31 July 2008

KingCast rekindles old alliances involving fashion, Loon Mountain and Casey Sherman at a most appropriate time.

As I noted in the last post dealing with an arrogant, lying windbag who knowingly falsely and publicly accused me of a crime of moral turpitude, I went to the Ruby Room at the invitation of my old buddy Emmi. She is the owner of Amansworldco.com, where any man short of time or fashion sense can get some help.

While I was there I ran into J.L., who in 2004 really taught me how to GET DOWN on a snowboard on the slopes of Loon. He taught me well enough that when I started at Cannon the icy paths that pass for slopes didn’t throw me for too much of a loop.

But more important than skiing with J.L. is the fact that Casey Sherman went to boarding school with him, and that the two of them will probably be rapping about the Franconia shooting tragedy at their 20th high school reunion this summer. And JL has already talked to Casey about it and all I will say is that Casey knows the State is full of shit. What a trip.

Serendipity is where you find it, I told J.L. Took him a second, then he got it. It's punny.
Then I met TY, an interior design professor, who reminded me of the incredible story of Majou Lin, the “gook” whose design of the Soldiers and Sailor’s Monument was shunned by many solely because of her ethnicity. There is a movie about that, and I’ll be watching it soon. This link tells only part of the story.

And with that, we’re turning off the Internet on the MacBook to watch the notorious Margaret Cho and turn in for the evening.


KingCast warns Ditmar Kopf to retract his statement "Chris King threatened to shoot me in the head."

You are a complete liar.
Thursday, July 31, 2008 5:22 PM
This sender is DomainKeys verified
"Christopher King" kingjurisdoctor@yahoo.com
Add sender to Contacts

Don't you ever say that I "threatened to shoot you in the head," or imply that I in any way "went after your family."

You wrote:

"He does enjoy going after family members for unrelated reasons. He is insane and evil. I agree that is stalking.

Did you read his post to me last September when he mentioned "Death Cab for Cutie" and then he threatened to shoot me in the head?"

You've got exactly one (1) day to retract that or you may consider yourself subject to lawsuit for lying about a crime of moral turpitude. I will show you a legal lesson you won't soon forget.

Very truly yours,
Christopher King, J.D.


I have had enough of dirtbags like this guy; I monitor the situation and joke around from time to time but he has clearly crossed the line.

Now I am going to a mixer at the Ruby Room in Boston and Latin dancing with my girly-girl and when I check in there had best be a retraction from him in my email hopper or I will visit this upon your employer.

KingCast asks would-be Senator Martha McLeod on her emails to HB 1428 Bruce McKay Highway: Is that your final answer?


I know you can't stand me and you refused to return my phone calls even a year ago as I wrote you this very temperate and professional letter. But I'll tell you this: Attorney Strelzin (who lied on 20/20 National TV this month) can't help you now. You would be wise to let me know where you and your counsel stand with respect to your emails as noted and as contemplated by the Attorneys General of Florida, Wisconsin, Missouri AGs and Tennessee.

1. Are the emails to a public official on their public email account a matter of public record?

2. Are the emails to a public official on their private email accounts a matter of public record when those emails contain communications related to public matters?

Now I did see where I missed a Certified letter earlier this month with a receipt number of 70041160000453036840. If you had anything to do with that letter and it pertains to this pending litigation (i.e. perhaps you are coming to your senses like Senator Letourneau) you or your counsel needs to call me or email me today because otherwise I'm going to drop the hammer on you.


Related video:
Liko speaks about life in North Country.

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You and Kelly Ayotte's hero, Gregory W. Floyd part one part two.

Christopher King, J.D.

30 July 2008

Dear Attorney Mullen: Did Franconia consider firing Bruce McKay or not?

I told some tool in the last post: Now to return to point, did Franconia town Selectmen discuss terminating that rogue cop Bruce McKay or not?

They are (as usual) tardy with their response, as I asked them on 22 July and I am -- at a minimum -- entitled to know if there are responsive documents or not. Read the comments.

As to the maximum I'll be checking Lexis today.

Bottom Line: I did not make Bruce McKay a bad cop. I did not make Gregory Floyd a shady character and multiple felon. I did not make NH AG Kelly Ayotte repeatedly lie about the facts of 5/11.

