11 August 2008

KingCast lawsuit rips all over Martha McLeod's "One week 500 names" with a coupla' hundred signatures against her "hero" Gregory W. Floyd.

Dear Martha:

I just read your plea for money.
Let me break it down for you, Sister:

First, the North Country has a lot of signatures about your "hero" Gregory W. Floyd, the previously (and since) convicted criminal threats offender to whom you and NH AG Kelly Ayotte "reached out." Not to mention the fact that he's a multiple felon. And as Sgt. Bret Beausoleil noted in his 1997 report, the considerations of the people are paramount.

Second, you should never be a State Senator, nor should you ever hold public office for anything unless or until you atone for your pattern of deceitful and disrespectful actions. I highlight them in the new litigation I'm filing tomorrow:

KingCast v. McLeod, Franconia, Ayotte II
KingCast v. McLeod Injunction
KingCast proposed Injunction Order

You ran from Davey Kenney and me and the Truth about Gregory W. Floyd at Cannon Mountain and you begrudgingly shook his hand when he introduced himself as Liko Kenney's father. Shame on you a thousand times.

You ignored the concerns of hundreds, if not thousands of people in North Country when you tried to railroad HB 1428 Bruce McKay Highway past them. You didn't even notify the Franconia Reconciliation and Recovery Committee about it.

You also ignored me a year ago -- almost to the day -- when I sent you this principled letter about Civilian Review Boards that could have helped you and Kelly Ayotte's other "hero" Norman Bruce Mckay, described by his peers at NH Fish and Game as a "Classic, rogue bully hiding behind his badge."

But thanks to honest people -- your constituents, other politicians and various media including This American Life, the voice of the people will indeed be heard.

And they will not be the last to inquire. Will you respond to them the same way you responded to me?

I'll see you and your legal representative in Court. Also, I see you want contributions, immediately. Be sure'n'let the people -- your constituents whom you have willfully ignored -- know how much of those contributions will go toward your legal fees. There's a Statute or two about that, you know.

And for Ira Glass and crew: You want a good slice of what people in the North Country are all about, I'll see to it that you get that. Coruway Film Institute and I already gave you a preview with Liko Kenney right here: They are smart, loyal and have on prior occasion gone the extra mile to respect Law Enforcement officers who respect them. What troubles them most right now is that they tried for years and years to get through to the town about Bruce Mckay but nothing ever happened. I'll bet that on one occasion, however, the town did try to issue a retroactive hiring freeze on Bruce by chopping the budget, but alas, that failed.

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Very Truly Yours,
Christopher King, J.D./KingCast.net


Christopher King said...

Here is Martha Mcleod's purported platform and rationale for begging for money in her time of Need.

I like this part:

"The fabric of our communities is being torn apart..."

....Well, yah, and you're like, a major cause of that. What a trip.


Martha McLeod
for State Senate: NH's North Country Voice

Dear Friends,

One week, 500 names

As the August 18th deadline for reporting financial contributions approaches, I really need your help.

Whether you are a Republican, Democrat, or Independent, we want you on our team. This campaign is about the people of the North Country and I hope I can count on your support.

Think about what is at stake in northern New Hampshire and why this election is so important. In the North Country alone, 1600 jobs have been lost in the last three years. The fabric of our communities is being torn apart and it is time for stronger leadership to bring real solutions to North Country families. It is time for the people's interests to be represented in the NH State Senate.

It is time for a new direction forward, and I am ready to lead.

I will be a Senator who actively works to create jobs, ensure affordable and accessible health care, protect and conserve natural resources, expand educational opportunities, and increase fuel assistance for North Country families.

If every person who reads this email donates, we will reach our goal.

Please go online and contribute at www.mcleodfornhsenate.com/donate. Every little bit helps, so contribute whatever you can afford. Whether you donate $10 or $100, it is your voice that is important to our campaign.

You can also send checks to: McLeod for NH Senate, 348 Wells Rd., Franconia, NH 03480.

I am confident that we can win in November and I look forward to having you on my team.

Rep. Martha McLeod

Anonymous said...

A nice letter.
I will generously contribute.

Christopher King said...

A fool and his money....


He-heh... careful son, We're quicker'n'you.

Anonymous said...

Poor Davey has gotten himself snared in the web of the Hater/Baiter. Oh yah.

Since it's not Davey's nature to be ugly and obnoxious, he'll soon lose his reputation as a decent human being.

The Hater/Baiter spreads his manure like frosting. Chocolate frosting.

Anonymous said...

hee hee that's disgusting, isnt it Chrissy? He said manure. Thats cow poopy. Ewww. Make him stop it Chrissy.

Anonymous said...

warning - explicit language


Anonymous said...

I doubt it. Davey's rep will stand. People love Davey Kenney. Bet you a million bucks he was completely polite to Martha.

Martha is a wicked person that has only her interests at heart not the people.

Christopher King said...


4:07 and 4:47 show spew immaturity as Lena Horne spewed scat.

Note the lack of substantive comment on the issues countenanced in the litigation.

Probably too busy building a racial remark to focus on any of that.

It's All Good.

Christopher King said...

PS: Note the implied snub and disrespect of Davey and others of the North Country, e.g. he doesn't know a truthful and earnest advocate when he sees one.

KingCast: Just a wee bit smarter than the average bear.

Anonymous said...


I agree and then some. Most people don't know how corrupt the McLeod's agenda really is. It's deep and there's a lot of power there. In addition, they've gone to a lot of trouble to enlist the n'er-do-wells for support, aka Clinton, Kerry, Edwards et al. If only Americans read nowadays, they would know how shallow this whole movement is. NBC will not provide them with the tools to make an intelligent conclusion in the voting process. That is why Martha will probably win that Senate seat...

Christopher King said...


Oh they've got Big Power.

See how people involved in their regime have got a convicted felon who was disbarred reinstated and he is now of counsel with Shaheen & Gordon.

Michael McLaughlin.

All we can do is put the Word out in as many fora as possible and hope for the best, which would be that she never holds another public office again.


Anonymous said...

Her hand-pick successor is running for her soon to be vacant house seat. Don't vote for that tool either. I got a mailing this week, guess they didn't scrub their mailing list. My surname is on their crap list. LOL

Anonymous said...

It will be a shame if that woman wins.

Anonymous said...

They're nothing but criminals.

Anonymous said...

If you can't beat 'em, join 'em.