23 August 2008

KingCast finally obtains and reviews a working copy of Caleb Macaulay's interview; also follow-up on missing McKay Dispatch recordings.

Update on the missing Grafton dispatch minutes, now that I have a fresh copy from Kelly, I will provide this very CD to the U.S. House soon because it proves that 6:07:24 – 6:09:15 is missing in action as I clearly noted on 16 August 2008.

What was Dispatch saying to Bruce? Did Bruce respond? What was Dispatch saying about Bruce? Why is this time missing? It picks up again at 6:09:15 with Dispatch still in search of Bruce McKay.

I want the missing minutes. Is that too much to ask, Kelly? Is that an unreasonable request, Kelly? Please advise.


On to Caleb's interview, that's the video capture from last year when the State issued a version that did not work. They did this twice; check it out. This time it works. I look forward to the part where he corroborates what Gregory W. Floyd twice said at the beginning of his interview:

"I never said a word."

51:20 -- I don't even think he was going 45.... he slowed to 35 in a second.

51:40 -- "Did Officer McKay ever tell him the reason that he stopped him?" "No. Liko was like, Sir, can I have another officer here, Sir, can I have a different officer interrogating me....."

"Liko responded very uncomfortable. He tensed up, he rolled up his window to just a crack to talk to the officer.... I've never seen Liko scared like that before. I thought at the time that he was like handling it very well he was like, can I have another officer here, and McKay was like, you're stuck with me."

1:04:24 -- What did he say when he took off? "He told me he was going to his Uncle's house so there would be witnesses.

1:19:40 -- "Actually, no the window was open more because we told that guy (Floyd) in the truck to stay there.... I don't even know why at first he pulled off to the side of the road.... I was like, hey stick around, cos I was scared, we got rammed......

Yah, really sounds like a cold-blooded killer. Not.

1:26:02 -- Did McKay say anything when he came up to the vehicle? "No it was just pepper spray right away through the open window." "That 4x4 was already there so he should have seen him do that?" "Yes. I said hey Sir can you just stay here for a minute. I said it through Liko's window I was like, Sir. They could see me and I saw we had eye to eye communication. I'm pretty sure he heard my voice."

Anyway, Caleb noted that officer Jose from Sugar Hill didn't respond to McKay with Liko back in 2003. When Jose fell sick BTW the entire community rallied for him and brought food, money and whatever else that they could do to help.

I will not sit here and let anyone paint the people of Franconia, Sugar Hill or Bethlehem as anti-police just because they were anti-McKay. It's patently absurd.


Anonymous said...

You are misleading these people King. You lack the skills to get this job done.

Christopher King said...

RSA 91-A for missing 5/11 Grafton Dispatch audio.
Saturday, August 23, 2008 5:52 PM
"Christopher King" kingjurisdoctor@yahoo.com
Add sender to Contacts
Andrew.Paparella@abc.com, Kelly.Ayotte@doj.nh.gov, Jeffery.Strelzin@doj.nh.gov, Joanne.Robbins@doj.nh.gov, graftonca@yahoo.com, ray.burton4@gte.net, John.Gallus@leg.state.nh.us, robert.letourneau@leg.state.nh.us, martha.mcleod@leg.state.nh.us, townclerk@franconianh.org, dmullen@ranspell.com

Dear Attorneys Ayotte, Modigliani and St. Hilaire:

On review of the Grafton County Dispatch recordings from 5/11 I note that there is a sizable chunk of time missing as Bruce McKay was busy violating at least eight (8) pursuit and OC Spray policies.


Specifically, that time is almost two (2) entire minutes, 6:07:24 – 6:09:15.

I'm afraid I need to have those minutes, immediately.

Kelly, I think the onus is on you, as you handled the entire investigation, so let me know if you're going to give me the minutes or if I need to raise the issue to the court as an Amendment to the Complaint.

Very Truly Yours,

Christopher King, J.D.

Christopher King said...


Did someone call for a douchebag?

On my skills, check your history.

Michael Isreal v. Hensley & Rhoades.