There are many lawyers, LE and other people of influence who entirely agree with me and their voices will indeed be heard.

Now with that I'm back to work.

28 July 2008

KingCast tells Martha McLeod: "In the Spirit of Liko Kenney, please stop lying and get open with your communications on HB 1428 Bruce McKay Highway."

Wow am I tired, 2:51 a.m. EST and time for bed. It has been a helluva day, with my friends in Europe and in North Country collaborating to get new video of Liko Kenney online and work on some other cases I can't directly talk about online. Here’s the chilling conclusion of the KingCast v. McLeod et al. Petition for Injunctive Relief, which will also be used in the Complaint itself. I will finish the both of them sometime in the next 48 hours for delivery to Miss Martha so she can stew over it analyse her options over the weekend. Here’s your related posts.

VI. Conclusion.

Petitioner prays that this Court give the matter its full and unwavering attention as this is an essential tenet of First Amendment Law, as witnessed by Appendix __, showing how Attorneys General all over the Country agree that emails to public officials about public matters are indeed subject to FOIA. Some even go as far as to say that the emails held in a State official’s private account are public information if they address a public matter and Petitioner must concur: Otherwise an unscrupulous statesman could simply hide her (or his) actions behind the cloak of private address. Surely the architects of First Amendment Law and the Freedom of Information Act did not intend for such an absurd result.

Summer of Love continues in Franconia as KingCast/Franconia Collective launch: "Liko Kenney in the pre Bruce McKay era."

Here it is at the ubiquitous YouTube:


It goes with this post.

Wait until you see and hear what else the North Country has in store to set the record straight.

Town footage: KingCast.net/Franconia Collective
Liko footage: Coruway Film Institute

Next movie next week:
Bruce McKay detaining and harassing a 79 year-old elder over a minor registration issue for about 2 hours, on Route 116 the day before he detained and harassed Liko Kenney, violating 7 pursuit and OC Spray policies.

KingCast tells Kelly Ayotte: I know you are afraid to search Gregory W. Floyd's house because her "hero" might wind up dead like Anthony Jarvis.

Dear Attorney Ayotte:

It is a shame that one of your men was injured and that Anthony Jarvis is dead after you searched his house for weapons because he is a felon. By the way, how exactly did Mr. Jarvis die? Inquiring minds want to know.

UPDATE: Rock the Truth blog is on to this: Something smells there: "shots" were fired, but this guy was "found" dead?

What is also a shame is that you all have not gone to the ATF on Floyd for continued violations of 18 U.S.C. 922(g)(1) so I'm going to help the people of Franconia do it with this form.

You are worried it will turn out like that tragedy that scorched a whole city block in Philadelphia with the MOVE.

You know darn well that the only reason Gregory W. Floyd has not been convicted of more criminal menacing is because Shay Littlefield refused to identify Floyd because he was scared of him. Read the full Floyd history.

You know that man is a menace to society, but because he killed a cop killer, people like you and Would-be State Senator Martha McLeod deify him, give him a hero's welcome and coronation.

We will see how all of that plays out in the coming weeks with a certain media event in North Country, and our complaint against you in the U.S. House. You thought you had my number a few years ago when you lied on me like you lied on Liko Kenney. In fact, Melanie Plenda -- the co-author of the UL story linked above -- covered the State's "case" against me back when you thought you had my number. Your buddy, former Prosecutor Bill Albrecht tried to buy her off with yogurt and a lunch before he was drummed out under this ethics investigation. See, you didn't have my number. I've got yours, though.

Very truly yours,

Christopher King, J.D.
a/k/a "The KingCaster"
Again, the shortest KingCast movie ever.... and Kelly you know darn well who that is next to me as I took those last two pictures of your hero. He knows the Truth about your other hero Bruce McKay, and he's gonna' tell it, too. So if I should lose your number, Rikki, he's got it too.

27 July 2008

Judge Vaughn denies KingCast on Contempt Motion; new RSA 91-A lawsuit against Martha McLeod for HB 1428 Bruce McKay Highway looms large.

