16 August 2008

KingCast This American Life epiphany #3: Gregory W. Floyd lied; he shot at least five (5) times.

Kelly Ayotte's Official Franconia report at p.6 notes when quoting Gregory P. Floyd:
"His father fired three warning shots into the air..."

So let's add those to the two that Floyd acknowledged shooting, at one of the two times he admitted not saying a word to Liko Kenney before shooting. That then still leaves the windshield bullet open to explanation so we need Bruce McKay's GSR test to comply with the public's Right-to-Know as guaranteed by NH Constitution Article 8. Caleb Macaulay, who clearly was no threat at the time, says those shots weren't necessarily "in the air" and that would be.... ahem... criminal threatening/menacing, but of course Floyd has a history of that. Not that Kelly gave a damn about any of that, cleared Floyd of all wrongdoing in 24 hours. Anybody with half a brain cell knows that could not possibly comport with any Homicide Manual and that's why Kelly hid hers. I knew this case was a stinker from the get-go.

Shocking bonus rounds (links coming soon).

1. Liko's live round in Floyd's pocket.
2. No investigation into Floyd's "43 kills."
3. Ballistics not even in until June one/two.
4. Floyd lied about being in Vietnam and Kelly in turn hid document #1 from the World.
5. Kelly fought me over production of fingerprint analysis that probably shows Gregory W. Floyd inserted Liko Kenney's second magazine, then later she claims they have no fingerprint analysis. I have the correspondence on this.
6. AAGs Strelzin and Bofetti wrote me on 25 July and 7 August, respectively, to say that the Anthony Jarvis and Credit Union shooting investigations will "take several months" to complete. But 24 hrs. was okay for Liko Kenney.

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Christopher King said...

Also some folks like to crack on my writing. For some really pathetic writing, try this from page 6 also:

"At the scene, the passenger from the car said that his father had shot his friend and that he was dead. He told the passenger that the passenger and his freind tried to run over and kill his father."

Can I buy an antecedent, please? I mean, like, "Wonder Twin Powers... activate... form of Antecedent...."

Anonymous said...

Seems to me they are covering for a lot or reasons, one of which is Floyd.

They/we also know they screwed up the investigation.

Under no circumstances do these officials have the right to lie to the public and make their own rules as they need to for their own benefit.

That is why there are protocols/policies to follow. Now we know Bruce disregarded many.

That is exactly why the AG's office will not hand over the homocide manual because Kelly knows they are not in complaince with it.

Yes, it is a cover-up and the AG's office and Lynch should be ashamed of themselves. Like the UL wrote several weeks ago "it is easy to be a popular Governor when you refuse to take a stand". How very true !

We also know he lied to Maura Murrays father. That was proven the other night watching 20/20.

Anonymous said...

I know who that would be .....Floyd Jr.

I listened as he lied under oath at his fathers trial. He is a proven liar and now theif.

It is so obvious that there are many lies and contradictions within these reports yet that seems to be fine with Kelly.

Anonymous said...

Note: Found a reference to article on blog --but can not find the article in its entirety on line.

"KingCast returns to Fox Hill Park with a Right-to-Know request in Franconia shooting tragedy."
02 July 2007


Chris, I am searching for the article that quoted McKay's email to local and state police following Liko's April case (Concord Monitor, Union Leader?) Do you have it? It clearly exposes McKay's obsession/ stalking of Liko (Liko's words) noting where Liko parked his car at his home etc. Note that Liko reported his gun stolen in January and later returned but it was only after the trial that McKay notified fellow police that Liko owned a gun. It seems to me that with that email McKay was writing his own free pass. Would like to find it by next Thurday. S

Christopher King said...


I'll set about locating that today. Are asking for a document that was different than the warning notice McKay wrote?

It's possible it is in the "investigative files."

I have to go retrieve my investigative files from NPR as I gave them my last copy yesterday so we need to burn a copy, oopsie-daisy.


Also I just added some other key irregularities to this:

Shocking bonus rounds:

1. Liko's live round in Floyd's pocket.

2. No investigation into Floyd's "43 kills."

3. Ballistics not even in until June.

4. Kelly claims no fingerprints were done on the guns.

5. Floyd lied about being in Vietnam and Kelly in turn his document #1 from her official report.

6. AAGs Strelzin and Bofetti wrote me that the Jarvis and Credit Union shooting investigations will "take several months" to complete. But 24 hrs. was okay for Liko Kenney.


PS: You know how we're about to get the video from his 2-hour long stop of 79 year-old AJ out on 116 on 5/10, the day before the tragedy?

I have his activity log and it's not on there, nor is there any mention of it on 5/9.


Hell yah there's something fishy in Denmark and I gotta' believe someone at the U.S. House will look into this with sincerity and earnestness.

It's potentially worse than the Dow Murders "investigation," and that will be the subject of my next epiphany post later today, yah.


Anonymous said...

Maybe whoever wrote that passage misplaced the modifier along with the evidence?? Just a thought, Chris ;-) Hah!