* $58,500.00 with no palpable injury to Mr. Isreal, the largest non-critical injury police settlement up to 1998.

* Both officers found to have made Mr. Isreal a victim of violent crime, over appeal from my former boss, Ohio AG Bloody Betty Montgomery, case no. V1996-61481.

Door prizes on the left.

Christopher King said...


Oh, wait: I know.... you seem so bright, you must have the skills or know who does. You must care about Justice and Truth or else you wouldn't be posting here.

Please, do tell of your accomplishments and of your efforts toward establishing open government in this or any other case.

Now I'm going out for a bike ride with the girly-girl and we're going to visit with my IP lawyer for a while so if I don't get right back to you don't worry, I'll be checking in later.

While you're at it, see if you can find the missing Dispatch minutes for me, willya?

I lack the skills to find those on the AG's audio disc.

Anonymous said...

Chris, you have a record that includes being suspended for wiretapping and trying to entrap someone. Its not a good record to point to.

And you gave away lots of money with the Michael Israel issue. Your client was taken because of you. I know.

You are not talented in an objective sense. Really, you would not be ambulance chasing in a state you have no legitimate professional ties to.

Its all very, very pathetic. And these poor nincompoops you are bilking.

I know you cant admit it, but I know . . . .

Anonymous said...

The proof is in the pudding - the people of the Franconia area are in fact anit-law enforcement. They care more about their seemingly important ties to the Bode Miller family than they do their local officers. First, look how they have acted since Cpl. McCay's death - dispicable. Second, the give you this long lease and front you money to continue with absurd venture you have under taken. In the end, you are as anti-police as they are. Period!!

Anonymous said...

Published: Wednesday, June 22, 2005

City man indicted for extortion attempt

By ALBERT McKEON, Telegraph Staff

A Nashua man was indicted for trying to extort the town of Jaffrey by falsely claiming he represented the NAACP and demanding $65,000 restitution for the arrest of a black man.

Christopher King acted on his own in seeking compensation for what he described as civil- rights violations in the 2003 arrest of Willie Toney for loitering, Jaffrey police and the NAACP’s Nashua chapter said Tuesday. King also did not advise the NAACP that his law license had been revoked for previous misconduct, the Nashua chapter’s vice president said.

“We got duped,” said Melanie Levesque, the chapter vice president. “I just hope we can move forward from here.”

King had worked as the chapter’s legal redress chairman on a volunteer basis, and the position called for him only to refer people to lawyers, Levesque said. He did not have the right to act as an attorney, Levesque said.

But King denied in an interview that he requested payment without NAACP knowledge. King claims he sent the Nashua and Boston NAACP chapters copies of his correspondence to Jaffrey Police Chief Martin Dunn, and also discussed at chapter meetings his actions on behalf of Toney.

King also denies that he presented himself as an attorney to Jaffrey police, and said he never hid the fact that his law license had been suspended by the Ohio Supreme Court.

“They threw me under the bus,” King said of NAACP officials. “They had complete knowledge, and every single letter.”

King, 40, of 15 Beasom St., is charged with the class B felony crime of attempted extortion. A Cheshire County grand jury handed up the indictment Monday, Dunn said.

In 2003, Jaffrey police arrested Toney after two undercover officers spotted him entering a closed auto parts store, exiting the building for a time and then reentering, Dunn said. Police officers chased a fleeing Toney and arrested him for loitering, a charge the district court later dropped, Dunn said.

King still alleges that the officers drew their guns on Toney and strip-searched him without probable cause because he is black. Toney’s friend, who is white and accompanied him to the area, did not receive the same scrutiny, King said.

But Dunn denies his officers mistreated Toney or that race was a factor.

“There was no touching, no racial comments,” Dunn said. Had Toney’s white friend acted in the same suspicious manner as Toney, he would have been arrested, Dunn said.

King’s claims of civil rights violations and a demand of $65,000 on NAACP letterhead, sent in December, thus startled Dunn, the chief said.