In a decision I received yesterday Judge Vaughn denied this motion for a show cause hearing as to why the Town of Franconia kept Troy Watt's ethics complaint against Norman Bruce McKay from me for an entire year. That's fine and the fact that the town allegedly never showed the complaint to lawyer Daniel Mullen will be noted to the U.S. House in a few months when session resumes. It was insane, how they danced around saying they didn't think it was a complaint and blah blah blah when anyone reading this 24 June 2007 email from Attorney Watts to me can see otherwise.


Now moving on, the cash is in hand for the KingCast v. Martha McLeod lawsuit, in which I want all of her emails to and from her private and public emails as long as they pertain to failed HB 1428. That bill was an attempt to name a highway after Norman Bruce McKay, someone who was referred to by his peers at NH Fish & Game as a "Rogue, classic bully hiding behind his badge."

I just need to integrate the first part with the second part, with the other Attorneys General concurring with the KingCast position. Then I email it to her and her counsel and ask them if they are ready for battle, then file it. All of this is certain to occur, including a filing if necessary, by next Friday.

At issue is the Constitutionality of this policy JPEG'd in this post which holds that emails to the individual house members are not public record, even if they pertain to public matters like failed HB 1428 Bruce McKay Highway. I know, you're saying "they're joking, right?"

I like our chances in this one more than the last case for sure, even though Judge Vaughn, per his 6 March 2008 Order is going to issue a cost of litigation award against Kelly Ayotte and the town of Franconia now that the litigation is complete. We also got some really good information for our U.S. House Complaint (including the 7 OC spray and pursuit violations as well as the truth about Gregory Floyd shooting at Liko) so we can solidly posit Kelly Ayotte -- with her proved record of malfeasance and deceit -- squarely in the Congressional Record.

26 July 2008

KingCast presents: An awesome and appropriate Craigslist quote about Liko Kenney, Bruce McKay and Gregory W. Floyd.

Reply to: pers-769227661@craigslist.org
Date: 2008-07-25, 2:23PM EDT

I believe Liko died for something he believed in and so did the cop. The difference is, much had been given to the cop. The cop had the badge, the gun, the cuffs, the color of authority, the training, the experience, the wisdom of the ages, the education, the counsel of his fellow officers, and he acted no differently than Liko that had none of that, who had the last clear opportunity to throw cold water on the fire, who had the obligation and responsibility to do so?

Kennedy said, "to you much has been given, from you much is expected", I say again, who failed?
Which supports our Complaint to the U.S. House for a thorough investigation and which dovetails with my assertion from this post:
PS: You're right, maybe Gandhi doesn't pull the trigger. Liko was no Gandhi as are neither of us.

But it shouldn't take the mental fortitude of Mahatma Gandhi to get your ass home when you have a 4-day inspection/registration sticker issue.

That's what I'm talking about.

By Christopher King, at 5:50 AM

24 July 2008

KingCast asks, remember the U.S. Anti-Terror Prosecutor who got prosecuted?

Richard Convertino. The Detroit Sleeper Cell. Terrorists busted, then unbusted.

Listen to it 30 May 2008.
Read about it.

The leaks to Fox News and in the Detroit Free Press were crazy. Then-AG Ashcroft violating a gag order and misrepresenting facts by tying the case to 9/11 is too. The violation of 18 U.S.C. 1505 for testifying in a Senate hearing called by Charles Grassley, (R-Iowa). Missing documents in the prosecution -- allegations in a ruthlessly thorough investigation that Convertino deliberately withheld evidence. The dismissal of the conviction without any attempted retrial, which is out of character. The DOJ's Indictment against Convertino. Convertino's lawsuits against Ashcroft, one still pending in Convertino v. United States DOJ, 393 F. Supp. 2d 42; 2005 and 2008 U.S. Dist. LEXIS 51941, still chugging along, Government prevailed on a Motion to Compel on 7 July 2008.

Meanwhile lead Defendant Karim Koubriti says he's a Moroccan who does not care about politics who has no reason to be a terrorist, so he sued Convertino et al. 2:2007cv13678.

Northeast shooters ban KingCast and Nashua Hunter for comments about Revere's deplorable Sgt. Evan Franklin, then their own members agree with us.

Hootlarious. Go back to page one to see the ban. Shoot the messenger, then agree with him when the facts come to light.

What a bunch of tools.

