31 August 2008

KingCast asks State Police Director Frederick Booth for recommendation to re-open the Franconia Shooting Tragedy.

Dear Colonel Booth (by and through Marta Modigliani, Esq.)

Thank you for your honest assertion (reported in the Union Leader) that outside review is needed on the Anthony Jarvis shooting. However, there is more that the people of North Country want you to consider: Just as the Jarvis shootings was ill-informed because of LE poor choices at the outset, Bruce McKay's shooting was in substantial part the product of his poor choices. A minimum of eight (8) pursuit and OC spray violations preceded the deaths of Bruce McKay and Liko Kenney, and as noted in this post, there are at least nine (9) glaring discrepancies and omissions in the "investigation" of the Franconia shooting tragedy, which was know was "conducted" within a day or so. Did you know that the AG's office never even conducted an investigation into the (in)appropriate nature of the second traffic stop? Read NH AG Kelly Ayotte's 15 May 2007 email to Attorney Harold Burbank which holds that decisions had been made more than a month before the ballistics report even came out. Just read the email to former AAG Harold Burbank and you can see that she clearly lied to him.

And when the ballistics report came out, it showed that Gregory W. Floyd lied about a number of things, including the number of times he shot at Liko Kenney, and when he actually started shooting. We already know that Kelly and Attorney Strelzin lied about the fact that Floyd twice admitted he never spoke to Liko Kenney before shooting, and about the fact that Liko's car had never struck Bruce McKay before Floyd started shooting. Read this post for actual investigative citations showing the lies. These lies inform and tarnish every subsequent decision made by the AG's office and your office as well.
On 8 September 2008 the Kenney family will appear at your office to retrieve a copy of the 2-hour Bruce McKay traffic stop of 79 year-old elder AJ, a stop apparently not memorialized in McKay's patrol log that I'm reading right now. That's an odd detail.

Sir, with all due respect, the Devil is in the details, and he is living large between the Kinsman range and the halls of the State Attorney's office in Concord. We are going to Washington, DC to seek outside review (introduction), and I look forward to hearing your position on this via email or overnight courier by the close of business, Friday 5 August 2008. It's okay to review bad investigations. Just last week, Boston re-opened five (5) such cases.

Respectfully submitted via Marta Modigliani, Esq.
-Christopher King/KingCast.net


Christopher King said...

KingCast goes to Colonel Frederick Booth on Franconia Shooting Tragedy.

Monday, September 1, 2008 8:34 AM
"Christopher King" kingjurisdoctor@yahoo.com
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Dear Attorneys Ayotte and Strelzin:

I hope this email finds you in Good Spirits at the close of your Holiday weekend.

When you return to work this week you should receive Service on KingCast v. McLeod et al. Meanwhile I look forward to explanation on the missing 43 seconds of Grafton Dispatch 5/11 audio and provide these two posts for your consideration, the first of which involves Kelly's documented lies to Attorney Harold Burbank.



01 September 2008
Hey KingCast, what happened to the 15 May 2008 email from NH AG Kelly Ayotte where she materially lied to Harold Burbank, Esq?

Anonymous said...

Nice ! Well put together.


Anonymous said...

Nay, I say - the Devil lives in your heart, sir. You're truly a disgrace for the crap you puke out. The Kenney family is no better, so long as you talk at their behest. Murderers they are, ,the whole lot.

Christopher King said...


I don't give a damn what you think.

I just want some questions answered.

Kenny family "all murderers?"

Liko Kenney isn't even a murderer, he shot out of fear after McKay violated 8 pursuit and OC spray violations.

Go back to Topix where you belong.

Christopher King said...


PS: The "crap I puke out" is nothing more than the crap that the State puked out in the first place, with with a critical eye trained on it.

You want to be upset about it get upset with Kelly and her posse.

Later dude.

Anonymous said...

Nice pic - Erkle goes to Concord!!!

Christopher King said...


Yah, stay tuned for the spicy sequel, "Erkel tapped your wife and put it on YouTube!"


The KingCaster.

Anonymous said...

Erkle likes it tough and tumble with lumberjack types.

Christopher King said...


Yepper, whatever you say, you da Man.