25 August 2008

KingCast bedtime post for y'all to dream about: Dream about having the full Grafton County Dispatch recordings with Bruce McKay, car 44K; RSA 91-A.

Yah, the girly-girl hasn't been seeing enough of me lately so there's really no need for me to post anything after this or respond to anybody. Time to cook dinner (5 egg omelet with jack cheese, fresh spinach, portobello/domestic mushrooms sauteed with butter & thyme, topped with grilled shrimp in the shell, garlic, lime and Hawaiian red chiles). Then watch a movie, you know, chillax. The tools at Topix have indeed "busted" me in "Pepper Gate" though: I have been providing the Kenney family with RSA 91-A information in exchange for... spicy peppers!!!

Holy Bat-caca, Robin, quick, call the Bar Association. Peppergate. And now a word from our sponsors, cooking up a truly spicy email:
RSA 91-A for missing 5/11 Grafton Dispatch audio.
Saturday, August 23, 2008 5:52 PM
From: "Christopher King"

Dear Attorneys Ayotte, Modigliani and St. Hilaire:

On review of the Grafton County Dispatch recordings from 5/11 I note that there is a sizable chunk of time missing as Bruce McKay was busy violating at least eight (8) pursuit and OC Spray policies.


Specifically, that time is almost two (2) entire minutes, 6:07:24 – 6:09:15.

I'm afraid I need to have those minutes, immediately.

Kelly, I think the onus is on you, as you handled the entire investigation, so let me know if you're going to give me the minutes or if I need to raise the issue to the court as an Amendment to the Complaint.

Very Truly Yours, Christopher King, J.D.

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Red Hot Chili Peppers cranking Stevie Wonder's "Higher Ground" on Arsenio Hall show, circa 1989. Wow.


Christopher King said...

Ahhh, but it wouldn't be a complete post without some Topix circle jerk tool coming in here to post about my license suspension and to make false claims about Chief Dunn or Prosecutor Albrecht -- who ran like a puppy that peed his pants after I sat through voir dire, BTW.

So in light of that, I'll go ahead and post the salient portions of my letter to the Columbus Bar Association and Board of Grievances, sent today, 25 August 2008:


"......Nashua does not present keys to the City; this is the highest honour available. Note further that the Nashua Telegraph even issued a complimentary editorial City Board’s Reversal is Common-Sense Move, and a follow up news story, First Strike: Outspoken Duo Takes Stand in Defense of Free Speech.

And I know at least one school board member -- a duly licensed attorney -- is likely to sign on as well.

This means a lot to me because Nashua has been my home for most of the past six (6) years. It should mean a lot to you and to the Ohio Supreme Court Justices as well because you can see the growth and development in my professionalism such that I no longer receive sanctions from arguing school board issues. Instead I receive Mayoral Commendation and respect from the Aldermen and school board members when arguing the same First Amendment principles that I argued in Columbus a decade ago.

....One last thing, however: As I prepare a package for your consideration I would like to receive a copy of any and all documents pertaining to an anonymous complaint against me. It was filed some years ago relative to a criminal matter that was dismissed in its entirety as the police chief was fired and his prosecutor left office under an ethics investigation. This is what my business partner, well-respected educator Chris Hookway had to say about that situation.

Again, thank you in advance for your full attention in this matter.

Respectfully submitted,

Christopher King, J.D.

cc: David Horan, Esq.
Terry H. Gilbert, Esq.
Bernard A. Streeter
Chris Hookway
blind copies

Christopher King said...

Ahhh, but wait:

It wouldn't be a complete post without some Topix circle jerk tool claiming that Mayor Streeter really doesn't support me. So let's see what Hizzoner wrote back to me today on receipt of my cc'd letter to the Bar:


Re: Suspension and reinstatement of Christopher King, J.D.
Monday, August 25, 2008 4:03 PM
[Mista' Mayor]
Add sender to Contacts

Message contains attachments
Suspension and reinstatement of Christopher King, J.D..eml (81KB)



Much success in your quest to be reinstated.

You are a credit to our city and state and have provided much insight for New Hamsphireites for continuing to support our state's Right to Know law.