Franklin BTW is the Commanding Officer who saw Daniel Talbot get shot in the head and possibly murdered, then ran away, then diverted a responding cruiser to his home, then lied and said everything was okay. This after drinking all afternoon and leaving his gun unsecured and whatever else he was doing. Here's a KingCast told-you-so post on it.

Related KingCast jams:
Follow the leader.
Eric B Make 'em clap to this.

KingCast I'm scared of Gregory W. Floyd. Will you publish my name if I sign the 18 U.S.C. 922(g)(1)/Search Petition?

In a word, No. The signatures or initials will be kept under lock and key and and the only government official I will send it to is Grafton County Prosecutor Ricardo St. Hilaire and the Office of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms, and they will be treated confidentially as investigative files. Read more. Attorney Hilaire has already indicated to me, in writing, that he is not sharing any Floyd files publicly, and the names of particular people will not be divulged.

Print version one.
Print version two.

My apologies for not communicating that earlier.

PS: Someone on a public forum recently chided me for gathering public signatures, but wait a minute.... the concerns of the people regarding Gregory W. Floyd are indeed important. Just ask Bret Beausoleil as noted in his report.

23 July 2008

NH AG Kelly Ayotte supports police who violated Miranda and Due Process Rights against Michael Addison.

Dammit even accused police murderers have rights, but not to Kelly.

First give a pass in 24 hours to a complete ass like Gregory W. Floyd with a history replete with lawlessness and unlawful gun possession when he probably murdered Liko Kenney.

Next stand behind cops who blatantly violate Miranda/Due Process Rights in the Michael Addison case where he will stand trial for the murder of Michael Briggs.
At the start of their sitdown with Addison, the detectives had asked him to read aloud a form that listed his rights. When Addison read the one about having a lawyer present with him during questioning, he said, “I would like that though.”

“You would like what?” said Detective Ryan Grant, according to the transcript.

“A lawyer,” Addison said. “That’s just what I was told.”

“Okay,” Grant said.

“I mean, to always have a lawyer,” Addison said.

Addision reportedly confessed to shooting over his shoulder to hit Officer Briggs.

McGuire wrote that Addison’s comments left no room for doubt. Kelly reportedly said "we know that the Manchester officers acted legally but we respect the Judges order....."

Here is Judge McGuire's order:


Addison at p. 4:
"Fuck 'em, they're not going to set me up, I'll tell on everybody."

Could be interesting. Much of this case will hinge on the gun power residue that was or was not on Addison's hands. For Kelly's sake there had better have been some there. For Michael's case there had better not be any, because then he's got to get into 'splainin' how he was shooting some OTHER gun recently.

22 July 2008

Summer of Love in Franconia continues as KingCast and Franconia Collective gain license to use new video of Liko Peter Kenney.


I mentioned a few days ago that the new footage was coming, and it is going to be up in a few days and likely be a part of the Bahamas International Film Trailer this year. As you watch it, note Liko's respect for the values of life in the North Country, his respect for Bode and his belief that martial arts is
"the ultimate melding of mind, body and spirit: Your physical stamina can wilt, but there is no limit to one's mental stamina," he says.

Unfortunately there WAS an end to Liko's mental stamina on 5/11, and it came in the form of one Norman Bruce McKay -- described as a "rogue classic bully hiding behind a badge" by his peers -- as he rammed Liko Kenney's car with a 3 ton Tahoe and OC Sprayed him and Caleb Macaulay in violation of seven express town policies on pursuit and OC Spray.

And then to have a shady, deranged maniacal multiple felon like Gregory W. Floyd seal the deal and get a pass in one day from NH AG Kelly Ayotte, it's really one of the most incredible travesties of Justice I've ever seen. So together, we must stand for Justice.

New footage courtesy Coruway Film Institute.

KingCast asks town and Counsel Dan Mullen for clarification on 2006 complaint filed against Franconia officers.

Dear Citizens of Franconia:
Yesterday I provided you many more documents that show Gregory W. Floyd's propensities for lawlessness and violence, not to mention Martha McLeod's unwillingness to discuss matters. Meanwhile, do any of you have any personal knowledge of the events leading up to a citizen complaint that was filed against Franconia officers in late 2005 or early 2006? The Town Counsel Daniel Mullen provided minutes from 21 Feb 2006 that clearly reference a complaint being filed "against officers" but now the town doesn't want to say what it was all about.

