04 August 2008

KingCast says "Got Taser?" Franconia does, but do they have any programs for drug abuse/prescription medical drug use or on traffic stop review?

Public Information Presentation

Sponsored by the Franconia Police Department

Topic: Police Tasers
Place: Franconia Town Hall
Date: August 4, 2008
Time: 6:00 PM

The Franconia Police Department will be conducting an information presentation to the public on Police Tasers. The guest presenter will be Lt. Todd Faulkner of the Hinsdale Police Department. Lt. Faulkner is a certified Master Instructor in the Police Taser and also a certified EMT.
I can only imagine the World of possibilities if Norman Bruce McKay -- who was ostensibly on some sort of medication -- had a taser with him, how more severely his OC Spray victims would have been injured. Well, except for the female student at Profile, who went to the hospital after she inhaled it through the ventilation system. That's what they call "collateral damage."

Several hundred people have died in Taser-related incidents with LE across the country in the past few years and Amnesty International has called for a ban on their use, particularly because they are not being used as a matter of last resort, but often are used when LE like "classic, rogue bully hiding-behind-his-badge Bruce McKay" get out of control and all pissed off and can't control their anger. Take a look.

Here's the skinny on the KingCast requests for information on drug policies vis a vis Bruce McKay's traffic stops and the Town's discussions about firing him, which they admitted herein. And which they should have done. Just my opinion.

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