31 August 2008

KingCast asks State Police Director Frederick Booth for recommendation to re-open the Franconia Shooting Tragedy.

Dear Colonel Booth (by and through Marta Modigliani, Esq.)

Thank you for your honest assertion (reported in the Union Leader) that outside review is needed on the Anthony Jarvis shooting. However, there is more that the people of North Country want you to consider: Just as the Jarvis shootings was ill-informed because of LE poor choices at the outset, Bruce McKay's shooting was in substantial part the product of his poor choices. A minimum of eight (8) pursuit and OC spray violations preceded the deaths of Bruce McKay and Liko Kenney, and as noted in this post, there are at least nine (9) glaring discrepancies and omissions in the "investigation" of the Franconia shooting tragedy, which was know was "conducted" within a day or so. Did you know that the AG's office never even conducted an investigation into the (in)appropriate nature of the second traffic stop? Read NH AG Kelly Ayotte's 15 May 2007 email to Attorney Harold Burbank which holds that decisions had been made more than a month before the ballistics report even came out. Just read the email to former AAG Harold Burbank and you can see that she clearly lied to him.

And when the ballistics report came out, it showed that Gregory W. Floyd lied about a number of things, including the number of times he shot at Liko Kenney, and when he actually started shooting. We already know that Kelly and Attorney Strelzin lied about the fact that Floyd twice admitted he never spoke to Liko Kenney before shooting, and about the fact that Liko's car had never struck Bruce McKay before Floyd started shooting. Read this post for actual investigative citations showing the lies. These lies inform and tarnish every subsequent decision made by the AG's office and your office as well.
On 8 September 2008 the Kenney family will appear at your office to retrieve a copy of the 2-hour Bruce McKay traffic stop of 79 year-old elder AJ, a stop apparently not memorialized in McKay's patrol log that I'm reading right now. That's an odd detail.

Sir, with all due respect, the Devil is in the details, and he is living large between the Kinsman range and the halls of the State Attorney's office in Concord. We are going to Washington, DC to seek outside review (introduction), and I look forward to hearing your position on this via email or overnight courier by the close of business, Friday 5 August 2008. It's okay to review bad investigations. Just last week, Boston re-opened five (5) such cases.

Respectfully submitted via Marta Modigliani, Esq.
-Christopher King/KingCast.net

KingCast bids goodnight to Stephanie Tubbs Jones.

Irrespective of old disagreements Ohio Congresswoman Stephanie Tubbs Jones was a role model and she will be missed by many. Here is a bit about her memorial service, attended by Senators Barack, Clinton and many dignitaries. My mother was surprised I had not heard of her passing last week but the coverage was more regional and thus I had no idea about it up here in NH. According to this NYTimes story, the cause of death was an aneurysm.

As noted in this post concerning Blacks Against Blackwell, my former boss Terry Gilbert has filed many a brief in opposition to Attorney Jones when she was lead Cuyahoga County prosecutor back in the day. The most (in)famous struggle was Terry's successful attempt to exhume the body of Sam Sheppard relative to a certain case that spawned "The Fugitive" movie and TV Series.

While we disagreed with her on many things back then, she harbored no compunction to call it as it is with Ken Blackwell in his thankfully unsuccessful Gubernatorial bid:

"His rulings and decisions have had a disproportionate impact on African Americans and other low-income people,"
says Congresswoman Stephanie Tubbs Jones (D-Cleveland), who went so far as to protest the certification of Ohio's vote in 2004.

30 August 2008

Vote KingCast for Senate as RSA 91-A Right-to-Know Defendant Martha McLeod ignores her certified mail.

This is epic. Package #7007 3020 0001 6051 6691, attempted delivery on 7-5, 7-14, 7-21 came back to Boston on 29 August. We know she's likely around the State House because she's involved in a new election and winding down her office and besides, what responsible State Rep ignores her mail for the better part of a month?

That's all right, I'll forward it to her home address of 348 Wells road, Franconia NH 03580-5157. And when the Merrimack Sheriff delivers a copy of the Complaint to her official address she can't ignore that, and that's when the fun starts.

PS: Remember to write in Christopher King for NH Senate if you are on the Democratic ticket vs. Martha McLeod (website). You can read my position on her refusal to turn over her emails on the failed HB 1428 Bruce McKay Highway in Grafton County 08-E-192.

29 August 2008

KingCast open letter to Senator Bruce Tarr on Robert Taylor’s law, Barbara Murch and the Lorraine Apartments.

Read here to see what the Gloucester Times said about Robert Taylor's Law. Read the comments for my entire letter to Senator Tarr and the most recent draft of Robert Taylor's Law.

This is an excerpt from 5-year tenant Barbara Murch, who lawfuly withheld her rent after going to the Board of Health, but who was evicted after he lawyer failed to raise a counterclaim of retaliatory eviction. I've got her pictures from inside the building and let me tell you, it's all going to come out in the wash and it's going to get very nasty. Very. Nasty.