Dear Attorney Mullen:
I'll run some Lexis on your client's position not to give me the minutes, but at a minimum I still demand a copy of the complaint that came in that precipitated the investigation, just as your client has already publicly provided complaints that came in regarding Norman Bruce McKay. It would hardly shock me to learn that the 2006 complaint involved Norman Bruce McKay but that your client is trying to hide something.

In any event, if you refuse I can just add your client right into the new RSA 91-A lawsuit I'll be filing against Martha McLeod, and the Franconia Collective will advise the U.S. House that there was some complaint and investigation about something in 2006 but that nothing was done. The Feds will have authority to get those files.

PS: Coming soon I'll have the dash cam footage of McKay's reported 10 May 2007 (i.e. day before his last day on Earth) 2 hour stop of elder AJ for her registration issue. That dovetails nicely with his reported assault of Lucy Finn's husband (RIP) -- another elder -- for riding his mower across the street to say 'howdy' to his neighbor.

21 July 2008

Beausoleil seeks help from KingCast on prosecuting Gregory W. Floyd under 18 U.S.C. 922(g)(1); Floyd "downplayed" & "minimized" his criminal history.

With facts on the table about her and Kelly Ayotte's hero like these, it's a small wonder that Martha McLeod ran from the KingCast cameras on Saturday. Lynch would have looked stupid not to shake hands and play nice, so he did.
"What could the State have done differently to secure a conviction," wonders Bret Bosoleil in 1997.

"Have him charged with 18 U.S.C. 922(g)(1) instead of just the stateside statute," I say. In fact, ATF Special Agent Couglin clearly knew about the issue back then.

In fact, you can still do that now, this year even though the 1997 Statute of Limitations expired because we know in 2008 he had actual and constructive possession of at least one gun that was turned in to Grafton Sheriff Captain Leavitt; I verified that with the Captain twice last week.


Here's the 2008 signup sheet to get Floyd indicted in word (print it) and blog forms, respectively. Just sign and email to kingjurisdoctor@yahoo.com, or fax to Franconia Business Connection at: 603.823.8081.

NOTE: The names will not be publicly shared.

I. Various updates:
Felony theft, likely expunged.
"Body Bag" threat mentioned by KingCast earlier; how did Floyd get away from us?
Violations of 18 U.S.C. 922(g)(1) known, but why no federal indictment?
Mass gun permit, did he lie to obtain this?

II. The roster of guns laying around the Floyd compound:
Page one. Lie about your lawyer.
Page two. Here's the list, guns and butter in the kitchen. [KingCast 16 Nov. note: This document has evaporated from the Internet cache for some reason, but not to worry, I have a the original and will post it again this week].
Page three. Guns and panties on the dresser.
Page four. Floyd more powerful than the CIA.

III. Gregory W. Floyd "downplays & minimizes" criminal past:
One. The poor handicapped soul.
Two. Laughs at Mass gun permit; minimizes his criminal past.
Three. Fingerprinted and made bail.

IV. The Shay Littlefield encounter:
One. Complaint filed.
Two. "Mom is awake I could not get the gun."
Three. "If you're gonna' take me get my drugs because I am going to get fucked up."
Four. Floyd calls Judge Cyr "a fucking asshole."
Factoid: Shay refused to identify Floyd at trial. Wonder why.

IV. The "old" material on Floyd that NH AG Kelly Ayotte and Senior AAG Strelzin conspired to hide from the public is right here.

A KingCast Cannon Mountain party with Governor John Lynch, State Rep Martha McLeod and the Spirit of Liko Peter Kenney.

Here's an email exchange with some kind folks at the summit this weekend:

Hi Chris,

It was good to meet you on the top of Cannon Mtn on Saturday afternoon. I hope you enjoy the photo.

I took the time and went to your website as you recommended. I am most impressed, not just by the type of work you do, but also by the quality of your website and its presentation of information......
...obviously Martha McLeod did not agree, as she refused to shake my hand, the same hand flashing the Peace Sign just moments later. As a mature statesman you have to recognize your opponents and not run and hide from them and accuse them of stalking you when they have valid concerns. In point of fact Martha, by you disrespecting me as you did on Saturday, you disrespected my Franconia host, who obviously respects me and the body of work that I have assembled on State employees including you. So that person is now telling everyone he knows what a buffoon you really are in person. And this lawsuit is going to expose your deceitful actions in failed HB 1428 Bruce McKay Highway.