“These were very serious allegations,” Dunn said. “I looked into them quite seriously. I thought the NAACP was legitimately contacting me. I don’t want a police officer acting inappropriately. But there was no basis to it, and the complaint was from 18 months previous.”

Toney, in fact, had never complained about mistreatment until King contacted the town, Dunn said. King told Toney that he wanted 15 percent of the $65,000, Dunn said.

Dunn ultimately discovered that King acted without NAACP approval, and at that point, “I couldn’t give him $5,” the chief said. And when Jaffrey police notified King that the department knew of King’s actual standing with the NAACP, King threatened to call a press conference to discuss the alleged civil rights violations, Dunn said.

The NAACP does not litigate, or threaten to sue any party, Levesque said.

“He’s very energetic and was eager to make the chapter work. That’s why we brought him on board,” Levesque said. “It seemed he was going to do wonderful things with his experience with law, but (a legal aide) also (needs) to follow the guidelines of the NAACP and not put our chapter at risk.”

The Nashua chapter had no knowledge of King’s intervention on Toney’s behalf, nor had any details of Toney’s case, Levesque said. When the NAACP ultimately contacted Toney, he said King had sought him, she said.

Levesque said she was not aware of King’s status with the Ohio bar, and that as soon as the Nashua chapter learned of his communication with Jaffrey police he was relieved of his duties as legal redress chairman. An NAACP legal aide does not need to be an attorney, and the person in that position should not act as one, she said.

King was suspended from the bar in 2001 but the suspension was not imposed so long as he met certain conditions, said Doris Roach, a clerk at the Ohio Supreme Court. However, he did not meet those conditions and was suspended in 2002. He has not reapplied to the bar and was found in contempt, Roach said.

Ohio’s high court found that King, when representing a woman who slipped outside her apartment building, had a friend who was also an attorney call the woman’s former landlord pretending to be another landlord running a tenant check. King’s friend recorded the telephone conversation, in which the former landlord disapproved of the woman as a tenant, and King then amended his suit to include a slander count against the former landlord, the Supreme Court found.

The New Hampshire Bar Association does not recognize King, and he is not licensed to practice in this state, Dunn said

July 31, 2008 4:51 PM

Anonymous said...

So, stipulate to your points.

A true representative would not disclose what you do.

A true friend would not defend himself with the alleged words of others

A true professional would right his ship rather than try to justify his past mistakes by tacking into a squall

A true man would stop and right his personhood before he lost it to a promise he made in jest or otherwise when his luck was down.

Therein lies the cowardice.


Anonymous said...

2:55 Nor is he permitted to do so in the guise legal representation...


983-423. Columbus Bar Assn. v. King.

"IT IS FURTHER ORDERED that the respondent, Christopher King, immediately cease and desist from the practice of law in any form and is hereby forbidden
to appear on behalf of another before any court, judge, commission, board, administrative agency, or other public authority."

"IT IS FURTHER ORDERED that the respondent is hereby forbidden to counsel or advise or prepare legal instruments for others or in any manner perform such services."

Anonymous said...

And, yes. King as coward.

Anonymous said...

I can see the "troll-patrol" has visited yet again !

Again, old news different day !

Nothing you say/write/do will alter our path/opinion.

In fact I would say it gives me/us more determination then ever.

Thanks for that !

Anonymous said...

I despise cops like McKay. I despise people that cover-up (or choose to look the other way) for cops like McKay.

I despise people that cover-up Local/State Government corruption.

You're all so going down ! I do not care if it takes years. The dominos will fall hard. We will do this the legal way.

I'm not the type who would take someone down behind a cruiser to block the video view while your being beaten. Only dirty cops do that........

Anonymous said...

No one took Liko Kenney behind any cruiser and beat him, Christ you are pathetic. Trying to justify the murder of a police officer by a fleeing criminal is sickening.Nothing has been done in a professional or legal way by anyone associated with the CKFC. Betraying people as some of you have done is more despicable than anything Cpl. N. Bruce McKay ever did.

Christopher King said...

