04 July 2008

Missing in Action: KingCast has one question on the Fourth of July..... What happened to Tattoo/HIV physician consent "3701-9-04 General safety and sanitation standards?"

Every now and then I take a look to see what's still going on in the tattoo world as I was lead counsel on a rather ridiculous case in which the State refused to regulate tattooing and made our client, 8 Ball Tattoo, into the Bad Guy. The thing is, we had asked for physician consent for people who have HIV/AIDS in Columbus and they dogged us out, blew us off -- but the STATE eventually passed the regulation after many people testified on the floor, including Yours Truly. It's in here.

But now, according to the Cleveland Scene (now Cleveland's only Indie paper) that regulation appears missing in action. Read all about that in paragraph 3 of yesterday's post addressing the plight of John Napier and Body Revolution. The art is courtesy of Durb Morrisson, the fellow who was going to provide a tattoo for the complaining party when our client declined for health reasons to the recipient and for First Amendment reasons that were intentionally ignored by my former client, the Ohio Civil Rights Commission Hearing Officer Frank Martens. It's all in the transcript, oh, yah.

Cousin Mike and I share one journalistic idol and his name is Mike Royko. Here are both of his columns on the experience, one of which is aptly named "Civil Rights takes a wrong turn in Tattoo World."

Here is Durb Morrisson's website. He runs Hell City Tattoo Convention and he's badass.


Christopher King said...


3701-9-04 General safety and sanitation standards.

(A) A business offering tattoo or body piercing services shall comply with the following provisions.

(3) Prior to tattooing or body piercing, the operator who will be performing the procedure shall inquire of a patron for conditions which could affect the healing process. The operator shall not perform a tattoo or body piercing
procedure on patrons indicating the presence of such a condition without documentation from a licensed physician indicating acceptance of the patient
for appropriate care following the procedure.

Eff 4-30-98

Rule promulgated under: RC Chapter 119.

Rule authorized by: RC 3730.10

Rule amplifies: RC 3730.06, 3730.07, 3730.08, 3730.09

R.C. 119.032 Review Date: 4/30/03

Christopher King said...

So why a tattoo case for the Fourth of July post?

Isn't the lawsuit against NH State Rep. Martha McLeod for her emails more important for her attempts to pass HB 1428 to honor a rogue cop with his own highway?

Well yes and no. They both represent height/depth of government irresponsibility. But in the tattoo case what's even more insidious is the fact that the damn statute that we lobbied for was actually passed and now has apparently disappeared.

So that case "wins" by a nose.

-The KingCaster

Christopher King said...

Durb knows how crucial this matter really is. So he wrote me back today and I wrote him again. You really had to be there to see how ridiculous it was.


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Indeed my brother, indeed. We went through some crazy times just trying to get The Man to do the Right Thing, then they did..... but now we have no idea w'happened to the Statute.

I'll be putting the question to the State House Legislative liason next week.

I'll mos def check you out if I come that way, and if you're up North NH/Boston give a holler too!

All the best,


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Hey there, how've ya been!? Wow, that's quite the stroll down memory lane seeing word of the old case. It's important for everyone to still know what happened back in the day before tattoo regulations here in Ohio, good lookin' out!! Hit me up if you ever come back through town, thanks for the props!! Take care!!