28 July 2008

Summer of Love continues in Franconia as KingCast/Franconia Collective launch: "Liko Kenney in the pre Bruce McKay era."

Here it is at the ubiquitous YouTube:


It goes with this post.

Wait until you see and hear what else the North Country has in store to set the record straight.

Town footage: KingCast.net/Franconia Collective
Liko footage: Coruway Film Institute

Next movie next week:
Bruce McKay detaining and harassing a 79 year-old elder over a minor registration issue for about 2 hours, on Route 116 the day before he detained and harassed Liko Kenney, violating 7 pursuit and OC Spray policies.


Anonymous said...

Interesting video. Could you imagine if someone made one of these of you. Like a close up of you as you reaching your hand into that big cookie jar that brought shame upon you. I'm sure it would not be flattering either. Regardless of what you or anyone else thinks of the officer, your worts are not hidden among all of the filth you espouse. No, not at all, we all see you for what you are - an angry, disgrace attorney with a mean streak. If that is what you wish to world to see, then you are finally successful as something. Bravo!

Christopher King said...


You are a complete tool and your "concerns" have been duly addressed each and every time you write in here, even after you say you are grown tired of me.

You are paranoid and worried something fierce now that momentum is moving toward the U.S. House Complaint against NH AG Kelly Ayotte.

Moreover, the entire story of that "hand in the cookie jar" you are talking about has been told on this very blog.

Everyone already knows that Kelly and Prosecutor Bill Albrecht brought bogus cases against me for writing a simple Demand Letter when I was Southern NH NAACP Legal Chair.

Albrecht got fired under an ethics investigation.

Then Jaffrey Chief Martin Dunn got fired, sustained by former NH AG John Arnold.

As to your assertions about my mean streak, I temper that with knowledge and cold, hard facts.

KingCast: We keep it real.

Christopher King said...

As I noted at YouTube:

In this World, everyone has their moments. Bruce McKay empirically brought out the worst moments in many people, especially those he targeted or when he got a hair across his chest or whatever set him off.

Thing is, Liko Kenney had his moments too but he was also a very real and warm and caring person, and it is a pleasure to help expose that side of him that NH AG Kelly Ayotte and her minions -- and other media -- refuse to acknowledge.

It's much easier to call him a cold-blooded killer.


But as we head toward the U.S. House we will be sure to humanize him.

Liko Kenney, we've got your back, bro.

Anonymous said...

Methinks you have an angry selectman on your hands, Chris! Maybe you should push him over the edge by publishing more pics of the Mrs. Look, these State employees are "dug in" and united; you have a huge task ahead of you. They're plenty stupid, but they have deep resources and will use them. I wish you the best of luck with all of this, but I don't have much in the way of hope for you...

Christopher King said...


You may be right.

And if not an angry selectman, perhaps an angry selectman's wife who would-be Senator.

Well obviously they've pretty much bought the conventional media, but we know a few people too.

And in doing, we succeed.

Remember, if everyone (or at least a few more people) who got screwed by government or watched it happen to others took a stand like this the World would be a better place.


Anonymous said...

I've taken my stands, and it only works once in a while... consensus-building is rare. Like you, I suffered the "breads and circuses" voyarism of the audience, only to have them turn their backs at the most critical time. Like I said, I am rooting for you, but I gues I'm one of those voyeurs as well.

BTW, I would respect the State Rep/Selectman more if she/he, along with Ayotte were to openly debate the issues, wouldn't you? What is it with these 21st century non-leaders? Did we learn nothing from the unpopular stands that Jefferson and Adams made? We be speaking, er, English righ now... oops!

Christopher King said...


I hear you on that.

On the positive note, we have had our fall outs already and people are actually coming back together in agreement in the North Country.

We have seen the worst of the worst already.

Always remember my Wendell Phillips Eternal Vigilance post because it is in the doing that we succeed. Even if every government official and media turn a blind eye they can't keep us from Petitioning Congress.

Also remember when rap and hip hop used to be intelligent on a mainstream and you didn't have to seek out intelligent hip hop on stations like WERS 88.9 Boston?

I wrote my law school thesis on rap and feminism and how The Man pitted two ostensible social movements against each other, because the two concerns are not inherently hostile.

Witness Arrested Development's "Mr. Wendal" speaking of Wendell.....

People are so easily led, and fooled by the shit they see in major media, witness the 20/20 segment on this tragedy.

What a joke.

What a crime.