As I've pointed out in previous comments on this blog, you're not dealing with the cream-of-the-crop here... not exactly candidates for the Rhodes Scholarship Award. But they are still formidable in their ineptitude, so be careful!

Trust me on this one: I, along with many others, really want you to be successful in your quest for the truth and exposing these idiots!

Christopher King said...



And while I'm at it I just remembered one more glaring omission/lie:

Kelly fought my attempts to get the fingerprint evidence that might have shown (hell, most likely does show) that Gregory W. Floyd put Liko Kenney's second magazine in his gun.

Then later Strelzin wrote me and said that they don't have any responsive documents.

That would mean that they did not figerprint the guns after a shooting like this, involving a man like Gregory W. Floyd and his history as known to them even on 5/11?

No way.

And that's why Kelly should be disbarred. You can just lie and cover things up like that and walk around as anybody's Attorney General, as I say she's up there with Mike Nifong.

Christopher King said...


"Up there with Mike Nifong."

I mean to say:

"Down there with Mike Nifong."

Click the last link here on this post entitled:

"KingCast says Defendant Kelly Ayotte is still a disingenuous Attorney for her refusal to reopen a murder investigation on Gregory W. Floyd."

Anonymous said...

Yes, I am talking about the "safety warning" that McKay wrote. When I first read about it my blood ran cold. Liko had been saying that McKay was stalking him and here is the evidence. Recall Sugar Hill Chief Wentworth referring to Liko as a dirtbag- Liko whom he never met but an opinion formed simply on McKay’s word.

Also worth noting: When Liko was first arrested and prosecuted by McKay for trespassing on Bill's land, Bill did not and still does not have a title to that property. It is commonly owned property by the family, including Liko. Yes, the kid felt he was in McKay’s cross hairs.

I recall that Floyd first said that he thought that Liko threw his gun from the car window. I would assume that was McKay’s gun he saw flying through the air – drawn and after Liko hit him the arm.

Christopher King said...


Several things:

1. I have that. I'll take a ride into Cambridge, retrieve it and send you a link by 3 or 4p. today.

2. Actually I may host it again online and just tell you the page.

3. Interesting temporal observation, that McKay knew this for some time before his announcement.

4. I have definitely made that point about the Kenney property being held in fee simple absolute by all remaining heirs to Jack and Peg so that prosecution itself was suspect in some measure.

5. It was not the gun that Floyd saw flying. Floyd clearly saw McKay with the gun running across the street. Floyd made that whole thing up. Let me quote Floyd again for you:

"24:30 “The officer had his firearm in his right hand. He turned and even though he’s holding his side he had his firearm in his right hand and ran across the street until they got over there and ran him over” (Floyd claimed they ran him over twice, which is suspect particularly in light of the fact that Junior at pdf 745 said that Liko’s car only struck McKay once AFTER his father shot at the car). See how crazy this case is? Nothing adds up, especially the placement of the McKay spent casings as seen near Floyd’s truck as noted in this post."

Anonymous said...

Let me get this straight once and for all! Correct, I do not own or have title to any land or property (yet), or pretend to, just one-quarter interest in the family land. Now, it happens that the Mt. Kinsman trail, which runs a mile across the property is NON-MOTORIZED recreation only, as is Bridal Veil Falls trail and the Reel Brook tail. Of course Liko had rights to drive all over the property with any frivolous polluting motorized rec. but he had absolutely not right to drive under over and through my stock fences on neighboring leased land which he took the liberty to do as much as any depraved fool. And this goes for the Mt.Kinsman trail too. So this is where Liko and I got into locking horns. I have trouble enough maintaining the trail for the ever more hikers so when he starts trashing waterbars, disrespecting mud season I tell 'im to back off. So he cuts some trees down on and around my cabin. A couple incidences in a week. Both time my wife was trying to sleep to get ready for the evening shift and I was not at home. So we work with M. Kohler of the state police and brought the issue to a somewhat successful conclusion. Where were my three siblings with some support? or were they encouraging Liko?
J. William Kenney Jr.

Christopher King said...


Hi Bill,

I can't speak for anyone else, but my point in all of this is that the State and media portrayals paint the entire situation in the worst light possible for Liko.

You know that I know the entire thing from both (all) sides, and it is really a red herring as it comes to the town and the AG's lies over the shooting tragedy, as you and I have agreed and still agree I am sure.

Peace to you and all of your sibs Bill.


Anonymous said...

Time for a group hug, you pickle sniffer.

Anonymous said...

to Bill Kenney at 11:01:

there seems to be someone at 8:16 who consistently acts as an unauthorized family spokesperson, and causes you to publicly explain and defend your personal family interests.

we admire your honest, factual account of the situation that you and your wife determined to require police intervention. even in the aftermath of this tragedy, you are not blinded by emotions that seem to cause others to excuse and justify Liko's final actions in his life.

your presence at the jan. and april hearings was supportive and loyal to the memory of Liko, and especially so in the curious absence of your siblings.

all families have their dynamics...loving, difficult, strained, etc. we applaud you for stepping up to do what you truly believe to be the right thing, then and now.

Christopher King said...


I don't think 8:16 was trying to malign Bill.

