25 June 2008

With KingCast v. Ayotte and Franconia wrapping up, and new litigation on the way we start the Complaint to the U.S. House for Justice and Liko Kenney.

Dear Speaker of the House and special counsel:

We as the Franconia Collective are a concerned group of citizens who either reside in the North Country of New Hampshire or who have serious concerns about the quality of life in an area that should be known for its innate beauty and tranquility. The Robert Frost home and the former Man in the Mountain are but two of the many cultural icons of beauty for which the area is known.

On 5/11 2007 any notion of beauty was erased in the tragic and ugly deaths of Liko Peter Kenney and Corporal Norman Bruce McKay when Mr. Kenney shot Corporal McKay after McKay violated at least 7 different pursuit and OC Spray policies against Mr. Kenney and his friend, Caleb Macaulay, over an expired inspection sticker. The New Hampshire Attorney General, Kelly Ayotte, issued an immediate coronation (i.e. within 24-hours) of three (3) time felon Gregory Willis Floyd as a "hero" despite evidence that indicates that he issued material lies about his actions in shooting Liko Kenney and more evidence that indicates that he may well have murdered Mr. Kenney.

It is true that Liko Kenney shot and killed Bruce McKay. However, what is most disturbing is that the New Hampshire Attorney General's office has started and ended its entire inquiry with that notion. Most shocking is the documented pattern of willful ignorance to a decade-old problem with Bruce McKay and the immediate and continued failure to truly investigate the actions of Mr. Floyd as potentially criminal.

We now present these matters to you in the hope of a new and earnest investigation of all salient issues in this case, similar to the inquiry that freed Joseph Salvati, as noted in this post. We have the express support of several statesmen and attorneys from other jurisdictions as well as a 30-year member of the Governor's Executive Council and former Mayor of Nashua, New Hampshire.

With this in mind we provide you with a copy of what is arguably the most even-handed story on this tragedy from ABC News as we now turn to an outline of events since 1997 when the Bruce McKay era began.....

Update: As if on cue, the State of New Hampshire has come to its senses and appealed the bail reduction given to Gregory W. Floyd. I covered that here and broke it elsewhere on the Internet. When the $20,000.00 cash bail was initially set, the Court found him to be a threat to society, most assuredly. Note that he has gotten away for repeatedly violating 18 U.S.C. 922(g)(1) on at least three (3) occasions, as proved by his own admission. [For a practice pointer on his upcoming trial for his tirade against LE while he was under arrest, check the comments.]

Below he is hurling profanities ("what are you looking at Motherfucker!") to an LE friend of mine who let me use his camera and who was standing to my immediate left in a previous Floyd hearing on 15 April, 2008. Floyd was convicted of criminal threats against his neighbor, Alma Jean Boisvert. The LE and others in the KingCast/Franconia Collective brought cameras so that we could capture the real Gregory Floyd, and we (and other media) surely did.

Unfortunately, Liko Kenney also saw him at his zenith, or nadir. The State knows that Floyd has walked away from a LOT of criminal charges and this time they are actually paying attention. The AG's office could have easily referred him to the Feds/ATF for the 18 U.S.C. 922(g)(1) situation 11 years ago but failed to do so.

In fact, U.S. AG Mark Zuckerman vowed to me that he would go to the ATF months ago but I am not certain of the status on that promise. "Google" his name on this blawg for more. A lot more.


Christopher King said...

Sure that Chris King fella' makes a splash but can he really write?

In a word,


And I'm hardly shy to say so or to prove it.

But anyone and everyone truly concerned is more than welcome to issue edits and comments to:


Or to submit their own thoughts on the matter as the final document will be hosted in the Franconia business center for signature in a few weeks.

Just ask for Pam.


Christopher King said...

KingCast practice pointer:

Watch for Floyd to claim that no one ever told him he was "under arrest" during or after his tirade when he lunged at yours truly and others with his cane -- a deadly weapon.

If true, he has a point as to whatever he verbally stated to them (which I will link later) as he threatened their lives and said he had friends down south who would "take care of them."

But he was not in an interrogative custody so the State will say that all of that comes in.

And of course his conduct in reportedly kicking at LE still comes in regardless.


Funny, I was just about to email Prosecutor Ricardo St. Hilaire about this situation when my North Country posse gave me the 411. Prosecutor Hilaire has been helpful in providing documents as well, just "Google" his name on this blawg in the search engine.

Christopher King said...

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Christopher King said...

The issue before the Court tomorrow is one of Floyd as flight risk vs. threat to public safety. As I pointed out earlier, the Court seemed to address only the first issue but not the second. Floyd is scheduled for a hearing on 15 Sept. 2008 for his violent tirades and threats in Littleton Court.