Your courageous, dedicated and insightful work on behalf of our citizenry in the Franconia matter
will stand in the legal annals of New Hampshire history as an example of one very courageous man fighting against high odds and those in high places bringing to the attention of our citizens the callous way in which things were handled in this case.

God Bless you Chris and may you continue your fight against an unjust system as an Attorney in good standing.

Bernie Streeter
Mayor - City of Nashua 2000-2008
New Hampshire Executive Council - 1969-2001

Anonymous said...

puppies pee their pants?

Christopher King said...


They do when they wear their cute widddle Prosecutorial Pants.

Then you gotta' smack 'em with a newspaper.

Now I'll tellya' sumpin' else funny:

Somebody wrote in here saying that Albrecht wasn't nailed for anything to do with me.

Technically that is correct, although I'm sure he was embarrassed when I sat for voir dire and he punked out.

Here are the actual documented allegations for clarity:

"Allegations included Albrecht displaying intimidating behavior with certain employees, breaking into tirades, belittling employees and asking employees to use county equipment and time to drum up support for his campaign...among other things."

KingCast: We're here to help.

Anonymous said...

sounds like the behavior of your beloved mayor streeter.

Christopher King said...


Oh, Bernie went out of office under an ethics investigation?

I didn't hear about that. Please do share the details.

I think it sounds like the behaviour of one Bill Albrecht, Esq.

You're lame dude.

And wrong.

Anonymous said...

Do the words, "do you know who I am" ring a bell

Christopher King said...



Do the words "take your hand off of my ass" to the State's Highest Legal Officer mean anything to you?

Christopher King said...

PS: And don't even get started on petty, vindictive "legal" attacks that were wholly without merit as noted by a NH Supreme Court Justice.



Anonymous said...

Streeter got into a car accident with a cab driver in Manchester. He was in a Nashua city car and was going to a concert at the arena. He was on his private time! Anyway, he threatened the cab driver with the infamous phrase - "do you know who I am?" when the driver wanted Streeter's information (required by law, you know). Streeter, later determined to be at fault for the accident, fled the scene. He was later tracked down by Manchester police inside of the concert. Frankly, he should have been arrested. Anyway, Nashua now has a government vehicle police because of your beloved hero. You know what they say thoug, birds of a feather....

Anonymous said...

Hey Nutso - how come you haven't demanded a 91A on the case file for Streeter's accident? Hmmmm, selective are we? Goes to show your true motivation is to get back at the AG's office for holding you accountable for being corrupt (that and the Bode Miller money grab). Remember, a grand jury heard the case against you, indicted you and therefore felt you should have been tried. I must agree.

Christopher King said...


A prosecutor can indict a ham sandwich, and I offered to go before the Grand Jury as noted in these letters.

Anyone can get an indictment when you have a lying-assed prosecutor who is on his way out on an ethics investigation.

Why don't YOU request the RSA 91-A materials on Mayor Streeter's altercation with the cabbie?

That issue was publicly heard, all the facts were elucidated and he did his community service and paid a fine.

There was no rushed investigation and no missing dispatch audio, and no shell casings unaccounted for.

And no history of being a bad cop or bad mayor. It was an isolated incident after an entire career of dedicated service.

Somehow that strikes me as materially different.

But to you and your circle jerk buddy Snowy/JMO/whatever her name is, no need to let the facts get in the way of a good trolling =^.)

Anonymous said...

Telegraph Staff

NASHUA - After Mayor Bernie Streeter agreed to a plea bargain Thursday to close his case in Manchester District Court, aldermen voiced their displeasure at the mayor's actions. Alderman-at-Large Jim Tollner, vice president of the Board of Aldermen, said there might still be political fallout now that the legal process is complete.
There likely will be conversations among aldermen about how to show the board's disapproval, Tollner said. The mayor should have admitted his error from the beginning and apologized, instead of dragging the matter out for four months, Tollner said.

The incident showed a "level of arrogance," he said.
Streeter pleaded no contest Thursday to two violations stemming from a collision with a Manchester taxi cab in October while he was driving his city car on a Saturday morning. He was fined $2,400, paid $1,076.40 in restitution to Queen City Taxi, and was ordered to perform 50 hours of community service in Manchester. At various political and business events around the state, people have joked at the city's expense about the mayor's actions, Tollner said.

