24 August 2008

Hey KingCast, did you ever misrepresent yourself as a licensed attorney to now-fired Jaffrey Chief Martin J. Dunn?

Nope. Click on the pages to read the letter. And you know what was best about this? As you read the blue notatations, recognize that I wrote those because Chief Dunn lied and said that I wrote the Demand Letter BEFORE I read the police reports. As you can see however, I quote directly from the police report. Dunn was buddies with NH AG Kelly Ayotte and Peter Heed, who of course was run from office amidst a sex scandal.

NH LE at its finest.


Christopher King said...

And before the Internet troll pops up and says "well what about being suspended or disbarred for not paying court costs," I'll just remind you that one may be a convicted felon and serve jail time and still get a license back to practice law.

Michael McLauglin.

Given the Good Deeds that I have accomplished over the past several years I'll be discussing this matter with the Ohio Bar in the next few months.

-The KingCaster.

Anonymous said...

you've seen the evil, the litany of unspeakable race hatred. His wiretapping attempt at truly dumb corruption that was one of the reasons the Ohio Supreme Court removed his law license, and added many a 'contempt of court' fine, amidst other fines from the Disiplianry panels of Supreme Court Judges.
You've seen him pose as a lawyer anyway, attacking NAACOP, KOS, TC and the many other places he is banned on, or shortly after arrival.
You've seen him stalk people with endless snotty mean-spirited attempts at justifying his lying savagery.
You've seen fail at scheme after scheme in state after state and how the Nashua Telegraph reporter tells teh story of his amateur extortion attempt on local police for defending someone who had NEVER filed a complaint, never had an INJURY, but was snared by King with the promise of money. See the NAACP case, seperate it from his desperate lying spin.
What you haven't seen is his crying hysterical letter to the hyatt regency (one of many places he's recently been fired as a waiter)...
He sneaks into a bathroom that is off limits and does god knows what.
It got him fired and he then cries that it's Kelly Ayotte's fault.
Seriously hootlarious.

You've seen him smell miller/kenney money and reknown and latch on to this dead kid like a leech; trumpeting his brilliance. (He thinks he deserves a Pulitzer for the writings of a repetitive, amateur and dull high school student with a law dictionary)

It's all the links and statements here, as it has been other blogs that kicked his ass out WAY prior to the Mckay-Kenney deaths.

There will be fifteen posts of his intentionally confusing bullshit begging you to click on links that go back to his blog so he can count the hits and report them to search engines. He plays EVERYONE.
There's even more than this that totally explodes his credibility, or obvious lies of a career in journalism, lol, like his career as a lawyer, (LOL) or his career as a, lol, stop me from laughing, the milk's coming out of my nose...as a '1st amendment activist' ...whoo time for meds, and not the coke and or whatever he was doing at the Hyatt bathroom that really got him fired.
what a friggin' nightmare. but now he's just a joke. Just as any bully when you turn the lights on.
ALL of his supporters have left him in shock to his brutality and childishness. He can bark and bark and bite and bite, and because he's unemployed adn can play with the computer all day and night while begging food and shelter from others; the stuff the rest of us, alas, less brilliant a historical figure (lol) than king. he's nobody from nothingville and all he's got is a little propane blow torch and he dosen't ming setting off on anybody who will not kneel to his ugly techniques.
Well here you see exactly why king hasn't the talent, perspective or ability to actually be a writer, lawyer or professional of every kind.
He cannot even hold a waiters job.
I'll paste you all that 'apology letter' to the Hyatt where he blames the AG when he got himself fired. It would be funny off the charts if he didn't try to appropriate the dead bodies of the Franconia Tragedies, and dance his huckster dance on both their graves.

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Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Oh really ! I have seen none of that so I hope you have the facts to back up what you have documented.

You seem to be pretty sure of yourself but in time you will be eating those words. Perhaps King will be "smelling" your money.

Back under the bridge for you !

Anonymous said...




[Cite as Columbus Bar Assn. v. King (2002), 95 Ohio St.3d 93.]

Attorneys at law --

MISCONDUCT -- One-year suspension

with credit for time
served -- Failing to fulfill purpose of mentorship imposed at previous
disciplinary proceeding -- Engaging in conduct indicating inability to
function as a professional lawyer in a courtroom or afford clients
adequate representation -- Failure to pay costs imposed at previous
disciplinary proceeding.
(No. 98-423 -- Submitted January 8, 2002 -- Decided April 24, 2002.)
ON CERTIFIED REPORT by the Board of Commissioners on Grievances and
Discipline of the Supreme Court, No. 96-115.