“I’ve also asked a couple of times to replace the stove so the same thing doesn’t happen to me as did the tenants in Apt. 5 (carbon monoxide fumes seeped into their apartment from their gas stove)…….”

“The lives of tenants in this building are in danger and if something happens you will be held accountable for our deaths. The building inspector and fire departments have already been notified by the city to do their inspections. When was the last time this building was inspected, probably not at all…..”

I close my letter to Senator Tarr:

I don’t know what the status is of Robert Taylor’s Law that I drafted and that your office edited, but in light of these developments it becomes even more important that you go forward with this legislation. Robert Taylor was a beautiful man who died in an uninspected building that probably had only one means of egress for him, which appears to be a per se code violation. Only people like you and State Representative Verga can help deter landlords like these from hurting more innocent people. Your commitment to the human condition implores you to do so......

KingCast presents: Jan and Steven Dow, likely murdered by a foul NH LE Richard Dow, who got away clean in 24 hours like Gregory W. Floyd.

The same sort of government malfeasance and cover up is raging 25 years later, today in New Hampshire in the Franconia shooting tragedy, the Michael Addison/Michael Briggs shooting/potential murder and anything else that crosses NH AG Kelly Ayotte's palm. Read and sign these four letters to NH Governor Lynch from Dow's ex-fiancee Karen Saffian.

Dow Murders website. Note that there is absolutely no Statute of Limitations for Murder but NH LE and Governor Lynch won't try Dick Dow for murder because they don't want to rock the boat, and plus they coddle likely murderers like Gregory W. Floyd; don't even check into his "43 kills."

-The Hues Corporation.
Note: Award for Maura Murray not currently available. We still want to know what happened to her and where she is, though. Of course AG Kelly Ayotte and her crew lost a Right-to-Know case by her father a coupla' years ago, oh yah. I see a pattern here, no tin foil required.

KingCast open letter to Judge Timothy Vaughn on award of Court costs in KingCast v. Ayotte, Grafton 07-E-268.

May it please the Court:

On or about 6 March 2008 the Court ruled that the litigation in KingCast v. Ayotte et al. was necessary within the meaning of RSA 91-A and ordered submission of receipts and an accounting of costs. Petitioner provided same (excepting the service fees of approximately $120 that he forgot about) and the case has now been completed in its entirety. With KingCast v. McLeod commencing and filing costs and service fees totallin more than $300.00 it did occur to Petitioner that Respondents are still under a duty to pay the old costs, but without specific guidance from the Court they will not know the correct apportionment of liability.

Petitioner thanks this Honorable Court in advance for full consideration in this matter.

Respectfully submitted,
Christopher King, J.D./KingCast.net

28 August 2008

A KingCast RSA 91-A letter of clarification to NH Senior Homicide AG Jeffrey Strelzin on missing Grafton Dispatch audio and other devilish details.

Dear Attorney Strelzin:

Today I received your 25 August 2008 letter in which you inform me that the Bruce McKay 5/11 dash cam minutes from 6:07:24 through 6:09:15 p.m. are not missing.

In my review of this matter you are partially correct:

I have seen these times:
6:07:31 – 6:07:53 “backup….”
6:07:50 – 6:08:32 “toward Easton town line”
This leaves 6:08:32 – 6:09:15, or 43 seconds. So then pursuant to RSA 91-A I retender my request for that missing time.

Also still missing of course, is any review of the (im)propriety of Bruce McKay’s second stop, in which he clearly violated at least eight (8) Pursuit and OC Spray policies. Also missing of course is any explanation for why multiple felon Gregory W. Floyd went home with one of Liko Kenney’s live rounds in his pocket. And of course also missing is any explanation of the finding that Trooper Cooper expressly told Gregory W. Floyd were important, to see "how the guns got in the conditions they were in."

Also missing is any apology for you and Kelly using the uncorroborated Gregory W. Floyd statements that he spoke to Liko Kenney before shooting him, when Caleb Macaulay and Gregory P. Floyd and Gregory W. Floyd (twice) said he did not. Also missing is any explanation as to whether Bruce McKay ever fired his gun or whether Gregory W. Floyd fired all six (6) or more rounds from McKay’s gun and when he shot them. And last but not least, also still missing in(action) are any fingerprint analyses of the guns involved. The citizens of North Country believe the U.S. House will find those missing details quite compelling.

The Devil is in the details Jeff, and frankly he’s living pretty large these days.

See in general this post about your boss, NH AG Kelly Ayotte.

KingCast and Charlie Brown say: You can't keep a Good Man down!

So the day after I write the Columbus Bar Association to structure my re-admission to the Ohio Bar (and by inclusion all of the waive-in reciprocity states) a funny thing happened.