As far as the sibs go, each and every one of them have participated in different ways in efforts to get to the Truth.

Christopher King said...


I haven't seen many pickles since I quit eating Rubens.

You still see your fair share?

Anonymous said...

Word out of PGH is you like pickles.

Christopher King said...


Keep making stuff up dude, you're funny.

You need to check my sexual references you can ask Cherylann Hawk 'cos she's seen my women, fool.

Maybe you got me confused with some other guy in your Gay Parade magazine or whatever.

Not that there's anything wrong with that,


-The KingCaster

Anonymous said...

Kelly had no right to close the investigation until the job was done correctlythe first time.

She knows this ! No finger print analysis of all the guns and bullets. BS BS BS !

My thought, they were in fact done. They know the results. They also know that if they release these results to the public some people are going to have a lot of explaining to do as they have lied and mis-represented the facts.

There is so much turmoil within these communities because of incidents before, during and after the tragic event of 5/11. The healing might begin if all the facts and truth(s) are put out there. Then we all know what could be done to prevent another tragic occurence such as 5/11.

Kelly has the power/control to help this community to heal. Instead of admitting her mistakes, facing up to the consequences and owning her unprofessional action's she allows these communities to suffer. Self serving agenda I would say.

Lynch is going right along with it as if he could care less.

If the AG's office has nothing to hide then hand out a few homocide manuals so we can read that policies and protocols we followed.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Bill behave !

Does any one remember the playdough character Mr. Bill ?

That is what comes to mind when I think of Mr. Bill.

Bill, please do not go back on your word. There has been some very constructive dialogue as of late.

Be part of the solution not part of the problem.

Christopher King said...


Yep. I think later I will post my email to Kelly on that issue along with their reply, which conveniently omitted the words "fingerprints."

I can tell by looking at the hard copy that I JPEG'd it and it is on this blawg somewhere, so a few minutes with the word search will turn it up.

That right there is completely foul.

But there is more -- I will also show the JPEG'd page where Trooper Cooper tells Floyd that there is going to be an extensive review of the guns and how they got to be in the condition they are in.

If someone at the U.S. House does not take an interest in this, then this country is not worth living in, frankly.


Bill has been an active part of the solution.

Too bad the Governor, Kelly and Speaker Norelli and crew have thus far ignored him.

So I sued them. If they won't respond to a kind letter they sure as hell will respond to a nasty lawsuit. Some government officials amaze me in their unrepentant arrogance. They need to be smote over the head with the weight of the Law, and I'll bear no compunction to do so.

Here is what Bill wrote:


Dear Speaker Norelli,

I am sending this letter via email to Chris King and is relative to his request for "fraud investigative counsel". In the evening of May 11, 2007 I was informed by the NH state police, as next of kin, that my nephew Liko Kenney had been shot and killed by a "good Samaritan". A cursory look at the dash cam video from the McKay cruiser shows this "good Samaritan" Greg Floyd sitting in his pick-up, his son behind the wheel (as determined later) watching Corporal McKay provoke my nephew to the breaking point, by ramming his small car and pepper spaying him against basic police policy and against normal human behavior.

My question is: why did not this "good Samaritan", this ex-marine, Greg Floyd get out of his truck and try to calm, to control the situation, maybe save two lives? This would be the first of a long list of questions that I, as well many others in the community, would like to ask and have answers. We need to get to the bottom of this, we need to have some sort of closure and we seem to have a long way to go.

Thanks to the integrity of Chris King, his courage, and his assiduous pursuit of truth and justice we can look forward to a hopeful conclusion. I have communicated periodically with my representatives Greg Sorg and Edmond Gionet on the issue.


John William (Bill) Kenney Jr.

Anonymous said...

I was referencing the other Bill (LSD). My apologies to Mr. Kenny.

Christopher King said...


Ahhhh.... got it.

Thanks, and I'm sure Bill Kenney appreciates that.

Meanwhile here is the seminal post that will lead us to Washington, finally put it all under one roof, including the 2003 issues that are addressed in the comments.



Anonymous said...

One request, Chris, puh-leeze! Do not publish that pic of that subterranean species again. It makes me ill. Although if it helps make your case that Kelly/McLeods et al would honor that slug, go for it!

Franconia is a wonderful place; it should be portrayed that way. This current issue is something that is State-wide, and until we get real leadership at the top, it will continue...

Christopher King said...


I think the This American Life segment is going to show the beauty of Franconia as shown by and through its people, which are its greatest resource.

Sorry about showing the Teflon Don.

Anonymous said...

Bill Kenney,

I am sure your family has appreciated the questions you have brought out over 5/11. All of the family members have stood up in one way or another regarding the issue on McKay and Liko Kenney.

I cannot speak for the above poster but it does not seem to me that they are attempting to point the finger at you but more at the system.

You have a fine decent family. I hope you get the answers you are looking for to bring about healing for the family and the community.

Anonymous said...

I haven't seen many pickles since I quit eating Rubens.

You still see your fair share?


Did this start at prep school with the jewish friends you just HAD to mention?

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