To the new and uninitiated:

Did you notice that NONE OF THIS has anything to do with what Caleb Macaulay said, or the lies that Kelly set forth?

Or the missing two (2) minutes of audio?

1. The fact of the matter is (again) that no one else in Ohio had got LE found liable for making someone a victim of violent crime.

2. $58,500.00 in 1998 dollars is more than reasonable for the fact that Michael had no palpable injury. Ask any lawyer.

3. Not only did we prevail on the settlement, we also won the criminal trials (the usual resisting arrest/assault on an Officer BS like they ran against Liko Kenney) before an all-white jury in Hamilton, Ohio, as the jury foreman told me part of the reason they voted for Michael and Justice was because I was better than Sam Boorst "you got more honey than his vinegar," was his EXACT quote.


4. There was no "wiretap," it was a phone recording on a speaker phone and it was not unethical or illegal because

a) Ohio had not adopted the model ABA rules.

b) Ohio was a one-party state, meaning only one party needs to know who is taping.

This is why they couldn't suspend me so instead they put me on "probation" for a year and I reported to a ex-military lawyer who at the end said I failed to fulfill the terms of my probation, so NOW I'm suspended. When asked in my suspension hearing what I failed to do that he wanted me to do, he had no answer.

And BTW one can see Mr. Isreal at my suspension hearing arguing in my defense.

And BTW we were attacking the same kind of racism that caused Peckett's to be closed when the government found that they would not accommodate black folks so rather than to follow the government order to desegregate, they closed the inn!

The landlord had called my client a "nigger lover," which I validated by neutral sources.

Anyway, on Pecketts, I know a guy that burned it down in a training exercise.

5. Now then, coming to the biggest joke of them all, the "extortion" case against me was DISMISSED in its entirety, along with the bogus "Unauthorized Practice of Law" case brought by Kelly.

Here is a summation post, showing the Demand Letter I sent to Chief Dunn after his cops stuck 3 guns in an unarmed man's face and visual body cavity searched him for loitering.

Yes, loitering. He won his criminal "case" without a lawyer, yes he did.

a) Police Chief Dunn fired.
b) Prosecutor Bill Albrecht resigns under an ethics investigation.
c) NAACP's Gloria Timmons and Jaffrey Chief Dunn both lied under Oath.
d) Nashua Telegraph and Mayor Streeter wrote editorial in favor of KingCast and gave me a Mayoral Commendation.

Thanks for bringing that up though so that people can see how foul the government and some "Civil Rights" organizations can be.

But what you failed to do my friend, is to offer any comment about what YOU have done for Civil Rights, or Right-to-Know.

Here's a good post from Daily Kos about today's NAACP:

"...I like your style, even if it's intemperate, it's creative intemperateness. I like that you touched on the way in which hallowed institutions from the civil rights era like NAACP are subject to intense pressures from those outside the organization who wish to subvert the "brand" from within. In this way, legacy institutions end up perverted and co-opted, since at the end of the day all organizations have to be run by real people in real time, in the present moment. If they don't take steps to energetically preserve and adapt their mission to changing times, it's like taking a cruise on the Queen Mary while she sits in dry dock. It's pretty, but you're not getting anywhere."


Lastly, you know what's funny?

I talk to people who have spoken with Casey Sherman about this matter, one of whom went to prep school with Casey.

He is a well-respected writer even as acknowledged by the same circle jerk trolls at Topix (where Casey no longer reads BTW) and I know that Casey is making some of the exact same points as I am. So when he publishes his book next year what will the trolls say then?

North Country folks will not be fooled by these trolls, I only bothered to respond because newbies might have some questions.

-The KingCaster

Christopher King said...


You are pathetic. Anyone can see that Liko was dragged behind the car and I fully believe that McKay straddled his face when he tackled him.

And the stop was Unconstitutional, just as the other Fox Hill stops were RULED BY JUDGE CYR.

Anonymous said...

