14 August 2008

KingCast and Franconia Collective arrange a Party for Healing at Liam Shaw's Pub, 03580.

UPDATE: This portion of the week's events will be hosted outdoors. We will notify everyone of the final choice by Thursday morning, and we extend our thanks to Liam Shaw's, a great place to eat.

Elsewhere, This American Life interviews are continuing across the area, with government officials being tight-lipped regarding the Right-to-Know. Interesting, that.

I'll post the flyer later today or tomorrow morning, but the Good Thing is that I can put to work some of those hospitality management and food service skills I reacquired a few years ago being a waiter after I caught a bogus criminal indictment. See, I was rudely interrupted from working the non profit HELP (Higher Education Learning Project) with NH Educator Chris Hookway, who then wrote this letter about the situation. Here's a Jan. 2006 fun post about all of that, a post that people love to ridicule me about.

Now another Good Thing is that after an extended tour of North Country the past couple of days, hearing commentary from people who agree and disagree with me in whole or in part, my resolve toward Justice and open government is as strong as ever.

The event will be Thursday, 21 August 2008 commencing at 5:30. Folks are encouraged to bring a plate and there will be food specials on a prix fixe sorta' thang, we're coordinating the menu later today.

*Live music
*Good Food
*Good Times

See I love taking all the hatred from "Quiet Man" "Chief Jay Strongbow" "Horn Dog" and whomever else he pretends to be in this blawg and over at Topix, and turning it right back around on him to make it something positive. That's the Zen thing for you. Read comment #31 at 4:52 a.m. to this post about the two new policy violations by Bruce McKay on 5/11.

Liko Kenney speaks on life in North Country.


Anonymous said...

Me no Hater tribe. Me just go for many Yucks.

Vos Water good. Boobies good.

Anonymous said...

Cheif like um wings of fire and pearl from shell wrapped in pig belly strips.

Anonymous said...

chief jay.....lay off the peace pipe.

Anonymous said...

me gettum munch munch feeling too big. You speakum truth. No forked tongue.

Anonymous said...

OMG - What a freakin' LOSER! Christopher King, Esq. - The Waiter - uhhh FIRED WAITER.
Many miles from Greenwich and still can't make it, even in the service industry. LOL

note comment:
Anonymous said...

Dude, quit signing your name with ESQ. It's what got you in trouble in the first place!

9:07 PM

Open letter to Hyatt Greenwich:

15 Beasom Street
Nashua, New Hampshire 03064

16 January 2006:

Re: Martin Luther King Day; My employment and termination at Hyatt Regency Greenwich

Dear Tom, Chef Rohan, Kristopher, Baba, David, Ray, and the entire Hyatt kitchen staff:

I miss you guys. I enjoy my new jobs, but I miss you, and I will remember my experience at Hyatt fondly, and I want you to know that. On seeing you -- from all walks of life, and from so many countries and with so many different life experiences -- last week when I came to visit, I felt like a valuable part of my life had been taken away, and taken away largely because of the situation in New Hampshire, where I have been under the constant stress and strain of a bogus criminal indictment. More on that later.

I do not entirely disagree with the company's decision to fire me. I couldn't focus as well as I would like to: I think three episodes highlight that better than anything else:

1. The day I missed work. I never miss work. But I did this time after I broke my car transmission because I was uptight over some bogus hearing – I believe it was the failed attempt to revoke my bail and to lock me up until trial. I missed a shift because of nerves. So no more SAAB Turbo convertible. Gone.

2. The day I walked off a shift. I never walk away from work. On this particular day, however, I was getting ready to respond to some issue in the case, and thought my replacement had come in. But basically I was so "out there," just distraught thinking about how these liars are by their own admission, "playing games," trying to incarcerate me for helping a potential victim of police abuse, and how the NAACP – America's Oldest Civil Rights Organization – hopped into bed with them to avoid ruffling feathers and to keep me down. I never let on to most of you how troubling that was, but you just ask Henry. He saw me every day, he'll tell you straight up. See enclosures about how they "loved and supported me" until I pressed the issue, whereupon NAACP Nashua President Timmons asked me to drop it "for the sanity of the NAACP," -– whereupon I asked her if she expected me to "fall on the knife for the NAACP." Attachment 1.

3. The day I ran to answer my mobile phone in the guest restroom right in front of Tom, resulting in my immediate discharge. On this particular day I had to receive and make a call to the clerk of courts about an urgent matter; I didn't want to go all the way to hide in the employee locker room because I had tables waiting. But I knew I was fired as soon as it happened. When I break a rule, or law, I admit it. When I haven't, I don't and I expose those who try to screw me without just cause.