I got an email from an old client of mine who witnessed everything in Columbus, Ohio during my 7 years of active practice there who came into a rather large sum of money and who is starting a law-related company, at which I will be a senior executive. There is no requirement for this company that I be licensed, but that will indeed happen at some point.

In life, there are no coincidences.

Just like I was supposed to go to Tamarack tennis camp a coupla' years ago but couldn't make it due to NH LE shenanigans. Just like Liko Kenney couldn't make it there for a witness, either.

PS: Remember to write in Christopher King for NH Senate if you are on the Democratic ticket vs. Martha McLeod (website). You can read my position on her refusal to turn over her emails on the failed HB 1428 Bruce McKay Highway in Grafton County 08-E-192.

27 August 2008

KingCast says surprise, surprise, NH AG Kelly Ayotte rules Anthony Jarvis shooting "justified."

Here's the reason why Kelly won't raid Gregory W. Floyd's house for guns, even though she should because his old guns are not accounted for.

Here's the UL Jarvis story.

Here's how Kelly "investigated" the Franconia shooting tragedy. Give me a barf bag. I'm out for a bike ride.

Okay, it is later. The ride was nice. Time for more thoughts.

1. We cannot assume that the shooting (22 bullets I think) was justified because we cannot trust Kelly Ayotte to tell the truth or to display any sort of respect for the Law. Witness her slap in the face to the presiding judge in the Michael Addison case, in which the Court clearly ruled that NH LE violated his Civil Rights on Miranda. Ayotte stupidly and arrogantly stated that they did nothing wrong.

2. What's next, is she going to give a pass to the cops who shot each other at the Concord Credit Union at 4:30 a.m. when they weren't even supposed to be there? You're never supposed to point your gun at another officer. I look forward to viewing the RSA 91-A materials I requested on both the Jarvis and the Credit Union cases.

Hey KingCast, the same trolls who say you misrepresented yourself to Chief Dunn now actually claim you weren't up front with Prosecutor Albrecht!

Well, you know, all I could do was ask Prosecutor Albrecht to come before the Grand Jury one and two but in the end you can bring a horse or other four-legged animal to water but you can't make it drink, or stop wasting taxpayer monies.

BTW check the email header for the law firm: Ransmeier & Spellman, same as Franconia's counsel Dan Mullen. I love my trolls, they give me good blawg material. Look w'happened to Bill Albrecht, drummed out of office on ethics charges while one of his inmates ate metal. NH LE stories are weird like that; get used to it. I have.

KingCast presents: Outside agitators part deux -- when does the fun start in KingCast v. McLeod, Grafton 08-E-192?

It's purely evident that the closer things get to a hearing on the merits, the more the agitation comes out from a bunch of trolls, most of whom are truly from outside this case. I was invited to this case by Liko's friends, Oliver and others. In contrast, most of these trolls don't live in Franconia or North Country, nor have they dedicated any substantive work in terms of gathering information, not even a single RSA 91-A request. They are too busy attempting to malign me or anyone else who supports review of the 5/11 tragedy and active supervision of NH LE, as noted in yesterday's Ratemycop post.

Guess what: It's All Good.

These people -- angry and intentionally misinformed (read: stupid) as they wannabe, have absolutely no bearing on the merits of KingCast v. McLeod, Grafton Superior 08-E-192. In fact, I have mailed out the Certified Letter to Donna over at Grafton County Sheriff's office and you can read it in the comments, just before the standard hate mail that I will start posting myself to save time for my dissenters.

This is Outside Agitators part un.

Certified mail/$$ to Grafton County: 7007 0710 0000 3305 5390
Certified mail to Columbus Bar Ass'n: 7007 0710 0000 3305 0876

KingCast: It's great to be here.

26 August 2008

KingCast site of the month: Ratemycop.com -- as Chief NH cop Kelly Ayotte stalls on more RSA 91-A requests for audio, video.

Ratemycop is a great site and we need it in New Hampshire because right now there is absolutely no oversight of law enforcement whatsoever. Nothing. Zip. Zero. Zilch.

The lack of overview in NH -- HB 58 failed -- is why the bogus 5/11 scenario developed.

I wrote to Martha McLeod a year ago in support of Civilian Review Boards and she ran off and talked to Kelly Ayotte's sidekick Jeffrey Strelzin and accused Davey Kenney and me of "stalking" her. Read the colloquy.

Then Kelly is late responding to my inquiry about Bruce McKay's dash cam video from earlier on 5/11. I wrote for it on 18 August 2008 so Kelly is tardy. DOS lawyer Marta Modigliani has timely responded and she is looking into it.