[Note: We were first to the party but the Governor and the would-be Senator did arrive shortly thereafter, we hung out with them (or whatever you want to call it) for a while and their pictures will be up later today.]

19 July 2008

A KingCast Cannon Mountain visit with Governor Lynch in the Spirit of Liko Kenney.

In less than an hour, someone very close to the Franconia shooting tragedy and I will visit with His Highness, who has:

1. Ignored my June, 2007 letter as published in the Caledonian Record.

2. Ignored a KingCast visit to his office seen in video, i.e. "Franconia 5/11: Injustice on Stilts.

Today we will bring him a copy of the letter and of this sign up sheet to have Gregory W. Floyd Indicted for 18 U.S.C. 922(g)(1) violations and a search warrant issued for his compound, not to mention this RSA 91-A request for the Franconia Selectmen minutes where they reportedly discussed termination of Corporal Norman Bruce McKay.

Related post: It's all about tennis. The people of Franconia will be heard.

UPDATE: Franconia area Rep and NH State Senate wannabe Martha McLeod gives KingCast the bums rush, accuses us of stalking and then refuses to shake hands. Well not exactly, she did shake hands with my North Country host, but if she had refused to shake this person's hand, well let's just say that there is no way in hell she would dare to do that. Even the Governor shook my hand before he passed the fliers over to Franconia Selectman and Marta's hubby Rich McLeod. Pictures with the Gov. and Miss Martha are coming; yah we papered her car and stuff too in case she needs a reminder.

Here was the colloquy:
"Why are you stalking me there are laws against that."
"I'm not stalking you. I'm a member of the media and a citizen and taking some pictures of the day's events, and you and the Governor are part of those events. You are a public figure, right?"
"Who are you?"
"I'm Chris King, the guy who wrote you last year and you never wrote back instead you wrote Jeff Strelzin."McLeod: Stalks off, stage right.
Her email to Strelzin said, in pertinent part:
"I am not responding to his emails so he is getting more persistent."

Stalking her, ha. I'm suing her, not stalking her.

KingCast RSA 91-A request to Franconia Selectmen: Your minutes from when you discused terminating Corporal Norman Bruce McKay.

Dear Sally Small and all Selectmen and Counsel Mullen:

I've been hearing for many months now that there was a Selectmen meeting some years ago -- but within recordable history -- in which termination of Norman Bruce McKay was discussed. I've now heard this from people who have never been wrong before.

I'll need those documents now.

Very Truly Yours,

Christopher King, J.D.

PS: Don't let this turn into another situation like the Troy Watts, Esq. Bruce McKay Ethics Complaint fiasco (Motion for Contempt of Court still pending and certain to affect the amount of money you are ordered to pay me by Judge Vaughn's 6 March 2008 Order). You cannot sustain another snafu like that, not with where this case is about to be heard.

PPS: Also, don't forget the other complaints I asked about on the that were issued against officers in 2006 as I recently discovered, as referenced herein.

18 July 2008

KingCast watches Erin Brockovich meet the Franconia shooting tragedy with the power of the little people.

Overheard last night at dinner:

NH resident and ESPN employee:
"Hey man that's some Erin Brockovich style game you're running up in there."

"You got that right."

He knows what I haven't told anyone in the blogosphere yet. Wait for it.
I am a resident of North Country and/or concerned about the value of life and the human condition in North Country. I know that government files and correspondence indicates the following as noted in this post:

1. Gregory W. Floyd is a multiple felon.
2. Gregory W. Floyd has admitted violating 18 U.S.C. 922(g)(1) on multiple occasions.
3. Gregory W. Floyd lied about service history in Vietnam.
4. Gregory W. Floyd initially said he never spoke to Liko Kenney before shooting him.
5. Gregory W. Floyd has been convicted of threatening his neighbor with a gun.
6. Gregory W. Floyd said he killed 43 people; Kelly Ayotte never investigated that.
7. Gregory W. Floyd, it is reported, has a obsession with guns.
8. Gregory W. Floyd, wrote Easton Police Chief Robert Every in a Search Warrant Affidavit,
"All of us have made mistakes in our lives; in Mr. Floyd's case the behavior extends beyond a mistake; there is a pattern, a pattern of past violence, paranoid behavior and excessive anger. While no one can predict the future, I feel Mr. Floyd is capable of showing up at Lafayette Elementary School or at a neighbor's house with an automatic weapon..."

