit premature in that vain, but then again, self-defense or the defense of another is certainly justified. Kenney was repeatedly running over the officer with his car, ever AFTER he shot the officer. Anyone of us with an ounce of courage and sense of right, would have also shot Kenney for what he had done and was continuing to do. No matter who any of you wish to view the events, the fact remains - Kenney is a cold-blooded killer and lost his own life when someone stood up to him.

Hatred - NO. Fact!! Kenney was justifiably killed an act that should be praised - and for me it is!!

Christopher King said...

This is simple.

Everyone was invited.

There was no "sham" at Liam Shaw's.

A local restaurant donated food without anyone asking.

McKay violated many principles of service and that is why he is dead.

There was no real investigation.

Gone to the beach.


Christopher King said...

And oh,

No I did not know Liko Kenney but his parents believe that I have a very good grasp of his Spirit, which all of us in the Franconia collective share.

Peace out.

Christopher King said...

Oh and BTW:

1. Sharon Davis is not a McKay and cannot be one because she does not meet the requirements for Common Law marriage.

2. I gave her phone number and address to This American Life so that she could feel free to comment when they were up in North Country.

So there you go Mr. Quiet Man Internet Troll.

Anonymous said...

His kind parents are being duped.

You cannot be effective in Liko's name by your poor credentials, self-absorbed arrogance, anger and vulgar presentation.

Anonymous said...


Peekaboo. We see thru you.

Anonymous said...

You have a good grasp of his spirit? I'm sure you have a good grasp of Kenney's family pocketbook as well. You're the troll, dude - someone who takes advantage of other's tragedy for his own gain. Don't get me wrong, the Kenney family are all trash, that is obvious, but for you to pick through that trash for your treasure (be it money, fame, or vengence) is shameful. You, like the Kenney/Miller family are trash!!

Christopher King said...


I see. You high moral judge calling Millers and Kenneys trash.

That does not comport with the overwhelming view of people in North Country my friend.

As to what you think about me, I don't care but you really should do something with your anger issues.

Namaste my brother.

Anonymous said...

commonwealth Sun Sep 23, 2007 8:55 am

600 and counting

Joined: 05 Jun 2007
Location: Coming soon to a location near you
» Quote:
Duping a non-profit organization? That is low...

Hey Seamus,
you are correct,

Remember that link you posted with Kerry posing with some stupid former lawyer who thinks he's come to save New Hampshire from our terrible police who abuse us?

I backtracked on that link, to where those pictures were posetd on the web and the stupid ex-lawyer posted a bunch of junk, pictures, and dcocuments. Among those documents was a letter King had sent to the small NH town on behalf of the NAACP, and he signed it at the bottom "Esq," which means the idiot did pose himself as a real live lawyer to the NAACP.

So you are correct.

Since then, however, the idiot must have realized that he is his own worst enemy, becuase he has since put a password on so I can't backtrack to get the letter.

It is hilarious that such an idiot would actually post for the world to see the evidence that shows himself illegaly impersonating a lawyer in NH. He is so blinded and foolish over his need for attention, that all one needs to do is sit by and watch as he tells us all about his wonderful self, and within these stories, he always screws himself by offering up the evidence regarding what huge phony he is.

It's hilarious!!
Kyesha Williams | 05.22.08 - 3:09 am | #


Christopher King said...

From the comments section to this post where you can read the actual links and documents.

Oh, yah sure I removed the information....

The actual Demand Letter is right here, Bubba.

Page One.

Page Two.

"Christopher King, J.D."

That's why the case was dismissed and so was the unlicensed practice of law case.

Or do I need to show you (again) how Chief Dunn was fired and his Mickey-Mouse prosecutor resigned under an ethics charge, or how Dunn and NAACP President Gloria Timmons both lied under Oath.

Door prizes on the left.

Anonymous said...

As for calling the Miller and Kenney family trash - that they are, let there be no doubt. Given the reaction to the murder of a police officer in their community, the collective judgement of the entire north country is in question, so try another argument. You still don't answer the question - how much has Kenney family given you? Trash for trash?

Christopher King said...


Is this Dave Wentworth speaking?

Sounds like it, as he called Liko Kenney a dirtbag when he had never even met him. He got that all from Bruce McKay.

And McKay was not murdered. Liko Kenney shot him out of shock and self defense.

Anonymous said...


After that last post the pieces of the puzzle are starting to fit together.

So this is the cop that referred to Liko as a "dirtbag" yet never had met him or had any dealings with Liko.

I saw him on public TV complaining about how life can be tough on his children when they are labeled or called "narcs" because their father is a cop.

Other people have no right to label your family because you chose the career of LE.

You have no right to label Liko as a "dirtbag".

If the LE community were concerened for McKay's daughter then they would have helped McKay instead of looking the other way when he was way out of control.

That is when McKay really needed your help.

Do you allow for the officers under your supervision/care to run your department ?

I would doubt that very much as you have always seemed like a decent LEO to me. Then again I could be mistaken. "Time will tell".

Christopher King said...


Yes it is an intricate puzzle isn't it?

I have heard good things about Dave Wentworth, and I met him a while back and he seemed all right.

But his comment represents a manifest injustice, no question about it.

Even though Liko had shot a fellow officer, everyone knew how volatile that fellow officer was and without even knowing Liko Kenney to say that is flat out wrong.