"It embarrasses the city," he said.
Some aldermen adopted a wait-and-see attitude after the mayor's arrest in October and noted how human failings and mistakes are inevitable. Others submitted legislation to clamp down on the use of city vehicles. The aldermen approved legislation requiring city seals on city-owned and leased vehicles, but have not taken final action on proposals from Ward 3 Alderman Kevin Gage and Alderman-at-Large Paula Johnson to restrict use of city vehicles outside of business hours. Johnson said it would be proper for the mayor to write a letter to the residents of Nashua apologizing for his behavior.

"I hope, in the future, he will be civilized," she said.

The punishment is fair as long as the fines and community service are similar to what any other driver would have received in a similar situation, Johnson said.
Ward 8 Alderman David MacLaughlin said the court's action seems to be "a just punishment."
MacLaughlin, who has criticized Streeter for damaging the reputation of the mayor's office, said Streeter showed very poor judgment in handling the incident. The alderman said his biggest concern was how Streeter appeared to use his elected position as a "shield" from taking responsibility following the collision.

"As long as his community service in Manchester is not done on city time, I think we'll be OK," he said.
Illustration: Staff photos by Kevin Jacobus
Nashua Mayor Bernie Streeter waits for his sentencing to begin at Manchester District Court on Thursday.
Streeter drives away in his personal vehicle after his appearance in court.

Anonymous said...

If a prosecutor can indict a ham sandwich (cliche' by the way - you need to work on that), then why should I be impressed with your super-hero police lieutenant friend? You really make no sense. Like I've said all along - tick, tick, tick. I some point buddy, you will explode. Let's just hope the marbled-shrapnel that was once your mind doesn't wound anyone.

Christopher King said...


See the fault in your ummm "logic" is that you were impressed with a dirtbag prosecutor who copped an indictment against me, even though he went out on an ethics charge.

Tim Goulden, unlike your hero, never had any ethics charges.

And Mayor Streeter's event were all a matter of public record, unlike whatever the hell is going on in Franconia.

Mind sharp, doing just fine.

Have a Good Night.

Call Snowy if you get lonely :)

Anonymous said...

It was not just a prosecutor, sir. There were quite a few people sitting on that Grand jury who weighed the evidence. See your screwed up logic - it is not always personal, although you see it that way. Fact is, a complaint was made against you, an investigation was initiated and that investigation was rightfully presented to a grand jury. You know, people of your peers. They are the ones, not the prosecutor, who indicted you. Perhaps you can call your hero cop prosecutor for a more concise run-down as to how the process works. Don't just be mad at the prosecutor and then seek you warped revenge - blame the entire system.

Tick, tick, tick

Christopher King said...


Once, AGAIN, I offered to go before the Grand Jury, where the Prosecutor LIED and used false information in order to get an indictment.

Then said prosecutor peed in his pants when I stood up and went through voir dire and was ready for trial.

Those are the FACTS, bubba and if you don't like it then call the county prosecutor's office and ask them to reinstate the charges.

Otherwise, STFU and as you like to say, suck on THIS.

I've got a ham sandwich and some tossed salad for you.

LOL you tool.

You are impotent to stop the progress of Justice and this move toward government accountability, so you flail away at Topix and in my blawg as I prepare to re-enter the licensed practice of Law.

What a bummer it must be for you to have spent as you say, "half a decade" following me and waiting to pounce, only to find that when the time comes down for the pushin' you can't perform.

Your wife had that complaint about you too, I saw her on Oprah the other day. Then she ran off with Snowy and headed over to the Good Vibrations store.

Anonymous said...

Tim Goulden, unlike your hero, never had any ethics charges.

If he associates with your he should be investigated for ethics.

Birds of a feather...

Anonymous said...

I've got a ham sandwich and some tossed salad for you.

You should be good at tossing the salad.

Anonymous said...

I prepare to re-enter the licensed practice of Law.

Did your request also include your rant on how you thought McKay's injuries were very funny. Definitely shows how professional you have become since your suspension.

Anonymous said...

It was never implied that McKay's injuries were funny.

You have become very desperate with your postings trying to mis-lead the public.

At least McKay was allowed medical attention. LE denied anyone access to Liko as he lay dieing in his car alone.

Liko too needed and deserved medical care.