9. Gregory W. Floyd had at least one gun in his home until July, 2008.
10. Gregory W. Floyd at one point possessed the following guns according to NH police

Merwin Herbert 32 cal.
Glock 9mm
Ithica 12 ga.
Ruger Model 233
Ruger Black Hawk

11. The State of New Hampshire has no evidence that these weapons were disposed of properly, whereby we solemnly ask that:

A. Gregory W. Floyd be Indicted for 18 U.S.C. 922(g)(1) violations pursuant to U.S. v. Ruckman and common sense.

B. Gregory W. Floyd be subject to a warrant search at his residence and any other property he owns or exercises control over to check for any unauthorized weapons to ensure compliance with a valid Court Order from Judge Timothy Vaughn that he surrender any and all weapons and ammunition.

C. Gregory W. Floyd be placed on house arrest until his coming trials.


Residence (Town):

NOTE: The names will not be publicly shared.

KingCast presents: One year ago today in Franconia, part un.

One year ago, before KingCast v. Ayotte et al. (Grafton 07-E-268) aired the truth about Gregory W. Floyd one and two and the fuller sordid history of Bruce McKay and his real legacy, this was what was happening:

1. The Spirit of Liko Kenney.
2. Nelson Mandela's Birthday post.
3. Petting puppies and wondering about animal cruelty.
4. John Sedgwick and I discussed his upcoming Boston Magazine story.
5. Res Ipsa One: Documenting Kelly Ayotte's lies to Attorney Harold Burbank.

KingCast RSA 91-A request to NH AAG Jeffrey Strelzin on stupid cops who shot each other in a closed Concord bank where no one asked them to be.

Oh you better believe it. And it happened at like, 4:30 a.m. What, where they out blowing rails? Or were they drinking up in there like that douchebag Revere Sgt. Michael Ervin (now fired) who ran, hid and lied when his subordinate Daniel Talbot was shot and killed at 1:30 a.m. behind the schoolyard? Here's your background one and two. Note that in the first link Strelzin had the nerve to drag Liko Kenney into it (although many people jump on my case for bringing Liko's case into other police cases). At the end of the post I told him

"We're gonna' get you Jeff. Keep on with the lies for now, but we're gonna' get you."

And indeed we are. NH being bass-ackwards as it is he'll probably keep his job and all, but the lies spun by Kelly Ayotte and him are about to be exposed in a major way.

Now then, Attorney Strelzin, have you completed your investigation of this case with Manchester's finest so that I can come read the documents and if not, can you please give me a time table?

Very Truly Yours/KingCast.net

17 July 2008

A nooner with KingCast: Buckwheat pancakes, crazy news in San Francisco and signed releases to prompt the RSA 91-A lawsuit against Martha McLeod.

Just finished off some organic Buckwheat pancakes with organic blueberries and a side of sundried chicken sausage (yah, eating meat again, sigh). At least we finished off with fresh peaches and pure organic coconut milk, high in potassium for an active man on the go!

My guitar impresario brother Trent sent me this almost funny story about how San Francisco is on lockdown right now because Terry Childs, an apparently disgruntled employee has locked up the City's Administrative Services computer system!

Anyway, Trent (scroll down) is waiting our treatment for the Bahamas International Film Festival trailer which is in turn waiting for me to visit with NH Department of Safety Attorney Marta Modigliani on Monday to read up on the Gregory Floyd file.

Oh, I'm also delivering the signed releases I mentioned the other day. They are in my tank bag right now and the money is coming soon. Just wait for that check to clear the lawyer's IOLTA account and BAM! Martha McLeod gets sued royally for her lies and coverup in the HB 1428 Bruce McKay Highway fiasco. There will be a companion suit too but I'm not talking about that right now. The trail toward honesty and some modicum of Justice for Liko Kenney continues.