17 July 2008

A nooner with KingCast: Buckwheat pancakes, crazy news in San Francisco and signed releases to prompt the RSA 91-A lawsuit against Martha McLeod.

Just finished off some organic Buckwheat pancakes with organic blueberries and a side of sundried chicken sausage (yah, eating meat again, sigh). At least we finished off with fresh peaches and pure organic coconut milk, high in potassium for an active man on the go!

My guitar impresario brother Trent sent me this almost funny story about how San Francisco is on lockdown right now because Terry Childs, an apparently disgruntled employee has locked up the City's Administrative Services computer system!

Anyway, Trent (scroll down) is waiting our treatment for the Bahamas International Film Festival trailer which is in turn waiting for me to visit with NH Department of Safety Attorney Marta Modigliani on Monday to read up on the Gregory Floyd file.

Oh, I'm also delivering the signed releases I mentioned the other day. They are in my tank bag right now and the money is coming soon. Just wait for that check to clear the lawyer's IOLTA account and BAM! Martha McLeod gets sued royally for her lies and coverup in the HB 1428 Bruce McKay Highway fiasco. There will be a companion suit too but I'm not talking about that right now. The trail toward honesty and some modicum of Justice for Liko Kenney continues.

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