24 July 2008

Northeast shooters ban KingCast and Nashua Hunter for comments about Revere's deplorable Sgt. Evan Franklin, then their own members agree with us.

Hootlarious. Go back to page one to see the ban. Shoot the messenger, then agree with him when the facts come to light.

What a bunch of tools.

Franklin BTW is the Commanding Officer who saw Daniel Talbot get shot in the head and possibly murdered, then ran away, then diverted a responding cruiser to his home, then lied and said everything was okay. This after drinking all afternoon and leaving his gun unsecured and whatever else he was doing. Here's a KingCast told-you-so post on it.

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Christopher King said...

Here's the ban from page 1.

Sgt Ervin Franklin must be fired for his actions in the Talbot shooting.

I have been following this case for some time now and the only two places one can get all of the story are at these two blogs:

Columbian Cokane:

Daily Item/Flynn:

Chris King's First Amendment Blog:

"When the shots rang out that killed Talbot, [Franklin] ran from the scene, flagged an on-duty Revere cop to drive him home and never reported the incident. When asked about his presence at the scene and what went down by State Police investigators, he lied. Makes one think, What does Sergeant Franklin have to hide?

But that's not all, let's go for the bonus round:

Franklin and a friend (Todd Randall) were involved in a two-car accident on Route 1 in August of 1995 and fled the scene on foot. Read the last paragraph. The two men were soon to graduate from the police academy, but resigned from the force following the incident. Franklin was re-hired after going through the police academy again in May 1997. Unbelievable."


Here's page 4:

Update: Mayor fires Franklin

Originally Posted by pbearperry

If this guy Franklin isn't fired this time around,you can bet that he's somehow connected to the powers to be in Revere.

Revere mayor fires police sergeant who fled scene of officer's slaying