As I noted during my exit interview, none of you can imagine what it is like to be under indictment for something that you know you didn't do. I remember stating that hey, "it's not like I was slinging drugs or something, if that were the case I would accept the potential punishment."

But in this case – and what makes this case so heinous – one of the key things that they are alleging, even though my defense team and I think it is irrelevant, is that I have withheld my suspension from practice in an attempt to forward the concerns of Willie Toney, the potential victim of abuse. We don't think it's relevant because we don't believe the Founding Fathers of this Country intended that the duly-elected Legal Redress Chair of the NAACP could not send a simple Demand Letter to a local police station and "threaten" to call a press conference about an issue of public concern.

It runs counter to the principles that purportedly guide the organization if you know your history you know the case of NAACP v. Claiborne hardware, 459 U.S. 898 (1982), where in another First AmendmentNAACP boycott case, no other than slain NAACP hero Medgar Evers told his the members: "If we catch any of you going in any of them racist stores, we're going to break your damn neck."
You can watch me say that in my movies at the website. Mr. Toney faced 3 police guns & a bend-over cough search before winning his "loitering" trial pro se -- on his own.

The sad fact of the matter is that I had sent actual notice to both of Jaffrey, NH Police Chief Dunn's attorneys (Andru Volinsky and Charlie Bauer) back in December, 2004 before I wrote the Demand Letter and spring, 2005 respectively of my unlicensed status in Ohio, in the same way I told all of you about it. I never hide it because it is the focal point of my project. Anyway, Chief Dunn failed to produce this exculpatory evidence in the criminal trial, which leaves him open like supermarkets for potential Civil Liability. See my blawg entries of 14-15 January, 2005. Attachment 2.

Judge Hicks, whom I noted in Attachment 2 is headed to the New Hampshire Supreme Court, has been noted as a man of compassion. I sincerely hope that he shows the compassion and good judgment necessary to allow me to fully present these issues to a Jury about Defendant Timmons et al, so that I can have my say in all of this: I haven't had much say up to this point because the lawyers who represent the NAACP officers – Orr & Reno – represent all the major media in New Hampshire. All of that information is on the blawg for your review, and noted in the movies at the website, particularly the "Day in Nashua – locked out of court" video.

I'm not certain where this all ends. But I'll be certain to send all of you passes to the independent film (or bigger) when that happens. And it will happen.

Celebrate Dr. King and other Civil Rights leaders today and every day, because Civil Rights are all you've got, at the End of the Day.

Be safe in the New Year.
Christopher King, Esq.

Anonymous said...

chief jay strong bonehead?

Anonymous said...

Me no bonehead, you speakum racist tongue. Bonehead insult hurled at buffalo soldier.

Anonymous said...

Speaking or racial or ethinic stereotyping, way to go strongbow(l)

Anonymous said...

eat maize niblets in Strongbow caca

Anonymous said...

Hey King Nutso, you gotta admit, Strongbows comment are funny! Very funny!

PS - Nice Erkle waiter thang you got going there, Chrissy.

Anonymous said...

Liko speaks his dead murderous ass from the grave. Exactly where is belongs. I like the scroll you keep on the blog. Clearly a murder he is. Floyd, a hero of among men! Think of the money he saved the state. The state would have sought the death penalty, Floyd simply took care of our business for us. For that I am duly proud. Lest we forget - Floyd is a hero, period!!!

Anonymous said...

"Floyd is a hero, period!!!"

Are we just seeking attention or are you really this unhappy in and angery with you life?

Or maybe just trying to be a good sheep but too ignorant to know that not even your beloved LE agents agree with this comment or any other of your trusted leaders. In fact I think you would certainly arose suspicion in an LE official if you expressed the thoughts in person. Maybe even get a good taze if got a little too excited in expressing your the hatred of you life that shows though so transparently in your desire to find something that you believe is an acceptable target of your hatred of others for your miserable life.

hmm but maybe your just an idiot.

Anonymous said...

I wish I had given that LE a 3rd as I threatened to do.

Anonymous said...

I wish I had given that LE a 3rd as I threatened to do.

Anonymous said...

Any buddy want to buy any dope?

Anonymous said...

Lets see if any other old bitty tries to imply I don't own the road now

Anonymous said...

I'm running low on my oxycotin, anybody know where I can score? Cops didn't get all my PCP in that bust. How about a trade?

Anonymous said...


According to police reports, He has two felony drug convictions in Georgia.

Floyd once told two New Hampshire state troopers that – if he had wanted to - he could have killed them.

He plead guilty to “simple assault” for attempting to kick one trooper.

In 1997 a local police chief filed an affidavit about Floyd.

It said that in his opinion, Floyd demonstrated a pattern of violence, paranoid behavior and excessive anger.

