19 July 2008

A KingCast Cannon Mountain visit with Governor Lynch in the Spirit of Liko Kenney.

In less than an hour, someone very close to the Franconia shooting tragedy and I will visit with His Highness, who has:

1. Ignored my June, 2007 letter as published in the Caledonian Record.

2. Ignored a KingCast visit to his office seen in video, i.e. "Franconia 5/11: Injustice on Stilts.

Today we will bring him a copy of the letter and of this sign up sheet to have Gregory W. Floyd Indicted for 18 U.S.C. 922(g)(1) violations and a search warrant issued for his compound, not to mention this RSA 91-A request for the Franconia Selectmen minutes where they reportedly discussed termination of Corporal Norman Bruce McKay.

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UPDATE: Franconia area Rep and NH State Senate wannabe Martha McLeod gives KingCast the bums rush, accuses us of stalking and then refuses to shake hands. Well not exactly, she did shake hands with my North Country host, but if she had refused to shake this person's hand, well let's just say that there is no way in hell she would dare to do that. Even the Governor shook my hand before he passed the fliers over to Franconia Selectman and Marta's hubby Rich McLeod. Pictures with the Gov. and Miss Martha are coming; yah we papered her car and stuff too in case she needs a reminder.

Here was the colloquy:
"Why are you stalking me there are laws against that."
"I'm not stalking you. I'm a member of the media and a citizen and taking some pictures of the day's events, and you and the Governor are part of those events. You are a public figure, right?"
"Who are you?"
"I'm Chris King, the guy who wrote you last year and you never wrote back instead you wrote Jeff Strelzin."McLeod: Stalks off, stage right.
Her email to Strelzin said, in pertinent part:
"I am not responding to his emails so he is getting more persistent."

Stalking her, ha. I'm suing her, not stalking her.


Christopher King said...

There is also new video of Liko Kenney from the pre-McKay era and it's priceless. We are so happy that it will in some ways soon be offered to the World because the authorities have portrayed Liko as such an insensitive and calculating killer, which is absurd.

As Connie McKenzie told ABC News a year ago in its best coverage to date, "he was witty, articulate and a native son."

He speaks of "Kenny adaptability" and the power of mental stamina but alas, it was no match for Bruce McKay and the benevolent despotism of the Franconia Selectmen.

Liko Kenney was a victim, trying to be a survivor, all the way.


Anonymous said...

No offense Chris, but I couldn't think of anything less productive than meeting with Lynch. Ya hear he turned down cheap oil for his citizens from Venezuala? They should replace the yacht on the state flag with a wood fireplace. Boom times!

Christopher King said...


No offense taken. Just saying you can't criticize someone unless or until they ignore you after you have given them every possible opportunity to evaluate what you have to say.

In Statelegalspeak that's called "exhausting your administrative appeals."

Now we just report what we have to say for the Congressional Record and stuff.

American Government is neat like that, what citizens can do when we want to.

I love this Country.

PS: Bruce McKay would support us going after Gregory W. Floyd because remember, McKay was a "black and white" kinda' guy, and Floyd sure is a multiple felon and continued criminal so McKay would totally respect KingCast, oh, yah.