You quickly ask what has anybody done for civil rights, but what have you done, everything you preach about sounds like you brought civil rights back several steps. You throw out the sum of the monetary gain every chance you get, and that is teh bottom line, you claim your purpose is civil rights but that is just a guise for monetary gain for you.

you hate to be put in a bad light, everytime you make excuses for your past you are further entrenching yourself.

Christopher King said...


In a Civil Rights case, money is often proxy for Justice.

But to go the extra mile, to get the police found to have made Michael a victim of violent crime, that shows the dedication you stupid jackass troll.

BTW the owner of the Dow Murders website just wrote me and we are collaborating on posting some very serious letters to Governor Lynch.

Watch the next post.

Time for a bike ride and breakfast with the girly-girl :)

Anonymous said...

Oh really !

Watch the video.

As far as the killing of a LEO, in my opinion self defense would justify that. That is the case with McKay.

Anonymous said...

They were both wrong...and they're both dead. Justice has been served.

Your quote:
We will do this the legal way.

OK. Nice thought. Then get a lawyer. A real lawyer (not suspended), and a real lawfirm. King is misrepresenting himself and others.
If King had any chance at all, he's quashed all opportunities by his careless, nonsensical and vicious unprofessionalism.

2:55 correctly advises of King:

You lack the skills to get this job done.

He gets in the way of himself. He is ineffective.

Anonymous said...

here's his 'writing' style:
He was responding to a woman commenting from True Crime Blog who had written a comment questioning his techniques.

Christopher King says...

"So take your false Black Pride somewhere else and plant one where the sun don't shine, baby.

The State of New Hampshire has treated North Country folks like proverbial n****s anyway and I'm exposing it like Nat Turner while you sit your pickanniny Aunt Jemima fuckin' plantation armchair revolutionary ass on the sidelines.

And did I forget to mention disingenuous, ersatz intellectual, mindless, spineless, house negro, nappy-headed ho.

And FWIW my white brother-in-law thinks you're a tool too.


Get up on this."

Christopher King said...


That was fun =^.)


Peace, Love, Aloha, Namaste to all you real folks in the house.

5:14 PM
Christopher King said...

So y'all see what's so funny:

Next she goes off and says "He slandered me, he called me a nappy-headed ho!"

I am NOT a nappy-headed ho, my hair is STRAIGHT!!!


LMAO (still)...."

and he stands by those ugly comments. there's the 'writer' he professes to be.
an ugly racist bully with zero credibility left. zero. except he will spam and lie on his blog because he has no where else to go, having been banned from every site he ever set his lying thieving mouth onto.

Christopher King said...


You sure do seem obsessed with me, considering that I'm a non-factor. Why don't you print what that writer wrote in the first instance?

Then you say, get a real lawyer, not one suspended?

Okay, how about one who was disbarred but who is now of counsel with Gregory W. Floyd's high-dollar law firm, Shaheen & Gordon?

Michael McLaughlin.

And yes indeed I do stand by that comment to that troll, who is part of the Daily Kos/CIA routine that predominates that board.

Now back on point:

51:40 -- "Did Officer McKay ever tell him the reason that he stopped him?" "No. Liko was like, Sir, can I have another officer here, Sir, can I have a different officer interrogating me....."

"Liko responded very uncomfortable. He tensed up, he rolled up his window to just a crack to talk to the officer.... I've never seen Liko scared like that before. I thought at the time that he was like handling it very well he was like, can I have another officer here, and McKay was like, you're stuck with me."

1:04:24 -- What did he say when he took off? "He told me he was going to his Uncle's house so there would be witnesses.

Christopher King said...


I'm glad I was banned from Northeast Shooters and Daily Kos, what a waste of time those sites really are, by and large.

Notice how Northeast Shooters banned me for my comments about that douchebag cop Earvin Franklin but then subsequently agreed with me about his sorry ass:


"Lying thieving mouth?"

List my convictions or STFU.

Anonymous said...

You bring Jose name into you blog, that is low even for you. Do you even know if he was on duty that night. If you don't STFU.

Anonymous said...

I can easilier list you lack of conviction. List McKay's convictions. McKay was never indicted, he was never suspended. You may not have any criminal convictions but you definitely are lacking in the moral department.