The Chief went on to write that he felt Floyd was capable of showing up at the local School or a neighbor’s house with an automatic weapon.”

The police chief even asked that the affidavit be kept secret because of what he called “Mr. Floyd’s nature.”

Police reports say troopers used caution when approaching Floyd’s home in Easton, describing him as volatile and in possession of numerous firearms.

State troopers also quote him as having threatened – in their presence - to kill people.

Tuesday – the day after Floyd’s 50th birthday – he’s scheduled to be in district court in Littleton.

Now he is charged with criminal threatening.

This time the charge involves a 63-year-old neighbor, Alma Jean Boisvert (bo-ver).

According to court records, in December Mrs. Boisvert’s car and Floyd’s met nose-to-nose on a narrow road near their homes.

Mrs. Boisvert told police it was difficult for her to backup.

When she asked Floyd to back up so she could get past, she says he threatened to pull a gun on her.

The police report says Floyd denies threatening Boisvert.

Then he reportedly told police that –quote-- “she wasn’t worth the bullet—end quote

Christopher King said...

Things sure are getting interesting.

Stay tuned.

BTW the new litigation case number is 07-E-192.

-The KingCaster.

Christopher King said...


Fun boy cracks me up. First it's "nobody cares what you think," now obviously that's wrong so now it's "Erkel this and Erkel that."

Dude prolly lost his woman to some dude who looked like Erkel, now he's got a complex.

There's help for that.

Just gotta' admit you have a problem first =^.)


Anonymous said...

Q Man must have been once a benefactor and/or victim of Erkel's lies and deception. Definitely a hate target. Hate is all consuming, and it's Crissy's mission in life.
We're just here for the fun ride.

Christopher King said...


Since you're so smart about motivations, what's the State's motivation for lying?

Ha-ha. GOTCHA! as Bruce would say.

Here's a primer for you, my knuckle dragging, mouth-breathing friend:

Lawsuit Prayers for Relief (partial).

a) Judgment compelling immediate disclosure of all requested emails from private account of Respondent McLeod, with a Court ORDER that her Private email provider search her emails for any reference to HB 1428 and provide them to Petitioner at Respondent’s cost.

b) Judgment compelling immediate disclosure of all requested emails from the public account of Respondent McLeod at her cost.

c) Judgment finding that the Respondent McLeod egregiously violated RSA 91-A by not even responding to Petitioner in the manner contemplated by Statute as noted in Law and Argument Section “A.” Note that while Speaker Noreli violated the response time Petitioner waives his argument on that because counsel did act reasonably in apologizing for the delay.

f) Judgment that the Town of Franconia violated RSA 91-A by failing to provide a copy of Citizen Complaint(s) issued in 2005 or 2006, as they have previously turned over such complaints for public inspection and they should be available for public inspection. The investigation itself is a separate matter.

g) Judgment that the Town of Franconia violated RSA 91-A by failing to provide a copy of the minutes in which the termination of Norman Bruce McKay was discussed both leading up to the vote of non-public session and in the actual discussion itself as required under RSA 91-A:3.

h) Judgment that NH AG Kelly Ayotte is applying RSA 611-B:21 in a manner not consistent with Constitutional guarantees of the Right to Petition the Government for Redress pursuant to the First Amendment to the United States and New Hampshire Constitutions, as the public is entitled to know of performance-affecting drugs and gunpowder residue both as a matter of course and specifically in a case like this with unassigned bullets.

Again, I have always liked the cohesive and linear nature of KingCast II. I told a supporter the other day that the first lawsuit was quixotic in the sense that there was just so much to try to address. But it paved the way for this one, and this is the one that goes to the Supreme Court of New Hampshire and beyond, if necessary.


The people of Franconia have met me and I think they are a good judge of character, so that's why we're throwing a party next Thursday.

The people of NPR are on to me too, and that's why they're coming up for 3 days.

Peace out.

The State is welcome to attend.

Anonymous said...

Jr. Maybe you can ask "Dad" where the other forty-two people are that he claimed to have killed. We have accounted for one, that being Liko.

I would feel sorry for you except you are old enough to know "right from wrong" although your dad obviously did not teach you this.

So not only did dad teach you to steal he also taught you how to lie.

Your dad murdered Liko without cause. You know it, he knows it. That is why both of you lied to LEO's.

You father is crazy and dangerous and has been that way for a very long time.

All of your families dirty little secrets are coming out and there is nothing you can do to stop it.

I will pray for you. Your parents deserve what ever comes their way.

Christopher King said...


Geez I forgot about the "42 Kills" quote but it's in the outline for the U.S. House complaint.


Anonymous said...

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