24 August 2008

Hey KingCast, what's it like to be pulled over in a GTi by Bruce McKay when there is missing audio from Grafton County Dispatch?

Well I don't know, but what I do know is that NH AG Kelly Ayotte had better come up with that missing Dispatch time, as noted in this post. It is 5/11, 6:07:24 – 6:09:15 so hop to it, Kelly, inquiring minds want to know.

And here from 15 August 2007 is what it's like to drive your son's VW GTi when Bruce McKay was out on the prowl against Franconia's youth:
"He was in full John Wayne mode," said the father this afternoon in a phone interview..... "I was terrified and just pressed myself back all the way in the seat and then when he saw it was me he about shit his pants and started stammering.... "Uh, I thought you had a registration violation......"

Bruce McKay, serving and protecting. Let's see how well he served and protected in the 2-hour traffic stop of 79 year-old Elder AJ, a stop which does not seem to be documented in the McKay activity log for some reason. Video coming soon.


Anonymous said...

commonwealth Sun Sep 23, 2007 8:55 am

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Duping a non-profit organization? That is low...

Hey Seamus,
you are correct,

Remember that link you posted with Kerry posing with some stupid former lawyer who thinks he's come to save New Hampshire from our terrible police who abuse us?

I backtracked on that link, to where those pictures were posetd on the web and the stupid ex-lawyer posted a bunch of junk, pictures, and dcocuments. Among those documents was a letter King had sent to the small NH town on behalf of the NAACP, and he signed it at the bottom "Esq," which means the idiot did pose himself as a real live lawyer to the NAACP.

So you are correct.

Since then, however, the idiot must have realized that he is his own worst enemy, becuase he has since put a password on so I can't backtrack to get the letter.

It is hilarious that such an idiot would actually post for the world to see the evidence that shows himself illegaly impersonating a lawyer in NH. He is so blinded and foolish over his need for attention, that all one needs to do is sit by and watch as he tells us all about his wonderful self, and within these stories, he always screws himself by offering up the evidence regarding what huge phony he is.

It's hilarious!!
Kyesha Williams | 05.22.08 - 3:09 am | #

Christopher King said...

Oh, yah sure I removed the information....

The actual Demand Letter is right here, Bubba.

Page One.

Page Two.

"Christopher King, J.D."

That's why the case was dismissed and so was the unlicensed practice of law case.

Or do I need to show you (again) how Chief Dunn was fired and his Mickey-Mouse prosecutor resigned under an ethics charge, or how Dunn and NAACP President Gloria Timmons both lied under Oath.

Door prizes on the left.

Christopher King said...

Special post for Kyesha:



Anonymous said...

Their dismissal had nothing to do with your indictment. I find it funny how you link the two to make it appear they were fired for you indictment. Very clever word play, for the uninitiated.

Anonymous said...




[Cite as Columbus Bar Assn. v. King (2002), 95 Ohio St.3d 93.]

Attorneys at law --

MISCONDUCT -- One-year suspension

with credit for time
served -- Failing to fulfill purpose of mentorship imposed at previous
disciplinary proceeding -- Engaging in conduct indicating inability to
function as a professional lawyer in a courtroom or afford clients
adequate representation -- Failure to pay costs imposed at previous
disciplinary proceeding.
(No. 98-423 -- Submitted January 8, 2002 -- Decided April 24, 2002.)
ON CERTIFIED REPORT by the Board of Commissioners on Grievances and
Discipline of the Supreme Court, No. 96-115.

Per Curiam. In December 1998, for conduct in January 1996, we
suspended Christopher King, now of Dallas, Texas, Attorney Registration No.
0062199, from the practice of law in Ohio for one year, but stayed the suspension
on the condition that during that year he be placed on probation and work with a
mentor appointed by the relator, Columbus Bar Association. Columbus Bar Assn.
v. King (1998), 84 Ohio St.3d 174, 702 N.E.2d 862. We also imposed costs of
that proceeding on respondent.

On February 19, 1999, relator appointed Guy L. Reese II, a former
Franklin County Municipal Court Judge and a former Franklin County Common
Pleas Court Judge, to be respondent's mentor. Based upon the mentor's report to
the relator and respondent's failure to make the payment ordered in our December
1998 order, relator requested on September 13, 2000, that respondent's probation
be revoked, that his stayed suspension be reinstated, and that respondent be held
in contempt. Respondent opposed this request, and the matter was heard by a

panel of the Board of Commissioners on Grievances and Discipline of the
Supreme Court.

At a hearing on June 6, 2001, the panel considered testimony, exhibits,
and stipulations. It received evidence that on January 9, 1998, Judge David Cain
of the Franklin County Court of Common Pleas imposed a Civ.R. 11 sanction on
respondent in the amount of $5,000 to be paid in thirty days for frivolous
behavior in continuing to pursue an action despite his client's own
acknowledgement that she had no claim. Respondent did not appeal the order or
pay the sanction. Instead, he wrote a letter to the judge and filed suit against him.
The panel received evidence that on September 9, 1998, Judge Edmund A.
Sargus, Jr., of the United States District Court for the Southern District of Ohio
fined respondent $1,500 in attorney fees and $1,311.73 in costs for his conduct in
Lampley v. Vagnier (1998), No. C2-96-337. Respondent did not appeal this
sanction or two others in the same case that totaled $5,139, nor did he pay them,
except for possibly $300 of the attorney fees. On February 28, 2000, Judge
Sargus ordered respondent to appear and show cause why he should not be held
in contempt for failure to pay the sanctions.