Anonymous said...

[Cite as Columbus Bar Assn. v. King (2002), 95 Ohio St.3d 93.]
Attorneys at law -- Misconduct -- One-year suspension with credit for time
served -- Failing to fulfill purpose of mentorship imposed at previous
disciplinary proceeding -- Engaging in conduct indicating inability to
function as a professional lawyer in a courtroom or afford clients
adequate representation -- Failure to pay costs imposed at previous
disciplinary proceeding.
(No. 98-423 -- Submitted January 8, 2002 -- Decided April 24, 2002.)
ON CERTIFIED REPORT by the Board of Commissioners on Grievances and
Discipline of the Supreme Court, No. 96-115.

Per Curiam. In December 1998, for conduct in January 1996, we
suspended Christopher King, now of Dallas, Texas, Attorney Registration No.
0062199, from the practice of law in Ohio for one year, but stayed the suspension
on the condition that during that year he be placed on probation and work with a
mentor appointed by the relator, Columbus Bar Association. Columbus Bar Assn.
v. King (1998), 84 Ohio St.3d 174, 702 N.E.2d 862. We also imposed costs of
that proceeding on respondent.

On February 19, 1999, relator appointed Guy L. Reese II, a former
Franklin County Municipal Court Judge and a former Franklin County Common
Pleas Court Judge, to be respondent's mentor. Based upon the mentor's report to
the relator and respondent's failure to make the payment ordered in our December
1998 order, relator requested on September 13, 2000, that respondent's probation
be revoked, that his stayed suspension be reinstated, and that respondent be held
in contempt. Respondent opposed this request, and the matter was heard by a

panel of the Board of Commissioners on Grievances and Discipline of the
Supreme Court.

At a hearing on June 6, 2001, the panel considered testimony, exhibits,
and stipulations. It received evidence that on January 9, 1998, Judge David Cain
of the Franklin County Court of Common Pleas imposed a Civ.R. 11 sanction on
respondent in the amount of $5,000 to be paid in thirty days for frivolous
behavior in continuing to pursue an action despite his client's own
acknowledgement that she had no claim. Respondent did not appeal the order or
pay the sanction. Instead, he wrote a letter to the judge and filed suit against him.
The panel received evidence that on September 9, 1998, Judge Edmund A.
Sargus, Jr., of the United States District Court for the Southern District of Ohio
fined respondent $1,500 in attorney fees and $1,311.73 in costs for his conduct in
Lampley v. Vagnier (1998), No. C2-96-337. Respondent did not appeal this
sanction or two others in the same case that totaled $5,139, nor did he pay them,
except for possibly $300 of the attorney fees. On February 28, 2000, Judge
Sargus ordered respondent to appear and show cause why he should not be held
in contempt for failure to pay the sanctions.

The panel also received evidence that on February 11, 1999, Judge
Algenon L. Marbley of the United States District Court for the Southern District
of Ohio held respondent in contempt for the manner in which he comported
himself in Belcher v. Ohio Dept. Human Serv., (S.D.Ohio 1999), 48 F.Supp.3d
729, and ordered him to complete a six-week preceptorship with Professor
Shirley Mays of the Capital University Law School. Respondent did not at any
time comply with the requirements of the preceptorship.

The panel received further evidence that on July 7, 1999, Visiting Judge
John Martin of the Franklin County Common Pleas Court held respondent in
contempt and granted a mistrial due to respondent's conduct in Smith v.
Professional Cellular Serv., Inc., No. 95CVH-12-8949, and ordered him to pay

January Term, 2002
attorney fees and court costs. Respondent instead filed a complaint against Judge

In addition, the panel received evidence that respondent informed his
monitor, Judge Reese, that additional sanctions had been imposed against him of
$1,852.50 by Judge David Cain in Oglesby v. Columbus, Franklin C.P. No. 97-
CVC-03-3823, of $2,077.59 by Judge Nodine Miller of the Franklin County
Common Pleas Court in Hamm v. Gahanna City Council, No. 95CVF085484, of
$200 by Judge Cain in Michael v. Whitehall, No. 97CVC012333, and of $1,000
by Judge James L. Graham of the United States District Court for the Southern
District of Ohio in Archer v. Roman, No. C-2-95-1187.

