06 August 2008

KingCast schools a tool on GSR as he explains why RSA 611-B:21 is Unconstitutionally overbroad in the Franconia shooting tragedy.

So in the last post I told Kelly Ayotte why she is being sued, so that the matter can be settled in the Supreme Court. See, as of now, a citizen has no way of knowing if Bruce McKay fired his gun or not, because if we take Gregory W. Floyd at his word Bruce McKay most definitely DID fire his gun, but there's nothing in Kelly's report on that. Nor of course is there any analysis of:

Liko Kenney's windshield.
McKenzie barn.
McKenzie window.

So anyway here's the point about Gunshot residue in this application:

PS: Funny as hell on GSR Bruce McKay was not in a room. He was outside, 15-20' away, which is all the reason why GSR -- admittedly in declining use these days -- is entirely appropriate in this situation.

Another reason GSR is not as much in vogue is because of DNA matching.

We don't have the DNA issues in this case other than the second magazine of Liko's gun which is probably slathered in Floyds. That's why Kelly allegedly never took fingerprints of Liko's gun even though it is a documented FACT that Floyd somehow went home with Liko's live round in his pocket.

We know who everybody was on 5/11.

What the elder "gentlemen" really did is all we don't know.

News you can use:
New GSR techniques.


Christopher King said...

I actually don't mind when stupid people come in here and post stupid things, because then I can work with responsible LE to set the record straight as we March on Washington.

KingCast: Whether the haters like it or not....

....the Kid Stays in the Picture.

Anonymous said...

The following is part of a story writen about King Nutso (it refers to him as "former lawyer 0 no duh!):

King is himself controversial in New Hampshire, where he once faced felony extortion charges, since dismissed, and writes a second blog devoted to seeking disbarment of N.H. Attorney General Kelly Ayotte. Fellow Law.com blogger Mike Cernovich once wrote at Crime & Federalism about King as a case study in the psychological toll taken by someone facing an indictment.

Anonymous said...

Sure you don't mind working with respectable LE, problem you have is that no respectable LE will work with you.

Anonymous said...

I think it was I that schooled you and you had to do some quick research to protect your fragile ego. GSR residue can be on anything for various reasons. McKay was shot, there would be GSR on his hands and clothes. GSR is a crude way to determine who shot a pistol.

Firing a weapon produces combustion of the primer and powder of the cartridge. The residue of the combustion products, or unburned primer or powder components, can be used to detect a fired cartridge. Residue may be found on the skin or clothing of the person who fired the gun, on an entrance wound of a victim, or on other target materials at the scene. The discharge of a firearm, particularly a revolver, can deposit residues even to persons at close proximity, so interpretations as to who fired the weapon should be made with caution.

You article you linked is slightly flawed the chemicals detected are from the primer, not the powder.

Christopher King said...

Yah, Mike thought several years ago at the height of the indictment that I was getting a little incoherent.

Since then of course I've gone on to receive the Mayoral Commendation for Right-to-Know and First Amendment.

And not by any random Mayor of course, but by a 30-year veteran of the NH Governor's/Executive Council.


Here's what the Ohio Board of Grievances and Mike had to say about me at various points:

"King is a philosophical orator."
-Ohio Board of Grievances.


"READ THIS BLOG: I've been following Christoper King's saga since before he was an accused felon. Christopher King was indicted on what seems (to me, anyway) bogus charges. Rather than cowering in a hole, he is roaring like a lion - from his blog. You should be reading this."
-Mike from Crime & Federalism blog.

Christopher King said...


You're a nervous boy and you sound stupid.

I am working with respectable LE right now. It's the non-respectable LE we have to worry about.

And believe me, I've represented people involved with gun crimes you idiot so I've known all about Gun shot residue for many many years. Knew about it back in the early 90's when I clerked for Terry Gilbert.

And the point you continue to ignore is that Bruce was shot from 15-20 feet away, outside.

Therefore there shouldn't have been any GSR on his hands unless he had been shooting in the past day or so, and there is no record of that.



Now back to the point:

1. No investigation of McKay's impropriety at the 5/11 stops by Kelly.

2. No investigation of McKay's impropriety at the 5/11 stops by Town of Franconia.

3. Franconia is required by RSA 91-A:3 to turn over the minutes going into executive/non-public session where they discussed terminating Bruce McKay.

4. If Franconia did not do a proper vote and go into non-public session then I get the whole minutes.

5. No analysis of where the windshield bullet came from or who shot it.

6. No analysis of where the McKenzie barn bullet came from or who shot it.

7. No analysis of where the McKenzie house bullet came from or who shot it.

Do they make Ritalin for adults?

If so, you need to get some, and catch a clue.

Nervous boy.

Anonymous said...

Name this so called respectable LE official. Like the chap from Austalia, it is a figment of your outlandish imagination. But does all of this bluster matter. Your blog exposes you as a fool. Sue everyone! In the end, you will still look the fool, but the law will be there as evidence. So go ahead and sue, call people names, hide under your covers in hope big-bad Mr. Floyd is not a foot. Again, I must admit, it is a hoot to make sport of you. It is better than anything on TV. Lastly, I saw your picture - dude you look like Erckle, the geek from that old TV show.

Anonymous said...

Stop picking on Chris - Bernie Streeter likes him, he really does like him.

Christopher King said...


I don't need to tell you a goddamn thing.

-Erkel. Spell it right. That's MISTER Erkel to you beach.


He likes me well enough. Did your mother like you? Apparently not. Or perhaps too often.


Anonymous said...

Now you make innuendos about child molestation. No respectable LE would even associate with the likes of you. To give the LE an out, maybe he doesn't know you well enough and when the blinders come off, there will be a loud sonic boom as this LE tries to distance himself from you.

Anonymous said...

The point of GSR would be inconclusive, and easy explained in any number of reason none of which would be yours faulted thought process.

Anonymous said...

There is NO “LE” friend folks. Like the Australian "commenter" it is another made up figment of King Wack-a-doodles every so slipping imagination.

PS - of course you'd know how to spell Erkel, you've been called it most of your life (look at you, you're a goof). Funny tough, you dress me down for spelling Erkel wrong, then you spell "bitch" - "beach". You're pathetic. No wonder the AG and everyone else for that matter. Again, it is a black screwing with you. Clearly, you have to life, so it is wicked to watch. Like a car wreck.

Christopher King said...


Erkel or not, I still get good ladies.

I can pull, dude.

You pull pud.

Christopher King said...


You're right. There is no one in Australia. There is no LE. There is no major media coming to North Country this summer.

It's all a lie.

There you have it.

Run along and tell your circle jerk friends at Topix so you can break out the Veuve.

Or the Colt 45.

Nothing racial intended.

Anonymous said...

The rape statement Mr. King made, it's the 5th post down:
"Most desperate and funniest thing i have done to get the opposite sex: rape."



Anonymous said...

"King is a philosophical orator."
-Ohio Board of Grievances

Polite way of saying you're a bullshit artist.