23 July 2008

NH AG Kelly Ayotte supports police who violated Miranda and Due Process Rights against Michael Addison.

Dammit even accused police murderers have rights, but not to Kelly.

First give a pass in 24 hours to a complete ass like Gregory W. Floyd with a history replete with lawlessness and unlawful gun possession when he probably murdered Liko Kenney.

Next stand behind cops who blatantly violate Miranda/Due Process Rights in the Michael Addison case where he will stand trial for the murder of Michael Briggs.
At the start of their sitdown with Addison, the detectives had asked him to read aloud a form that listed his rights. When Addison read the one about having a lawyer present with him during questioning, he said, “I would like that though.”

“You would like what?” said Detective Ryan Grant, according to the transcript.

“A lawyer,” Addison said. “That’s just what I was told.”

“Okay,” Grant said.

“I mean, to always have a lawyer,” Addison said.

Addision reportedly confessed to shooting over his shoulder to hit Officer Briggs.

McGuire wrote that Addison’s comments left no room for doubt. Kelly reportedly said "we know that the Manchester officers acted legally but we respect the Judges order....."

Here is Judge McGuire's order:


Addison at p. 4:
"Fuck 'em, they're not going to set me up, I'll tell on everybody."

Could be interesting. Much of this case will hinge on the gun power residue that was or was not on Addison's hands. For Kelly's sake there had better have been some there. For Michael's case there had better not be any, because then he's got to get into 'splainin' how he was shooting some OTHER gun recently.


Anonymous said...

The judge's order makes sense to me.

Christopher King said...


But not to Kelly.