But perhaps even more compelling than that is the missing 43 seconds of audio, from Grafton County dispatch, just as Bruce McKay was violating 8 distinct pursuit and OC Spray policies, yah. She's got a few more days left on that one so watch this space.

as noted in this post, in Boston just last week five (5) cases were ordered re-opened by a review panel. In New Hampshire all we can do is appeal to the U.S. House.

That's pathetic, but welcome to New Hampshire, where Governor Lynch doesn't care; in fact he's complicitous in the whole nefarious scheme. It does a HUGE disservice to good LE, and I honestly believe the overwhelming majority of beat cops are indeed good and honest, hard working stiffs who do not attempt to abuse their authority as Bruce McKay did for years and years until his shameful final act.

In New Hampshire, Dow Murders website owner Karen Saffian is putting Governor Lynch on notice that he needs to take a stand. She was ex fiancee to a cop named Richard Dow who likely murdered his second wife and adoptive son; bludgeoned them and torched them right up on an '82 SAAB.

Read and sign her letters to Governor Lynch.

KingCast discusses NH government malfeasance vis a vis Martin Luther King and Peckett's ski lodge and "outside agitators."

Hey King you outside agitator!

Same thing was probably said about that black man who tried to stay at Peckett's ski lodge back in the day. When they refused him access the government sent a white man up there as a racial tester and blam! The poopy hit the fan and desegregation was ordered. Rather than follow the order, they shut it down and burned it in a fire exercise. The skiing moved over to Cannon Mountain, which I -- as a black man -- have enjoyed ever since I moved to New England in 2002. Never had a bad time or a racial issue up there, good times all the time. Today I know know many people in Sugar Hill and we're totally chill.

That's called progress. Some folks don't like progress when people from outside show up, but in the end it's usually All Good.

Especially when we're dealing with shady government that needs to be exposed. As my namesake wrote in his Letter from a Birmingham Jail I analysed for my undergraduate Rhetoric final:
"....Moreover, I am cognizant of the interrelatedness of all communities and states. I cannot sit idly by in Atlanta and not be concerned about what happens in Birmingham. Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere. We are caught in an inescapable network of mutuality, tied in a single garment of destiny. Whatever affects one directly, affects all indirectly. Never again can we afford to live with the narrow, provincial "outside agitator" idea. Anyone who lives inside the United States can never be considered an outsider anywhere within its bounds....."

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25 August 2008

KingCast bedtime post for y'all to dream about: Dream about having the full Grafton County Dispatch recordings with Bruce McKay, car 44K; RSA 91-A.

Yah, the girly-girl hasn't been seeing enough of me lately so there's really no need for me to post anything after this or respond to anybody. Time to cook dinner (5 egg omelet with jack cheese, fresh spinach, portobello/domestic mushrooms sauteed with butter & thyme, topped with grilled shrimp in the shell, garlic, lime and Hawaiian red chiles). Then watch a movie, you know, chillax. The tools at Topix have indeed "busted" me in "Pepper Gate" though: I have been providing the Kenney family with RSA 91-A information in exchange for... spicy peppers!!!

Holy Bat-caca, Robin, quick, call the Bar Association. Peppergate. And now a word from our sponsors, cooking up a truly spicy email:
RSA 91-A for missing 5/11 Grafton Dispatch audio.
Saturday, August 23, 2008 5:52 PM
From: "Christopher King"

Dear Attorneys Ayotte, Modigliani and St. Hilaire:

On review of the Grafton County Dispatch recordings from 5/11 I note that there is a sizable chunk of time missing as Bruce McKay was busy violating at least eight (8) pursuit and OC Spray policies.


Specifically, that time is almost two (2) entire minutes, 6:07:24 – 6:09:15.

I'm afraid I need to have those minutes, immediately.

Kelly, I think the onus is on you, as you handled the entire investigation, so let me know if you're going to give me the minutes or if I need to raise the issue to the court as an Amendment to the Complaint.

Very Truly Yours, Christopher King, J.D.

Related KingCast Jam:

Red Hot Chili Peppers cranking Stevie Wonder's "Higher Ground" on Arsenio Hall show, circa 1989. Wow.

24 August 2008

Hey KingCast, did you ever misrepresent yourself as a licensed attorney to now-fired Jaffrey Chief Martin J. Dunn?

Nope. Click on the pages to read the letter. And you know what was best about this? As you read the blue notatations, recognize that I wrote those because Chief Dunn lied and said that I wrote the Demand Letter BEFORE I read the police reports. As you can see however, I quote directly from the police report. Dunn was buddies with NH AG Kelly Ayotte and Peter Heed, who of course was run from office amidst a sex scandal.

NH LE at its finest.

KingCast says Dow murders and other LE malfeasance continue to haunt NH Gov. John Lynch and NH AG Kelly Ayotte

Let's get one thing straight:

Former NH LE Richard Dow almost assuredly murdered his wife Jan and adoptive son Steven 25 years ago, and he got away with it in 24 hours. As such, Karen Saffian, ex fiancee of Richard Dow -- and Dow Murders website owner -- emailed me to help her circulate a series of letters about the ongoing willful inefficacies of NH Law Enforcement.

