10 July 2008

KingCast tells 20/20 how the North Country will remember Corporal Bruce McKay..... err... Officer Pepper.

Those of you coming in from liveleak watch the linked movie and read the lawsuit affidavits from area Law Enforcement, a private investigator and me. Bruce McKay terrorized those he did not like, and his wife got a TRO on him and moved to a safe house around the time she gave birth to their only child. I am a former Law Enforcement attorney and this case stinks, that is why two lawyers are now suing the town and a former town selectmen admitted that Bruce McKay was out of control and not being policed properly himself.
I've been waiting to post this picture for months. Now is the time. Here is the Bruce McKay legacy post, vis a vis Brendlin v. California.

Bruce McKay: Serpico he was not.

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