On the basis of this evidence the panel found that respondent had not
fulfilled the purpose of his mentorship and that his conduct indicated that he
could neither function as a professional lawyer in a courtroom nor afford his
clients adequate representation.

In addition, the panel further found that respondent had not paid the costs
imposed in our December 1998 order. The panel recommended that respondent's
probation be terminated and that his suspension from the practice of law be

We have reviewed the record and adopt the findings of the panel. It is
clear from the numerous sanctions that respondent received during his term of
probation for his conduct in several courts, sanctions that remain unpaid, that the
mentor's report is credible. Further, in three years respondent has not paid the
costs we imposed in December 1998, costs that we ordered paid within ninety

We have already revoked respondent's probation and reinstated his
suspension on October 4, 2001, "pending entry of a final order by this court." 93
Ohio St.3d 1438, 755 N.E.2d 901. Respondent is hereby suspended from the
practice of law for one year with credit for time served. Respondent is further

ordered to pay the costs of the original proceeding in the amount of $1,363.71
plus interest of ten percent from March 8, 1999 until paid. Respondent shall
further pay the costs of these proceedings.
Judgment accordingly.


Anonymous said...

51:40 -- "Did Officer McKay ever tell him the reason that he stopped him?" "No. Liko was like, Sir, can I have another officer here, Sir, can I have a different officer interrogating me....."

A routine traffic stop for an expired registration and inspection sticker, and in Liko's mind that was interrogation...jeezus even for you that's stretching it a bit, unless you want to use insanity as a defense. Tell us all when did Franconia Cpl. N. Bruce McKay have a chance to say what the stop was for before Liko took off.

What was said to Caleb really doesn't matter Liko fled a legitimate traffic stop and thats a felony in NH.

Anonymous said...

It is hard to speak with a driver who refuses to stop, then when he is stopped, he fires a gun at you. give me a break with this Liko, the piece of shit murderer, is the victim here. He did not say sir to anyone, he refused to stop, McKay stopped him, pepper sprayed him to subdue him (minumum force - look it up), then me was shot by this piece of trash.

On aside note, I like the case sited above. Perhaps King should not be casting any stones at anyone. In Ohio as well as NH he was suspended for being a crook. Give me a break you piece of trash.

Anonymous said...

Supreme Court disbars, suspends four

The Supreme Court today announced decisions revoking or suspending the Ohio law licenses of four attorneys.

The court permanently disbarred Peter J. Bozanich of Boardman, and suspended Terry Scott Easterwood of St. Clairsville, Christopher King, formerly of Columbus, and Richard Allen Meyer Jr. of Toledo.

Anonymous said...

By ALBERT McKEON, Telegraph Staff

NASHUA – Four people who bought Oxycontin at a south-end restaurant had a surprise waiting when they walked outside.

An undercover police officer sold them 200 80-milligram pills for $5,550 at the restaurant bar Tuesday afternoon, police Sgt. Mike Carignan said Wednesday. Police arrested the buyers as soon as they stepped outside, he said.

Carignan wouldn’t disclose the name of the eatery because he said police didn’t want to cast the restaurant in a poor light. He said it was a chain restaurant on Daniel Webster Highway, and the men arrested were not employees.

Police arrested Nashua resident Christopher King, 50, of 23 Temple St., and two brothers from Billerica, Mass.: Kevin Trainor, 50, and Raymond Trainor, 49, who both live at 16 Lowell St.

A fourth buyer was arrested, but police on Wednesday had no information to release on this person, Carignan said.

A mid-level drug dealer would sell this dosage of Oxycontin for $80 per pill, Carignan said. Typically, the drug has a street value of $1 per milligram, he said.