They are linked here at Scribd.com (tomorrow but the first one is in the comments).
Governor Lynch One.
Governor Lynch Two.
Governor Lynch Three.
Governor Lynch Four.

And let's not forget the deep-seated problems currently manifest by the $1M lawsuit against NH AG Kelly Ayotte, as filed by Sgt. Carey Carlberg Jr.

Let's get another thing straight:

Gregory W. Floyd got away in 24 hours with almost assuredly murdering Liko Kenney. This was after Floyd watched Bruce McKay violently violate 8 pursuit and OC Spray policies before Liko Kenney shot McKay out of fear. According to Floyd's own son at Ayotte investigative file pdf 745, Floyd started shooting at Liko Kenney and Caleb Macaulay BEFORE Liko's car ever struck Bruce McKay.

Not to mention the missing two (2) whole minutes of Dispatch air time 6:07:24 – 6:09:15 when Bruce McKay was incommunicado. We need to hear that. NH AG Kelly Ayotte owes it to the public.

And let's get a third thing straight:

Governor Lynch has ignored a number of well-written letters from people concerned about the North Country and the lack of integrity witnessed in Kelly Ayotte's bogus 24-hr."investigation" of the Franconia shooting tragedy. Some were even published in the Caledonian Record. Let's hope he changes course and acts responsibly.

And let's get the fourth thing straight:

KingCast v. McLeod et al., 08-E-192.

Hey KingCast, what's it like to be pulled over in a GTi by Bruce McKay when there is missing audio from Grafton County Dispatch?

Well I don't know, but what I do know is that NH AG Kelly Ayotte had better come up with that missing Dispatch time, as noted in this post. It is 5/11, 6:07:24 – 6:09:15 so hop to it, Kelly, inquiring minds want to know.

And here from 15 August 2007 is what it's like to drive your son's VW GTi when Bruce McKay was out on the prowl against Franconia's youth:
"He was in full John Wayne mode," said the father this afternoon in a phone interview..... "I was terrified and just pressed myself back all the way in the seat and then when he saw it was me he about shit his pants and started stammering.... "Uh, I thought you had a registration violation......"

Bruce McKay, serving and protecting. Let's see how well he served and protected in the 2-hour traffic stop of 79 year-old Elder AJ, a stop which does not seem to be documented in the McKay activity log for some reason. Video coming soon.

23 August 2008

KingCast finally obtains and reviews a working copy of Caleb Macaulay's interview; also follow-up on missing McKay Dispatch recordings.

Update on the missing Grafton dispatch minutes, now that I have a fresh copy from Kelly, I will provide this very CD to the U.S. House soon because it proves that 6:07:24 – 6:09:15 is missing in action as I clearly noted on 16 August 2008.

What was Dispatch saying to Bruce? Did Bruce respond? What was Dispatch saying about Bruce? Why is this time missing? It picks up again at 6:09:15 with Dispatch still in search of Bruce McKay.

I want the missing minutes. Is that too much to ask, Kelly? Is that an unreasonable request, Kelly? Please advise.


On to Caleb's interview, that's the video capture from last year when the State issued a version that did not work. They did this twice; check it out. This time it works. I look forward to the part where he corroborates what Gregory W. Floyd twice said at the beginning of his interview:

"I never said a word."

51:20 -- I don't even think he was going 45.... he slowed to 35 in a second.

51:40 -- "Did Officer McKay ever tell him the reason that he stopped him?" "No. Liko was like, Sir, can I have another officer here, Sir, can I have a different officer interrogating me....."

"Liko responded very uncomfortable. He tensed up, he rolled up his window to just a crack to talk to the officer.... I've never seen Liko scared like that before. I thought at the time that he was like handling it very well he was like, can I have another officer here, and McKay was like, you're stuck with me."

1:04:24 -- What did he say when he took off? "He told me he was going to his Uncle's house so there would be witnesses.

1:19:40 -- "Actually, no the window was open more because we told that guy (Floyd) in the truck to stay there.... I don't even know why at first he pulled off to the side of the road.... I was like, hey stick around, cos I was scared, we got rammed......

Yah, really sounds like a cold-blooded killer. Not.

1:26:02 -- Did McKay say anything when he came up to the vehicle? "No it was just pepper spray right away through the open window." "That 4x4 was already there so he should have seen him do that?" "Yes. I said hey Sir can you just stay here for a minute. I said it through Liko's window I was like, Sir. They could see me and I saw we had eye to eye communication. I'm pretty sure he heard my voice."

