31 August 2008

KingCast bids goodnight to Stephanie Tubbs Jones.

Irrespective of old disagreements Ohio Congresswoman Stephanie Tubbs Jones was a role model and she will be missed by many. Here is a bit about her memorial service, attended by Senators Barack, Clinton and many dignitaries. My mother was surprised I had not heard of her passing last week but the coverage was more regional and thus I had no idea about it up here in NH. According to this NYTimes story, the cause of death was an aneurysm.

As noted in this post concerning Blacks Against Blackwell, my former boss Terry Gilbert has filed many a brief in opposition to Attorney Jones when she was lead Cuyahoga County prosecutor back in the day. The most (in)famous struggle was Terry's successful attempt to exhume the body of Sam Sheppard relative to a certain case that spawned "The Fugitive" movie and TV Series.

While we disagreed with her on many things back then, she harbored no compunction to call it as it is with Ken Blackwell in his thankfully unsuccessful Gubernatorial bid:

"His rulings and decisions have had a disproportionate impact on African Americans and other low-income people,"
says Congresswoman Stephanie Tubbs Jones (D-Cleveland), who went so far as to protest the certification of Ohio's vote in 2004.


Anonymous said...

As you may know Chris. The North country is a vacation spot.

If you do some google research as in, corruption at Europe's ski area's you my find a correlation that goes hand in hand in the resort industry world wide.

Even though it's only New Hampshire and not a the state of Nevada such as Vegas.. The same shit is going on on a smaller scale.

Anonymous said...

It's me Chris Charlie

Anonymous said...

I have a hotel and recreation degree in corruption.

It's kind of like the guys from MIT who beat the blackjack table in Vegas and got caught.. The human part of it is they got greedy.. Our
government is getting greedy to support themselves.

Does this story sound like the Same place with a different agenda?

The sad part is that people make up government and once they get to the office of, "Im better than You".. Then they have failed.

Again they have failed the people.

There is no such thing as a privilege dictated by goverment.

The next thing the politicians will now tell you it's a privilege to get married.. They have done this with gays..

Who needs a license to marry anyone?

Who needs a license to fish or hunt to eat?

What ever happened to the Bill Of Rights?

Our Government called "We the People" has hijacked America.

I'm going to say it this way for the last time.

"The people working for their restitution within government will leave most of us destitute".

This just might be the next famous saying..


Christopher King said...

Yes Charlie it is a very funky thing.

BTW did you hear that the head of the State police is calling for a review of the Jarvis shooting?

Watch for my next post, later tonight or early Monday.

Visit New Hampshire and Die!

Anonymous said...

This does not say the Colonel is "calling for a review of the Jarvis shooting."

The director of the New Hampshire State Police said yesterday he believes an independent and wide-ranging review of SWAT teams throughout the state is needed in the wake of a controversial police operation last month that ended with the shooting death of a Charlestown man and wounding of a state trooper.

State Police Col. Frederick Booth said in an interview that an "outside source" of law-enforcement expertise should be asked to evaluate the state's six nonprofit regional SWAT teams, whose total of about 200 officers operate under independent boards of directors. The review should also include larger cities' tactical units and the state police's 25-member SWAT team, Booth said.

"What may come out of that examination is that you have six different units operating around the state under a different set of standards," Booth told the Valley News. "And the question that may come out of that is should there be a standard set of training that each SOU (special operations unit) member needs to meet in order to be a team member? I think that's a positive first step."

JP said...

Sounds like he is calling for a review to me.

Christopher King said...


Yah, he is.

And wait just a few more minutes this morning for my new post on that.

And even if he did not, he should be, and he should ask for one in the Franconia shootings to as I'm about to break it down for him.

Look: NH LE have been given a free ride for far too long, and the behaviour of several of them is tarnishing the image of the rest of them.

Time to clean things up, fly right and act responsibly.

-The KingCaster.

Anonymous said...

I also read about an "independent review". Without a doubt some have learned from their mistakes with 5/11.

Now it is time to push for a "independent review" in regards to 5/11. That needs to include incidents leading up to, during and after.

Anonymous said...

Very true !

The decent LEO's are put into a position where they have to choose between "turning one of their own in" or else..........

Perhaps, not having a job.

Being unable to provide for their families.

If they are in need of back-up will it be there for them.

They need to know that when they "blow the whistle" on a dirty cop they will not pay a price.

I commend those that have made that very difficult decision to do what is right.

Laws need to be put in place to protect those LEO's who take the right stand.

Christopher King said...

3:53 and 4:01

It also helps when the head lawyer in charge tells the truth, but we haven't seen that yet so I went to Colonel Booth myself just now:

KingCast goes to Colonel Frederick Booth on Franconia Shooting Tragedy.

Monday, September 1, 2008 8:34 AM
"Christopher King" kingjurisdoctor@yahoo.com
Add sender to Contacts
Andrew.Paparella@abc.com, Kelly.Ayotte@doj.nh.gov, Jeffery.Strelzin@doj.nh.gov, Joanne.Robbins@doj.nh.gov, graftonca@yahoo.com, ray.burton4@gte.net, John.Gallus@leg.state.nh.us, robert.letourneau@leg.state.nh.us, martha.mcleod@leg.state.nh.us, townclerk@franconianh.org, dmullen@ranspell.com.....

Dear Attorneys Ayotte and Strelzin:

I hope this email finds you in Good Spirits at the close of your Holiday weekend.

When you return to work this week you should receive Service on KingCast v. McLeod et al. Meanwhile I look forward to explanation on the missing 43 seconds of Grafton Dispatch 5/11 audio and provide these two posts for your consideration, the first of which involves Kelly's documented lies to Attorney Harold Burbank.



01 September 2008
Hey KingCast, what happened to the 15 May 2008 email from NH AG Kelly Ayotte where she materially lied to Harold Burbank, Esq?

Anonymous said...

Hey, Nutso, did you read Ayotte's release of the shooting? If you need you would see that she is asking for a review of the incident and future such SWAT hits. Get past your anger for her and be fair. Read what she writes for once. I understand your lackluster knowledge got you in trouble in the law field, but one would think you learned from your ineptness. Apparently not.

Christopher King said...


Nah, read deeper.

Kelly is only calling for a partial review.

Get over your hatred of me to see that a full review is owed in Franconia, duh.

Christopher King said...


As for my purported ineptness, funny how one of my former clients whom I allegedly couldn't properly represent, and who has been a legal professional for the past decade -- called me the minute s/he came into money so that I could help in the Civil Rights business we are opening.

Funny how you won't find any client complaints about me in the Ohio Supreme Court, which is odd considering that I allegedly failed them you think one of them would have complained about that, rather than support me.