The men intended to sell the drug, so each face the felony charge of conspiracy to sell Oxycontin, Carignan said. King and Raymond Trainor have criminal records for previously selling drugs, police said.

Raymond Trainor bought the drugs from the undercover officer, while King and the fourth person arranged for the deal to take place, Carignan said. Kevin Trainor drove them to the deal and acted as a lookout during the transaction, he said.

“This was a quick investigation for us,” Carignan said. “You can only do it once. It was a one-shot deal with these guys for us.”

The Nashua man arrested in the bust

**** is not the disbarred attorney Christopher King******,

who this year protested a Nashua Board of Education policy that had banned public comment on school district employees.

Oxycontin is a brand name for oxycodone, a narcotic drug used for the treatment of moderate to severe pain. The drug is so highly regulated by the medical field that thefts of Oxycontin have been prevalent at pharmacies.

“Basically, it’s a prescription form of heroin,” Carignan said, noting there is a high demand for it on the streets.
Albert McKeon can be reached at 594-5832 or

Christopher King said...



What convictions.

Cite them.


I didn't bring Jose's name into this, Caleb Macaulay did, now that I got a chance to hear his audio.


List the convictions or STFU.

Oh, you, Internet Troll, are going to stand and judge my morality.

I'm shaking in my boots.


Christopher King said...



Not permanent.

Heck, you can be a convicted felon and serve jail time and be disbarred and return to practice for the governor's firm.

Michael McLoughlin.

Christopher King said...


Everyone who got stopped by McKay found it to be a damn Spanish Inquisition.

Ask this grown man, driving his son's GTi.

To answer your question, McKay had 3 minutes to tell Liko what was up.

"He was in full John Wayne mode," said the father this afternoon in a phone interview..... "I was terrified and just pressed myself back all the way in the seat and then when he saw it was me he about shit his pants and started stammering.... "Uh, I thought you had a registration violation......"

Anonymous said...

commonwealth Sun Sep 23, 2007 8:55 am

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Duping a non-profit organization? That is low...

Hey Seamus,
you are correct,

Remember that link you posted with Kerry posing with some stupid former lawyer who thinks he's come to save New Hampshire from our terrible police who abuse us?

I backtracked on that link, to where those pictures were posetd on the web and the stupid ex-lawyer posted a bunch of junk, pictures, and dcocuments. Among those documents was a letter King had sent to the small NH town on behalf of the NAACP, and he signed it at the bottom "Esq," which means the idiot did pose himself as a real live lawyer to the NAACP.

So you are correct.

Since then, however, the idiot must have realized that he is his own worst enemy, becuase he has since put a password on so I can't backtrack to get the letter.

It is hilarious that such an idiot would actually post for the world to see the evidence that shows himself illegaly impersonating a lawyer in NH. He is so blinded and foolish over his need for attention, that all one needs to do is sit by and watch as he tells us all about his wonderful self, and within these stories, he always screws himself by offering up the evidence regarding what huge phony he is.

It's hilarious!!
Kyesha Williams | 05.22.08 - 3:09 am | #

Christopher King said...

From the comments section to this post where you can read the actual links and documents.

Oh, yah sure I removed the information....

The actual Demand Letter is right here, Bubba.

Page One.

Page Two.

"Christopher King, J.D."

That's why the case was dismissed and so was the unlicensed practice of law case.

Or do I need to show you (again) how Chief Dunn was fired and his Mickey-Mouse prosecutor resigned under an ethics charge, or how Dunn and NAACP President Gloria Timmons both lied under Oath.

Door prizes on the left.

Christopher King said...


BTW there is no disbarred attorney Christopher King.


For one year.


Truck Reviews said...

"Its all very, very pathetic. And these poor nincompoops you are bilking."

I agree!

Christopher King said...


Hmmmm... exactly whom am I "bilking?"

Are you implying that we're not preparing a complaint to the U.S. House?

Are you implying that the "investigation" into 5/11 was anything more than a sham?

Are you implying that more mainstream, respected and published writers like Casey Sherman disagree with me?

Please discuss.