Anyway, Caleb noted that officer Jose from Sugar Hill didn't respond to McKay with Liko back in 2003. When Jose fell sick BTW the entire community rallied for him and brought food, money and whatever else that they could do to help.

I will not sit here and let anyone paint the people of Franconia, Sugar Hill or Bethlehem as anti-police just because they were anti-McKay. It's patently absurd.

Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance part trois: "Brother can you spare a fender?"

The folks at Second Wind BMW continue to impress me with their genuine level of care and concern that we keep the Old Iron on the road. Today I was telling them what's really going on in North Country and ordering a muffler clamp for the new mufflers and home boy from South Carolina pops up, "Hold on..... (runs downstairs)... man you look like you could use a new fender, and I thought I had one laying around down there, enjoy!"

"Great. What do I owe you?"

"No man, it's All Good. It's great to see someone pushing the old stuff."

So then he carefully covered it in soft-wrap styrofoam and lashed it to the seat rail and off I went, so now I can completely repair and mount the rear lighting cluster and turn indicators that I re-wired last week as noted in part deux

22 August 2008

KingCast thanks North Country News, the Franconia Collective and a certain restaurant for its contribution to the Franconia Healing Party.

It was a beautiful evening, and we had some good food, some video review and production, a coupla' kitlins and lots of love running around. And some legal strategy as well. I'm not posting any pictures, nor am I naming the restaurant that provided complimentary food though because people do indeed fear retribution from their local government.

So no, we're not done yet, and Bryan and Suzanne from North Country News will be with us every step of the way. Today I am mailing out the service copies of KingCast v. McLeod et al, 08-E-192. Thanks again Mickey =^.)

21 August 2008

Hey KingCast, just because Boston police panels ordered 5 cases reviewed doesn't mean you can make Kelly Ayotte reopen her Franconia "investigation."

In Boston there are five (5) cases just ordered back into review as noted in yesterday's Globe. Sorry folks, police don't walk on water. They make mistakes, and sometimes commit intentional infractions of policy and law and when they do, they -- along with the municipalities that allowed it -- must be held accountable.

This American Life asked me yesterday what I thought of the Franconia Collective's chances at getting this case re-opened, given the apparent intransigence of our Highest Legal Officer and rumoured Gubernatorial candidate Kelly Ayotte.

I broke it down so hard, so simple. Some people want to try to take this case to some extreme level of abstraction when in fact it's very simple. You don't complete a homicide investigation in 24 hours and without any ballistics reports, you don't fail to obtain fingerprints and you don't lie about corroborated witness statements that say Gregory W. Floyd never spoke to Liko Kenney before shooting him. And you try to account for all spent casings. What a concept. This is basic stuff guys.

"It's 50-50% I said.... some of it depends on what we discover in the pending litigation. But whatever it is, we're going to move on it and see what happens."


Also, on the Boston matter isn't it great to know that's exactly EXACTLY one year TO THE DAY that I wrote Martha McLeod to help establish the Civilian Review Boards as attempted earlier that year.

Check the links.

And she of course never even wrote me back and went straight to Jeff Strelzin, who along with NH AG Kelly Ayotte, repeatedly lied to the American public and as the Boston findings held,

"drew conclusions without facts to support them."

Like Floyd talking to Liko and only firing on him after he ran into Bruce McKay.

KingCast This American Life epiphany #7: Road rash.

How is the Party for Healing going to be a Good Thing, and isn't This American Life and your presence just stirring up the pot?

So I told Jane and Tom yesterday in my interview, .this is a bad wound that is going to continue to fester and divide some people in North Country whether an investigation is opened again or not Of course anyone with half a brain cell can see that the investigation has gaping holes in it and NH AG Kelly Ayotte, who reportedly wants to run for Governor bears full responsibility for these gaping holes. And yah, the town bears some responsibility as well for failing to control Bruce McKay. And Martha McLeod bears some responsibility for deepening the wound with her HB 1428 Bruce McKay Highway pattern of deceit that has ethical implications. Read KingCast v. McLeod et al., Grafton 08-E-192. Sorry folks, it's not "all on Liko."

So you might as well have a full production of information from our government to help lay a foundation for a healthy recovery. I dunno, it seems to make sense to me.

In fact, in Boston there are five (5) cases just ordered back into review as noted in yesterday's Globe. Sorry folks, police don't walk on water. They make mistakes, and sometimes commit intentional infractions of policy and law and when they do, they -- along with the municipalities that allowed it -- must be held accountable.

Anyway, as a mountain-bikin' motorcycle ridin.... blah blah blah I sure know how to clean a wound. Here is how you clean a wound:
First, because abrasions can easily become infected, you should clean the area thoroughly and remove any dirt and debris. Ideally, you want to irrigate the area with a nontoxic surfactant such as 0.9 sodium chloride or Shur-Clens with a bit of pressure (use a syringe if possible).....