Per Curiam. In December 1998, for conduct in January 1996, we
suspended Christopher King, now of Dallas, Texas, Attorney Registration No.
0062199, from the practice of law in Ohio for one year, but stayed the suspension
on the condition that during that year he be placed on probation and work with a
mentor appointed by the relator, Columbus Bar Association. Columbus Bar Assn.
v. King (1998), 84 Ohio St.3d 174, 702 N.E.2d 862. We also imposed costs of
that proceeding on respondent.

On February 19, 1999, relator appointed Guy L. Reese II, a former
Franklin County Municipal Court Judge and a former Franklin County Common
Pleas Court Judge, to be respondent's mentor. Based upon the mentor's report to
the relator and respondent's failure to make the payment ordered in our December
1998 order, relator requested on September 13, 2000, that respondent's probation
be revoked, that his stayed suspension be reinstated, and that respondent be held
in contempt. Respondent opposed this request, and the matter was heard by a

panel of the Board of Commissioners on Grievances and Discipline of the
Supreme Court.

At a hearing on June 6, 2001, the panel considered testimony, exhibits,
and stipulations. It received evidence that on January 9, 1998, Judge David Cain
of the Franklin County Court of Common Pleas imposed a Civ.R. 11 sanction on
respondent in the amount of $5,000 to be paid in thirty days for frivolous
behavior in continuing to pursue an action despite his client's own
acknowledgement that she had no claim. Respondent did not appeal the order or
pay the sanction. Instead, he wrote a letter to the judge and filed suit against him.
The panel received evidence that on September 9, 1998, Judge Edmund A.
Sargus, Jr., of the United States District Court for the Southern District of Ohio
fined respondent $1,500 in attorney fees and $1,311.73 in costs for his conduct in
Lampley v. Vagnier (1998), No. C2-96-337. Respondent did not appeal this
sanction or two others in the same case that totaled $5,139, nor did he pay them,
except for possibly $300 of the attorney fees. On February 28, 2000, Judge
Sargus ordered respondent to appear and show cause why he should not be held
in contempt for failure to pay the sanctions.

The panel also received evidence that on February 11, 1999, Judge
Algenon L. Marbley of the United States District Court for the Southern District
of Ohio held respondent in contempt for the manner in which he comported
himself in Belcher v. Ohio Dept. Human Serv., (S.D.Ohio 1999), 48 F.Supp.3d
729, and ordered him to complete a six-week preceptorship with Professor
Shirley Mays of the Capital University Law School. Respondent did not at any
time comply with the requirements of the preceptorship.

The panel received further evidence that on July 7, 1999, Visiting Judge
John Martin of the Franklin County Common Pleas Court held respondent in
contempt and granted a mistrial due to respondent's conduct in Smith v.
Professional Cellular Serv., Inc., No. 95CVH-12-8949, and ordered him to pay

January Term, 2002
attorney fees and court costs. Respondent instead filed a complaint against Judge

In addition, the panel received evidence that respondent informed his
monitor, Judge Reese, that additional sanctions had been imposed against him of
$1,852.50 by Judge David Cain in Oglesby v. Columbus, Franklin C.P. No. 97-
CVC-03-3823, of $2,077.59 by Judge Nodine Miller of the Franklin County
Common Pleas Court in Hamm v. Gahanna City Council, No. 95CVF085484, of
$200 by Judge Cain in Michael v. Whitehall, No. 97CVC012333, and of $1,000
by Judge James L. Graham of the United States District Court for the Southern
District of Ohio in Archer v. Roman, No. C-2-95-1187.

On the basis of this evidence the panel found that respondent had not
fulfilled the purpose of his mentorship and that his conduct indicated that he
could neither function as a professional lawyer in a courtroom nor afford his
clients adequate representation.