The panel also received evidence that on February 11, 1999, Judge
Algenon L. Marbley of the United States District Court for the Southern District
of Ohio held respondent in contempt for the manner in which he comported
himself in Belcher v. Ohio Dept. Human Serv., (S.D.Ohio 1999), 48 F.Supp.3d
729, and ordered him to complete a six-week preceptorship with Professor
Shirley Mays of the Capital University Law School. Respondent did not at any
time comply with the requirements of the preceptorship.

The panel received further evidence that on July 7, 1999, Visiting Judge
John Martin of the Franklin County Common Pleas Court held respondent in
contempt and granted a mistrial due to respondent's conduct in Smith v.
Professional Cellular Serv., Inc., No. 95CVH-12-8949, and ordered him to pay

January Term, 2002
attorney fees and court costs. Respondent instead filed a complaint against Judge

In addition, the panel received evidence that respondent informed his
monitor, Judge Reese, that additional sanctions had been imposed against him of
$1,852.50 by Judge David Cain in Oglesby v. Columbus, Franklin C.P. No. 97-
CVC-03-3823, of $2,077.59 by Judge Nodine Miller of the Franklin County
Common Pleas Court in Hamm v. Gahanna City Council, No. 95CVF085484, of
$200 by Judge Cain in Michael v. Whitehall, No. 97CVC012333, and of $1,000
by Judge James L. Graham of the United States District Court for the Southern
District of Ohio in Archer v. Roman, No. C-2-95-1187.

On the basis of this evidence the panel found that respondent had not
fulfilled the purpose of his mentorship and that his conduct indicated that he
could neither function as a professional lawyer in a courtroom nor afford his
clients adequate representation.

In addition, the panel further found that respondent had not paid the costs
imposed in our December 1998 order. The panel recommended that respondent's
probation be terminated and that his suspension from the practice of law be

We have reviewed the record and adopt the findings of the panel. It is
clear from the numerous sanctions that respondent received during his term of
probation for his conduct in several courts, sanctions that remain unpaid, that the
mentor's report is credible. Further, in three years respondent has not paid the
costs we imposed in December 1998, costs that we ordered paid within ninety

We have already revoked respondent's probation and reinstated his
suspension on October 4, 2001, "pending entry of a final order by this court." 93
Ohio St.3d 1438, 755 N.E.2d 901. Respondent is hereby suspended from the
practice of law for one year with credit for time served. Respondent is further

ordered to pay the costs of the original proceeding in the amount of $1,363.71
plus interest of ten percent from March 8, 1999 until paid. Respondent shall
further pay the costs of these proceedings.
Judgment accordingly.


Christopher King said...


So they were fired for being douchebags in general but in my case they were ok, is that what you're saying?

Then why didn't the next prosecutor continue the case.

Then why didn't the State try the case after I sat there through voir dire and was ready to go?

Of course the State isn't going to say it was because of my case, but I think it's hootlarious that Dunn wrote Bad Cop News and asked him to remove comments he made about Dunn that he didn't like and Bad Cop News told him "go fuck yourself."



Just the facts from the Supreme Court of Ohio, just like we got the "facts" from NH LE on the Franconia shooting tragedy, right?

Or just like the "fact" that you and others previously wrote that I signed my letter to now-fired Jaffrey Chief Dunn "Esq." when you can clearly see that I did not.

Yet you persist on another post:

"He got a job as a clerk for the NAACP, then wrote an extortion letter to the Jaffrey police signed ESQ, without the knowledge of his superiors. He found a guy who was popped for drunk and disorderly who NEVER CLAIMED AN INJURY and NEVER FILED A REPORT of any kind. King approached him with the promise of big bucks (minus King's percentage of course."

....Willie Toney was not "popped for drunk and disorderly," he was "popped" for LOITERING, end of story. And it was dismissed. And of course he had not claimed an injury or filed a report, that's why he called the NAACP you stupid douchebag.


The brilliant thing is that none of what you say or do is going to affect the pending litigation or the FACT that Martha McLeod's emails are public record, or the FACT that there are 2 missing minutes of Grafton Dispatch to McKay while McKay was violating 8 pursuit and OC Spray protocols.

Run along now and git on back to your Topix circle jerk friends.

Anonymous said...

I doubt the copy you posted is a copy of the letter sent out, your signature appears no where in the closing portion of your letter.

Christopher King said...


That's because fired Jaffrey Chief Dunn has the original, stupid.

Tell you what:

Go call Jaffrey PD and heve them send you a copy.

26 Main St
Jaffrey, NH 03452
(603) 532-7865

Just don't ask for Chief Dunn, because Dunn.... is done!