This may involve some measure of pain or discomfort. Failure to clean and irrigate thoroughly could result in terminal infection however, and more loss of life, yes it can.

So don't get mad at your doctor when he tells you that you may have an infection. Work hard to fix it the Right Way and live the rest of your life in Peace and help make the World a better place. Yes we Can.

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20 August 2008

Franconia Party for healing to be held at Mickey's place, Thursday, 21 August 2008.

As we have a break in the weather Mickey DeRham has graciously allowed us to have the Party for Healing at her place, 539 Birches Road. Here she is, as pictured in the Gregory W. Floyd "safety from the sidewalk" post.
This is a non-partisan event

6:00-9:00 p.m.
Live Music
Good Times

Bring a dish!

Jane and Tom from This American Life may be there for open interviews for people that they were not yet able to contact. They have spoken with many civilians and a couple of LE who hold vastly differing perspectives on this matter, but I'm not so sure if the elected officials have spoken. I will update on that as soon as I finish my interview with them this afternoon. Here's some of what I have to tell them.

Peace, Love, Aloha and Namaste.

KingCast This American Life epiphany #6: What if they don't air the Franconia segment?

Nothing ventured, nothing gained, I say. The publication chances are only 1 in 5, or 20%, but most locals who have questions for their government feel it is worth the chance, such that their concerns are aired. At least they have the feeling that the essence of their comments will be whittle away to nothing, as other media have done all too often.

Other locals of course wish it would go away, like Governor Lynch who appeared with the McKay entourage but has not once come to address the locals. Take a look.

Some say the town is "healing," to which again I say that's tantamount to putting some lipstick and a splash of drug store Maybelline a battered spouse and sending her right back into Sunday morning church choir.

These are my thoughts and this is my blawg. If you have different thoughts then please feel free to comment. Or as Evan Shaeffer told me years ago, "Get your own blog, Mr. King."

The bottom line is this:

You can't get angry with people who ask their government for information on anything, much less a double homicide with a shady character like Gregory W. Floyd getting a pass in 24 hours against both Liko Kenney and Caleb Macaulay. The March on Washington is going to occur because of the lies, unanswered questions, materially conflicting statements and incomplete investigation responses as noted herein, and as partially delineated in the new litigation, KingCast v. McLeod et al. Grafton Superior 08-E-192.

Face it: The government is not speaking about this case to This American Life about a case involving the Right-to-Know. They should state their position publicly and stand by it. After all, it's not like some highly secretive issue concerning national defense or security where you would expect the government to play their cards close to the chest. That is the story in and of itself, folks living in North Country being ignored by their government. Ouch.

PS: As noted in this comment from a U.S. Veteran, local small town police often manufacture crime, or escalate minor crimes into something worse. McKay was an expert at that and there's no denying it. Profile High School/Ryan's OC Spray. Sarah's O.C. Spray. Liko Kenney in 2003 when all he had to do was run his license and let him go. McKay probably went for the O.C. Spray or a gun back then, and Liko told him "don't even think about it," and "you can't just pick people up and drive them around in police cars for no reason," and "You cannot keep me here without Good Cause."
We know these things to be true as noted in basic Fourth Amendment principles yet the state and most major media have presented them in a way that makes most bristle only at Liko Kenney as they ignore the foul attitude and Constitutional violations cearly manifest by McKay in the stop itself. Same thing even worse on 5/11, as noted by the Veteran above.

I think about these things every time I walk past Fox Hill Park, where Judge Cyr found all of Franconia's police stops to be in violation of the Fourth Amendment.

And those things that happened in 2002/3 along with the things that happened on 5/11 and the related coverup, are reason enough for people to speak up and that is what I will do in my interview today. If it doesn't air on the radio it will most definitely air in Washington, D.C. Our veterans fight and die for this privilege dammit, so I thank them profusely as I plan to use it with impunity.

This stuff is worse than the notorious Dow Murders, in which Dick Dow, an North Country LE, almost undoubtedly murdered his wife and adoptive son -- and was cleared..... you guessed it -- in 24 hours.

18 August 2008

KingCast This American Life epiphany #6: Liko was not speeding, and Bruce McKay was not always "by the book."

Remember how some of the first reports out of Franconia said that Liko Kenney was pulled for speeding? Well I came across an email involving Attorney Strelzin and Chief Investigator Chuck West in which he gives West kudos and attaboys on freezing the 54mph speed at which McKay allegedly clocked Liko's Toyota. Read the comments.

What if it wasn't Liko though? Kelly's own Official Report says that Caleb said he and Liko saw McKay a long way off (the profile of that Tahoe is unmistakable) and slowed down to the limit. Plus McKay didn't pull Liko for speeding, as we all know it was for 4-day expired registration. Look: Liko Kenney was not speeding and McKay ignored someone who was totally speeding.

