02 August 2008

KingCast becomes first media outlet to prove that Franconia considered firing Norman Bruce McKay, a “rogue, classic bully hiding behind his badge."

Tomorrow first thing in the morning I will scan the 1 August 2008 letter from Franconia Town Counsel Dan Mullen in which he admits that there are responsive documents on the subject. Of course he tries to avoid even giving me the minutes preceding the vote to go into executive session -- if indeed the Town actually even went into such a session. As if I'm going to fall for that.

Dear Attorney Mullen: This is a continued RSA 91-A request. As I told you in this post as a practice pointer, you cannot get away from a full admission. This means that right now, and before I sue your client for the full set of responsive documents, I need to see at a minimum the minutes and the vote that predicated the executive session, which you call here the “non-public” session.

I extensively covered a similar situation involving “non-public” session in Nashua this year, and my analysis was indeed correct. It is correct here as well.

My girlfriend and I just left my IP lawyer’s house after a birthday party for his 3 year-old daughter. On the way there I had retrieved your letter from the mailbox but waited until after she opened her gifts because I didn’t want to be bummed out. I knew I was right and that the townspeople of Franconia would never lie to me. So after she opened her gifts I took a deep breath and opened the letter. Immediately there was this odd juxtaposition of celebration of the life of a child versus the deaths of Liko Kenney and Bruce McKay, which were entirely avoidable had the town taken responsibility to fix a situation involving a “rogue, classic bully hiding behind a badge,” as argued not by me, but by McKay’s own peers at the Fish and Game Department and by the Franconia Fire Chief and many others.
“I don’t know why the major media has never sought this information,” I told her. “The Kenneys and Caleb need to file a Civil Suit against the town,” she said. “I know. They still have 1 year and 9 months to sort that out….. for now all we can do is point out the facts and take it to the U.S. House to file a complaint…. and that’s what we’re going to do.”

So people please don't come in here and talk to me about how what I say has a negative impact on Bruce McKay and his family and friends. He made his own bed, and now, thanks in substantial measure to the intransigence and benevolent despotism of the Town Selectmen, he is in it. Unfortunately he dragged Liko Kenney down with him.

As Bruce would say, from his personal license plate: GOTCHA!

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Christopher King said...

I knew I was on to something when I recently requested this information because the venomous attacks against me became decidedly more caustic in nature. Fascinating. Here is the Fish and Game instructor's comment:


"I lived in Bethlehem for years. I knew most members of the Franconia Police Department, including Bruce McKay and his chief, Mark Montminy. I also knew many members of the extended Kenney family (though I never met Liko). Everyone pretty much knows everybody else in the small communities in the Franconia and Easton valleys, and Officer McKay was a locally notorious abuser of the public trust, a classic bully hiding behind his badge."

Here's more from Fish & Game instructor "WFC." 15 Jan 2008 to Bouchard, Campbell, Cloutier.

"I say NO he was NOT professional or rational, this was the final volcanic eruption of a violent rogue officer that had been well documented. These formal complaints aswe now know were not acted up on by the Franconia Chief of Police or the Board of Selectmen..... It would be an insult to every other NH officer and U.S. Serviceman to see such an honor bestowed upon an officer of questionable character and service...."

Christopher King said...

RSA 91-A for more documents on McKay termination discussions.
Saturday, August 2, 2008 8:36 PM
"Christopher King" kingjurisdoctor@yahoo.com
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Dear Attorney Mullen,

Just as I figured and as the townspeople of Franconia told me, your client did indeed consider firing Norman Bruce McKay, probably right before they put him on medication.

I'll need, at a minimum, the minutes before they went into private meeting, if indeed they did so. If they didn't go into private meeting then I want it all.

In fact, I'm going to sue your client for all of it anyway, so advise them accordingly because either way I'm going to get more than what they've given.

Please review this post and contact me immediately because the suit will be filed on 12 August, 2008 rain or shine.


02 August 2008

KingCast becomes first media outlet to prove that Franconia considered firing Norman Bruce McKay, a “rogue, classic bully hiding behind his badge."

Christopher King said...

KingCast reminder on Chris Fowler and public complaints Dan Mullen's client is attempting to hide.

Dear Attorney Mullen:

Your client really has no grounds not to provide me the intake on the 2005/2006 complaint that I’m seeking. Remember that you gave me the information regarding E.O.’s complaint about Chris Fowler saying “I can do anything I want.”

Said complaint was overheard at the Village Store and he admitted making the inappropriate remark; all of this happened one year ago, 27 August – 31 August, 2008 in the sensitive times following the double homicides of Norman Bruce McKay and Liko Kenney.

For that matter, you even gave me Chief Montminy’s notes.

Elsewhere in this blawg I have congratulated Mr. Fowler on his graduation from the Academy and I presume he is now more careful in his deportment.

Please advise.

Anonymous said...

From Randy.

My Eyes are widening every day....

If the selectmen, (are they doctors or psychiatrists?) sought to have Bruce McKay on medication because of a percieved anger management condition and this was a condition of him continuing as an officer....Toxicology reports at the time of his death needed to be taken to find if he was actually taking the medications.... If not this opens another can of worms as to how you can justify continuing to allow McKay to act as a LE when you couldnt possibly hope to monitor if he took his medication......Because of the risk involved in him not taking the medication the only alternatives should have been dismissal or employment in another area not pertaining to having powers of public control.

Christopher King said...


Absolutely. Run a word search for Toxicology and see that I've been through the wringer with the AG's office on that. They're not exactly going to part with that information without a fight, as they oversee the coroner's office who holds the bloodwork results.

Now I could make the argument that they have waived privilege because they already published the fact that McKay had caffeine in his system.

In fact, I may add them to the pending suit on it but more likely it will be an issue to report to the U.S. House in our complaint because they will have the jurisdiction to get all of the relevant documents.

Thanks for the reminder.


Christopher King said...

Plus, as you say, the negligence can be shown by the fact that there probably was no tracking mechanism to make certain that Bruce was on his meds anyway, but again NH has such a restrictive policy on giving out information about the people who carry guns and badges that the Court will likely rule that I'm not entitled to any of that.


They can fail to take psychotropic drugs, lie and violate policy but there isn't a damn thing that a public citizen can do about it.