In addition, the panel further found that respondent had not paid the costs
imposed in our December 1998 order. The panel recommended that respondent's
probation be terminated and that his suspension from the practice of law be

We have reviewed the record and adopt the findings of the panel. It is
clear from the numerous sanctions that respondent received during his term of
probation for his conduct in several courts, sanctions that remain unpaid, that the
mentor's report is credible. Further, in three years respondent has not paid the
costs we imposed in December 1998, costs that we ordered paid within ninety

We have already revoked respondent's probation and reinstated his
suspension on October 4, 2001, "pending entry of a final order by this court." 93
Ohio St.3d 1438, 755 N.E.2d 901. Respondent is hereby suspended from the
practice of law for one year with credit for time served. Respondent is further

ordered to pay the costs of the original proceeding in the amount of $1,363.71
plus interest of ten percent from March 8, 1999 until paid. Respondent shall
further pay the costs of these proceedings.
Judgment accordingly.


Christopher King said...


This is a Good One:

One of the Topix trolls (there are like, 3 left) wrote me to say that Marty Dunn and Bill Albrecht's termination and resignations while their "case" against me was pending had nothing to do with me. So I responded:


So they were fired for being douchebags in general but in my case they were smack on, is that what you're saying?

Then why didn't the next prosecutor continue the case.

Then why didn't the State try the case after I sat there through voir dire and was ready to go?

Of course the State isn't going to say it was because of my case, but I think it's hootlarious that Dunn wrote Bad Cop News and asked him to remove comments he made about Dunn that he didn't like and Bad Cop News told him "go fuck yourself."



Just the facts from the Supreme Court of Ohio, just like we got the "facts" from NH LE on the Franconia shooting tragedy, right?

Or just like the "fact" that you and others previously wrote that I signed my letter to now-fired Jaffrey Chief Dunn "Esq." when you can clearly see that I did not.

Yet you persist on another post:

"He got a job as a clerk for the NAACP, then wrote an extortion letter to the Jaffrey police signed ESQ, without the knowledge of his superiors. He found a guy who was popped for drunk and disorderly who NEVER CLAIMED AN INJURY and NEVER FILED A REPORT of any kind. King approached him with the promise of big bucks (minus King's percentage of course."

....Willie Toney was not "popped for drunk and disorderly," he was "popped" for LOITERING, end of story. And it was dismissed. And of course he had not claimed an injury or filed a report, that's why he called the NAACP you stupid douchebag.


The brilliant thing is that none of what you say or do is going to affect the pending litigation or the FACT that Martha McLeod's emails are public record, or the FACT that there are 2 missing minutes of Grafton Dispatch to McKay while McKay was violating 8 pursuit and OC Spray protocols.

Run along now and git on back to your Topix circle jerk friends.

Anonymous said...

Wee put Chris !


Anonymous said...


I have never witnessed such a concentrated campaign of ad hominem arguments. Especially in the context of Franconia, which in the BIG picture is somewhat insignificant (or is it?) That and you are not a BIG fish, just some guy who won't let go. So what gives? Most if not all these people are not from the North Country, much less NH.

They say you need to be studied and analyzed as a physcological case study. I say, the study shuld be turned on the small group of trolls at topix and here, negative group dynamics at its best...and they don't even have a horse in the race. It's almost comical at this point, especially QM (Green60's tinted mind?) and his synchphant friend JMO (formally Snowy White, formally TL). Their fixation is abnormal, bording on psychotic. What your back my friend, they walk among us.

Anonymous said...

8:41 am

Great post and so very true !

Could not agree more. That is why I/many left Topix.

Chris, we got your back, we know it , you know it, they have yet to learn it. In fact we have each others back. United and strong we are. KOKO

Anonymous said...

Metaphors are lost on that crowd. Now QM is running with the watch you back comment the same way Ditmar ran with the 3rd Eye metaphor. QM, for your simple green 60's tinted mind, Backstabbing friends is what I'm referring to there are those who know of whom I'm referring.

Jeez Chris, I get it, you stole QM's GF and now he's pissed (or was it his mom? as he acts 14) LOL

He is what he accuses you of, centerstage in a freakshow, its really amusing, bordering on absurd.

Anonymous said...

A certain person bristles at calling those who disagree "haters", yet here is what she has to say about those who disagree with her point of view:

Simple,ignorant, insular and, so I've heard, likely inbred...top to bottom.

Now who is poisened with hatred now? Re-read what you wrote and THINK my dear. Some inner reflection may do you good.

Christopher King said...

To all:

Yes Quiet Man is 99% surely Green Tinted Sixties Mind.

Snowy, TL, JMO all of them are a joke, except for the fact that they do motivate me, in fact I just wrote the Columbus Bar Association today to let them know that I'm coming back with a signed petition from local politicos and lawyers as I move for reinstatement.