Which begs the question, isn't a speeder -- someone creating a moving violation -- more important than a dang registration violation?

Answer: Not when you're hunting Liko Kenney it isn't.

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KingCast This American Life epiphany #5: RSA 91-A request for Bruce McKay's 5/11 dash cam video prior to 6pm.

Dear Attorneys Ayotte and Modigliani, but mostly Ayotte because she is the highest legal officer of the State:

It just occurred to me that I haven't seen the Bruce McKay dash cam video from earlier that day. It's really funny how every other time I've seen Bruce in action his front seat microphone is on, but as he went after Liko and Caleb -- again violating at least 8 Pursuit and OC Spray policies -- he shut it off and was otherwise incommunicado. Can you please provide that to me?

Thank you,

Christopher King, J.D.

KingCast This American Life epiphany #4: Kelly Ayotte must reopen the Franconia shooting tragedy, step down from office or be disbarred.

Dear Kelly:

I have patiently waited for more than a year now for you to confess to your transgressions in this case. As you have not done so I will now issue my official statement that supplements my first post regarding the KingCast/Franconia Collective March on Washington later this year.

First of all, as noted in the new litigation, KingCast v. McLeod et al., Grafton 08-E-192, you wrested the responsibility of the investigation from the town, yet you failed to conduct any inquiry whatsoever into the (im)propriety of the fatal traffic stop effected by Norman Bruce McKay against Liko Kenney and Caleb Macaulay.

1. Bruce violated 8 distinct pursuit and OC Spray policies.
2. Bruce was incommunicado with Dispatch and there appears to be a missing chunk of time on the Dispatch recordings.

Second, I wrote your office on 18 April 2008 and specifically requested:

KingCast warns Defendant Ayotte on Floyd fingerprint evidence.

Friday, April 18, 2008 3:18 PM

Dear Attorney Ayotte:

I want my documents, and I want them now.


I believe I have made myself clear but if not I can engage Judge Vaughn again to help.

Christopher King, J.D.
On behalf of KingCast.net
On behalf of the First Amendment.
In the Spirit of Liko Kenney and Mother Ann

Attorney Strelzin cryptically responded “This office does not possess any documents, beyond those already provided, which are responsive to your request.” When he omitted any reference to fingerprint analysis I knew something was wrong. Here’s why:

1. Gregory W. Floyd went home with Liko’s live round in his pocket, which is consistent with him putting the second magazine in Liko’s gun and ejecting a round. Floyd is the only person who has stated that Liko was trying to insert his second magazine.
2. Trooper Cooper directly told Gregory W. Floyd that this information was crucial to the investigation. To quote,
"Later our crime scene people are going to be taking those weapons and my question is what state is it gonna' be in now and how did it get to that state."

3. You covered up for Gregory W. Floyd from the beginning, when you failed to provide document #1 to the World public, showing that Floyd lied about Vietnam action.
4. You and Attorney Strelzin continued to cover up for Floyd by quoting his third, unsubstantiated statement that he spoke to Liko Kenney before firing when his first two statements -- supported by his own son and Caleb Macaulay -- were directly contrary. I documented those statements against interest right here.
5. You failed to explain how several spent McKay casings appear 30 feet from Liko Kenney’s car if Floyd was standing next to Liko’s car and talking with him. The pictures don't lie.
6. You failed to explain whether or not Bruce McKay fired any rounds or if Floyd fired all of the six (6) or more bullets from McKay’s gun. Floyd claimed he shot only once or twice, but his son said he shot at least three (3) more times.
7. You and Attorney Strelzin initially lied to the public when you said that Floyd drove his vehicle to a position between McKay and Liko Kenney when in fact his son parked it in between Liko and his route of intended travel to Tamarack Tennis camp where he wanted a witness to McKay’s actions.
8. You and Attorney Strelzin closed this case more than a month before you even had the ballistics report, which is dated 20 June, 2007 one/two. That has to violate homicide protocol, remember guys, I’m a former AAG who has successfully litigated police cases in private practice as a clerk and attorney.
9. There also appears to be missing audio from Grafton Dispatch, although I will clear that up with NPR correspondent Tom LeCompte, who is about to retrieve that audio from your office today.

With all due respect counsel, you clearly said you would re-open the investigation if new evidence appeared. Well as you closed this case within 24 hours (as opposed to the cases of Anthony Jarvis and the insane Concord friendly-fire situation at the credit union that will take months) all of this is “new evidence.”

You and Jeff have, among other things, thoroughly insulted Michele and Davey Kenney and the entire North Country. Some people may be upset with me but they would have no reason to be upset with me if you had done your jobs with honor and integrity in the first place. Now we can do it via Washington or you can do it yourself. Either way, you’re going to do it. The choice is yours.

Very Truly Yours,
Christopher King, J.D./KingCast.net

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