26 June 2008

Will Judge Cyr join KingCast in an Ethics Complaint to James DeHart for Defense Counsel lies during Gregory W. Floyd's bail hearing today?

I'm waaay to busy to get into this right now but my sources indicate that Floyd's attorney said that the media in his 15 April 2008 conviction for Criminal Threats used flash cameras to get in Floyd's face. Also the request from Prosecutor Vera was that bail conditions include that all fire arms, dangerous and destructive weapons are removed from the Floyd residence within 24 hours at which point his attorney must notify GCSO and transfer the goods within 24 hours to them.

According to Floyd's counsel he is not a dangerous or violent person and he is an asset to the community. Query, what of those 43 people he's claimed to have killed? Read the comments for more.

Note: None of that camera-in-face nonsense happened. No media was EVER in Floyd's face and there were no flash cameras in that courtroom. Judge Cyr followed the law on electronic devices set down by the NH Supreme Court in January of this year. So that's all there is to know. See Rule 3.3 Candor to the Tribunal. More on this later.


Anonymous said...

Interesting to note the third picture posted by you. That is about the time when Floyd started with his temper tantrum. The only person noted to be near him is his defense attorney.

I do not see flash or video cameras in his face. In fact all spectators/press at the trial were many feet away from him at that point. He could have walked to the far right to avoid all when exiting the court if he wished as there were maybe two people sitting on the defense side. Everyone else was on the prosecution side.

It was Floyd who chose to walk up into the face of a former LEO and start with the verbal assault.

He was not taunted on the way out of the courtroom by anyone. Not only did Cyr do his job the bailiffs did a fine job too.

Floyd will be Floyd....flash temper.

Christopher King said...


Dig it. That's why we got the pictures to show it, because while the major media has video we can't cut stills from that and post them without permission and money to buy the footage.

Here's more about what was argued by Floyd's Defense counsel:

The orders that McKenna issued June 16th are "appropriate and should remain undisturbed" [wrong]

"valued member of our community" [ick]

"asset to the community" [ick]

decision to give award to him was based on the AG's report. [Of course, which was a pack of lies in and of itself]

"threats and taunts by the community" [the only person who said anything to him was me, and that was LONG AFTER he threw his tantrum]

"not a threat due to his medical conditions" [tell that to Liko Kenney and his family and to AJ Boisvert and hers]

"not a violent person" [bullshit he said he's killed 43 people, remember?]

the events of Floyds outburst after the trial verdict were extraordinary

"four and a half trial he sat at the table without means or amenities" [Floyd was asked if he was all right and he said yeah. This diabetic bullshit has to stop. My mom is diabetic and she doesn't go around threatening to kill people.]

"when he attempted to walk out of the courtroom he was subjected to insults by people in the courtroom" with flash cameras and video cameras in his face. [False -- Floyd had already gone off when I said "You murdered Liko Kenney" to which he replied "yeah." -- a Statement Against Penal Interest, yah].