After all, it's not like I'm a convicted felon or disbarred or anything, like Mike McLaughlin.

Christopher King said...

And 10:04 did you read this from Snowy/LT/JMO/Reprise:

food moochin***free loadin***free stuff grabbin', coulda, woulda, shoulda splainin, momma's basement shackin', salad tossin', would you like you check askin', silverware fetchin', handout takin',...***tappin'***
quik dupin***double standard livin'*** off the rack suit wearin', no denero havin','scuse me while I do some fridge raidin'...*** dyslexic BMW BBW ridin, cole haan shoe wearin, legend in his own mind......... huckster*** tool callin'', schmoozin'/losin' hater/baiter king-branded phony faker'***soul taker...violator...aggravatin' irritatin' instigatin' imitatin' retaliator *** Beamer-Jonesin' Poo-Pushin' Mo-Faux


That's the spirit, you face-gougin' self-mutilatin'......

Christopher King said...

PS: And as for green tint, he's got green-tinted track marks all in his drawers for Snowy to clean up after the circle jerk when he lets loose a good'un.


KingCast: We drive cars from Trollhattan, but we don't like trolls on the Internet.

Anonymous said...


Your vulgarity reflects directly on you. No one else. You are guilty of using sexually charged language. You have a problem.

It seems self-disclosure by others is a turn-on to you. A few tidbits of info. is regurgitated and twisted....and goes a long way to feed that hunger and desperation.

You, and your kind, are to be regarded with pity, as the fruits of your intended but failed labors are documented here.

Your systematic pattern of blackmail and public humiliation is evident...in instances of one, after another, and yet another.

As previously mentioned, you have nothing left to lose, so you attack others in your pain.

When you speak, we consider the source of the information. Zero credibility.


Anonymous said...


That must have hurt Chris....NOT.

If you feel that way then why are you here to post such childish BS.

This is why the dignified left Topix to begin with. It seems there is very little intellegent life over there.

You (some) folks over there have some growing up to do, not to mention some deep rooted psychological issues. How proud your families/employers must be.

OMG what looser's you really are !

Anonymous said...


Disabilities, indeed. Physical, social and intellectual. Keep your dictionary handy. Or use spellcheck.

King's street fighter.

As previously mentioned, we are here to duly warn the public of our experiences so as to prevent the victimization of others.

You are apparently here to hate the state and local government.

Anonymous said...

Time to mention that several of you seem to be collecting GOVERNMENT benefits, while make extra $ on the side. It's documented. That sucks for the taxpayers.

Anonymous said...

Hope the sun wasn't too bright on the fest....to shine on the fraud.

Anonymous said...

This is why the dignified left Topix to begin with. It seems there is very little intellegent life over there.

Is that why Chrissy is still lurking there?

Christopher King said...


I don't "lurk" at Topix.

You lurk here.

I stop at Topix to survey the lunacy from time to time, a bunch of armchair revolutionary jack-offs who routinely issue false statements about me, i.e. the subject of this post.

Then they talk smack about me and my attitude as quickly as they malign women and disrespect the Miller/Kenney family.

Especially Snowy, JMO, whatever her name is, the big-boned havin' grey-haired wearin' self-mutilatin', bertha-faced' lookin' two-faced bein....

L, don't mess with me, honey. I've been nice to you in spite of your mean-spirited and typically incorrect comments about me.

You want your $25.00 back from dinner and a drink last year?

Send me your address and I'll kick it right on out to you.

After I wipe my arse with it.

Christopher King said...

Re: Suspension and reinstatement of Christopher King, J.D.
Monday, August 25, 2008 4:03 PM
[Mista' Mayor]
Add sender to Contacts

Message contains attachments
Suspension and reinstatement of Christopher King, J.D..eml (81KB)



Much success in your quest to be reinstated.

You are a credit to our city and state and have provided much insight for New Hamsphireites for continuing to suport our state's Right to Know law.

Your courageous, dedicated and insightful work on behalf of our citizenry in the Franconia matter
will stand in the legal annals of New Hampshire history as an example of one very courageous man fighting against high odds and those in high places bringing to the attention of our citizens the callous way in which things were handled in this case.

God Bless you Chris and may you continue your fight against an unjust system as an Attroney in good standing.

Bernie Streeter
Mayor - City of Nashua 2000-2008
New Hampshire Executive Council - 1969-2001